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'Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer' the brand new documentary tells the story of the Enquirer which started out with a limited theatre run has been
ended through the coming weekend at Quad Cinema on West 13th Street in Manhattan...

film, 'Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer', tells the story of its very beginning as a blood and gore magazine. Founder Generoso Pope Jr. — who had taken
over the floundering daily New York Enquirer with a $75,000 loan reputedly from a mafia don — soon changed it to a tabloid filled with celebrity gossip and bizarre stories to make it
palatable to consumers at checkout counters in supermarkets.

the various stories included in the film, one of the main highlights is by all accounts, the whole story behind how the tabloid magazine used a cousin of Elvis Presley’s to
betray his famous relative by capturing
a picture of Elvis in his coffin. There's even talk of dressing up someone in a priests outfit in an attempt to get the photo. That one edition of
the National Enquirer would
sell a record breaking 7 million copies.

The documentary concludes in the current era with David Pecker as the CEO of the embattled parent company American Media Inc. and its controversial role in the “catch and kill”
scandals that ensnared AMI in a federal probe into alleged campaign financing violations of President Donald J. Trump.

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