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July 01st 2012
THE PERFECT COLLECTION - The final artwork for the
keep-sake box that will house the contents of this all new
CD set from Sony Music (E.U.).

Elvis: 20 Original Albums, The Perfect Collection is the
ideal starting point for any up and coming fan of Elvis or
simply a fan of music and for around £50.00 you will own 20
of Elvis Presley's very best albums.

Each mini album is (as far as we know) faithfully reproduced
as their fullsize versions? To see more click on image [right]
July 01st 2012
THE ELVIS REQUEST SHOW NOW ONLINE - The Latest Edition of the Elvis
Requests Show [#947] is now online. The show is available to download until 8am [UK Time]
on the 07th July 2012

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you
love to hear from Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the
Elvis world. Elvis the place where Express Radio is you opinions are heard and shared.

To access and download the show, just click on the Request Show banner to the left or listen
to the 3 hours from 1:00pm on Sunday through Covent Garden Radio.
July 01st 2012
GRACELAND BOOK AMAZON WARNING - These past few weeks, internet retail giant
Amazon have been advertising the upcoming general release of the ultimate Graceland book.

But, if you have pre-ordered
Elvis Presley's Graceland, Through the Years 1957-1977 from
Amazon for £64.95 then you may want to cancel you're order and re-order from one of the Elvis
dealers on the web?

E.E.R has been informed by Joseph Pirzada that to this day Amazon have yet to make any
contact with him regarding buying stock for them to meet the numbers pre-ordered. With this
in mind we would not want to see any fan waiting for this one to be disappointed once this is

This is not the first time something like this has happened, you may remember some time
ago, Amazon advertised an upcoming FTD classic series 7" (I think 'Elvis Country') and
mistook it for just a normal £8.99 release. Fans, myself included, pre-ordered the album
before they could spot the error. Come the release date and words "Currently out of stock"
and so it remained for weeks until all orders were cancelled, when it was removed.

If you want to cancel you're Amazon pre-order? The following Elvis dealers are taking orders.
Tell them E.E.R sent ya'.
EP Gold Webshop  -  The Elvis Shop London  -  Elvis Australia  -  Elvis Matters
July 01st 2012
ELVIS ON THE SHELL - Elvis returns to Overton
Park this year when
'Elvis On Tour' is screened as part
of the second annual free
"Concert Film Series" at the
Levitt Shell as part of the
2012 Indie Memphis Film
. "Elvis on Tour," the Golden Globe Best
Documentary winner chronicles Elvis' whirlwind 15-city,
15-night 1972 tour will be shown FREE at the shell on
August 4th
July 01st 2012
A SUNSATIONAL CD - Here's a new album coming out
on the Victrola bootleg label entitled

It's a 2 CD edition and includes 77 tracks from original SUN
masters, Live performances from the 50's through to the

Also featured are interviews and recordings of Elvis talking
about his time at SUN Records. For more info click on image
Up for auction or buy it now is a Very impressive Item that belonged to the King, Mr Elvis

You will own the biggest piece of rock n roll history, a 24KT Gold leaf kimbal grand piano, a
24KT gold leaf bench seat and to top this history of right.....(the seller claims)....the winner will
receive "Hand written, unproduced/unpublished music written by ELVIS himself".

His piano was bought 21 years ago by 148 investment for the sum of US$2 million & moved
for display into the Nashville Music Hall of Fame.

Priscilla had this piano gold leafed for Elvis as a anniversary surprise back in 1968.  Winner
will be able to review "Chain of Provenance" after winning this item. Winner/Buyer can also
verify that all documents will contain matching serial numbers and signatures for the Piano
and its history.

Further details in the description are all about delivery and payment options, its a real shame
that this famous piece of Elvis history could be heading for private hands?
July 02nd 2012
GOLD PIANO FOR SALE - Up for sale now is the Gold
Piano which Elvis gave to his Aunt Nash in the 1970s and
now you can own it for less than £2.5 Million (US$3.8 Mill).

Here is the description:
My name is Mr Cocciolone and I am representing Mr Ferrell
and The 148 Investment Group so if you have any questions
about this item please feel free to contact me.

July 03rd 2012
you will all join us in sending Happy Birthday thoughts
and wished to the wonderful John Wilkinson on this his
67th Birthday.

Born in Washington DC on July 3, 1945, John  was
adopted by his parents when I was just two months
old. Once his father finished his service in the U.S Navy
the family moved to Springfield, Missouri where John
remains today with his wife, Terry.

John Wilkinson was Elvis' rhythm guitarist from 1969 to
1977 and with the exception of James Burton, was the
only one of the TCB Band never to leave Elvis' side over
demands of more money and performed over 1,100
live shows with the King on stage.

Happy Birthday Johnny and here's to many more my
dear friend.  (click on image to enlarge)
July 03rd 2012
WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES - The forthcoming photo-
”Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes” is now nearing
publication, and is projected to be out in late July 2012.

This hardback A4-size publication will contain close to 300 rare
and unpublished photographs, some of which have been
scanned direct from the original negatives.

Many of the photographs are printed full-size, and in A4 size you
will really appreciate many of the finer details. Some of the
highlights include......

To read all about this soon to be released book....
Go Here
The album’s track list comprises 10 songs: it includes, among the others, new remixes of
“Little Sister”, “Flaming Star” and “I’m Coming Home”. All the tracks feature the original
Elvis Presley vocals, restored and enhanced using modern technology for the best possible
listening experience.

The album features also a newly arranged version of
“As Long As I Have You” (originally a
piano and vocals only take from the film “King Creole”) that seems destined to become a
new Elvis classic.

This new album
“Re:Generation” is a must have for all new and old Elvis fans and will surely
be the soundtrack for the many celebrations that will happen this year worldwide to celebrate
Elvis’ 35th anniversary.
“Elvis was an innovator'' - says Spankox - ''and if he’d be with us today
I’m sure he’d like this new approach to his music”

Elvis Express Radio has been given access to this new album and it will get it's Elvis Radio
debut on this weeks edition of the Elvis Request Show. Available from Friday for download or
broadcast every Sunday 1pm till 4pm at Covent Garden Radio.

01. Little Sister (Spankox Remix)
02. Flaming Star (Spankox Remix)
03. I Feel So Bad (Spankox Remix)
04. As Long As I Have You (Spankox Remix)
05. Judy (Spankox Remix)
06. I'm Coming Home (Spankox Remix)
07. Crawfish (Spankox Remix)
08. In Your Arms (Spankox Remix)
09. I Want You With Me (Spankox Remix)
10. King Creole (Spankox Re:Generation Remix)

Want to buy a copy of RE: GENERATIONS? It's under £10.00 at
AMAZON, get yours today.
July 04th 2012
WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES PRICE COMPARE - We've had several emails asking
where they can buy a copy of the upcoming photo book,
”Elvis: Walk A Mile In My Shoes”.
And we've found a great deal for our fellow fans interested in picking up a copy.

