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It's reported that Lisa Marie Presley rushed to court on January 7th in a last gasp attempt to convince a judge to allow her two youngest children (Finley and Harper) the opportunity
to attend their grandfather, Elvis Presley's 85th birthday celebration in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lisa Marie has been at WAR with her ex-husband (Michael Lockwood) in an ongoing vicious custody battle.

We're told Lisa Marie filed emergency documents in the case, asking the Los Angeles County Court judge to allow her two young children to travel to Memphis, Tennessee to
attend the Elvis Presley birthday event at Graceland, the legendary home of their Grandfather.

Lisa Marie's legal team from Brot Gross Fishbein appeared in an LA Courtroom on 7th, to argue that the grandkids of Elvis Presley should be allowed to attend the festivities. LMP's
attorney Mark Gross appeared in court to argue for the trip, the problem is...LMP's ex-husband Michael Lockwood would not allow for them to travel for their grandfathers Birthday.

According to the standing order in the case, the children can not travel out of state without the consent of the other parent, or approval from the court.

On the 7th, the judge denied the ex-parte in the case, because it didn't rise to the level of an "Emergency."

Now then, this is whole issue has been very upsetting for Lisa Marie and the myoer single e because she feels with all her heart that her Children should be part os t able to
experience something like their grandfather's birthday party.

As we said before, Lisa Marie Presley has been at war with her ex-husband over custody of the ex-couples children. The former couple is set to go to trial on July 20, 2020, and an
entire month has been blocked out by the court for the battle. A ton will be at stake here including custody, visitation, and child support amounts.

We here at Elvis Express Radio certainly hope that this battle over these Children is sorted as soon as possible, but we do think preventing Finley and Harper from taking part in
their Grandfathers commemorations is rather vindictive and only ultimately punishes the kids.

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Lisa Marie & Elvis' Grand-Children Riley (30), Benjamin (27), Finley & Harper (11) not allowed to attend
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