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We're told that when movie nice guy, Tom Hanks met with Loanne Parker, the widow of Colonel Tom Parker, she was pleased that Hanks was playing the role and in the Baz
Luhrmann film, she trusts him to portray the Colonel fairly and to give the Colonel the treatment he deserves and play him in a positive light???

Many people may well spit their coffee across the room at the very idea of the upcoming movie portraying the old carny con-man in a positive light after all the horror stories that
are accepted as being accurate regarding how Parker used and on several occasions betrayed Elvis.

But Loanne Parker will not be too happy when during the 2020 Golden Globes Awards, Hanks told reporters, " I’m about to go to Australia to work with Baz Luhrmann. The plan is, I’
m playing Colonel Tom Parker, and silence all your stupid questions about why will I never play a bad guy,” Hanks said this would be his first villainous role.

Hanks was presented with the Globes’ lifetime achievement award named for Cecil B. DeMille, and gave a rousing and often emotional speech that revisited his entire career, and
lessons learned through his craft. Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic is expected in 2021.

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