With all the rumour and counter rumour regarding the Lisa Marie airplane story as reported by the Associated Press I thought it only fair to try and get to the bottom of the many
assumptions being made by fans, myself included, on various forums, fan sites and facebook.

I called Mr K G Coker of the OKC Partnership who owns the two airplanes in Memphis to try and clarify a few questions that I primarily had myself.
Although Mr Coker obviously has a financial interest at stake (as do the new owners at EPE) it soon became very clear to me that he also has us, the Elvis fans at heart too !

He recalled the day Elvis died, his office was at Memphis airport where the Lisa Marie was packed and ready to leave for Portland, Maine. He heard on the radio that Elvis had died
and went out to the pilot who confirmed the news, he also remembered the fans and how they were trying to get to the airplane that day, this was when he realised just what the Lisa
Marie might mean to us the Elvis fans.

It was in 1984 with co-operation of the then Elvis estate and Jack Soden (who worked tirelessly) that a deal was reached to display the Lisa Marie at Graceland, the Hound Dog Jet-
Star would follow later.

The arrangement was that financial remuneration would be paid to the OKC Partnership for the display of the airplanes.

The contract has never addressed the Lisa Marie or the Jet Star individually or even as part of a tour bundle, and although not in the contract, up until August of this year (2014) it
has been in the bundled tour package for 25 years.

Mr Coker says he is concerned that by separating the airplanes from the bundle some fans might be disadvantaged and not be able to afford to view 'the pride of Elvis Presley

In relation to the public release of the Graceland letter from Jack Soden, it seems to have been a forced hand, he didn't want to release it, but as it was beginning to look like the OKC
Partnership was to blame he felt he had no choice to make things clearer to the Elvis fan base.

It is the new owners ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTIBLES ASSOCIATION, INC that are making these changes, and Mr Coker would like to make it clear that he is
truly appreciative that Priscilla is trying to help out regarding the situation.

Although OKC still have three of the four Lisa Marie’s engines that were removed (the fourth went to a tech school) Mr Coker says he would like nothing better than the Lisa Marie and
Jet Star to stay at Graceland forever, but that an agreement that is acceptable to all parties involved has to be reached.

Personally, and as a fan myself, I really do hope that can be accomplished to everyone’s satisfaction, fingers crossed..
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