We found a
''Walk A Mile In My Shoes'' Price Comparison to help out our fellow fans, we
searched as many sites as possible, EPGold, Elvis Matters, The Elvis Shop etc but could
only find information as listed below.

Elvis For Everyone Fan Club  =
29.95 Euros (+ P&P).....  Approx UK Price = £24.00
Essential Elvis UK Magazine = 56.00 Euros (+ P&P).....  Approx UK Price = £52.95
[Source: EFE]
July 04th 2012
THIS WEEKS TCB SHOW NOW ONLINE - This weeks edition of the TCB show is now
online for you to download in your own time for the next 7 days.

This week Lee brings you selections from the Import CD release of the originally released
RCA album "Elvis Rarities".

This edition is available to download for one week. Simply click on the Elvis TCB Show
banner over on the left.
July 03rd 2012
PRE-ORDER BOOK WARNING UPDATE - First we reported the strange situation of
AMAZON and the highly anticipated Graceland book. NOW we have another WARNING to all
fans who have made pre-ordered copies via the Book Depository.

With our news of the Amazon issue, one of E.E.R's listeners wanted to check on his pre-order
which he made around 5 weeks ago. Well, we are told by Joseph Pirzada that the Book
Depository is in the very same situation as Amazon and have not made any kind of move to
secure any copies of the book.

In a letter from the company's Head of Customer Services wrote:
"Thank you your recent pre-
order at The Book Depository for Elvis Presley's Graceland, Through the Years 1957-1977
(Hardback). Sadly due to limited nature of this title and high customer demand, we cannot
guarantee that stock of the title will be made available to us. If you would prefer to cancel your
order for this title, please let Customer Services know in reply to this email and a full refund
will be issued. Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause you, and we hope to be
of service to you in the future."

So once again, anyone who has pre-ordered the Graceland book from Amazon and now the
Book Depository, you would be advised to cancel your order and buy through your local Elvis
fan club or dealer.
July 04th 2012
album is released to introduce Elvis Presley to a new
generation of fans and to rediscover the King of Rock’n’Roll
with a new sound on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of
his premature departure (16/8/1977).

Produced by progressive producer/composer/DJ Spankox,
creator of Elvis Presley's 2008 hit remix of
"Baby Let's Play
which brought the King back to the top of the world
charts in 2008.
July 05th 2012
SUPER 8 CONCERT FILM - Up for grabs, if you've got
the cash? Is a 22 minute Super 8 film of Elvis in Concert
filmed in Cleveland on the 18th of July 1975.

Sellers Description:
The Film Can Says the 19th but it is actually Cleveland the
18th of July 1975. This is 22 minutes of unseen footage.
Never Released or seen before.

Taken by Elvis fan. This is the original super 8mm footage.
Never before released or copied. No other versions of this
footage exist anywhere. [
NOTE: Elvis Matters inform us that
this footage was actually released a few years ago but in a
slightly lesser quality
] There is no sound - this is silent
footage. And the captures of the footage although nice - do
NOT do the footage justice. It is clear sharp and a great document of this great concert.
Footage taken from many angles as the filmer moved around the venue getting the greatest  
footage of this concert.

The footage has only been viewed on a projector a few times since it's development, so it is
in excellent condition - no broken frames, as good as it gets! Bid Now and get this unique
concert footage for your collection.

So how much to add this can of Elvis film footage to you're collection? Bidding for this piece
of Elvis history starts at $7,500.00 (£4,820.00)
Go to the ebay page
July 05th 2012
pleased to announce and proud to support a new group set up
on Facebook, The John Wilkinson Appreciation Group.

While Johnny remains in hospital, he is improving more and
more each day and Johns wonderful wife Terry gives us daily
reports on his condition.

If you want to join the JWAG just search for the John Wilkinson
Appreciation Group on facebook.
July 06th 2012
ELVIS' LATEST BILLBOARD STATS - The following Elvis releases appeared on the
Billboard Catalog Album Charts (w/e 14th July, 2012):

'Heart And Soul' selling some 1,614 copies.
Total sales to date: 567,860 copies.

'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling some 1,556 copies.
Total sales to date: 279,068 copies.

'The Essential Elvis' selling some 1,545 copies.
Total sales to date: 453,538 copies. It is a double album and therefore under RIAA rules
qualifies for double sales - so for their purposes it has sold 907,076 copies.

'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 1,321 copies.
Total sales to date: 475,689 copies.

'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1,224 copies.
Total sales to date: 117,333 copies.

'Elvis Christmas' selling some 11 copies.
Total sales to date: 599,565 copies.
(Many thanks to E.E.R's Brian Quinn as always)
July 06th 2012
Elvis Requests Show [#949] is now online. Available to download until 8am [UK Time] on the
13th July 2012

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you
love to hear from Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the
Elvis world. Elvis the place where Express Radio is you opinions are heard and shared.

• We bring you selections from the new Spankox album
• A song from the new FTD ‘From Hawaii To Las Vegas’
• WIN! WIN! A copy of the excellent new book ‘Elvis Presley’s GRACELAND Through The
Years 1957 to 1977’

To access and download the show, just click on the Request Show banner to the left or listen
to the 3 hours from 1:00pm on Sunday through Covent Garden Radio.
July 06th 2012
ELVIS, THE HOLOGRAM & ELVIS, THE BUSINESS - “The companies have already
begun work on the virtual Elvis Presley likeness and will announce when and where
audiences can expect to see the first virtual Elvis performances,” the release reads. Presley's
daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, told Rolling Stone...
Story Continues
July 08th 2012
FROM HAWAII TO LAS VEGAS + - This unreleased 1973 rehearsal is whats on the
new 5" digi pack release from FTD. This previously unreleased recording comes from the
original cassette recording of Elvis’ January 25 1973 dress rehearsal for his
January/February Las Vegas Hilton season. The rough audio quality is more than
compensated by the fascinating insight into how Elvis worked in order to create his shows.

With little talk, and a lot of music, we are invited to a first row presentation of what Elvis had in
mind for the up coming season, and yet he decided to change the repertoire back to the
usual line up the next day.

Among the many songs rehearsed is
"Separate Ways" with and without the orchestra - a
song that Elvis chose to never perform in public. This will be a fabulous collectors’ release.
The one track
‘I'm Leavin' It All Up To You’ was previously released on the FTD ‘Stage
Rehearsal’ and was one of the best tracks on that compilation.

Also released is
'G.I. Blues Vol.1' Classic Album – The long-awaited first volume of G.I. Blues
material in the classic album series. As always in a 7" inch digi pack format with booklet.
However like the ‘Jailhouse Rock Classic album’ the first volume will be without the In-and-
Outtakes section, which will be featured in Volume 2 and will summarize all the G.I. Blues

‘That’s The Way It Is’ Double-Vinyl: A Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl
set. This release follows the other FTD special edition albums.

