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The Chisca Hotel is set in the legend of Elvis Presley, local
radio host 'Dewey Philips' and his
Red Hot & Blue radio show
would go down in history as being the first time an Elvis
record was broadcast on air and Elvis would give his first ever
interview on July 7th 1954.
For many years, Memphis Heritage has been working to bring awareness to the Memphis community
about the importance of saving the historic Chisca Hotel located in the South Main National Historic
District.  We have worked with at least two developers that were not able to make redevelopment

Now is the time for the rebirth of the historic Chisca.  The best redevelopment plan to come along for
the Chisca is underway.. Memphis Heritage joins with the Downtown Memphis Commission in alerting
everyone about this important step in completing the gap from Beale Street to the South Main Arts

Please read the information below and be sure to click to sign the petition to let the City Council and
Mayor Wharton know how important this project is to all of Memphis.  Please join us at the City
Council meeting on Tuesday June 5th at 4:30PM at City Hall, 125 N. Main Street.

You can also visit Save the historic CHISCA NOW on Facebook for the latest information.
Please feel free to forward this to your friends!  Thanks!

The Downtown Memphis Commission is committed to remedying the blight and helping preserve this
key landmark for our city, and we need you to voice your support by signing the petition below:
Current Status
The vacant Chisca Hotel on the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Main Street has long been viewed as a key development site in Downtown
Memphis' renewal. Located a block from The Orpheum and Beale Street, and serving as a gateway to the South Main Historic Arts District, The Chisca's
two-decade vacancy has created blight in what could, and should, be an apex of vitality and vibrancy in the Core of Downtown.

Make or Break Time for The Chisca
Developing The Chisca would be one of the most challenging projects to undertake in Downtown Memphis. An experienced development team is poised to
take on the difficult challenge of transforming this long dormant landmark building into a residential and retail active use. Development of The Chisca will
serve as a catalyst to activate a renovation plan for the area, building on The Orpheum's $10 million expansion project that is underway.

Saving The Chisca will:
•Serve as a connector between the vibrant South Main neighborhood and the Core of Downtown. Currently The Chisca sits as an eyesore and barrier
between the two thriving neighborhoods.
•Establish an important gateway to South Main.
•Preserve the home of Elvis first on-air recording which literally changed the world.
•Fight blight in a key hub for the city which is an embarrassment for our city.
•Provide more affordable housing opportunities
•Activate a renovation plan for the area and build on surrounding development momentum

Historical Significance
The Chisca was the largest hotel at the time it was built in 1913, and was seen as less of luxury hotel than an accommodation for the middle class. A
historic event occurred in The Chisca that quite literally changed the world forever. From 1949-1956, WHBQ radio's Dewey Phillips broadcast his popular
show "Red, Hot and Blue". On July 7, 1954, Dewey played Elvis Presley for the first time on radio with Elvis' first recording of "That's All Right, Mama."
Indeed the world has never been the same!

June Waddell West
Executive Director

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2282 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN  38104

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