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THE spirit of 'The King' will engulf the Gold Coast when the biopic of Elvis Presley is filmed at the Village Roadshow studios.

Following the recently successful film Bohemian Rhapsody chronicling the life of original Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, the Gold Coast-shot film will aim to give audiences in the
21st century a taste of the importance of Elvis.

Tweed's biggest Elvis fan and collector Rusty Roberts says he's excited to see how the film, directed by Australian Baz Luhrmann, will portray the life of the legend.

Mr Roberts has been collecting Elvis memorabilia, records and general items with The King's face on them since he was a child.

He says he doesn't know exactly how many items he has and makes up a number every time someone asks him.

As preparations are made for the film, there are three main areas Mr Roberts says are important to focus on.

"Elvis was a big pill popper, he would pop pills like no tomorrow - he was very addicted to it,” Mr Roberts said.

"We understand these days how medication can do that, and back then they wouldn't have fully got it like they do now.

"When Elvis was on medication and fully addicted to it, it ruined his life.

"If they skip over that then they are missing a major part of his life that needs to be addressed.”

But it is not only the end of The King's life that Tweed's Elvis guru believes needs to be included in the film.

Mr Roberts said most people did not fully understand the humble beginnings Presley came from.

"No one is actually aware of how poor Elvis' family was - they would have to go without food,” he said.

"They would owe money to the local grocer just to get food they were so poor.

"Before fame he was very, very poor and it is important for people to understand how poor this man was.”

While he is most remembered for his music, Elvis Presley was also prolific in the movie industry.

He was in more than 30films and enjoyed a modicum of success, but Mr Roberts believes it was an aspect of the entertainer's life he did not enjoy.

"You have to understand he was locked into a contract, he didn't like doing them at all,” he said.

"He was very upset with them - it would make him physically sick.

"I would like them to emphasise that he never, ever got to where he was thinking he should go to because he was locked in that contract.”

While Mr Roberts admits he will notice aspects of the movie that may not be entirely accurate to the life of Elvis, he said he would no doubt enjoy the film

"It is going to be a great job, and you have to realise not everything can be done to a T,” he said. "You have to squeeze his life into a two-hour movie and try to tell a story.”

Originating Source - Tweed Daily News

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