Here we have the two designs for the limited edition 45rpm vinyl single which was announced back in January 2012...

January 12th 2012...
THE LOST 60s SINGLE -  Here's a collectors item to get 2012 off to a nice start. It's the lost Elvis single which should have been released in the 60s and now
gets to see the light of day via this limited edition vinyl 7inch 45 rpm single.
"Like A Baby" b/w "Make Me Know It" will be issued in red vinyl along with a
White RCA promotional label
and will feature the following text... 47-8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy. Limited edition of 500 copies and is expected to
see a release by the end of January.

I loved the look and idea of this product and because the record label would be an exact reproduction of the original promo and the cover was a great looking
design of "What Could Have Been", complete with the RCA VICTOR logo on the top left of the cover. And with only 500 copies produced this was going to be a
great addition to my collection. Also, there was no news as to who was releasing the record? Or even if it was a legal release via public domain or was it a
bootleg? Whatever it was I wanted one.

February 26th 2012
LIKE A BABY IS OUT NOW - The cool looking 45 rpm single Like A Baby / Make Me Know has now been released. The Limited Edition Vinyl single has a total
of just 500 copies produced. The single was intended for release in the 1960's, but was scrapped except for a few now very rare promo copies. The original
White RCA promotional label read: "47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy" and this very Limited version is sure to increase in value and become a real
collectors piece.

March 02nd 2012
RECORD ARRIVES - Below we have the covers and labels of this release. On the left is the design which was used advertise the release and described in all
of the pre-release information. HOWEVER...the one on the right is what turned up in the mail and as you can see, the logo on the top left no longer has the
old RCA VICTOR & nipper logo and instead now has It's Elvis Time & music notes. The white label is the same...RCA VICTOR name gone and replaced with
IT'S ELVIS TIME. This is a total rip off because I know that if the truth was told, I would not have ordered in the first place.