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Due to phenomenal public demand, Elvis returned to The O2 in London with a new exhibition, ELVIS ON TOUR, which opened on November 3rd 2017 is set to close on February
4th 2018.

Following the mammoth success of the ELVIS AT THE O2 exhibition, which ran from 2014 until 2015 was visited by just below a quarter of a million people.

ELVIS ON TOUR THE EXHIBITION showcases more than 200 artifacts direct from the Graceland archives and displayed in the UK for the very first time.

ELVIS ON TOUR THE EXHIBITION chroniclez how Elvis impacted popular culture around the world through his music, movies and personal style. Covering the years 1969 - 1977,
the exhibition features many items that were seen in the 1972 Golden Globe winning tour documentary, ELVIS ON TOUR.  

On November 30th, we visited the exhibit and here we are pleased to share with you the photo's we took. We hope you enjoy.
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Cheque from Elvis to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund for $1000.00 dated January 14, 1973.
The wall behind the display is a huge mural of 'Aloha From Hawaii'. The suit displayed
however, is the 'Stoned Eagle', nothing to do with the Aloha show of course.
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