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When Sony Music announced the news that they will be releasing a deluxe 5 CD / 2 Blu Ray set to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the '68 Special that would contain ALL
KNOWN recordings, both audio and video that are to be completely remastered from the actual tapes located in the RCA and the NBC vaults.

It sounded great, the definitive collection all together in one place at last, including all the film footage. This surely is going to be worth the money.

November 2018 and the first fans start to report the news that their box sets have arrived and it's not too long before the first reviews come in, bringing fans the realisation that the
'ELVIS '68 COMEBACK SPECIAL - 50th ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION' does not stand up to the claim of the "DEFINITIVE" box set.

The hype sticker clearly states
"Contains ALL KNOWN recordings/rehearsals from the RCA vaults and from original NBC-TV videotapes", it states the same on the back
of the box set and it states the same on the official Sony website.

Several Recordings and Film footage that we have on other official releases are NOT included on this "NEW" box set. When we say NEW, we mean, the box is new and the book is
new, but the content...Ha, ALL KNOWN recordings/rehearsals and footage our ASS!

At around the 100 Pound mark (£100 + or - depending on where you bought it), fans around the world were starting to air their disappointment and anger, especially when
realisation hit that the highly anticipated '68 Special finally on blu ray was just a re-hash of the DVD release from 14 years ago. How many more times are fans going to be taken as
mugs? At least in days gone by they used to release an album with maybe ONE unreleased version included to entice the fans to buy that particular album. Now they are actually
giving us LESS than what they tell us in their promotions.

So, we had enough, instead of bending over and allowing Sony to shaft us again and again, EER's News Hound-Dog, Tony Stuchbury set out to make a complaint to the powers that
be and maybe, just maybe give Sony a kick up the ASA, by contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and here is what took place...
Date: 06/12/2018
Name: Anthony
Ad type: Packaging
Brand/product: Sony Music
Your complaint: The sticker attached to the product that I purchased ( Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special 50th Anniversary Edition Cd and Blu Ray set ) contains information that
is misleading and untrue.

Blu Ray Disc 1
The song
'It Hurts Me' is completely missing from the Guitar Man production number on the originally broadcast ( adapted ) version even though it is listed on the track list in the
book and should be there. It is available on another release that is not part of this box set though.

Some out-takes of 'It Hurts Me' are on disc 2 which states 'Guitar Man Production Number - All Takes and raw components' But it's not all takes, three are missing that are available
on another release that is not a part of this box set.

The CD's are also not complete.
The song
'Nothingville take 1' for example isn't on this set but is available elsewhere via other RCA/Sony releases that are not a part of this box set.

The audio intros to the songs are missing on the CDs for the sit down shows, but they're on another release called
TIGER MAN, that is not a part of this box set.

For the complete unedited shows you will also need to purchase the previously released
TIGER MAN and MEMORIES CD's You would need the MEMORIES CD if you want the
'live vocal' to the backing track of
'IF I CAN DREAM' as used in the actual TV special because that's not on this box set either.

It is proven that this very expensive box set does not
contain ALL KNOWN recordings/rehearsals from the RCA vaults and from the original NBC-TV videotapes as
advertised on the box set sticker and all official on line PR.
Date: 11/12/2018
ASA case ref: A18-475829 - Your complaint about Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd
Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) with your complaint.

I should start by stating that the sticker you complained about is
not covered by the Advertising Rules. Please see below for further information.

Our Remit
The sticker is out of our remit because
the Code does not apply to packages and wrappers unless they include a promotion (see Code rule II.m). For these reasons, we
not assessed the sticker and we will not be taking your complaint further.

What Happens Next?
I note that you also make reference to online material which could fall within our remit. In order to pursue this aspect of your complaint we would need to see a copy of the ad. If you
wish us to assess an online ad, please send a link to this email address for assessment by Friday 14 December; if we do not receive a reply from you by then, we shall assume you
no longer wish to pursue the matter and withdraw your complaint.

