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This has to be one of the all time crazy items for sale that will have
any fan clutching their sides trying to prevent them from splitting

Some E.E.R listeners may well remember the auction of the Karate
Mirror which was being passed off (or trying to) on ebay for a couple
of thousand dollars.

Well if that didn't tickle your fancy, this might??????

You now have the opportunity to own this Coca-Cola vending
"Whats this got to do with Elvis?" I hear you ask. Well, as
the seller tells us,
"This is the actual Coke machine that was in the
Movie/Documentary Elvis Presley made in 1974 at the Tennessee
Karate Institute.  It is in exceptional condition!  Please feel free to
email me with questions or for more details."

OMG, could it REALLY be the actual machine that was in the same
room as Elvis Presley. This could be one of the ultimate collectibles,
up there with the Karate Mirror & the polystyrene concert cup!
In all seriousness, there really are people who think they can put something like this Coke machine on ebay, show its connected in some ridiculous way to Elvis
Presley and then they can make their fortune? The seller of this hunk of junk wants to start bids at
$2,000.00 (£1,239.34) but this is not a price the seller is
happy with because the item has a reserve price. Didn't Elvis prefer to drink Pepsi-Cola? Damn, a Pepsi machine would be worth double right? Umm NAH!.
Why not get on over to see him in smart clothes.
Cash Can.