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Elvis Presley tries somewhat humorously to
get past heaven’s pearly gates in the new
teaser video for Stan Lee’s original short

The afterlife fantasy by comics legend Lee
was originally created as part of Liquid
Comics’ $195 hardcover anthology Graphic
Elvis, which is limited to 2,500 copies. Now
the story is a cool component of the
Graphic Elvis preview that will hit comics
stores this Sunday as part of Free Comic
Book Day.

Presley was a confessed comics geek who,
before and since his death 35 years ago,
has appeared everywhere from Captain America to the The Sandman.

Plus, the King knew how to make a superheroic entrance.
“I remember
the time I first saw him on TV, when he burst upon the music scene like
a blazing comet,”
Lee said in a statement from Liquid Comics.
“I remember the indescribably powerful impact he had on the youth of
the nation — and the world.”
NOTE - Video may take time to load before playing right through