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The exciting new photo-book ”Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes” is now available for fans to buy.
This hardback A4-size publication contains close to 300 rare and unpublished photographs, some of which
have been scanned from the original negatives. Many of the photographs are printed full-size, and in A4 size
you will really appreciate many of the finer details. Some of the highlights include:

*A sensational series of live shots of Elvis at the Forum on November 14, 1970. Most of these are unpublished
anywhere and really capture the essence of Elvis as a live performer. Many dynamic, dramatic action shots…
You will love these..

* A great series of unpublished shots from Elvis’ concert in Greensboro on March 14, 1974. A little older and a
bit heavier, but still having a great time on stage and delivering the goods. Elvis’ shows were uniformly great in
March ’74, but decent quality live photo series have been a little thin on the ground, so this series is most
welcome for the true fan & collector.

* Several great shots from Elvis’ March 1, 1970 press conference (the rarer one of the two Astrodome
interviews). Again, unpublished, with Elvis looking ultra-cool; with cigar in his hands, he looks for all the world
like a character from one of those 70s crime movies! There’s also unpublished shots from the other ‘70s press
conferences, great close up shots with remarkable detail – you can virtually count his eye lashes in these pix.
* A rare series of COLOR shots from Miami ’56, printed full page for optimal effect.

None of these photos are in ELVIS FILES or other books. There’s much, much more, way too much to detail it
all here. If you know our previous photo-books (Images 1 + 2), then you will know what to expect, only this one’
s even better. We know that many fans have expressed concern about the high price of Elvis books of late, so
we are pleased to report that this book is very affordable.

Below, we found a
''Walk A Mile In My Shoes'' Price Comparison to help out our fellow fans.
Elvis For Everyone Fan Club  =
29.95 Euros (+ P&P).....  Approx UK Price = £24.00
Essential Elvis UK Magazine = 56.00 Euros (+ P&P).......  Approx UK Price = £52.95

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Source: EFE
The Retail Price Is Only
29,95 Euros (+P&P)
If ordered from EFE directly?
A really competitive price.
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