Clive Lawson Asks Marty: [01.08.08]
I have heard from Loanne Parker and Charles Stone that it was Elvis who didn't want to do tours around the world and not the Colonel? I personally do not
believe this and I feel that Loanne Parker and Charles Stone are simply trying to paint the Colonel in nice colours. Can you tell us the TRUTH about the
proposed concert at the pyramids in Egypt and other worldwide concert offers that you recall and why they never happened.

Also, I firmly believe that Elvis should have fired the Colonel in the 60's and got himself a decent masnager. What is your own personal feelings on the way the
Colonel handled Elvis as an artist? I think the 70's ended up being just like the 60's for Elvis instead of boring film after film, it was boring vegas after vegas
and town after town.

Marty Says:
Hello Clive,
I share your opinion about Loanne Parker and Charlie Stone, they believe everything Parker told them. Parker was never going to say anything to make
himself look bad. Once Elvis died it was easy for Parker to blame him.

Elvis was honest enough with some of us that if he didn't want to go outside the US he would have said that to us but on the contrary he often said he wanted
to tour in various countries. Even though he didn't send them to do it, he even at one time, paid for a trip for Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling to Europe when
they said they would scout different venues for him to play. Even though all they wanted was a free trip to Europe.

As for the Egyptian show. I was with him in Lake Tahoe when one night he showed me the brochure that he was given that showed brilliant colorful pictures of
the Pyramid area where the show would be held and he explained to me that Adnan Khashoggi the famous Egyptian Billionaire, had offered Elvis $5 Million to
do one show there via Parker.  Elvis said Parker told Khashoggi that was not enough, That was Parker's way of making the price so high that he could blame
the person to Elvis for not doing it, Khashoggi then offered $10 Million, Elvis was excited because he wanted to do it especially since it was a first, nobody had
done a show at the Famed pyramids before.  

Parker killed the deal because he was an illegal alien, something we didn't know at the time, and he was afraid to leave the country fearing he'd be exposed
and not allowed back in to the US. He didn't want Elvis to do shows if he was not present which was part of his control factor.  He feared losing it. I believe
Frank Sinatra ended up doing the show instead.

Parker was not one of my favorite people, he was a carnival con man and nothing more.  The problem is he treated Elvis and his shows as if it was carnival
side show.

Parker was good for Elvis in the early years because with his carny promotion style he got Elvis known quickly with his hype.  That's a credit you can't take
away from Parker but the problem was he couldn't change with the times. Elvis had become so big that he didn't needed to be presented that way anymore.

In addition, because he was a carny con man, his philosophy was "get the money and run". He didn't think about how what he did now would effect Elvis later
or in another venue.  The films he had him do were nothing but musical travelogues and thank goodness Elvis finally had enough and said 'No more."  Those
movies almost killed Elvis' recording career because of the terrible movie songs Parker got him to sing.

Yes, he would have been better off with a new manager from '63 on.
James Freed Asks Marty: [01.08.08]
I remember reading about the week before Elvis passed away that he was tring to get a copy of star wars. I wanted to know why he couldnt get a copy for
himself and was Elvis a big scifi fan.

My second question is when Elvis was on the Milton Berle show he did a segment where Milton Berle played Elvis twin brother Melvin. I think that was the
name. Was Elvis offended by this segment since he did have a twin brother and Milton Berle did'nt know about Elvis' family history and maybe he didnt know
that Elvis had a twin brother.

Marty Says:
Elvis wanted Star Wars to show it to Lisa Marie while she was visiting him after he and Priscilla divorced.  
The Memphis film distributor did not have a copy and that is where we got the films from to show at The Memphian Theater.

No, Elvis had a crazy sense of humor as did Milton.
Julia from Kingston, TN Asks Marty: [01.08.08]
I have already asked a question so I just wanted to make this comment.
There are more people out there than I think you or any of the other Memphis Mafia realize that do love you guys. It is not anyone's fault for the way Elvis lived
his life and no one can stop a train that is getting ready to crash.  

The sad truth is it was time for Elvis to go home.  It doesn't matter how he died it was his time.  What he did while he was living, how he died nothing matters to
me except he was a person who had nothing and accomplished everything.

I am just envious because you and a select few had the good fortune of knowing Elvis.

Marty Says:
Hi Julia, Thank you for your nice comments.   