NOTE: COMING SOON - The TCB Show will be brining you selected tracks from the latest
FTD featuring the previously unreleased rehearsal from January 1973. Watch out for details.
(News Thanks to EIN)
July 08th 2012
SUPER 8 FOOTAGE UPDATE - A few days ago we
reported news of some 22 minute Super 8 footage of an
Elvis show filmed on July 18th 1975. It's being billed as
"Never before released or copied. No other versions of
this footage exist anywhere". However, Elvis Matters
reported that the film had been released before, but in
lesser quality? This in fact was incorrect.

The footage that has been seen before is indeed from
the same show, but in that film most of it / if not  all of it
was filmed from behind the stage. In these screen shots,
you can see the scene from both films.

In the top image [Ebay film] we can clearly see Elvis
placing a crown on top of Charlie's head....In the bottom
image [previously available film], we see the same
moment but from behind. So, as you can see the footage
on ebay apears to be what it says  
On To Ebay Page
July 11th 2012
THIS WEEKS TCB SHOW NOW ONLINE - This weeks edition of the TCB show is now
online for you to download in your own time for the next 7 days. This week Lee brings you
selected Outtakes from the album release Pot Luck with Elvis. This edition is available to
download for one week. Simply click on the Elvis TCB Show banner over on the left.
July 08th 2012
ELVIS IN CONCERT 35th ANNIVERSARY DETAILS - Watch this exclusive interview
with the
Elvis 35th Anniversary Concert producer Stig Edgren as he talks with Elvis Radio
about the many additions to the once-in-a-lifetime concert event.

Edgren says a big opening surprise, entirely new segments and featured guests, including
special appearances by Lisa Marie Presley and Priscilla Presley, are just a few of the
bonuses Elvis fans will get to enjoy. You can purchase your tickets to the Elvis 35th
Anniversary Concert by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or by clicking here.

"For those who have seen previous anniversary concerts, I think this one will take the cake,"
said Edgren. "It's bigger and completely different from past shows."

Elvis returns to Memphis for this spectacular show on August 16, 2012 at the FedExForum.
Accompanied by a cast of singers and musicians who worked with him and members of the
Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Elvis will take the stage via video for this live performance.
Performers include Joe Guercio, the TCB Band - James Burton and Glen Hardin, Norbert
Putnam, DJ Fontana, plus many more!           

Are you coming to the Elvis 35th Anniversary Concert? Make sure to RSVP on Facebook and
share your plans with your friends and family! For more information about purchasing tickets
or to see the complete line-up, visit
July 11th 2012
IT'S 950 SHOWS - Today's edition of
the TCB show brings us to our 950th
online production.

As usual, long time listeners Carol and
Brenda send in a home made card to
mark the occasion, next up will be our
1000th show which is coming fast.

I want  to thank everyone for your ongoing
support & to Carol & Brenda for these
great cards to mark each milestone.
July 11th 2012
MEMPHIS TO HOLLYWOOD VIDEO - Here's a cool little
promo video for the soon to be released FTD / Flaming Star
'From Memphis To Hollywood'.

The book itself focuses on Elvis' journey on the road upon his
return home to the City of Memphis and on to his way back to
the movie business in Hollywood, and  the production of Hal W
paramount  GI BLUES.

The book features  the newly found original mono LP master
for G.I. BLUES. The book is filled to the brim with great, rare
and informative photos & documents.
For Video Click Image
July 11th 2012
ASK MARTY - Ask Marty [Lacker] is back to answer some new questions about his time
with and around his friend and our idol, Elvis Presley.

Please remember that while Marty does try to answer your questions honestly and up front,
not every question can be answered in any great detail, but he will always answer to the best
of his memory.

Check out these new additions & read back over past Q&A's by clicking on the ASK MARTY
banner over to the right..
"The bad news is that this WON'T be on the 'A Boy From Tupelo' boxed set. Like all of us,
Ernst was unaware of its existence until today"

If this is the case, then the $135 dollar FTD set
'A Boy From Tupelo' which is billed as the
complete 1953-1955 Recordings becomes obsolete and out dated even before it gets it's
release this coming August? Which will be a travesty for such an expensive product.

What To Do?
If the find is too late to be included on the 3 discs then why doesn't Ernst get the tape and
release it as a bonus CD Single that gets included in the final set? Anyone fancy sending a
note to Ernst to give an idea?
July 13th 2012
AMAZING HAYRIDE FIND - The chance of something new being found of Elvis is
always around the corner. And today is one of those days as we learn of a previously unheard
performance in fantastic sound quality of Elvis singing ''I Forgot To Remember To Forget'',
recorded from a Louisiana Hayride TV appearance. The recording is a fantastic version and
will make any fans day to hear this beauty. Now enough of reading, go on and enjoy it
July 13th 2012
Elvis Requests Show [#951] is now online. Available to download until 8am [UK Time] on the
21st July 2012

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you
love to hear from Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the
Elvis world. Elvis the place where Express Radio is you opinions are heard and shared.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a timing error, this weeks competition did not go ahead. This will
of course be carried over to the next Request Show which will be available one day later than
usual on SATURDAY 21st July.

To access and download the show, just click on the Request Show banner to the left or listen
to the 3 hours from 1:00pm on Sunday through Covent Garden Radio.
July 13th 2012
LAST CHANCE FOR BOOK OFFER - Anyone still thinking about picking up a copy of
the soon to be released Sean O'Neal book
'Collecting Elvis Presley - The 1950s', your
chance of saving yourself 20% of the retail price is in it's final week.  
The Official Site
July 12th 2012
Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins together that day in a jam
session that redefined the term forever. A newspaper reporter who was present dubbed it
“The Million Dollar Quartet,” offering a rough guess as to what ...
Read More Here
July 11th 2012
THE ELVIS FILES VOL 1 - Just announced is the finalised front cover artwork to the next
instalment in the epic Elvis Files series of books and my only complaint is we have to wait
until December to add this to the rest.

The Elvis Files Volume One covers Elvis' launch to fame as Erik Lorentzen takes us on a back
to Memphis, Tennessee 1953 as Elvis walks into 706 Union Avenue to record a personal disc
and then we join the Elvis train through up until 1956 when the boy became the King.

To see the final artwork and other bonus images just simply click on the banner below.
July 13th 2012
MORE ON THAT NEW ELVIS FIND - You are all well
aware of  the newly discovered Hayride recording of Elvis' 1st
#1 chart hit in the States,
'I Forgot To Remember To Forget'
& here we have some new info for you.

According to renowned Elvis collector Ger Rijff, this previously
unheard performance WILL be included on the ultimate SUN
set from FTD?

BUT, Trevor Cajiao, the highly respected editor of the greatest
Elvis magazine,
'Elvis The Man And His Music' has stated....
July 14th 2012
learnt the news of a vintage music collector stumbling
across one of the greatest finds of a live performance
from 1955. And now a pensioner has stumbled upon an
Elvis bag worth thousands.

