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Actress and composer Linda Thompson surprised his son Brody jenner at Christmas giving her a jewel that once belonged to her ex boyfriend, Elvis Presley.

Jenner, Thompson's youngest son with his ex, Caitlyn Jenner, he shared a photo of the gold necklace inlaid with diamonds in his Instagram history timeline during the holidays, and
his mother has revealed that it was one of a series of invaluable custom pieces created for the former couple by the jeweler of Memphis Lowell Hays.

The former "Hee Haw" star turned to Instagram to share a social media post about her generous gift, which features lightning next to the letters "TCB," a reference to the motto of
the rock icon
"Taking Care of Business ", explaining:" @brodyjenner has a deep admiration for Elvis, not only as the king of rock & roll, but also as the king of bling
… So this is what I have for Brody for Christmas this year! a TCB tattoo on his wrist! "

Thompson also used the publication to show his other personal memories of his romance with Presley, which lasted from 1972 to 1976, including a cross necklace covered in
diamonds engraved with the note "Christmas – 1973 I Love You".

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