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Disgraced Pop star Michael Jackson never loved his first wife Lisa Marie Presley and was just using her in an attempt to acquire her legendary father Elvis' huge catalog of music,
his former personal maid.

Adrian McManus, who worked for the self-titled King of Pop for four years at his Neverland ranch, had a unique insight into the couple's brief relationship.  

The 56-year-old supports a similar claim made by rape accuser James Safechuck in the recent HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland', where Safechuck alleges Jackson told him
that his relationships with women were all for show.

He says that Jackson once warned him that he might have to be seen with women, or appear to be in a romantic relationship- but it was all for show.

This became particularly significant after a lawsuit brought by his first accuser Jordan Chandler was settled for a reported $23 million - with Jackson marrying Lisa Marie Presley to
show the world he was....."normal".

Jackson was obsessed with eclipsing Elvis' legend who known around the World simply as The King and now McManus insists that not only did Jackson not love Lisa Marie Presley,
but he was planning to usurp rights to her Rock legend father's fortune and rights to more than 1,000 of Elvis' songs.

McManus felt sorry for Presley, when she and Jackson first got together in 1993, telling DailyMailTV: 'What I felt with Lisa Marie, she was very kind. I think that Lisa really truly had a
thing for Michael?

'I think she really liked him and the sad part is I had read notes that Michael had in his bedroom. One such note she saw in his bedroom was a ''to do'' board, which read, ''Got to
acquire the song list for Elvis''.

'It was pinned up on a piece of paper in ink, next to notes saying things like, ''I want to heal the universe'' and ''I want to walk hand in hand with Prince Andrew's children.''

'I thought his Elvis note was a business plan, like when he bought the Beatles catalog?  But, it was not long after seeing that note then all of a sudden Lisa Marie turned up at the
house - Michael had never mentioned her before.

'So I don't think he was being genuine to her. He wanted Elvis' legacy and I think Lisa was kind of played for a fool, sad to say. But I think she learned.'

McManus, speaking from her home in Nipomo, California, also alleges the couple did not consummate their marriage.

'I don't believe anything sexual happened between them at all and I think after she married him, she realized he just wanted what she had and to look normal in light of the recent
accusations of sleeping with Children,' she said.

Lisa' Marie's representative did not respond to our request for comment.

DailyMail.com recahed out to The former maid who added that even when Jackson and Presley began seeing each other, the shamed singer continued inviting boys over to his
house to stay the night with him".

Originating Source: Daily Mail
When Jackson married Lisa Marie the World agreed, that's proof right there that  Elvis is really dead.