The people who make disparaging remarks about us don't really bother us because they just make themselves foolish making statements about the
relationship we all had together with Elvis when they had never met us or ever spent any length of time with us.  It just shows their lack of intelligence and
common sense.  

It would be like if we commented on their relationship with their family or friends when we don't know them or have ever met them.

Most of us know that the majority of fans are intelligent people who have the common sense to be realistic and understand that Elvis was a human being just
like the rest of us, not a God or some super being.  We appreciate them and you for helping to keep Elvis' memory alive.
Matt Ashton Asks Marty: [28.07.08]
I'm sure you have been asked on numerous occasions’ questions of a difficult nature; I would like to ask do any of you guys feel accountable for the way Elvis’
life ended. I have heard the comment that you can't help a man who doesn't want to be helped. Surely even Elvis must have seen the outcome of what the pills
were doing to him.

Secondly, an obvious question, what is you favorite track Elvis cut and why?

Marty Says:
Hello Matt,
No, we don't feel any responsibility in the least. Elvis was a grown man.
Nobody else is responsible for me taking pills although he [Elvis] was the one who started me on them, but it was my choice to keep taking them just as it was
his choice to take his.

It's always easy to blame someone else for your problems but we are all responsible for our own actions. Some fans think it makes them look and sound good
when they blame the MM for Elvis' demise but instead when you look at it objectively, it makes them look foolish because they're talking about a relationship
they really know nothing about.

They'd rather make Elvis out to be an angel or some type of God when in reality he was just a human being like we all are with faults and human frailties.

I doubt they'd like it if we said that it is the fans fault for his condition because they didn't care what condition he was in or how he looked and they kept
encouraging him to not get better by coming to see him in concert no matter what.  To say that is as ridiculous as blaming the MM for his demise.

Nobody loved Elvis more than some of us "original" guys did! Why would we want to see someone we loved get that way?  I learned a long time ago from
personal experience, that you can talk to someone you care about until your blue in the face about what they're doing to themselves but until they are ready
to stop and get better it does no good.  That's true of any addiction someone has, food, alcohol, drugs, whatever.

Regarding favourite songs? There are a number of tracks I like but to name a few, "Surrender", "I'll Remember You", "In the Ghetto" and many from the late
50's to early 60's. As well as a number of them from the '69 Memphis sessions at American Studios in Memphis.
Andrew Crowther Asks Marty: [24.07.08]
Thank you for taking the time out to answer fans questions, I have one or two!

What are your thoughts on the last 2 recording sessions held at Graceland (Feb & Oct 1976) A few fans think that these sessions shouldn't have happened
because Elvis was "forced" by RCA to record and that some of the material was sub-standard with Elvis' mind not being on recording. Other fans feel that
these sessions are an integral part of the EP story, where do you sit on this?

Also, were Elvis and Muhammed Ali good friends or just outstandingly talented guys who had an healthy respect for each other?

Finally, if Elvis had lived after 16th August, do you think  the "What Happened" book would have given him the kick in the pants he so badly needed?

Marty Says:
Hi Andrew,
Elvis cut those Graceland sessions at a time when he didn't want to record but he did it to appease Colonel Parker and RCA.  I for one wish he had never
done them and used the time to check himself into rehab hospital and gotten himself completely healthy and he might still be alive today if he had.  The
outcome of the sessions were terrible in my opinion because he didn't care and he was listening to Parker and a few others about songs who wouldn't know a
hit if it slapped them in the face.

Elvis and Ali liked each other as friends but they only saw each other a couple of times.

Yes, he knew what was in the book and said he planned to help himself but you never knew with Elvis.  
Unfortunately he's not here anymore except in his music.
Mary Asks Marty: [10.07.08]
Hi Lee, thanks for helping me out the other day.
I'd like to ask Marty about the night Priscilla went to Elvis and told him she wanted a divorce.
We know that Priscilla went to Elvis' hotel room in between shows.  Can you tell me the date, or month that this happened ?
What a great showman he was to face his audience with a wonderful performance after knowing she was taking his daughter away to be with another man .
Oh, and WAS it a wonderful performance or could you see he was upset ?
Can you help me here?
Thanks very much, Lee and Marty.

Marty Says:
Hello Mary,
That happened in '72 and it would have been in January or August.
I wasn't out there that week but from what the other guys told me.

He did a good show but what really bothered him was that she was leaving him for someone else, not the fact that she was leaving him.

I came out to L.A. on business a couple of weeks after that Vegas engagement was over and as I pulled into the driveway at the Monovale house he was
outside waiting for me. When I got out of the car, he said,"Marty, Priscilla says she wants a divorce and she's left me."  I answered, "Well you know why she
wants to leave, she wants you to change.  Are you willing to do that."  ( I said that knowing what his answer would be.)  He said, "Hell no!  I'm not changing for

So I told him, "If that's the case, no matter how much it hurts, you have to live with it." He then smiled and we went into the house and he said nothing more
about it.  He already had another girl with him. Then of course, he soon met Linda Thompson who was with him for four years.......So much for Priscilla
James Freed Asks Marty: [05.07.08]
I have found on some web sites there are actually Marty Lacker look alikes. I didnt know if you knew about them and what you thought of them......I havent
seen any photos yet.

Also I wanted to let you know that a big Elvis the tribute artist has a place on his site how to help with the Elvis vegas star.
I thought that was cool and a nice gesture for elvis.

Marty Says:
Hi James,
I doubt that there are Marty Lacker look A likes but if someone posted them on a website it's probably someone who is not a fan of mine.......It has to be a joke,
I'm not that special.

As for the so called "Tribute Artist" as they call themselves, they're really wannabe artists but it is a nice gesture for him to do that.  I urge all fans to contribute
to that star as Elvis rightfully deserves to have one in Vegas and Priscilla, Lisa Marie and EPE have refused to have anything to do with it or donate money to

So much for their love for Elvis and his memory and legacy.
James Freed Asks Marty: [29.06.08]
I wanted to ask you what do you think Elvis' thoughts would have been about the price of the ftd cds.
I only own a couple myself and I would buy more if they had more of a resonable price some range from $60.00 to $70.00
I think that is kind of an outrageous price just for one cd. What prices do you think Elvis would have set for the ftd cds?

Marty Says:
That is kind of high and what you're paying for is probably something that has been reissued many times in different packages. Much of what is released now
on Elvis are alternate takes that neither he or the producer and musicians thought were good enough in the first place to be released as THE record.

RCA/BMG keep doing that because you fans keep buying them. I can assure you that if nobody or very few bought them they would not be released.

As far as what Elvis would think, he wouldn't want the alternate takes to be released but he never got involved in the pricing.
That was and is the responsibility of BMG/RCA and Parker.
PEP Asks Marty: [28.06.08]
During the 69' sessions, Elvis was clowning around and he said something to the effect "Dear Georgie  listen you little C@@ksucker if you keep sending me
these letters I'm going to have to cut off your Samurai Peter off" something to that effect.

The question is, do you know who Dear Georgie is?

It has been suggested this is a Red Foxx monologue Elvis was quoting or that It was George Klein he was Talking about or that it was the nickname for Al

Do you happen to know and were you there during this 69' session when he said it?

Marty Says:
Elvis also said it on stage in Vegas..........He was talking about some nutty Japanese guy named George that kept sending him threatening letters.  
If I remember it wasn't physical threats it was something else.

Elvis would sometimes keep something on his mind that had nothing to do with what he was doing at the time and in a humorous way just blurt it out.
Nobody outside of the guys knew what he was talking about..........It came off as being funny to everybody.
Mark Ritchie Asks Marty: [22.06.08]
Hello Marty
First off all I would like to thank you for answering all these questions the fans are asking you.If it wasn't for you there would be a lot of untruths still out there,
so once again thank you.

The question I would like to ask you is regarding the reason why you think it was so hard to get Elvis into a recording studio after the early seventies

Ps are the Memphis mafia t shirt range still for sale

Marty Says:
Hello Mark,
Elvis was tired of recording, mainly because he kept getting these crummy songs from Parker and Hill & Range and he didn't want to go through the hassle of
arguing with them.  He should have.

In '72 when he asked me to find a Memphis studio for him to use, I got him Stax, he told me the session didn't mean anything to him that he was just going
through the motions to appease Parker and RCA.

Parker and Hill & Range but mainly Parker, were to blame for many of Elvis' problems which led to boredom and depression but in essence he was to blame
too for not putting his foot down and doing what he wanted including touring outside the U.S..

I'm sorry but there is no Memphis Mafia merchandise still for sale unless one of us decide to sell our own few pieces of clothes.
James Freed Asks Marty: [22.06.08]
I just wanted to ask what did Elvis think of Andy Kaufman's impersonations?
I have listed a link below to a youtube video of Andy Kaufman singing 'Thats When Your Heartache Begin' on the Johnny Cash show.
Also did Elvis and Andy Kaufman ever meet?

I also wanted to ask what did you think of the movie 'Heartbreak Hotel' starring David Keith and Tuesday Weld? I remember seeing this movie a couple of
times in the 1980s.

Marty Says:
Hi James,
Andy Kaufman happened during the last year when I was living in California and neither Billy or Lamar has told me that Elvis saw it or what he thought.
As for the movie heartbreak Hotel, I've never seen it.
Clive Asks Marty: [21.06.08]
I  wonder if you could ask marty two things!!!
1, What did he think at the time of the firing of Red, Sonny and Dave Hebler?

2. Whats the history between Billy Smith & Dick Grob as it seems there is bad blood between these two?

Marty Says:
Hello Clive,
I didn't like it very much because they were just doing their job when they protected Elvis from the guy who tried to break into Elvis' suite in Lake Tahoe that
resulted in a lawsuit.

His father and a couple of others influenced Elvis that they were causing trouble for Elvis but in fact they weren't. Had they not stopped the guy, Elvis could
have been hurt and then they would have deserved to be fired for not doing their job. His father and the others were always looking to get rid of some of the
guys.  His father because of money and the others because they wanted to be the only ones around Elvis thinking there would be more for them. Elvis was the
one who suffered for them being that way.

Elvis was also in a bad frame of mind because of his physical and mental condition.

As for Billy and Grob, I am not aware of any bad blood other than Grob was never close to Billy or some of us originals, nor did we, including Elvis, really trust
Christy from Omaha Asks Marty: [21.06.08]
It is so refreshing to get your viewpoint on certain subjects as opposed to hearing the same old stories from EPE, Priscilla (I agree with everything you've said
about her!) and Lisa. I have to wonder if Lisa doesn't get her opinion of the MM from Priscilla and thus this is why she is so harsh in what she has to say about
certain members.

My question stems from an interview with Kathy Westmoreland. She has stated that Elvis had at least 3 heart attacks (previous to August of 77) and bone
cancer among other ailments. She has said that none of this was ever made public because Elvis didn't want people to take pity on him while he was still

I don't know how much you knew about his health, but I'm not aware of anyone else in Elvis' inner circle that have made similar claims that he suffered from
these health problems. Are you aware of these claims made by Kathy?

I appreciate your time and thank you for setting the record straight on some of the misconceptions that are perpetuated by others who do not have Elvis' best
interests at heart.

Marty Says:
Hi Christy,
Poor Kathy has a great imagination......As for the bone cancer, I believe she heard that nonsense from Larry Geller, Charlie [Hodge] or Dick Grob and it's all
bullmanure..........She claims she heard it from Elvis and his doctor?

First off, his doctor would be in serious ethical trouble for revealing personal medical information about a patient.  That's a legal no-no. As for Elvis saying it to
her, if he did, which I doubt, he probably said it to use as an excuse of why he was taking the pain medication Dilaudid which is given to cancer patients. It
would have been Elvis' way of covering up taking those pills.

The truth of the matter is that Vernon Presley felt that Charlie [Hodge] and [Dick] Grob were leaking information from Graceland after Elvis died, so he asked
Billy Smith to tell them that Elvis had Cancer to see if it got out. Sure enough, shortly after that it came back to Vernon from someone else that they told the
guy Elvis had cancer. Charlie was let go and Grob was too, for that and something else he did..........Vernon should have used something else beside cancer.

As for the heart attacks, that's pure nonsense and I have no idea where she got that from. I can tell you that if it was true there were two or three of us that
would have known and we never heard anything like it.
Fran from Australia Asks Marty: [17.06.08]
I hope this email finds you well.
I have a question:
Why did you not attend Elvis' funeral?
Thank you for allowing me and the fans to have this opportunity to communicate with you via EER.
All the very best Marty, take care,  

Marty Says:
Hello Fran,
Even though it's a personal question I will answer it.

When Elvis died I was living in Southern California where my family and I had moved five months before that. At the time my wife was very ill and when we
heard Elvis died it exacerbated her illness and she had a mild nervous breakdown.

