We have been sent an email with pictures informing us that Memphis was hit by a horrible
storm last Thursday night and the Graceland mansion & grounds received damage.

The mansion had minor damage while the ground lost five of it's trees, four of which were big
and visible to visitors.

The Racquetball building narrowly missed a direct hit from one of the tree's and the mansion
lost power and was running on generator power most of the day.

The following pictures received thanks to June Robinson (Photos taken by Sue Mack).
Graceland Hit...
Minor damage on the Mansion.
Storm debris hit the roof of Graceland at where Elvis' office is located.
Graceland Grounds A It's Ripped Up Tree's...
Here are six photo's taken of work being carried out on the grounds as the crew start cutting
up the fallen tree's to be removed.
Racquetball' Close Shave...
And finally, these pictures show that the Racquetball building had a close shave with another
tree which came crashing down on the grounds, smashing part of the Graceland fence.
Another close call...
There was one other building that was a little close to one fallen tree. The Chapel in The
Woods had a tree nearby get up rooted and come crashing down but no damage to the
building was caused.