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Back in January 2012, fans were offered the chance to buy a great looking 45 RPM
single which was being produced as the single that never was. Below is the original
news announcement

January 12th 2012
THE LOST 60s SINGLE -  Here's a collectors item to get 2012 off to a nice start. It's
the lost Elvis single which should have been released in the 60s and now gets to see
the light of day via this limited edition vinyl 7inch 45 rpm single.

"Like A Baby" b/w "Make Me Know It" will be issued in red vinyl along with a
White RCA promotional label and will feature the following text... 47-8025 Not For
Sale, Promotional copy. Limited edition of 500 copies and is expected to see a release
by the end of January.

This single sure grabbed my attention and I put my order in through the online shop at
Elvis Matters almost immediately and could not wait to get my collectors vinyl as soon
as it was to get released.

The only reason I pre-ordered this release was due to the authenticity of the look the
single had and that part of the promotion clearly stated; ;
"The Limited Edition Vinyl
single has a total of just 500 copies produced. The single was intended for release in
the 1960's, but was scrapped except for a few now very rare promo copies. The White
RCA promotional label read: "47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy" and this very
Limited version is sure to increase in value and become a real collectors piece."

As the end of February approached, so did news that the release was imminent. So,
as the days passed I waited and waited until in early March when my 45RPM Limited
Edition vinyl collectors single arrived and I was like a kid with a bag of sweets, I couldn't
wait to open the package and get my grubby mitts on the contents.
Elvis Australia wrote: "We offered you a vinyl single and it was very popular.
However on finding out they had changed all the artwork and it was no longer the
nice reproduction as promoted we backed out.

Now our stand has proven itself and we can now offer you once again this item, as it
should be .
Like A Baby / Make Me Know It : 7 Inch 45 RPM Promo Vinyl Single.

This is the Elvis single that never was released in the 60s in the same spirit as FTDs
Elvis Sings Guitar Man.  More 7" 45 RPM Vinyl Singles. •7 inch 45 rpm
vinyl single in solid blue vinyl
•47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy
•Label: White RCA promotional label
•Limited edition of 250 pieces
•Singles all sealed

Only 250 copies worldwide, this is one release that is Guarented to increase in value
and will become one of the rarest Elvis vinyls.  
As I opened the package, my excitement soon turned to disappointment. Instead of the RCA Victor logo on the cover I see the name, 'ITS ELVIS TIME' [above],
then I slit open the shrink wrap and pulled out the red vinyl single and as with the cover, the RCA Victor was gone and as with the cover, the name, 'ITS ELVIS
TIME' takes its place.

While most other online stores continued to stock and sell the record as originally advertised, and none, as far as I could find out ever contacted the fans who
had pre-ordered the single to warn them that the finished product was not as advertised and do thet still want the order or a refund?

That is all except our colleagues down at
Elvis Australia, the Official fan club for that Country. They pulled out of their initial order of stock, because the final
item was not as originally advertised. At the time I applauded owner David Troedson for making that decision and still do. Now, Elvis Australia are offering the
record as originally planned.