E.E.R listener Tony King kindly sent in these really cool and unusual photos of
the special gifts that were presented to the UK fans who attended Elvis' 1972
"Summer Festival" at the Hilton Hotel in  Las Vegas.

Tony told us;
"My parents were there that trip and this is the photo my Dad took
of the Dog and elephants in the parking lot of their hotel. 200 fans were
escorted up to the 4th floor of the Hilton to the Colonels office 30 fans at a time,
to meet and greet. This gift I don't think has been seen before, so I thought I
would share it with you."

The following text is reprinted from the Oct/Nov 1972 issue of the Official Elvis
Presley FC Magazine, written by Todd Slaughter.

"On several occasions during our Vegas stop-over Colonel Parker had taken a
few of our British party back-stage to meet Elvis, although he said that because
of the security problems it wasn't possible for all 200 to go backstage.

We couldn't argue and anyway, the Colonel had really laid it on for our party.

He had arranged premium seats for the fan club block booking and threw a little
party in the Las Vegas Hilton youth centre before allowing everyone to visit the
Colonel's suite.

Colonel Parker greeted everyone and along with Tom Diskin conducted us all
through his carnival style 4th floor "estate".

Special packages of cut-priced goodies were made up, and sold for Just five
dollars, less than a quarter of the contents retail price, and souvenir "Hound
Dogs" went for under half price.

The club was presented with a seven foot tall hound-dog as well as a couple of
elephants and more smaller hound dogs.

And, the Colonel gave us One THOUSAND DOLLARS for a party on our last
nights L.A. stay in the United States."

The Pictures:
Below are the photos of that day in 1972....The first image shows radio
Luxembourg DJ, Tony Prince, the 7 foot tall cuddly Hound Dog gift from Elvis
and the Colonel. Then it's Henry Lewin (the Hilton Hotels President) and finally
there' Todd Slaughter.

Then, the colour image shows the three main gifts as taken by Tony King' Dad
showing the 7 foot dog and the rare pink elephants.