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The upcoming book, 'Bootleg Elvis!' put together by Felix Gubelli, Rolf Gilgen, Peter van Bragt, Dick Dekker and
Bruno Pause, is due for release in July 2012.

After many years of painstaking research, a group of five European mega-collectors have finished their work on the
ultimate vinyl bootleg bible. In 2012, the time has come that this massive -640 pages- work of love and labor will be
made available to all Elvis fans and music lovers worldwide. With more than 1200 color pictures, track listings, cross-
references, matrix numbers, cover/label/vinyl/sound descriptions of about 1000 records on 480+ pages, this is the
most in-depth work on Elvis vinyl bootlegs ever! This book will not only list and visualize every known Elvis bootleg
record, but it will also list and show all known variations of each record. All records will be listed in several chapters,
being:the following :

• 7-inch Singles
• 7-inch Extended Play Albums
• 10-inch Albums & 78 rpm Singles
• 12-inch Long Play Albums and Maxi Singles
• Interviews and Session Talks
• Novelty and Tribute Bootlegged Records
• Far Eastern Bootlegged Records
To top it off, there is an almost 65 pages description about the history of (Elvis) bootlegging, starting
in 1901 up to today. There are about 70 pages of stories written by all the major bootleggers from the
USA, Canada and Europe.

They will tell you why they made their bootlegs, how they obtained their recordings, how they got their
records and sleeves made and how they managed to sell their records without being caught.

Read stories -first hand- about albums like Please Release Me (the first Elvis bootleg ever!) The
Hillbilly Cat "Live", The '68 Comeback, Million Dollar Quartet, Loving You Recording Sessions,
Welcome In Germany and many more.

These are more than fascinating insider stories that were never known nor published before! All in all,
this book gives you the most complete insight ever into the evolution of bootlegging Elvis. Even if you’
re not a vinyl collector, this book is definitely a must-have!
People get ready…
Don’t miss the most extensive ever book on Elvis vinyl bootlegs!
Don’t miss the adventurous history of Elvis bootlegs!
Don’t miss the never before told stories from various Elvis bootleggers!
don’t miss the Elvis bootlegs in close to 1,000 entries illustrated with more than 1,200 photos.

It’s all here in a massive 640-pages high-quality hardcover book!
It’s for you, the Elvis collector, the fan and the vinyl- and music lover!
It’s a labor of love by five diehard European Elvis collectors and scholars.
It’s possible because of the fantastic support from many fans all over the world.
It’s the book that might soon become an instant classic in the Elvis world.
It’s Bootleg Elvis!
And ... it's limited to 1,000 copies, but it can be yours if you order it today.