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On Sept. 12, 1957, a black Cadillac pulled up to the Little
Shamrock, a small café that was located on the south end of
Cleveland where Highway 105 meets Washington Avenue.

In the car were band members and a singer who had done a
show in Houston and were headed north, probably on their
way back to Memphis. The singer was Elvis Presley.

They had stopped at the Little Shamrock for breakfast and
to fill the car up with gas before continuing their journey.

Aline Landrum was the waitress who served Elvis that
morning. A woman named Dorothy Briscoe took two photos
of Elvis; one outside and one inside the café.

Mrs. Landrum, who still lives in Cleveland, recalls that Elvis
ordered a big breakfast consisting of two eggs, an order of
bacon, double order of toast, coffee, pancakes, a piece of
chocolate pie and a Pepsi Cola

(Thanks to E.E.Rs Brian Quinn)
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