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One of the biggest name among Elvis fan World, Ger Rijff, has sadly passed away on Saturday 13th July.

Ger Rijff made his mark on the Elvis World by producing more than 20 books on Elvis, featuring many unearthed photo's that are totally cool to this day.

His Son posted the following message on Ger's Facebook page:

Dear friends,
My father has passed away last saturday. An absolute unexpected tragedy. He is known for his knowledge, creativity and kindness (and justly grumpyness on his
Rijffster page). He was and will be my best buddy, I can’t describe how much he will be missed. Dad has taught me some of the most important things in life: a great
taste in music and the importance of freedom.
Please show some respect to Ger and me, do NOT send any Gifs with sparkles or Elvis angels (or any of these crappy things Dad hated). He might come and haunt
you if you do so! Ha, love you Dad, go and get ‘em.
“When the broken-hearted people, living in the world agree, there will be an answer, Let it Be” - The Fab Four (whom where as good as the King).

Postage / personal notes may be send to:
Jamie Rijff
Rijnstraat 53-4
1078 PZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

We here at Elvis Express Radio send our most sincere and deepest condolences and wishes to Ger's family and friends at this terrible times.

We also want to take a moment to say THANK YOU Ger Rijff for your many wonderful and essential additions to the World of Elvis that we all love so much.

1976 - Elvis Presley: Echoes of the Past
1976 - Elvis Presley: Echoes of the Past (reprint)
1985 - Long Lonely Highway
1986 - Faces and Stages: An Elvis Presley Time-Frame
1987 - Long Lonely Highway; A 1950's Elvis Scrapbook
1987 - Florida Close-Up
1988 - Elvis Close-up
1988 - Memphis Lonesome
1989 - Elvis: The Cool King
1991 - Elvis: Fire in the Sun
1993 - The Voice of Rock 'n' Roll
1994 - Growing Up With The Memphis Flash
1994 - Inside Jailhouse Rock
1994 - 60 Million TV Viewers Can't Be Wrong
1995 - Songs Of Innocence Rattle & Roll (with Michael Ochs)
1997 - Shock, Rattle & Roll (with Michael Ochs) (UK edition)
1997 - Steamrolling over Texas
1998 - Studio B Blues
1999 - Inside King Creole
2001 - The Hottest Thing That's Cool
2003 - Inside Loving You
2003 - The Rock 'n' Roll Years ; My Wish Came True (Vol 1)
2006 - Inside GI Blues
2016 - Cartoons & Rock 'n' Roll Tunes

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