John Richards from West Hampstead, London, is
reeling from the discovery that a bag he bought for just
£20 in a charity shop is a rare designer piece estimated
to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The pensioner bought the brown bag from the Kingston
branch of Oxfam in February. Richards, 73, was amazed
to later discover the bag’s spectacular value and that it was one of just ten made by Irish
designer Philip Treacy, now renowned for creating hats for the rich and famous.

“I bought it but then only looked at it again a couple of months later. I decided to take it to the
Philip Treacy shop and they confirmed it was one of theirs,”
Richards explained.

He called up bosses at Philip Treacy who revealed the bag could be worth as much as
£350,000. Gee Brunet, store manager of Philip Treacy London, confirmed the bag was an
“It would have cost between £200 and £400 when it was first made. I was very
surprised to hear that he had found it in a charity shop,”
Brunet said. “Only about ten such
bags were ever made. It’s a piece of art, not a bag.”

Richards has already had interest from two private collectors in China, who have variously
£250,000 and £350,000 for the item.

He said yesterday that, if he sells the bag, he will use the money to help his partner go into

Fee Gilfeather, of Oxfam, told The Sun:
“We were stunned to hear about the world record-
breaking price this bag could be expected to achieve. It’s highly unusual for an item of such
extreme value to go unnoticed and demonstrates the appetite for seemingly ordinary items.”

[E.E.R Ed] All I want to know is why can't this kind of thing happen to me?
03. "Elvis In Person" will receive Platinum 1,000,000 sold.

"Elvis’ Christmas Album" will receive Multi-Disc Platinum with 10,000,000 sold.

"Elvis Presley" will receive Multi-Disc Platinum with 1,000,000 sold.

"Elvis" will receive Multi-Disc Platinum with 1,000,000 sold.

"The Very Best Of Love" will receive Gold with 500,000 sold.

"Elvis Sings For Kids" will receive Gold with 500,000 sold.

"Mahalo From Elvis" will receive Gold with 500,000 sold.

"Elvis Christmas" will receive Gold with 500,000 sold.

These certifications are based on current standards:
500,000 copies for a gold single or album & 1 million copies for a platinum single or album.
Over a hundred Elvis albums, singles, and extended-plays have received gold, platinum or
multi-platinum designations from RIAA.    
July 18th 2012
THIS WEEKS TCB SHOW NOW ONLINE - This weeks edition of the TCB show is now
online for you to download in your own time for the next 7 days. This week Lee brings you
selected Outtakess from the FTD album release 'Elvis From Hawaii To Las Vegas'.

This edition is available to download for one week. Simply click on the Elvis TCB Show
banner over on the left.
July 17th 2012
MORE ELVIS DEMOS FROM 706 UNION AV? - Most of us remember that feeling
when it was announced that Elvis' first demo had been found. And then before we knew it we
were told the second one had been located and all of a sudden the musical journey of Elvis
was complete......Or was it?

OK, yes we now have that really cool and amazing Elvis Hayride performance thanks to a
youtuber who had no idea about what he had. But could there be more to the pre-fame demos
than we originally thought?

In a posting on the FECC forum, contributor ‘Hound Dog 2000’ shared a scan of an old
interview with Ernst Jorgenson as featured in the Italian fan club magazine and conducted by
Mr. Luca Fabris in 1988 (Mr. Fabris collaborated with Jorgensen for the SUN-Project.) and
during this interview, Ernst makes a comment indicating that TWO more Memphis Recording
Service private demo's exist?

Below is the English translation as given by 'Hound Dog 2000'. This is in reply to a question
regarding unreleased recordings...:

ERNST: Many rumours out there but quite always they all are just waste of time. Exceptionally,
there are few times we acquire very important informations indeed, as the lady who owned
the 2nd Elvis MRS acetate
"I'll Never Stand In Your Way / It Wouldn't Be The Same Without
. The lady has got TWO other MRS acetates but she did not want to sell them to Sean
(O'Neal is the collector who bought the 2nd demo from the Woman).

LUCA: Do you know the titles of the 2 other MRS acetates?

ERNST: Unfortunately I do not. And the lady has got no intention to let us know any further info
about the recordings in her possession
. Sorry Luca, I gotta go now....people waiting for me,
I'm sure you understand.

So, it does appear that Ernst has belief that these are TWO NEW unheard recordings but the
Woman owner refuses to give over any details and ultimately releases it for all fans to enjoy.
July 16th 2012
I FORGOT TO REMEMBER TO SUE YOU - Hands up anyone and everyone who is
fully aware that Youtube intend people to "share" their video clips. Well, it seems not everyone
is happy with the idea?

amberola1b is the owner of the tape and he has made this statement... "people are stealing
my video clip left and right well I`m seeking you all out one by one and will take legal action
against all of you if you don`t remuove this clip. Signed Amberola1b, the original owner of this
video, and because I still have the original clip I downloaded in my video camera of THE
WHOLE VIDEO,I can prove it`s mine from beginning to end.
July 16th 2012
NO AFFECT TO NEW SUN SET - Ok, we know that the newly discovered Hayride live
performance of
'I Forgot To Remember To Forget" is not to be featured on the long awaited
Sun set  on the FTD label.

Previously, we stated how this find would make the set, "billed as the
complete 1953-1955
becomes obsolete and out dated even before it gets it's release this coming
August?"....This is not actually true.

David Troedson from Elvis Australia points out, "the set does not contain all hayride tracks to
start with so is not intended as ‘complete' in that respect. This box is about the masters and
yes some rarities."....There you have it, the set is not complete in the first place, so this new
discovery not being included will not be the odd one missing.
July 14th 2012
NEW SUN FIND NOT ON BOX SET - According to an inside source, the newly found
live recording from 1955 will NOT be included on the huge SUN Box Set from FTD and you
can't help but wonder if and what the Memphis Recording Service label has in mind if they put
their iron in the fire to get the rights of this recording?

ALSO, it seems the powers that be are having all videos removed from Youtube but never
worry, you can hear the recording on the next edition of the Request Show.
July 18th 2012
NEW AWARDS FOR ELVIS - At this year's 35th
celebration, Elvis Presley will continue to earn gold,
platinum and multi-platinum certifications from the
Recording Industry of America (RIAA).

The King of Rock n' Roll received ten new sales awards
this year. They will be presented during Elvis Week 2012
on August 15 at 5:30 p.m. inside the Elvis Week Main Stage
tent. This event is free to all guests.

"Elvis’ Christmas Album" will receive Diamond album
certification with
10,000,000 copies sold.

"I Got Lucky" will receive Platinum with 1,000,000 sold.
But, now I've been informed that the box set will indeed be complete with the exception of the
newly found live recording. I'm reminded that the full title is
'A Boy From Tupelo - The
Complete 1953-55 Recordings'
. I'm also informed that for the first time, this collection will
also contain the opening strum of the guitar on Elvis' 1953 private demo of the ballad,
When Your Heartaches Begin'
, which was first released by the MRS label in 2005.

