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Just in time for the New Year, EPE have sent out the 2019 Fan Club Presidents CD as their annual end of year "Thank You" to those Fan Club Presidents around the World for
keeping Elvis' legacy alive and well among their members and local area's where they are based.

The 2019 release is
'Elvis sings The Wonderful World of Christmas' which takes the name and (as you can see) design of Elvis' 2nd Christmas album offering from 1971.

3 songs are featured in the following order, 1. If I Get Home On Christmas Day  2. Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees  3. The Wonderful World of Christmas

With every Fan Club CD since the first in 1997, there has been a message of thanks and of looking forward to the next year as signed by Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley. This
year, the message remains but the signatures are gone and are replaced with a simply typed "The Presley Family".

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