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July 29, 2016  -  The EER Newshound  /  Elvis Express Radio
LAST UPDATED - AUGUST 09, 2016 (Scroll to bottom for update)
[pictured above and to the right are of the 8mm film reel featuring Elvis live on March 28, 1957, owned by EER's Tony Stuchbury]

In the auction description, it states [edited] "The footage wraps up with the words “THE END” appear on screen. The addition of the
finishing text was a bit of an advanced move in the 1950s, usually accomplished by filming cards with the text on them, but our
cameraman took the extra step to finish off his masterpiece."

Tony reveals that his 8mm reel of film also says THE END at the end of the film. In the description, Graceland say that was very
advanced for the 1950's when the footage was filmed, yes they are correct, but for the 1970's, not so much.

"The End" was added to the footage in the 70's when these copies were originally available for the fans to buy via the then  
underground Elvis market.

Tony points out that EPE state that the reel they are selling comes with copyright from the seller, I doubt very much the seller is the
person who filmed it or any member of their family?

Some of you may well be thinking we should have contacted EPE to give them the opportunity to rectify the situation or to find out if
what they have matches the 70's reel mark for mark. Well, that is precisely what we did.

This issue is not about attacking EPE, this article is only being published because nobody from EPE or Graceland Auctions has
bothered to reply to any and all communications from Tony regarding he's concerns over the claims being made about Lot 9. Our
only concern is that some unknowing fan could wind up spending a hell of a lot of money for at worst, a COPY and at least what is
known and that is this film is

Below is our News Hound Dog's time line of events.

Tony first telephoned Graceland on Tuesday morning 11.40am [the day after all the Lots were announced], their time and spoke
with a Miss King, she asked him to e-mail over all his questions but that it might take a couple of days to get back to him.

In order to try and make sure the concerns are looked into, Tony then e-mailed EPE CEO, Jack Soden to offer some assistance and
asked if I could make an appointment to call him, however, both of these e mails of offering help went unanswered.

With a couple of mistakes noticed with some of the Lots, Tony e-mailed Graceland Auctions offering help in pointing out these
mistakes on a couple of their listings.

Two of the 35mm film trailer lots, have been listed with the wrong images. One of them was for Loving You but titled as Love Me
Tender with a film roll image showing a scene from King Creole and the other was for King Creole with a film roll image showing a
scene from Loving You!

OK, nothing major, but why not point this out in order to help EPE ensure their auction listings are as accurate as can be?
As ELVIS WEEK approaches, Graceland Auctions has announced its fifth auction of "rare and authentic" Elvis Presley artifacts, which will be held during Elvis Week 2016.

EPE's latest Graceland Auction is to feature 197 lots, (at this time), which will include what has to be the most historically important document from the life and times of Elvis Aaron
Presley. Lot 29 is Jesse and Elvis Presley's Birth Record Documents as written by Delivering Physician Dr. Robert Hunt on the morning of January 8th 1935 and is estimated to sell
for around 80-100,000 Dollars.

Other personal Elvis items in the auction include:
American Express card and important movie-related memorabilia among other historically significant artifacts. The Auction at
Graceland will take place in the Graceland Archives Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday, August 13, 2016, at 2:00 p.m. CDT. Online bidding is now available at Graceland
Auctions. Now then, previous Graceland Auctions have featured some items which have caused us some suspicion, none more so that their fourth auction from August 2015.

Elvis Express Radio first raised the alarm in 2015 when the Graceland Auction attempted to sell a Jumpsuit which was NOT an Elvis Presley original (
see article). Upon noticing
this, attention was soon drawn to some of the other lots, including, amongst other suspicious items, a couple of alarmingly obvious fake Elvis autographed guitars (
see article).

So now that the 5th Graceland Auction is announced, E.E.R has been sifting through the Lots and right out of the gate we have an item which has tweaked the interest of our very
own news hound dog, Tony Stuchbury.
LOT 9 (pictured above) is listed as...
1957 8mm Film of Elvis Presley Performing at the Chicago Amphitheatre - Nearly 5 Minutes of Unpublished Footage of Elvis in his Famous Gold Lamé

Estimate:  $15,000 - $20,000

Description [Edited points]:  
Filmed March 28, 1957, at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre in front of more than 13,000 fans,
this previously unseen footage captures nearly five minutes of Elvis
performing, an unprecedented amount of concert footage from the era. Also being sold with the physical and digital items above are all of the consignor’s tangible rights in the
physical materials (original 8mm film and recently completed digital transfer) and all of the consignor’s intellectual property rights in the recording.

The footage wraps up with a quick sweep of the crowd as the words “THE END” appear on screen. The addition of the finishing text was a bit of an advanced move in the 1950s,
usually accomplished by filming cards with the text on them, but our cameraman took the extra step to finish off his masterpiece. To see this much footage from a concert from the
1950s, much less one of only four shows where Elvis donned the full gold lamé ensemble, is unheard of occurrence. This is an exceptional opportunity to own a historic recording of
Elvis in one of his truly iconic moments. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated.
So what is it that our news hound dog has found so suspicious about what EPE have authenticated as UNPUBLISHED footage of Elvis in 1957? Once again it's buyer beware, things
are not as they seem!

The Graceland Auction clearly state that Lot 9 is
Previously unseen footage. However, we can reveal that is incorrect.

Back in the 1970's, this film footage was available to buy here in the UK on an 8mm reel and Tony still owns that copy which disproves the auctions claim [see below]
Good news, Tony got the following reply from Jeff Marren, The Consignment Director at Graceland Auctions:
‘Anthony - Thanks for informing us about this issue—it has been fixed. Best of luck in the auction. ‘

With this helpful response and a real appreciation for the help in correcting their mistakes, Tony decided to therefore let Jeff Marren know all about this possible major issue
regarding the Lot 9 8mm movie issue, but as of today, [29th] there has still been no reply to anything that has been sent to anyone at EPE or Graceland Auctions regarding this
potential major issue.

It's a result of their total lack of communication & what seems to be no interest whatsoever in investigating Lot 9 and the claims that this apparently "Unpublished"; $15-$20,000 film
was first published 40 or so years ago and could even be a copy, and even before going ahead with this article, that Tony chose to post the following on the Graceland Auctions
official facebook page:

“I've been trying to communicate that Lot 9 in the upcoming August 13th auction might not be as it seems, but thus far no reply back from various Graceland sources since Tuesday
26th July.

Here are some of my pictures of a copy of the same 8mm film from my own personal collection. The footage is also available (and a match for your description and my copy) on this
YouTube link, it is not previously unpublished as described in the lot description.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?...v=g6Lhvb3Cv_I . It might be worth you guys checking out the
details I e-mailed over to you just in case?”

We here at EER were then sent the following from Tony the News Hound Dog, "I await action on this now, and in the meantime I’ve chosen to pass all this information onto you so at
Elvis Express Radio can get the word out to any potential bidders who may wish to bid on the item... CHECK IT OUT, ASK QUESTIONS AND GET ANSWERS FIRST!

EER is in total agreement with Tony in that we cannot be certain that Lot 9 is not the original film, it could be? But if EPE took the time to answer the concerns mentioned then as
fans, we would know what the situation is with it. Of course they may be working on things behind the scenes and taking the time to examine the high resolution images which Tony's
has sent of his copy of the film, but again, a reply confirming this would be of course be very helpful.

As of Friday 29th July, the official Graceland Auction site has not yet altered any details of Lot 9, and still claiming that the footage is UNPUBLISHED, which I think we have proved is
not the case. With previous Graceland Auctions falling foul of fake items, to seemingly take a not bothered stance on this matter seems unfair and irresponsible. But taking previous
auctions into account and the simple errors that have now been corrected already regarding this auction we think any potential bidders should more than wary that Lot 9 might just
not turn out to be what they think it is.
UPDATE - Friday 29th July (6:45pm UK Time)
Since starting this investigation on Tuesday 26th July, Tony has been met being ignored, brushed off and left hanging. Now, 3 hours after Elvis Express Radio has gone public with
our concerns, and just like back in 2015 when we ran with the demands that the then alleged JUMPSUIT was not only a FAKE, the story was FAKE, in fact the Jumpsuit was not even
a design that Elvis ever had made, it now looks like things will now be moving on.....of course, it could all be just a well timed coincidence, right?

From: Laura Pickett
Date: 29 July 2016 at 18:18:36 BST
To: Anthony Stuchbury
Cc: Jeff Marren
Subject: RE: Ask a question about item (lot) 0009
Hello Anthony,
Thank you for your email and inquiry regarding lot 9. Jeff Marren, copied here, will be returning to the office shortly and will be able to respond to your question with clarification.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  

In the meantime, should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards,
UPDATE - Wednesday 03rd August (2:15pm UK Time)

Well, the good news is, things have moved at a rather rapid pace since this article went up online 5 days ago.

Tony, the EER News Hound-Dog, sent an email to Jeff Marren who is the Consignment Director for Graceland Auctions detailing to him along with images what is on his own reel n
the hope that with some comparisons, Graceland Auctions will be able to determine if LOT 9 is the original or just a copy as shown by Tony?  Whatever the conclusion, at the very
least, LOT 9 is certainly
NOT unpublished.

At 22:21 hrs on July 31, 2016,  Jeff Marren sent a reply regarding the EPE findings (thus far). "The offered film's stock is actually Gevaert Belgium 2S - that’s printed along the
sprocket holes in all caps."
Marren continued, "From my research Gevaert merges with AGFA in 1964, after which time" AGFA GEVAERT" appears on the film stock. So this stock
must at least pre-date that."

SO, as far as we know, Tony's copy of the 1957 footage came from the early 1970's when it appears copies were sold on the Elvis underground market. The news that LOT 9 is on
a reel which pre-dates 1964 could then show that it's possible that it is the original film after all, right?

There were a couple of other things Marren had to say.
"How long is your film? I am now aware that these dupes (duplicates) were made, I believe in the 70s—is that your

Tony responded to this with by pointing out that at this time, he was unable to give an exact running time for his copy of the 1957 film, but could confirm that he's is a 50ft reel which
would normally run for just under 5 mins depending on the frame per second rate in which it was played.

Due to not having a projector for this format, Tony was unable to run his movie, but he was giving serious consideration to getting his reel transferred professionally if that would
help confirm once and for all that LOT 9 cannot be promoted and sold as being

With the news about the film stock of LOT 9 being pre-1964 seems to be good news for the auction, however, it's still inconclusive. You see, at the end of Tony's copy reel, in the
tail off there is a date that appears to read 1965,  so it's possible that this copy could have been duplicated in the late 1960's and not the early 1970's?

The conversation on the evening of July 31st went on with a reply to Tony's comments.

On 31 Jul 2016, at 22:56, Jeff Marren -
"The film has no header or tail—it had been stored with some other stock on a larger reel when it was found among the possessions of the
original owner. It was purchased in an estate sale along with her other papers and affects. She was in the entertainment industry—I will post all that info as well (my consignor was a
little late with some of that, somewhat key, information).

Actually 50ft of super 8 or 8mm film could be from 3-4 minutes in length, but no more, which would be more in line with the 2:55 sample on youtube. My footage runs to 5:33, and
that’s with no header or footer. It would make sense that if someone made copies of my footage

I think I have the original also based on the clarity, which is head and shoulders above what I am seeing out there on youtube. It is frame for frame the same until the shorter online
version ends. Mine runs for another 2:40. What’s blurry and blown out a little on the duped version is clear with a ton of detail on mine. You can see all the detailed tooled leather
on the guitar cover in my version.

I am going to get to the bottom of this. I would like to know if you have what’s online or more. Let me know if you can. I understand these things take time, as well."

With the big question being, is the footage on the UK Reel (Tony's) the same length and quality as LOT 9 (Graceland Auction), Tony informed Jeff that he would be taking his reel
into a professional production company near his home in order to get the entire reel transferred to DVD which will finally confirm once and for all if the content on both reels do
contain the exactly the same footage?

Tony also points out, LOT 9 has no header or tail, but THE END as it's described and seen on our reels was quite advanced if it was indeed done in 1957, as claimed by Graceland

The YouTube footage is very poor (see bottom of page), but we think that this is because it's been filmed off a screen, it shows signs of projection hot spot from the projector bulb.
Tony's copy is so much more clearer just to look at it with the naked eye than what is on YouTube.

In addition to the digital transfer, the production company is going to try and push through the transfer as urgent after it was described what this was all in aid of. What is really good
about all this is the FACT that EPE and EER are working together (thanks to our News Hound-Dog) in carrying out some great Elvis sleuthing, as we both agree it's important that
Graceland Auctions description is accurate due to a hell of a lot of money is involved and as always EER hate to see any fans pay out any kind of figure for a bogus item.

The bottom line at this time is If Tony's footage is the same length as Graceland Auctions copy, and as clear, then without a header or a tail on their tape, we would still wager that
LOT 9 is a copy too. Because the problem is they wouldn't have anyway to prove it original, especially as it's been cut off from other items on a bigger reel , and that explains why
it's on that bigger reel on its own (shown at top of page).

They could of course just take the word of the consigner, but then Tony could argue that his is the real deal and then it's his word against theirs because there's no way to prove
one way or the other. The one things for sure, Graceland Auctions have to update the listing for LOT 9, as right now it's not accurate.
On August 02nd 2016, at 11:33, Jeff Marren was again contacted by Tony as soon as he got back
from the production company with news of his reel.

First of all, the good news...they're going to push us to the front of the line when they start the next
batch of transfers which they hope will take about one week, as opposed to two or even three.

In an attempt to at least secure a running time while waiting for the transfer, Tony asked if there was
any chance that the reel could be run to see how long it is?

When asked why, Tony told him it was one of the most important factors to know the run time for
something we're working on. Basically we need to know if it's the standard running length of a regular
8mm reel?

Now the even better news...The production company worker looked at Tony's reel and said that it's
more than very likely the reel would run for just over five minutes!!!!! To show an example, he went
away for a minute and upon his return revealed a standard reel of standard 8mm for comparison
purposes, which you can see pictured right.
So, as the investigation moves on, it's looking possible that Tony could have the 5 minutes or so that is described in LOT 9, PLUS, this would also indicate that all the 70's
duplicates would be the same.

And so once again we find that without concrete provenience on LOT 9, it's going to be very difficult, if not impossible to confirm that what Graceland Archives have is the original
reel because it too could be just a copy, all be it from an earlier time and film stock.

On 2 Aug 2016, at 13:20, Jeff Marren wrote:
Yep, that does look like the same amount of film as I have. I still feel strongly we have the original, but the fact that the whole thing may have been distributed would kill the value.  
Thanks for following up on all this. Let me know when you get more info.

We fully appreciate and understand why Graceland Archives feel that they [may] have the original reel, but without definitive provenience it's way too open to question.
Tony asked Jeff to look into seeing if there is not a way to get the film stock dated more accurately?
Plus as soon as the UK reel is digitally transferred, a sample will be sent direct to Graceland Archives so that they can at the least, compare image quality, especially if that will help
them out with the amended on line auction description?

From: Jeff Marren
Sent: 02 August 2016 17:14
Yes, I am continuing my research to date the stock, though I do feel good about the fact that it has to be pre-1964. That’s a very good sign.
I appreciate the sample of your footage. That comparison will be most helpful as well.

BUT THEN....like a bolt out of the blue, the entire Pre-1964 defence is blown out of the water. When an article from  2011 is discovered on the 'Mail Online' website reporting on, as
the article puts it...
An Elvis Presley fanatic is set to cash in on his obsession with The King of Rock after placing never-before seen footage of 'The King' up for sale to the tune of
£10,000! Bill Ellis, 67, from Rhyl, North Wales paid the modest sum of £2.50 in today's monetary terms for the show-reel, purchasing the unique souvenir alongside some of his
favourite Elvis records in

The article goes on to explain that the footage shows Elvis
wearing his famous gold lame suit . So, this shows a fan bought a ‘copy’ of this very same footage back in 1961. Which
makes the research to the date the film stock all the more important as this now casts even more doubt over LOT 9. (
See Mail Online 2011 Article)

So, with this all new evidence, what reaction from Graceland Auctions on this revelation?

From: Jeff Marren
Sent: 02 August 2016 19:57
that can’t be our footage. It says it was shot from the waist up. There are many film examples from the show—this is probably just another one.
Our footage is all from the same, medium-log angle. Nothing from the waist up.

What Jeff is referring to is the following as featured in the 2011 article... 'The film shows Elvis from the waist up and it looks like he's singing Baby, Let's Play House. 'It is silent and
was obviously taken by an amateur some distance from the stage'

OK, it states it shows Elvis from the waist up, BUT, it also says
‘it was obviously taken by an amateur some distance from the stage’ and the beginning of Tony's footage and
we suspect, LOT 9, it is from the waist up as Elvis comes onto stage. If all they looked at was that it could lead to a little mis-represented reporting.
As for Jeff Marren saying "There are many film examples from the show—this is probably just another one".
REALLY? He must know something fans don't then because the only other footage (apart from LOT 9 &
Tony's), we can think of ever seeing from this show is close up shoulders and face, which is on YouTube and
was also used at the end of the
Elvis 56’ documentary.

The short clip of our footage was also used in the movie/VHS/DVD release of
‘This Is Elvis’ from Warner
Brothers, which was produced by Andrew Solt. And so the suggestion was made that it maybe worth Jeff
digging the there to check out their source, especially as EPE had a good working relationship with him over
the years. Maybe the history of the footage they had and used could help?

Right, is a screen capture from
This Is Elvis, that was sent to Jeff pointing out to him and if he Andrew Solt
found and used the original source like he did with the Sinatra footage and others featured in the movie it's
bad news for LOT 9, but hey if he didn't it's more positive.

Solt did a heck of a lot of research tracking down 'original' footage for the movie so he could be a good
source to speak with, especially and considering his working relationship with EPE?

Just so you know where I'm coming from with all this, I don't want you to get the wrong idea.
I really hope you can prove what you have as the original reel, it would be fantastic, but right now there are
just too many questions to convince anyone of that I feel.
From: Jeff Marren
Sent: 02 August 2016 21:38
I see this is leaning heavily towards the reel being withdrawn for now. Just letting all the information come in so I can make a well-informed decision.  

That footage being in This is Elvis still works with the dupes like you bought. I don’t think that makes it the one the guy bought in the early 60s. The article clearly describes it as
waist up. But it might not really matter in the end.

And I am not sure if this really was police footage or they just did that for the film. Also possible.
You’ve been great, though-keep it coming!

And so in reply to points made by Jeff he was informed that No, the footage shown in 'This Is Elvis' never was police film, it was made to look like that only for use in the film to
demonstrate the fact Elvis was filmed by the police, the producers added the fake file number and dated July 1956.

That’s where the story confuses people to this day, including the article from 2011 mentioned earlier regarding the footage for sale back in 2011. The police did actually film Elvis in
Florida in 1956 though, but as far as we know, footage has never been located. Its still amusing to this day that a clip from 1957 is in the 1956 time frame of the movie.

With things like this, Tony being the devil’s advocate has to be done to help Graceland Auctions make that well informed decision.

So what do we have thus far... we think the only decision can really be the removal of LOT 9, not only is it NOT unpublished but with new evidence showing copied being sold as
early as 1961, LOT 9 being on pre-1964 tape remains looking like it is just another copy.

Elvis Express Radio wants to give a 100% genuine big up to Jeff Marren for Graceland Auctions for taking the time to work with Tony as we strive to get the TRUTH out there and
stop a fellow fan from paying out thousands of dollars for something it sure as hell is not.

EER will keep you updated on any developments regarding Lot 9. In the mean time, check out what footage Lot 9 contains by watching below....

UPDATE - TUESDAY 09th August (10:15am UK Time)

Well as that old saying goes..........And the Truth Will Set You FREE!
LOT 9 has now been officially removed from the 5th Graceland Auction.

We're so pleased to see that once again, through EER and with huge thanks to our very own Tony (EER News
Hound-Dog) Stuchbury, we have been able to work with EPE to ensure that an item which is NOT what it seems to be,
has been withdrawn saving some fan a heck of a lot of money for what can only be described as a Copy, a Duplicate, a
Reproduction print.

Way to go Tony and again, we salute Jeff Marren for taking part in this investigation and for recognising the evidence
which has been laid out before him.