So, is this highly anticipated Sun box set going to be complete (minus the new find) or were
there going to be various hayride recordings missing? I guess we'll just have to wait to see
what the final tracklisting is going to be.
July 18th 2012
ALWAYS ON MY MIND FOR COMMERCIAL - One of Elvis’ world famous love song,
"Always on My Mind", is featured in a series of new spots for ENEL Energy Services, Italy’s
largest power company. Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi, the commercials were shot by
director Benito Montorio and produced by Filmmaster Productions.

Elvis Presley recorded
"Always on My Mind" on March 29, 1972, and it was released as the
B-side of the
"Separate Ways" single. It reached Gold status in the U.S for sales of over half
a million copies and was a double sided hit reaching number 16 on Billboard magazine's
Hot Country Singles chart in November 1972.
Click Here To Watch Commercial
July 18th 2012
BIGGEST GUEST LIST FOR EW2012 - Not only will Lisa Marie and Priscilla make
special guest appearances but all of the following will also appear as special guest
speakers during Elvis Week and be available for autographs during scheduled autograph
sessions for event ticket holders....
Bill Baize, Terry Blackwood, David Briggs, James Burton, Dave Darnell, DJ Fontana, Larry
Geller, Dick Grob, Joe Guercio, Glen Hardin, Ginger Holladay and Mary Pederson, Rex
Humbard Jnr, Wanda Jackson, Mark James, June Juanico, Egil "Bud" Krogh, Dickey Lee,
Dixie Locke, Mary Ann Mobley, Tom Moffatt, Joe Moscheo, Chris Noel, Loanne Parker, Tom &
Billie Perryman, Norbert Putnam, Jerry Schilling, Donnie Sumner, Charles Stone, Jan
Shepard, Mike Stoller, Sam Thompson, Alfred Wertheimer, Chip Young.
That is one incredible list of Elvis associates.
Click Here for Elvis Week Guest information.
(Source: EIN)
July 19th 2012
COMPLETE OR NOT? - A few days ago, we reported how
the newly found Hayride recording of
'I Forgot To Remember'
kind of made the long awaited SUN set outdated due to it not
being complete?

David Troedson from Elvis Australia informed me that,
"the set does not contain all hayride tracks to start with so is
not intended as ‘complete' in that respect. This box is about
the masters and yes some rarities."
July 19th 2012
marquee was safely installed Tuesday at the Elvis Presley
Birthplace, marking another step toward the August 9th grand
opening a little closer.

The theater area is closed to the public due to construction, but
it visible from inside the gift shop. Scott Blake of
Memphis-based Design 500 Inc. designed the marquee.
“I kind of looked at the Lyric and got some ideas from that marquee,” Blake said.

The Lyric is the downtown Tupelo theater where Elvis supposedly had his first kiss. The new
marquee at the birthplace is fashioned in an Art Deco style and features a neon blue “EP.”
Frank Balton Signs of Memphis built it.

The headlines on the front of it will change, based on what’s happening inside the theater.

The first headline?

“Elvis played here first,” Blake said.

The 120-seat theater is part of a $4.3 million expansion that adds event space, a snack area,
a conference room, a bigger gift shop, bathrooms, more parking, picnic areas and a 75-seat
outdoor amphitheater.

When it’s all done, the covered area of the birthplace will go from about 6,000 square feet to
16,000, according to Executive Director Dick Guyton.

The theater will be unveiled to the public Aug. 9 at Tupelo’s Elvis Fan Day.

The goal of the expansion is to double the visitor count to the birthplace during the next five

Plus, officials hope to convert the tourists to overnight visitors.

The project is partially funded by a $2.8 million tourism bond bill approved by the state in
2010. The bill required a 20 percent local match, which was provided by the city of Tupelo
($310,000), the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau ($150,000) and the Elvis Presley
Memorial Foundation ($100,000).

The Tupelo CVB board last year gave another $100,000 to the total project.

The birthplace hopes to raise another $2 million to build a 700-seat amphitheater and
overlook interpretive trail.
July 19th 2012
IT'S THE SATURDAY SHOW - Just a reminder that this weeks edition of the Request
show will be available to download from Saturday at around 6pm (UK time). Join Lee & Joe
from Saturday for 3 hours of Elvis, Elvis, Elvis.
Have you requested yet?
concerts and they should be seen & heard.

2 CDs + DVD + 48-page booklet with many unpublished photos. Also includes liner notes by
guitarist Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group), about the June 10, 1972 afternoon show that he
saw as a young writer for the Rolling Stone magazine.

DISC 1 & 2: Afternoon and Evening Concerts from June 10, 1972. Remixed by Michael Brauer
(Coldplay, John Mayer, etc).

DVD: A 40 minute DVD with previously-unreleased material! This includes the historic
Madison Square Garden Press Conference, plus the first time EVER official release of Elvis'
live performance from the shows.

The European release is planned for release on September 28th
The U.S. version will be released on October 02nd
July 20th 2012
R.I.A.A AWARDS UPDATE - Back on the 18th, we published a news announcement of
some new awards being presented during Elvis Week. The RIAA listed these months ago
and they were added to the EPE Website under 'Elvis' Gold and Platinum Record' List.
Therefore, even with these Awards, Elvis' album tally remains the same at 134.5 million.

All SONY had to do was 'ship' around 9,000 copies of
'Christmas Duets' and around 23,000
'An Afternoon In The Garden' and Elvis would have had two new GOLD Album Awards.

What SONY are doing during EW is presenting the physical awards to EPE but they will not
be able to claim any increase in Elvis' RIAA album tally this time around.

Don't get me wrong, its still nice for EPE to have these Awards and they should make a fine
display at Graceland. Just a missed opportunity by SONY.

Further, the EPE Press Release see below has duplicated Elvis' Christmas Album' (1970
Version) stating one has been awarded Diamond and the other 10 X MP. Therefore there will
only by 9 Awards. EPE are in the process of changing their entry.
(Thanks Brian Quinn/EIN)
July 20th 2012
PRINCE FROM ANOTHER PLANET - News from EPE inform us that during this years
Elvis Week, fans will be told about upcoming releases from John Jackson, Vice President of
A&R and Content Development for Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music
Entertainment, and Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon, record producers for Sony and the
team responsible for the Follow That Dream Record label.

These will talk In anticipation of the upcoming release of
 “Prince From Another Planet,” and
included will be a screening of the
never-before-seen footage from Elvis’ performance in
Madison Square Garden in June 1972.

The panel will also include more details about the
“I am an Elvis Fan” release, upcoming
FTD projects and a chance to get answers to your questions about Elvis’ music."

Could it be that the album,
'Prince From Another Planet' will be the long anticipated Legacy
release of the Vic Anesini (hopefully) remastered Madison Square Garden Shows. The video
footage could just be being used to promote the release?

