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Elvis Presley's friend and former manager Jerry Schilling - who is heading to Manchester in November with Elvis' ex wife Priscilla - has lifted the lid on working with the King of Rock
and Roll.

It was the evening of August 1965 and Elvis Presley and The Beatles, the music world's biggest stars, met for the first and only time at Elvis' Beverly Hills Home.
At the time rumours swirled about rivalry between two of the greatest rock and roll acts of the 20th century and there was talk of Elvis being jealous of the UK band who were at the
height of their fame.

The meeting was arranged by his manager Colonel Tom Parker at Elvis' Bel Air mansion, and his friend and confidante Jerry Schilling was there on that memorable night that
began with an awkward silence.
"It was a little strange right in the beginning," admits Jerry.
"Elvis didn't usually have entertainers at his house.
"At the time the Beatles were at the top of their career.

"Elvis sits down on the couch and the guys didn't know what to say.

"He said to them 'if you're going to sit here all night staring at me I'm going to bed.' They laughed and that broke the ice.
"It was an exciting night."
There were no recordings or photographs of the event, which is exactly how they wanted it to be.
Music industry veteran Jerry, who spent three days with The Beatles, recalls that The Fab Four and particularly John Lennon were heavily influenced by Elvis while growing up.
"John Lennon reminded me of the rebel side of Elvis, he told us.

"He said to me 'see these sideburns, I got kicked out of school because I had sideburns like Elvis. I always wanted to be him.'"

Jerry, who has worked as a manager for the Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie, was a member of the 'Memphis Mafia', the nickname given by icon Elvis to
a group of friends, associates, employees and family who accompanied, protected and served him from the beginning of his career in 1954 until his death in 1977.

They met in 1954 when Jerry was only 12 years old and he was invited to join a teenage Elvis and others for a game of football.

"It was the night before his first single That's All Right, Mama was played on the radio and his career took off very fast," he said.

"I worked for him and I was a stand-in for him in his movies.

"I've worked with a lot of stars over the last 50 years who have had hit records and he had charisma.

"You wanted to be his friend if you were a guy and if you were a girl you wanted to be with him.

Reflecting on the success of the superstar who was influenced by blues and R&B, he told the Manchester Evening News: "He worked hard to be Elvis, he was intelligent and he was
also great record producer.

"Sixty years ago in the deep south even the airwaves were segregated and Elvis crossed that line.

Jerry and Priscilla will share intimate stories, personal photos and their own home movies of The King of Rock and Roll during a six-date arena tour which begins at the Manchester
Arena on Monday November 25.

The tour marks 50 years since Elvis’ triumphant return to live performing as he took up his famous Las Vegas residency in 1969.

"Elvis loved the big orchestras and he loved to conduct his own band from time to time," said Jerry.

"It is emotional and a real honour to be introducing my friend on this tour."

Originating Source -  Manchester Evening News

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