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May 19,  2017   -    Elvis Express Radio
With EPE introducing all kinds of Fan packages, ie: Elite Fan, Ultimate Fan, VIP Fan, Entourage Fan, Premier Fan and whatever else? It can be rather confusing for those fans who
wants to see everything about Elvis during what is for many, their trip of a lifetime.

With the new 'Elvis Presley's Memphis' complex open and awaiting the August invasion, the question of "Just How Much Do You Pay To Enter Elvis Presley's Memphis?" Well, the
answer is not really as simple as it SHOULD be!

Let's run through the cheapest price first (Only the Adult ticket price are listed as an example)

GRACELAND MANSION ONLY TOUR  =  $38.75  ($43.79 if you add the Airplanes to the tour)
Tour the iconic home of Elvis Presley including artifacts from the family archives.

Graceland Mansion Audio-Guided Tour with New Orientation Film
Average Tour Time: 2 hours.
Please note: This tour option DOES NOT include Elvis automobiles, jumpsuits, gold and platinum records and items relating to Elvis' career. These are part of  exhibits and
museums in the Elvis Presley's Memphis entertainment complex, which is included in the Elvis Experience and VIP sstours.

Now then, the above option (Mansion Only) does not allow any access to the new complex. In order to access Elvis Presley's Memphis you can only do so by purchasing the next
package, this is called ....

ELVIS EXPERIENCE TOUR  =  $57.50 ($62.50 if you add the Airplanes to the tour)
Mansion tour, plus explore exhibits showcasing Elvis' career, his automobiles, his wardrobe, his gold records and much more from the Graceland Archives.

Graceland Mansion Audio-Guided Tour with New Orientation Film
NEW - Full Access to all-new Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex, which includes:
Self-guided tour of Presley Motors Automobile Museum
Self-guided tour of Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum
Self-guided tours of Elvis Discovery Exhibits

So, according to the Graceland Ticket office, it looks like you cannot simply visit the new exhibits in the new complex. Or can you?

What fans are NOT told anywhere on the Graceland website OR in person at the Graceland Ticket Office is that you can purchase a ticket that will get you into the new complex
which will cost you around $28.00. This NON-ADVERTISED ticket price does not allow you to access the mansion, or the planes.

Fans can access one shop and Vernon's Restaurant without buying a ticket, but to be able to visit the other stores and restaurants you must payout just over $28.00 to be able to

The stone cold FACT is that if you wanted to hangout around the Graceland area for the day, the only things to do which is FREEish is you can visit ONE store and ONE restaurant.
Now then, on a business front, I assume that the stores inside the complex are packed with souvenirs and collectibles that are not inside the free store which you can visit without a
ticket and the same must go for the restaurants having more food choices than in Vernon's?

After Elvis Week has ended, all these price traps will have to change because all these price hikes and packages are certainly going to keep many fans away as more and more will
be able to afford to ever get to Graceland and soak up the whole Elvis experience and that is going to be the saddest thing.

REMEMBER: If you want to pay the $28.00 ticket price for Elvis Presley's Memphis Complex, you have to ask for the GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET at the ticket desk. EPE do not
advertise this cheaper option.

As we've been looking at prices, here's a quick run down of the various ticket prices:

Elvis Week Elite Package - $1,500
Elvis Week Premier Package + Concert - $850
Elvis Week Premier Package - $550
Elvis Week Entourage Package + Concert - $205
ELVIS: The Wonder of You Concert Tickets
Ultimate ETA Contest VIP Ticket Package - $209
Ultimate ETA Contest Three-Day Ticket Package - $129
Ultimate ETA Contest Semifinal Round Only Ticket- $32
The Ultimate Return Ticket - $59
Ultimate ETA Contest Final Round Only Ticket - $55
Ultimate VIP Tour - $159.00
Elvis Entourage VIP Tour - $93.75  ($98.75 if you want Airplane Tour)
Elvis Experience Tour - $57.50 ($62.50 if you want Airplane Tour)
Graceland Mansion Tour - $38.
75 ($43.75 if you want Airplane Tour)

Or how about this package.

The cost is $30,000 in total. There's a $6,000 initial membership fee upon becoming a Diamond-level Founder and $158.40 per month membership fee for 20 years ($1,900.80 per
year). The finance rate is at 5% APR, and there's a 10% discount on total cost, if paid in cash up front

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