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The Memphis City Council held off on voting on an agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises that sets out a path for future development on the Graceland campus after nearby
residents aired concerns and asked for more details Tuesday.

Several residents of the surrounding area asked the council to put off its decision to give them more time to digest and discuss the proposed agreement.

“We’re asking two weeks for them to get with us,” Edmund Ford Sr., a former City Council member, said of the developers.

“We want you to become neighbor-friendly, community-friendly,” Ford added, speaking of the developers.

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The new agreement also sets out Elvis Presley Enterprises' intent to reinvest $750,000 in the Whitehaven neighborhood and to pay full-time, permanent employees at the facilities
"a living wage," according to the agreement documents.

The two have been battling in court over Graceland expansion plans centering on a planned 6,200-seat venue, which city officials have said could conflict with a noncompete
agreement for the FedExForum.

The agreement doesn't include the arena proposal and it doesn't settle litigation between Elvis Presley Enterprises and the city.

The agreement doesn't approve Graceland development or new public incentives. But it does lay out the potential for projects such as 80,000 square feet of sound stages, 30
guest cabins, plane hangars and expanded retail space to go before the City Council in the future for consideration of public incentives.

The deal paves the way for a Memphis Community Benefits Agreement between the Graceland developers and a nonprofit entity the City Council will choose to represent

The two entities agree there will be a community benefits agreement, but the details around how that will be executed are still being determined, Memphis city Chief Operating
Officer Doug McGowen said.

Elvis Presley Enterprises has laid out intentions to develop manufacturing and distribution facilities in Whitehaven, where residents there will have "first priority" for jobs, according
to the proposal.

Originating Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal