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Left is a note written by Elvis Presley on
the back of a photo of the two room
shack in Tupelo.
"To Sue, Elvis Presley
The house where I was born and grew
up in Tupelo."

On the right is a layout of the home as
described by Vernon in 1964.

Unlike today, the home did not have
nice wallpaper, but instead the Presley'
used newspapers.
The home also had no porch swing. In fact, today the home looks luxurious compared to
what their living conditions were in 1935 and the first few years of Elvis’ life while living there.

Some people say the Tupelo birthplace is the real thing while others say it is just a replica,
while others believe it does not stand in it's original site?

Below are a couple of pictures of Elvis' birthplace taken in the late 30's, early 40's
On the subject of whether or not the birthplace is the original,
we have examples of conflicting reports.

Harold Loyd, one of Elvis' cousins, who worked as a security
guard at the Graceland gates confirmed that the birth place
was indeed original?

But, Larry Loyd, son of Harold has recently told E.E.R that the
birth place is NOT the original and neither is it in the original

Other family members are also of the opinion that the home is
not the actual birthplace of Elvis?

Then of course we have other family members that say it is the
real thing?

One thing is certain, if the home is the original it is simply as
original as it can be as there have been many changes &

In the above plan, as described by Vernon, the original fire
place was on the back wall in the kitchen. But by 1964 & as it is
today, the fire place is located in the middle of the home.
We know there was no porch swing and we know that there was no pretty wallpaper on the walls. The property has evolved over the years, with the
restoration of the house, the construction of a meditation chapel in 1979 and the opening of a museum in 1992. Today, the site of the birth place also
includes the fully restored Assembly of God church that Elvis attended with his family as a little boy, a 60 foot story wall that is covered with accounts written
by people who knew Elvis in Tupelo and a replica of the vehicle that Vernon Presley took his family to Memphis in when Elvis was 13 years old.

In 1938 when Elvis was 3 years old, things went from bad to worst when Vernon was sentenced to 3 years for forgery of a cheque. There are several
stories, but the bottom line is that Glady's lost the house soon after and her and the 3 year old  Elvis had to leave the home Vernon built and they would
never return. Mother & Son were forced to move around east Tupelo, living with relatives or renting inexpensively. Their wanderings took them for a time to
a predominantly black neighbourhood called Shake Rag, and it was there that Elvis was exposed to rhythm and blues and black gospel music.

Elvis performed in Tupelo in 1957 to raise money to build the 'Elvis Presley Youth Center' and he donated $14,000 towards the project. Elvis returned to
Tupelo in February 1961 to find the project had never materialised. The home sat unattended from 1957 until 1971 when the first repairs to the roof and to
the linoleum took place.

In 1964 Vernon returned to the home with British fan club leader, Albert Hand and below are some photographs that were first published in the October
1964 edition of the 'Elvis Monthly' magazine.
In the 3 photos above you can see the part of the house at the rear which contains the toilet and notice the power lines attached to the home in the image
looking down the left side as you look at the front. And of course we see Vernon sitting on the steps of the old home, no doubt remembering tougher times.

Is the birthplace the original? Is it a fake? Is it really situated in the original location? Opinions will remain divided and it's up to each individual to come to his
or her own conclusion. We are going to leave you with a few more photos of the home from various points throughout history.

UPDATE - April 29, 2010
Marty Lacker informs us that the birthplace is as original as it can be. The original house was in very bad shape and the city moved it from it's original site
and with all the repairs that were made, they had practically built a new one.

So there we have it, the birthplace is not in it's original location and is about as original as it can be...........Case closed?
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