Kind regards,
Louise Swan
Complaints Executive
Dear Louise,
Thank you for your reply.
Please find below a direct link to the product advertising PR, one of many,  but this one from Sony UK which once again states the following:
'The 50th Anniversary Edition includes all known audio recordings from RCA’s vault as well as every frame of video from the performance, collected for the first
time on Blu-ray.'

To simplify matters it certainly does not contain all known audio recordings or every frame of video as items are available on other releases that are not on this product.

Kind regards, and thank you.
Anthony Stuchbury.
Thank you for contacting the ASA for your patience whilst we have been assessing your complaint.

Having assessed the ad, we concluded that it
may have breached the Advertising Rules that we apply and I am writing to let you know that we have taken steps to address

We have
explained your concerns to the advertiser and provided guidance to them on the areas that require attention, together with advice on how to ensure that their
advertising complies with the Codes.

Comments such as yours help us to understand the issues that matter to consumers and we will keep a record of your complaint on file for use in future monitoring.
If you would like more information about our complaint handling principles, please visit our website here.

Thank you once again for contacting us with your concerns.

Kind regards
Louise Swan
Complaints Executive
Dear Louise,
Thank you for your email, but I'm concerned that
Sony still continue to advertise the following on line which is untrue:
'The 50th Anniversary Edition includes all known audio recordings from RCA’s vault as well as every frame of video from the performance'
This false claim is also propagated by others off the back of the misleading Sony claim.

Anthony Stuchbury
Thank you for your email.

I appreciate your concerns, however
we usually give advertisers a reasonable length of time to change their ads.

We expect the advertiser to change their ad following our advice and I hope that they still do.

Thank you once again for contacting us.

Kind regards,
Louise Swan
Complaints Executive
Hi Louise,
What is the 'reasonable time' that the ASA allow advertisers to change their ads?

I ask because I note that this product is still being advertised as complete.

Are you able to
advise me directly just what advice you gave to Sony Music Entertainment Ltd?

Kind Regards
Dear Anthony,
Thank you for your email.

We asked the advertiser to ensure that
any claims that could not be substantiated regarding the Elvis Presley ’68 Comeback Special to be removed from their
marketing materials

disappointing to note that the business have still not changed their website. We expect the advertisers to change their ad following our advice and I hope they still do,
however, I should make clear that on this occasion,
we will NOT be following up our advice to the advertisers. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain our decision a bit

We considered your complaint according to our prioritisation principles, which help us decide what resource we should commit in response to an issue.  

In this case, having assessed the issue against these principles, we decided that this would be the appropriate level of resources we would apply in ensuring that the
ad was amended in line with our Code
. For that reason, we will not take any further action in this matter.

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns,
Louise Swan
Complaints Executive
Dear Louise,
Thank you for your swift and open reply.

Although disappointing I understand that your resources are limited and this isn't a high priority for the ASA.

I have a friend who runs an Elvis news web site, and I think now a report on the false claims made by Sony, and the substantiation of this via the ASA might make interesting reading
at least for other fans who I know are annoyed at making a purchase that is not as advertised.

Seems Sony got away with it, and not for the first time.
Anthony Stuchbury

So there we have it, in black and white and direct from the horses mouth. The Advertising Standards Authority agree that Sony are misleading the buying public by blatantly lying
about 'Elvis '68 Comeback Special - 50th Anniversary Edition' containing ALL KNOWN recordings and video.

To put it bluntly, the ASA agreed that Sony's online advertising and other issues were misleading, yet the only action taken was that the ASA contacted Sony and advised them that
they might want to consider changing their advertising wording?  And that was that....

The ASA advised them of the issues, but Sony chose to change NOTHING. In fact, even though they have been made well aware of the misleading issues, Sony chose to not bother
with the problem. In fact, they decided to just leave things as they are and not even bother with an explanation or an apology for the mess.

Oh and this is what is still on the Sony website for the set...

The 50th Anniversary Edition includes all known audio recordings from RCA’s vault as well as every frame of video from the performance, collected for the first
time on Blu-ray.......
Yeah Right!