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If you've ever seen the movie 'Viva Las Vegas' or heard the duets 'You're The Boss' or
'Today, Tomorrow and Forever' with Elvis and Ann Margret, you'll know how steamy the
chemistry between the two.

Priscilla was threatened by the Elvis and Ann relationship back then and it seems she
remains so to the day?

'You're The Boss' played on the Request Show recently, reminded me of a tale told
to me by an anonymous member of the Graceland staff about how they have to change one
of the displays whenever Priscilla visits Graceland.

I am talking about a personal cheque which was a personal gift from Elvis to Ann-Margaret
which the staff secretly love to put out on display for the fans to see, but Priscilla hates it!!!!

It is normally placed with the Movie script for
'Viva Las Vegas', but unlike the other artifacts
on display, including another cheque next to it, this one is without any marker.

It is the cheque to the right of the top picture and written on the stub is
"Personal gift for the
home of Ann-Margaret"
, for what looks like $750,000.00 (Click image to enlarge)

Just like a bunch of naughty School kids, the Graceland staff have to make sure it is
removed and put back into the archives every time dear old Cilla comes to town!

Is this story that was told to Martin true? Why anyone would tell a fan that if it wasn't I don't
know. But it is funny to imagine these staff members running around hiding artifacts
By E.E.R listener, Martin Lopez
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