Back in 1993 Dee Stanley tried to get her new book published but failed as publishers stayed
well away from her latest and most disgusting claims.

It was on an episode of 'Geraldo' that Stanley announced that Elvis and his mother had
sexual relations together and a furious J.D. Sumner called her an outrageous liar.

Now, Dee [Presley's] Stanleys 'The Intimate Life and Death of Elvis Presley' is now released
via E-Books. If the sex with his mother claim was not enough, the book also claims Elvis had
a homosexual affair with his friend, actor, Nick Adams. PLUS she reveals that Elvis had
committed suicide because he had been suffering from bone-marrow cancer.

When asked on the Geraldo show how she knew these events had taken place, Dee Stanley
told him that Elvis' father, Vernon and Elvis' grandmother, Minnie-Mae had told her. Of course
as Geraldo pointed out back then, it's a great shame that the ONLY people who could confirm
these stories were no longer with us.

While the manuscript was rejected by publishers everywhere, it was the tabloid junk paper,
the National Enquirer that relished in publishing the crap. E.E.R urges every fan to boycott
this vile book of lies.

Here Elvis fans send in their comments on this latest in the long line of Stanley Tales...

Gary Courcha
WTF is going on....Lee, I have heard you mention this before on the show and now here it is,
that bitch Dee Stanley (love how you refuse to name her as Presley on the site). What is she
thinking? In 9 years she cannot find a publisher and now she creates an e book to spread
her vile lies. Please tell me that no Elvis fan would ever send this witch any money, would

Kieran In Cumbria
Dee Stanley can kiss my butt!
What has made this lowlife raise her ugly head this time...She really is Elvis Presleys wicked
step mother isnt she. Elvis could not stand that woman and now she has found the lowest of
low ways to get him back.

Julian Yarris:
I am lost for words at reading the news that Dee Stanley is releasing this book and making
all those sick claims. I know Lee had told the story about her on the Geraldo show and J.D.
Sumner exploding at her on the show before but even though I had been pre-warned about
her stories, to actually see them now available for people to read is horrible. Imagine what
will happen if the tabloids get to hear about this.

Len from Surrey:
Dee Stanley is nothing short of an evil lying witch. I think the whole Stanley family should be
snubbed by Elvis fans everywhere. Joe, you should destroy your interview with the Stanleys
and fans should never give any of them any chance to publicise themselves for any reason.

We hear how some of the Stanley's are preachers and worship God and yet not one of these
wholesome religious guys have come out and publicly condemned Dee for what she is now
doing to a man who is not here to defend himself. The Elvis World should be a Stanley Free

Leon Goad:
No Elvis fan in their right mind would pay a single penny for this book, there is no reason and
no excuse to buy this book of bull s##t.
If there are any fans who know this woman then if they are any kind of fan they should tell her
to rot in hell and never ever talk to her ever again. She should be ignored and left to wallow in
the Stanley pit of stories together, then they will all be happy in their own company.

Lee you are right, every Elvis fan should boycott this book of bull.

Tom Morrison:
This is the low of the low. On last weeks show, Joe told us of his interview with the Stanley
boys and how they told him they will not answer any negative questions! My God, with a
mother like this, negative takes on a whole new meaning.

Caroline Lusk:
I am disgusted at Dee Stanley and her horrible stories. IF she was told these stories - And I
seriously doubt that - then its all here-say and thats that. Is she telling us Vernon did nothing
when he found out what his son and his wife were doing what she claims. What a BITCH.

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