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Hi guys and gals, Lee here! I love the old advertising stuff for Elvis releases and other cool things, but like most of you, the chance of owning
these classic old items is very slim indeed and so what I have done is invite my co-host Joe to share with us some of these rare and valuable
items from his personal collection........This time round Joe sends in:
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The 1950's
Up until the late 90’s and the very early 00’s, pennants from the 1950’s were rather rare to come by and
had a value of around $250 dollars each (£160).
Then, boxes were found in the back of a dusty old factory storeroom and that box was full of vintage
Elvis pennants from the 1950’s and over night the value dropped.

The established guide books now value these between $100 - 150 (£65 - 90), but if you ask Joe, the
more realistic value is around the $50 (£33) mark.
The 1970's
Naturally, during Elvis’ concert tours and Vegas/Tahoe engagements, there were pennants made and these came in various colours and these are valued
at around $100 (£65) and I think for the first time Joe agree’ with this valuation.

Pictured here is a yellow one from the 'Summer Festival' from the International Hotel in Las Vegas and below that is a white version but this time for his
'Summer Festival' at the Sahara Tahoe in Lake Tahoe.
The other pennants available had a picture of Elvis “STAPLED” to them and it really is a bit of a mystery as to why this was? The guide book valuation for
these stapled pennants is at $100 (£65) but as usual Joe says “No, No, No $50 (£33) is a more acceptable value for these.
The 1960's
In 1962 a Tupelo pennant was manufactured (below) which is really rather hard to come by, much harder than the 70’s one’s listed further down and the
value for this one is $75 (£48) and again Joe tends to agree with this one.
These smaller pennants were also manufactured in the 1970s by a fan club and you will find "American knitware and emblem mgrs" stamped on the back.
These were produced in several colors with a value of around $20 (£13) each. But for some reason on these all seem to sale for more on ebay.