Hopefully an extensive booklet will be included giving the full story of how the shows came
about and comments from fans and entertainers alike who witnessed them. The sound
should be awesome as should the photographic content.
(Thanks to Brian Quinn / EPE)
July 20th 2012
MSG LEGACY EDITION - 2012 is the 40th Anniversary
for Elvis' historic New York City concerts at the famous
venue Madison Square Garden. Elvis was the first artist to
sell out four straight shows at Madison Square Garden.

It was also Elvis' first-ever live appearance in New York,
except for performing on TV shows in 1956-57.
John Lennon, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, David Bowie,
Paul Simon and many other celebrities were said to have
attended. And now we get a chance to relive these fantastic
July 21st 2012
Elvis Requests Show [#953] is now online. Available to download until 8am [UK Time] on the
27th July 2012

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you
love to hear from Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the
Elvis world. Elvis Express Radio the place where is you opinions are heard and shared.

To access and download the show, just click on the Request Show banner to the left or listen
to the 3 hours from 1:00pm on Sunday through Covent Garden Radio.
July 21st 2012
RUMOURS, NO TRUTH SAY BOXCAR - Elvis Matters have reported on their site that...
"three different sources confirmed us that boxcar is planning to release the complete
Hampton Roads, This Footage & The Complete Virgina Concert & Rehearsals, Later this
year... "

We had reservations about this news and so contacted Joseph Pirzada, who owns, 'Boxcar
Enterprises & Entertainment Holding Inc' and asked him to confirm or deny this rumour;
"I have no plans on ever releasing this material. Wherever it came from is WRONG!"
July 21st 2012
OMG IT'S MSG ON 2 CD - The Elvis World is in awe with the news about the upcoming
September release of PRINCE FROM ANOTHER PLANET. It's too soon to tell truth from
fiction, but several experts claim that SONY struck a deal with Jonas Mekas for his 16mm
excellent footage of MSG.

According to Brian Quinn, a contact at SONY heard the tapes in Paris some 2 weeks ago and
he states that (as we already know) the original MSG release was rush released and as a
consequence did not receive the mastering it deserved. This time around he states that the
sound is awesome and just like being in the Arena with Elvis.
(Source Elvis Matters)
July 21st 2012
BILLBOARD STATS - As we fast approach the 35th Anniversary of Elvis' death, the first &
foremost original King of Pop contis still selling more records than many contemporary
artists. Proof are these numbers:

'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling 1,590 copies. Total sales to date: 282,313 copies.

'Heart And Soul' selling some 1,419 copies. Total sales to date: 570,923 copies.

'The Essential Elvis' selling some 1,405 copies. Total sales to date: 456,358 copies. It is a
double album and therefore under RIAA rules qualifies for double sales - so for their
purposes it has sold
912,716 copies.

'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 1233 copies. Total sales to date: 478,307 copies.

'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1184 copies. Total sales to date 119,901 copies.

The following appeared on the Top DVD Music Videos Chart (w/e 28th July, 2012):

'Elvis Lives' DVD selling some 1030 copies. Total sales to date: 162,587 copies.
'He Touched Me' DVD (Vol.1) selling some 1006 copies. Total sales to date: 154,644 copies.
circulation in the Elvis world are creating quite a furore. Fans have expressed great surprise
at what they are hearing, and have wondered how it is possible that Retro Audio was able to
improve on even the best sources so far in such a significant way.

Hearing his audio work is like suddenly seeing a b&w photo in color; there is much more
dept in the recording, more definition, Elvis’ voice reveals more details… the results are
nothing less than startling.

Retro Audio has now turned his attention to Elvis’ most misunderstood work, the Graceland
sessions from 1976, and this is arguably his finest audio work so far. Get ready to hear these
recordings in a whole new light, as this remarkable procedure has breathed new life into
these masters. Hear Elvis’ voice as you have never heard him before, it’s like you can almost
reach out and touch him. Get surprised by details you never heard before. If you buy only one
Elvis CD this summer, then make sure that it’s this one, because this audiophile release
WILL surprise you. Presented in a deluxe 2-wing digipack with relevant photos and session
details, this is one release that you simply MUST hear!

Track listing:- 1 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall - 2. She Thinks I Still Care - 3. The Last
Farewell - 4. Solitaire - 5. Moody Blue - 6. I''ll Never Fall In Love Again - 7. For The Heart  8.
Hurt - 9. Danny Boy - 10. Never Again - 11. Love Coming Down - 12. Blue Eyes Crying In The
Rain - 13. It's Easy For You - 14. Way Down - 15. Pleding My Love - 16. He''ll Have To Go.
(Source: EIN)
July 24th 2012
ELVIS NETS ANOTHER NUMBER ONE - Elvis continues to show that he remains the
one and only original King of Pop as he nets his latest chart topper with a remastered version
'Always On My Mind' topping the official Italian ITunes Top 100 Jazz Songs for the week
beginning July 17th. Also making an appearance on the Top 10 chart are
'Can't Help Falling
In Love'
at #7 (down 3) and the all times classic 'Love Me Tender' at #9 (up 25).

Elvis also has some hits outside of the Top 10. With
'Blue Suede Shoes'  at #21 (up 16) and
'Suspicious Minds' #29 (down 22) and finally, a new entry, 'Surrender' is at # 33
July 24th 2012
terms like ’digitally remastered’ and ’improved sound’ have
become virtually meaningless, due to their overuse by the
records labels, whose product more often than not does not
really deliver in the audio department. Enter Retro Audio, a
sound expert who has developed a remarkable new
technique for improving the audio on vintage recordings.

Retro Audio is not some guy fiddling around on a computer,
he is the real deal, and some of his masterings currently in
July 25th 2012
THIS WEEKS TCB SHOW NOW ONLINE - This weeks edition of the TCB show is now
online for you to download in your own time for the next 7 days. This week Lee brings you
selected Outtakes from the import album release 'Elvis Rarities 2'.

This edition is available to download for one week. Simply click on the Elvis TCB Show
banner over on the left.
July 25th 2012
GREAT NEW BOOK OUT NEXT WEEK - Out on August 1st is the remarkable new
“ELVIS: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES”, subtitled “Arjan Deelen talks to the musicians,
singers, songwriters and producers who helped create the ‘Presley Sound’”
. It’s an
essential book that for once focuses on the music and the music-making process in Elvis’

‘Arjan Deelen's insightful interviews shed compelling new light on the legacy of Elvis Presley.
His innate love of his subject and well-spring of knowledge informs his work, ultimately
producing a series of captivating, candid and revelatory interviews that offer heretofore new
perspective on the artistry of "the King"’
‘, said Ken Sharp, author of "Writing For The King”
"Vegas: '69".

