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The Kats! Bureau at this writing is Harrah’s Showroom, where “Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel in Concert” is performing its final rehearsal before opening for previews.

“Heartbreak” runs 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Mondays with added 3 p.m. matinees on Sundays. But I can already report that the Elvis lead, Eddie Clendening, is s killer performer
and this backing band smokes.

There is live music, all over the stage, with design by Vegas favorite Andy Walmsley. Nice work on the lighted, dual staircase and the stage’s LED/neon trimming.

So far, we’ve heard spirited performances of “All Shook Up,” That’s All Right,” and the production’s title song. Authorized by Authentic Brands Group, which owns Elvis Presley
Enterprises, the show rolls along as a concert, with occasional narrative to tell the Presley story.

Clendening toggles between performing as Elvis, and reciting Presley factoids outside the character. It’s not a true

“book” show. It’s a dang good rehearsal, though. Give it one star just for the segments of “It’s Now Or Never,” performed in 20 different languages, with the screens showing a host
of Elvis tribute artists from around the world. Priceless.

The videos behind the band and flanking the stage show the real Elvis in his 1950s heyday, while Clendening wails and gyrates to great effect.

I love the live, electric quality of the six musicians and three backing singers. It’s Elvis, and it swings pretty well. I’d suggest clear these theater seats and give this show a real dance-
hall vibe, but … this seems more a seated demographic. This is starting to sound like a full review; I’ll stop until this vehicle is really ready to roll. But I feel I’ll be back.

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as Vegas Review Journal

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