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REMEMBER - Items are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. Our valuations are simply a guide and should not be taken as literal.
Hi guys and gals, Lee here! I love the old advertising stuff for Elvis releases and other cool things, but like most of you, the chance of owning
these classic old items is very slim indeed and so what I have done is invite my co-host Joe to share with us some of these rare and valuable
items from his personal collection........This time round Joe sends in:
Various stickers issued on Elvis vinyl releases through the years.
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One of the tactics employed by record companies in order to grab the attention of the buying public is to use something called a 'Hype Sticker', these are
used to entice record buyers to their products and Elvis releases have had their fair share of promotional stickers.

These stickers are normally bright in colour and would generally be used to inform the buyer that album features the most recent hit single from the artist.
Once the album was purchased the buyer would usually rip open the shrink-wrap and dispose of it along with the sticker of course.

Now of course, Elvis collectors want the complete package when it comes to Elvis album releases and as a result, albums that still exist with the original
'Hype Stickers' and more often than not, collectors put more value on the Free insert and / or the original sticker more than the actual album itself.

As with many things in the Elvis world, there is someone who is ready to make forgeries and there have been copies of many of the most valuable stickers,
like the famous Chicken of The Sea sticker that was on the employee copies of the 'Aloha From Hawaii' LP from 1973.

To give you an example of just how much money these stickers can be worth, we have listed some here for you. Please note that the values are
approximate only and are for the stickers themselves and not the album as a whole. All valuations are listed in U.S. Dollars.

'Collectors Gold (3 LP Box Set)' = $75.00
'Elvis TV NBC Special (Memories Of Elvis Sticker)' = $75.00
'Good Times' = $70.00
'Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas' = $50.00
'Frankie and Johnny' $45.00
'Guitar Man' = $40.00
'This is Elvis' = $30.00
'Elvis Country' = $30.00
'Harem Scarum' = $25.00
'Spinout' = $25.00

Below are a just a selection of the 'Hype Stickers' that were included on Elvis album releases over the years. Please note that these shown are U.S.A
releases only.
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