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Elvis starred in 31 scripted movies between 1956 and 1969 be he always wanted to be taken seriously and to one day star film he would be proud of.

42 years after the Kings passing, a Hollywood film company is making a Vietnam War Drama,
Finding Jack, adapted by Maria Sova from Gareth Crocker’s novel and wanted to
use a CGI version of Elvis Presley to co-star in the movie.

Finding Jack is the story of Fletcher Carson, a man who joins the Vietnam War in an effort to die, but who finds hope after rescuing an abandoned Labrador. After the war ends,
he must find a way to bring the dog home with him.

Finding Jack's co-director/producer Anton Ernst said; "We really wanted the part of 'Rogan' to be played by Elvis, but we were turned down by the Elvis Estate".  

Once turned down by the Elvis estate, the film company looked elsewhere and have now announced via a statement that they had received the blessing of the family of Rebel
Without a Cause legend, James Dean.

Dean is set to play a character named Rogan, 'a secondary lead role' with his voice being overdubbed by another actor.

The question is, has EPE let Elvis down? Is history repeating itself? Would EPE be more interested in a CGI Elvis in the movies if they were to more of a comedy with the odd song

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Soldiering on... Film makers wanted Elvis to star in a new Vietnam war movie via CGI, but the Elvis Estate said "No", so James Dean lands the role instead.