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June 12,  2017   -    TV AD Songs  /  Elvis Express Radio
This first ever Uber advert to be broadcast on British TV looks to promote the transportation company in a more positive way, following much negative media coverage.

The commercial shows a couple out at night on what appears to be, judging by the mishaps and general awkwardness, their first date.
We see the pair climbing and dancing through a series of Uber rides to get from location to location, before finally using the app to book their ride home.

The song playing in this ad is called ‘You’re The Boss’ and is performed by Elvis Presley with the American actress/singer Ann-Margret. Elvis and Ann-Margret recorded the track as
part of the 1964 film Viva Las Vegas, which starred the duo in its lead roles.

Uber’s 60-second version of their above ‘Effortless Night’ advert began airing on UK TV in mid-June, 2017.