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For more years than any of us care to remember, we've all heard about, read about and talked about the rumoured songs that Elvis is suspected of recording... or may have recorded
during his time at SUN Records from July 1954 to November 1955.

One of these rumoured songs is 'Tennessee Saturday Night' and shown (above) is an old scan of what appears to show the label of an acetate of 'Tennessee Saturday Night' with
Elvis Presley typed out as the singer. Our News Hound-Dog, Tony S rediscovered this image in his collection, which he obtained several years back and unable to recall the story
behind the source of the image.

However, we do know via RCA Records that the song was recorded by Elvis while at SUN Records, thanks to their revelation back in 1982 that they "had session notes but at that time
they could not locate the original tape? It's also accepted that 'Tennessee Saturday Night' was performed a handful of times by Elvis during his stint on the 'Louisiana Hayride' around
1955 and it's rumoured that a recording of a live version does indeed exist in the hands of a collector?

Back to the studio recording, history tell us that by 1965, Elvis had not released a proper studio album since 'Pot Luck' back in June 1962. RCA wanted to release a new studio album
but the sessions from May 26, 27 & 28 1963, while producing good quality new material, failed to bring us what should have been Elvis' 5th studio album of the 1960s. By 1965, the
musical output had been focused exclusively on his movie soundtrack
s, however seven non-movie singles had been issued since.

With no new studio album in sight, someone at
RCA Victor invented the concept of the "Anniversary Album" to celebrate Presley's tenth year with the label, which would become
known as
'Elvis For Everyone'.

Which brings us back to RCA having the studio recording of 'Tennessee Saturday Night' at one time in their possession, RCA had intended to include the previously unreleased Sun
master of "Tennessee Saturday Night" but the label later withdrew it from the album and replaced it with another unused SUN master "Tomorrow Night".

So what happened to the tape and acetate? They had it in 1965 and confirmed the session notes in 1982. We can only assume that between 65 and 82, the tape / acetate had been
removed from the RCA vaults and are now in the hands of a private collector? Let's hope that we will get to hear this and any other lost recordings that may be in the hands of
collectors around the world.

As a matter of interest,
"Tennessee Saturday Night" was slated to be recorded for the soundtrack of 'Loving You' but this was not recorded.