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UPDATE  15/10/2019  -  After discussing the issue further, we have to come to the conclusion that ALL shows on the upcoming UK Tour WILL BE TAKING PLACE!

Why the hell the individuals who are closely connected with the Tour decided to inform our contacts that this was taking place is beyond us? The only reason we felt that this
information was absolutely genuine was due to the deep connection they have within the tour.

We've had Robin Smith, the Promoter, the Venue and Ticketmaster, all confirm to either our News Hound-Dog or ourselves that there is no cancellations and all shows are going
ahead. BUT, despite several attempts at asking for clarification either way, there has been no reply from the folks at Elvis Presley Enterprises on the matter.

So to reiterate, we have to conclude that HAPPILY all UK shows are going ahead as planned and as always the British fans will raise the roof as Elvis rocks with the TCB Band and
the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


UPDATE 14/10/2019 -
This story is getting more and more bizarre as the hours go bye.

Our News Hound-Dog, Tony was first given the information via an inside source who is deep within the production of the Tour, who then contacted another source to get some kind
of confirmation which did indeed happen. This source got his confirmation from another contact who is equally deep within the production that at least ONE show has been

With still no official announcement, the News Hound-Dog spoke with us on where to go next? Tony went on to contact the Promoters for the Manchester show, who after a few Um's
and Oh's, gave the word back to him that the Manchester show IS STILL ON!

Now, armed with this information, Tony made contact with his insider, and then spoke with his other contact who went on to message his insider, both insiders are sticking to their
claims that at least ONE show is cancelled?

Now scratching our heads with this continuing conflicting information, we here at Elvis Express Radio went direct to the man who on stage has is finger on the pulse, Robin Smith,
the conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for the tour, and this is his reply. "Hi Lee checked with promoter...all good and they're surprised as anyone. No problems, cheers

This is obviously great news, but not too sure as to why the promoter would be "Surprised" when Robin asked regarding a cancellation rumour, especially when they had been
dealing with our News Hound-Dog Tony on the matter for the last few days?????


A source deep within the upcoming UK Tour, 'Elvis In Concert Live On Screen' has informed Elvis Express Radio that the opening night at the Manchester
Arena (Nov 25th) has been cancelled? In actual fact, we're told that the decision to cancel the UK Tour's opening night was made LAST WEEK.

If this is indeed the case, why then at the time of writing, the Manchester Arena is continuing to advertise the show and Ticketmaster is continuing to take bookings online even
though the Producer, Elvis Presley Enterprises has allegedly cancelled the event.... last week!

If fans are worried about their planned night out being cancelled due to low sales, they need not worry due to very good sales. If you have tickets for the Manchester show and
there is an announcement confirming the cancellation, there are some seats still available at the other venues.

There is good news regarding sales on the tour, for example the closing show of the UK Tour at the London O2 Arena has (again at time of writing) just 3 seats remaining.

We REALLY hope that this cancellation news proves to be false... But EER has contacted others involved with the show and it does look like we are just waiting for EPE /
Manchester Arena, to let everyone know.

Manchester  -  Tickets Available.
Cardiff          -  Selling well but many seats available.
Birmingham  -  Selling Very few tickets still available
Sheffield       -  Selling Very few tickets still available
Glasgow       -  Selling well but many seats available
London O2  -  SOLD OUT (well, at this time ticketmaster indicates 3 seats still available)

Originating Source - Email / Tony Stuchbury / Robin Smith /

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