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The Memphis Recording Service record label has announced the two special VINYL products 'Made in Germany – Private Recordings’ and ‘The Complete ‘50s Movie
Masters & Alternate Recordings’
which are to be released on Record Store Day, 13th April 2019 are very close to a total sell out.

Both albums are Limited Edition, 180-gram 2LP sets and each with a 24-page photo spread gatefold covers complete with stunning pictures.

Pre-Orders for the April 13th releases have been unprecedented in the labels history and as a result, both titles are very close to being SOLD OUT with just short of a month to go
until their release.

‘Made in Germany – Private Recordings’ contains the best of the remastered private recordings Elvis made in Germany and ‘The Complete ‘50s Movie Masters &
Alternate Recordings’
containing all the movie masters and movie versions from the 1950’s.

The audio from Elvis' private recordings has been painstakingly cleaned, repaired, and restored, using the most sophisticated technology.

Elvis vinyl fans can now enjoy these truly historical recordings including the newly found
'Like A Baby', 'He Knows Just What I Need', 'His Hand in Mine', 'Are You Lonesome
and 'Cool Water' for the very first time.

We can only advise our fellow fans to grab a copy of either one of both these very Limited Edition vinyl releases.

Originating Source: Elvis Express Radio