Some of these interviews were used in the aforementioned book, as well as some of the
world’s leading Elvis magazines, like
“Elvis – The Man And His Music”, “Flaming Star” and
“ElvisMatters”, and you can now read them in their unedited form in this fascinating
publication. Several of the interviews in the book, like for instance the ones with
Ronnie Tutt,
Jerry Scheff
and Michael Jarrett, are widely regarded as the best and most revealing
interviews ever with these gentlemen.

There’s also a strong sense of honesty about the book, because these interviews are
presented precisely as they were conducted – so no editing or other manipulation
afterwards. ‘Straight from the horses’ mouth’, so to speak.

“ELVIS: WALK A MILE IN MY MUSIC” is a must for those who really want to know more about
Elvis and the music he created.

The book is also a feast for the eye, with almost
300 rare and unpublished photos of Elvis, in
some cases sourced from the original negatives and dias. These photos cover the whole
spectrum of Elvis’ career, from 1954 to 1977.

The foreword was written by Duke Bardwell, Elvis’ mid-70s bassplayer. Handsomely
designed, this is a book that delivers on all levels.

A free promotional CD containing various Elvis rarities, including the newly discovered
version of ‘I Forgot To Remember To Forget’ as well as a rare 1956 radio promo, is also

Order your copy of “ELVIS: WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES” now (hardback, 160 pages, color
throughout) now from:
July 26th 2012
ELVIS ON TOUR E BOOK - Fans can now carry the
king with them wherever they go with the first ever Elvis
Presley Enterprises produced e-book covering the
monumental 1972 concert tour that resulted in the
Golden Globe award winning film, “Elvis on Tour.”

The “Elvis on Tour” e-book is available for most digital e-
reader devices and can be downloaded at
for $4.99.

Utilizing the resources of the Graceland Archives,
readers will get backstage access to the 15-city, 15-day
tour with rare photos of Elvis on stage, press clippings
and reviews of the concert tour, and an up-close look at
artifacts from both the actual tour and the awarding
winning “Elvis on Tour” documentary film.  

Fans will also get an in-depth look at the tour schedule,
song lists from each concert and the jumpsuits Elvis wore on stage.  

“You can see from city to city how Elvis selected different jumpsuits to wear on stage and you
can see how the mood changes slightly from town to town in the songs that were performed
during each concert,” said Angie Marchese, Director of the Graceland Archives

Take Elvis on the go and
download the new "Elvis on Tour" e-book today!
newspaper clippings from the time along with new liner notes and unseen photos.

Second is a 2 CD Edition:
June Afternoon show + The Original Album Remastered  

SNEAK PEEK - Take a look at the advert to be included in the new "I'm An Elvis Fan" CD
July 27th 2012
Elvis Requests Show [#953] is now online. Available to download until 8am [UK Time] on the
04th August 2012

Join Lee & Joe as they bring you 3 hours of requests and news and play all the songs you
love to hear from Elvis and read out your messages and opinions on the goings on in the
Elvis world. Elvis Express Radio the place where is you opinions are heard and shared.

To access and download the show, just click on the Request Show banner to the left or listen
to the 3 hours from 1:00pm on Sunday through Covent Garden Radio.

NEXT WEEK: The Elvis Request Show will be available to download from Saturday.
July 26th 2012
LARRY GELLER HOSTS NEW MOVIE  -  Larry Geller is planning to do a very special
movie on Elvis. Here's what he just wrote us:

"As many of you know, I’m going to Memphis for another big Elvis Week in August. I thought
about the many times I travelled between Memphis and Los Angeles on old Route 66 with
Elvis over the years.

So many memories – so many experiences shared. I told my son Kiara that I would love to
take that journey one more time, and he mentioned it to some filmmaker friends of his. They
came up with the idea to come along with me and make a film of the trip, stopping at places
that were meaningful to Elvis and me.

I must say, I loved it! Route 66 is part of America’s history, and our travels along that road are
part of Elvis’ history." A release date is not set yet.
(Source: Elvis News/Elvis Matters)
July 26th 2012
BEALE STREET BLUES NOTE - Marty Lacker contacted E.E.R to make fans travelling to
Memphis for Elvis Week aware that the
'Beale Street Blues Note' ceremony to honour the
American Studio Band aka The Memphis Boys will be held inside of Alfred's Nightclub at
Beale and Second Street on Monday, August 13th at 5pm.

The organisers welcome all Elvis fans to the ceremony and the admission is FREE.
July 28th 2012
three top executives of Mastro Auctions of selling bogus "bona fide" locks of Elvis Presley's
hair though they knew they were phony.

Lead defendant William Mastro, 59, was chairman and CEO of the suburban Chicago
auction house from 1996 to February 2009. Mastro Auctions, which advertised itself as "the
world's leading sports and Americana auction house," conducted live and online auctions
throughout the 2000s, according to the 33-page grad jury indictment.

Mastro sold purported locks of Elvis Presley's hair in 2003, but when the buyer had the hair
DNA-tested and questioned its authenticity, Mastro issued a refund, according to the
indictment unsealed Wednesday.

But in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, the auction house again advertised and sold "bona fide"
locks of Presley's hair, claiming "that the Elvis Hair was 'bona fide,' that it would be sold with
'documents attesting to the veracity' of the Elvis Hair, and that 'short of comparing
mitochondrial DNA with that of known Presley relatives, the hair ... is ... authentic,'" according
to the complaint. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison for each count.
First is a 3 CD Deluxe Edition:
2 x CD and 1 x DVD which will brand new mixes
of Elvis' 2 shows from June 10th 1972.

The DVD will contain 40 minutes of footage from
the press conference and film shot of the Kings
actual performances in New York.

Also included will be a 48 page booklet plus
July 28th 2012
SUN BOXSET TRACKS LINEUP - At long last, with just a
few days to go until the FTD label ships out the long awaited,
highly anticipated CD and Book package,
'A Boy From Tupelo:
The Complete 1953 - 1955 Recordings'
, we are happy to
share with our fellow fans the final song lineup.

100 tracks make up the 3 CDs from private demos, masters,
studio outtakes, live performances and selected interviews.
For you to see the complete lineup just click on the image of
the cover art to take a look at whats in store.
July 29th 2012
TEAM GB'S ELVIS LOOK - The new outfits especially
designed for Team GB (Great Britain) and worn at the opening
ceremony of the Olympics, have come under heavy criticism.

The British team of 541 selected athletes wore white and gold
trimmed tracksuit's which some claimed made the British
squad look like
'‘a team of Elvis impersonators'’.

Designer, Stella McCartney was quick to distanced herself
from the tracksuit's after many directed their anger at the top
her about the outfits.

McCartney, who designed Team GB’s performance kit, was
forced to deny she was behind the tracksuits, which were
made by the clothing chain Next. Next said the colours had
been selected to make Team GB
‘stand out’.

