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Elvis Presley, popularly known as the “King of Rock & Roll” or just “The King”. In addition to being extremely popular for his music, he was also a trend -setter and known for his
great fashion sense.

His persona and on stage performances were amplified by his flamboyant clothing, making him an icon across music as well as the fashion industry. Bell bottoms, rhinestone
encrusted jackets, leather ensembles, all denim looks and denim jackets were majorly popularized by Elvis Presley. His fashion choices and musical talent helped him in building a
larger-than-life persona that very few artists had managed to do.

On the legend’s 85th birth anniversary, fashion expert Abhishek Yadav, Design Head at Spykar Lifestyles breaks down his favorite Elvis fashion looks and explains how they are still
relevant today.

**Denim on denim Looks

Denim on Denim looks are all the rage right now. From Deepika Padukone to Arjun Rampal and even Australian heartthrob Cody Simpson, everyone has been spotted sporting this
trend. Long before these fashion icons, Elvis sported this trend in the early 1960 ‘s.The cool and clean vibe of Elvis’ look, popularized denim outfits in the 60’s and 70’s and pushed
it in the mainstream as a great fashion choice.

One can rock this look today as well with some statement vintage denims and an un-tucked well fit denim shirt. Pair your look with trainers to up the cool quotient further.

**Bell bottoms & flared pants

When you think of Elvis and his fashion sense, you cannot miss the bell bottom and flared pants. They were always the statement piece during his stage performances. Elvis also
sported many jumpsuits (many of which have been auctioned for over a hundred thousand dollars!) with the same flared leg design.

In today’s era, fashion icons like Harry Styles, Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma have been seen sporting wide leg pants and trousers. Women can pair some hi-waist wide leg
jeans with a tucked in shirt, which enhances the waist, for a chic look.

**Denim jackets, leather jackets and encrusted jackets

Elvis loved his jackets. From denim jackets to leather jackets to even rhinestone encrusted jackets; Elvis rocked them all. His jackets were so iconic, that many of them have been
auctioned for over hundreds of thousands of dollars. He wore them with all kinds of ensembles in his movies and during his performances.

Elvis Cool persona and boyish charm has inspired generations after generations. Men and women can sport this look in the new decade with some oversized denim jackets with
utility pockets for the ultimate relaxed look.

** Leather pants

Known to be one of Elvis’ most iconic looks, his ’68 comeback leather ensemble produced some of his most famous images. The incredibly cool and rock and roll vibe of this
ensemble made leather look strong and fierce.

As it’s rightly said, fashion does take a full circle, leather is currently in vogue. From leather pants to jackets and even jumpsuits, leather outfits are all the rage right now. Women
can sport some leather leggings with a loose fit shirt for an effortless look. While men can pair straight fit jeans with a leather jacket to stay warm during the winters.

Elvis was a true icon in his time and has managed to stay relevant even today! His music has inspired musicians and his fashion sense has inspired trends and designers for years.
In this decade, fashion is again repeating itself and Elvis’ fashion is back in trend. His birthday will be the right time to add some ‘Elvis’ touch to your wardrobe!.

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