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For many years now, Elvis Express Radio has proclaimed that the true 'King of Pop' title should be
bestowed onto Elvis, and NOT the self proclaimed Michael Jackson.

Yes, Elvis has the crown of the King of Rock 'N' Roll, and before that he was given the crown of the
'King of Western Bop'.

But when you realise that Elvis had more success in the Pop charts around the World than any other
artist. And so the question has to be asked, who rightfully deserves the title, "King of Pop", Elvis
Presley or Michael Jackson?

THE KING OF POP - It was early 1991, Jackson was signed to the Epic record label and Larry
Stessel, was a top executive at the label and here he explains how Jackson became known as the
"King of Pop"?

Michael called and said to me, "I want to have a nickname, like 'The Boss' or 'The King.'" I said, "Well,
Springsteen is 'The Boss,' and Elvis is 'The King.' You can't be the King because you'll never live it
down. The press will rip you apart."

Stessel went on, "But Michael would not let it go. He hired his own personal publicist, by the name of  
Bob Jones. And one day, Bob issued a press release announcing that Michael Jackson was the King
of Pop. Michael went rogue on us".

Just prior to the launch of 'Black or White' (1991) a memo was sent to MTV via Jackson's publicist
requesting that VJs (Video Jockey's) refer to him as 'The King of Pop'.

At that time (1991), he was the biggest star in music, so they went along with it. The agreement
ensured that any network who wanted to broadcast the 11-minute video had to agree to this request!

MTV VJs were required to call Michael Jackson, the King of Pop at least twice a week and had to take
note of  when they did it, in case Jackson requested clips. It's even reported that some show-hosts
had to re-tape entire shows to work in the new nickname.

As Stessel predicted, Jackson got some bad press for it at the time, but sure enough, the name stuck
and is used without any trace of irony today.... But it should.

19 years before Michael Jackson ordered his publicist to make it a contractual obligation for the industry to call him the 'King of Pop', issue 16 of a weekly UK magazine for boys from
1972 by the name of 'TARGET' had already crowned Elvis asthe King of Pop crown.

We'd always wanted to find something that would show Elvis being recognised as the King of Pop when you realise that Elvis pretty much ruled the Pop charts and has had entries in
the UK Pop charts through the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000s and 2010s.

'Target' magazine may have bestowed the title of 'King of Pop' but Elvis has also appeared on the cover of the 1960's music magazine, 'POP Weekly' and also many other 'POP
Music' magazines from around the World.

And then there's the Pop Music stats between Elvis and Jackson, which leaves nobody in any doubt as to who in reality deserves the title of the 'King of Pop'.
The Following stats are for the Official UK Charts as of January 01st 2019...

UK Number 1 Singles:                           UK Number 1 Albums:
Elvis Presley = 21                                  Elvis Presley = 13
Michael Jackson = 7                                 Michael Jackson = 10

UK Number 2 Singles:                           UK Number 2 Albums:
Elvis Presley = 17                                  Elvis Presley = 8
Michael Jaxkson = 7                                 Michael Jackson = 0

UK Top 10 Singles:                                UK Top 10 Albums:
Elvis Presley = 76                                  Elvis Presley = 53
Michale Jackson = 44                               Michael Jackson = 19

UK Top 40 Singles:                                UK Top 40 Albums:
Elvis Presley =  140                               Elvis Presley = 95
Michael Jackson = 56                               Michael Jackson = 29

UK Top 75 Singles:                                UK Top 40 Albums:
Elvis Presley = 165                                Elvis Presley = 121
Michael Jackson = 64                               Michael Jackson = 33

Weeks at # One: Singles                       Weeks at # One: Albums
Elvis Presley  =  80 Weeks                     Elvis Presley = 66
Michael Jackson  =  16                              Michael Jackson = 31

Weeks on Top 10: Singles                    Weeks on Top 10: Albums
Elvis Presley =  386                               Elvis Presley = 556
Michael Jackson =  158                            Michael Jackson = 266

Weeks on Top 40: Singles                   Weeks on Top 40: Albums
Elvis Presley =  1062                            Elvis Presley = 1065
Michael Jackson = 448                            Michael Jackson = 753

Weeks on Top 75: Singles                   Weeks on Top 75: Albums
Elvis Presley = 1305                             Elvis Presley =  1433  
Michael Jackson =  701                           Michael Jackson = 1385
There we have it, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in the battle of the POP Charts and we think you will agree that the results are for all to see and are pretty definitive.

Elvis Aaron Presley has earned the right to stand tall and be known as the one, the only, the ULTIMATE KING OF POP.

Originating Source: Elvis Express Radio