And stand out they did, but to us here at E.E.R, the opening
ceremony was about moments and people through the years
of our great country and to us, the Team GB outfit was a tip of
the hat to that lifelong defender of Elvis, who met him many
times through the 1960's and 1970's, the late, great eccentric
TV personality, Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG.

Of note, our colleague from EIN, Piers Beagley is over here in
the UK while working behind the scenes for the Olympics.
Maybe he was behind the Team GB outfits and wanted to
spread the Elvis feel across the country??
July 29th 2012
ANOTHER ESPOSITO FUND RAISER - Many of you may well recall the sad death of
Martha Esposito, the wife of Elvis' former road manager, Joe earlier this year.

During her illness, Elvis fans were asked to raise money to help pay for her medical treatment
and other items. Just over $10,000 (Ten Thousand) Dollars was raised and now 5 months
after her sad passing, Elvis fans are once again asked to raise money to help pay off the bills.

The family is holding an event to help defray the astronomical non-insured medical expenses
to treat Martha’s disease. The Neoplastic meningitis she endured was non-curable, however,
every medical treatment possible was researched.

The King Fan Fare, is a fundraiser for the Esposito Family  and being held on August 14th,
2012. Taking place in Memphis Tennessee; Handy Park on Beale Street - starting at 3PM. So
if you have the time, join Joe and his guests for a fun-filled afternoon on Beale Street in
Handy Park. Tony Orlando is headlining, along with T G Sheppard, Kelly Lang, Jimi Jamison
and George Klein. A special live auction featuring some of Joe’s own memorabilia.
July 29th 2012
the Sony Music Group has announced the 5th release in their
"Original Album Classics" series.

This new edition focuses on five of  Elvis' Live albums which
were released during the Kings lifetime:
"Elvis (1968)", ''On Stage'', "That's The Way It Is", "Aloha
From Hawaii"
& "As Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis".

This new set will be released on September 14th 2012.
July 29th 2012
ELVIS BILLBOARD STATS UPDATE - Elvis continues to make an appearance on the
American Billboard Charts and the following albums appeared on the Billboard Catalog
Album Charts (w/e 4th August, 2012):

'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling some 1,472 units.
Total sales to date:
283,785 units.

'Heart And Soul' selling some 1,333 units.
Total sales to date
: 571,742 units.

'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 1,223 units.
Total sales to date:
479,530 units.

'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1,122 units.
Total sales to date:
121,023 units.
July 30th 2012
THE FABULOUS 50s EXHIBIT - There's a new exhibit in
Springfield, Missouri [Greene County] which Elvis fans and
history buffs may well find interesting.

It's an all new, expo called
"The Fabulous Fifties" and runs
from August 6th until October 27th and is to be housed at
"The History Museum on The Square", 155 Park Central
Square, Springfield,MO.

One of the exhibits will be focusing on one of Springfield's
most famous son's, John Wilkinson, and will no doubt feature
little Johnny rockin to Elvis (as pictured) and also the story of
his first meeting with the future King of Rock N Roll after
offering Elvis guitar lessons after telling the star he couldn't
play the instrument?

At the end of that first meeting in 1956, Elvis told John they
would meet again and they did just that. By the end of July
1969, John Wilkinson was one of Elvis' elite TCB band and
would remain loyal to Elvis until his death in 1977.

Still today, John has never betrayed his employer and friend
and he continues to wear his TCB necklace given to him buy
Elvis with great pride.

Another Elvis connection  was the 'Melodizing Matthews',
but soon changed the name to 'The Jordanaires', after Jordan
Creek in Missouri—not after the Jordan River, as many have
July 31st 2012
ELVIS ROCKS INSTRUMENT MUSEUM - The Musical Instrument Museum is hosting
Elvis week from Aug. 10 - 16 to celebrate the history of the King’s music and his connection
to Arizona. With this being Arizona’s centennial year the team at the MIM wanted to highlight
the time that Elvis spent in Arizona. To see photos and read more,
go here
July 31st 2012
TEMPLE RISER FOUND - “The moment he came into the studio, I was in awe”
For many years, the name Temple Riser was a bit of a mystery in the Elvis world. Not much
was known about the dark-haired beauty with the deep, strong voice other than the fact that
she had sung backup for Elvis at his early 70s Nashville sessions, and that she got to record
a duet with Elvis live in the studio on ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. Her whereabouts
were unknown, and it seemed like she had simply vanished off this planet. Nobody seemed
to know where she was located or whether she was still amongst us. Earlier this year, Elvis
expert Arjan Deelen decided to try and locate her, and just a few weeks ago, his research
paid off when he found her alive and well and even looking pretty much the way she did 40
years ago!

Temple Riser, who is now 63, feels that she has been blessed in life, and cites working with
Elvis and singing at President Nixon’s inauguration as her (singing) career highlights. About
meeting Elvis for the first time, she says: “I was a little stuck up… I didn’t want to give him the
impression that I was starstruck. But the moment he came into the studio, I was in awe… He
had such a charisma about him, and he was so handsome. And he was very flirtatious!”, she
says with a smile.

When asked about her nicest memories of him, she answers: “There’s several… I
remember that he invited me and Ginger & Mary (Holladay) to come to his hotel room in
Nashville - and we did. He was just so nice to us. Very easy to talk to, very talkative. He
grabbed his guitar and we sang Gospels together. He didn’t sing any of his hits, just Gospel
music… he loved that”.

About the duet, she says: “He asked me to do the duet with him. He was really having a good
time while we recorded it. I just tried to do the best I could. You know, I used to be
embarrassed about it. I didn’t think I sounded so good. These days with the internet it’s
turning up everywhere, and people ask me about it. I’m proud of the fact that I got to sing with
Elvis Presley. It doesn’t get any better than that!”.

The really exciting news is that Temple Riser will be joining the ’Original Elvis Tribute’ show
together with a.o. Mary and Ginger Holladay for a Euro tour in May 2013!

“People have told me that the Elvis fans in Europe know about me, and I have always said:
‘You’ve got to be kidding!’. I’m really excited about coming to Europe for the very first time, and
meeting the fans and performing for them. We may even do that duet, ‘The First Time Ever I
Saw Your Face’. Hopefully, I will do a better job on it this time around!”, Temple laughingly
says. “It’s a priviledge to be able to pay tribute to the greatest performer ever and I will do my
best to make this tour memorable for the fans. See you all in May 2013!”.

For more information about the
‘Original Elvis Tribute’ production, please contact Arjan
Deelen at
deelen@elvis.dk or visit www.elvisnews.dk     
July 31st 2012
THIS IS ELVIS PRESLEYS 30 #1 HITS - In Germany, Sony have
been issuing CD's as part of a series called 'This Is...' and Elvis is
now part of this series but no effort or imagination has been used as
you can see from the image (right), 'ELV1S 30 number one hits' has
been redesigned  and thanks to a sticker its now given the name,
''This Is Elvis Presley - The Greatest Hits''.
Sony / RCA International will be releasing this latest edition on
August 24, 2012