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Hi guys and gals, Lee here! I love the old advertising stuff for Elvis releases and other cool things, but like most of you, the chance of owning
these classic old items is very slim indeed and so what I have done is invite my co-host Joe to share with us some of these rare and valuable
items from his personal collection........This time round Joe sends in:
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Remember when everyone was asked to 'Do The Clam' and do 'The Twist'? But did you know you were all supposed to be doing the
'Speedway Zoom'? You'd think it would danced to the song, 'Speedway' right? Wrong,

This can be found in the American press book for Elvis' MGM movie,
'Speedway', it was a new dance created by 'Killer Joe Piro', and it was  
supposed to be danced to the song,
'Your Groovy Self' by Nancy Sinatra.
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