There was a ticket waiting for me at the L.A. Airport to fly back to Memphis and at first she said she knew I had to go but every time I went to the door to leave,
she pleaded with me to stay. That went back and forth about three times and finally I decided to stay with her and our children and take care of her.  

For twenty years, many times I opted to be with Elvis and the guys instead of staying home with her and the kids but this time I stayed with her. To be honest,
I'm not proud of how I acted for those 20 years in making those decisions. For the last 32 years I have done my best to make it up to her.

Quite frankly, after I made the decision to stay I was glad I didn't go to the funeral because I'd rather remember him the way I always knew him when he was
vibrant and alive and I will always remember his smile. I'd rather remember him that way instead of laying in a casket.
Arun Jassi Asks Marty: [17.06.08]
Is it true that Elvis financed several of Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup's recording sessions with Fire Records during the twilight of Crudup's career?
I read in a book by Todd Rheingod that Elvis did this anonymously.
If this is true, why did Elvis do it anonymously?

Marty Says:
Hi Arun,
I never heard or saw anything like that. As a matter of fact I never heard Elvis mention anything about Crudup since he cut the song 'That's Alright Mama'.

I will tell you this, when Jackie Wilson, who was a friend of ours, had a stroke and was in a coma and placed into a care facility at the end of his life, Elvis paid
for his care at the facility.  
That was done without any publicity.
James Freed Asks Marty: [14.06.08]
I’ve been meaning to ask you this and it’s about Elvis’ chimp, scatter. What is the one memory of scatter that stands out the most and do you know why Elvis
decided to have scatter as pet? I’ve read in some books that scatter was the prankster at some of the parties at graceland?

Marty Says:
We used to see Scatter on a kid's TV show here in Memphis, he was owned and trained by a well known Memphis TV personality who was on the show as the

In talking to the guy we found out that he was retiring and he was trying to find someone who would take care of Scatter.  Scatter was funny and we had a lot
of laughs when we saw the show every once in awhile.  Elvis wanted Scatter so he bought him from the guy.

We actually had more fun with Scatter in California than in Memphis. We would take him back and forth to California when we were doing movies.

Actually there are too many stories to just pick one. If you happen to have one of my two books or Alan Fortas' book you can read about Scatter.
Arun Jassi Asks Marty: [07.06.08]
I like to know during Elvis' concert years 1969-1977, did The Sweet Inspirations and their band perform as a support act to ALL of Elvis' shows and how long
approximately was their time on stage?

I recently read an interview with Jerome 'Stump' Monroe, The Sweets' drummer and discoverd that he played drums on three shows with Elvis when Ronnie
Tutt couldn't make it, in the years 1971,1975 and1977.

I found this interesting because I have come across some black people who have mistakenly stated that they have never seen a black musician in Elvis' band
during the whole of his career and Jerome says in his interview that he doesn't see why Elvis would have black people on his show if he didn't like them.

The fact that THE ELVIS SHOW was supported by an all-black act for eight years is a FACT that is not common knowlege particularly amongst blacks who
have a misconception about Elvis and it should be brought to the light so that Elvis can be seen in his true Light.

Do you have any views on this, Marty?

Marty Says:
Hi there Arun,
No, the Sweets weren't always a support act, for a number of years it was the comedian. First Sammy Shore and then Jackie Kahane.

As for Elvis and black musicians, he had a great respect for black musicians and entertainers, it just happened that his rhythm section was white.  
The fact is, because Elvis really didn't get out among other artists and musicians, he really didn't know of many black backup musicians.

As far as the big orchestra that backed him in Vegas or anywhere else, those musicians were picked by Joe Guercio the orchestra leader.

Young black artists today, because they don't know any better and because they were influenced by one or two older black artists that didn't know Elvis and
also didn't like him, think he stole the black man's music.  That is so far from the truth.  Did old time black artists influence Elvis? Absolutely.  Just as old time
country artists did.  That's what he listened to as a kid back in the 40's.  His music style was a combination of both genres of music.

Just about those black artists who make comments like that weren't even born when he started and many weren't even born before he died.  
They know nothing about the truth of music history.
Chad from USA Asks Marty: [05.06.08]
Marty, what was your and the MM relationship with Elvis' Grandmother who lived at Graceland?  
Were any of you close to her and did any of you stay in contact after Elvis passed? I believe she lived into the 1990's?

Marty Says:
Hello Chad,
Grandma was close to just about all the original Memphis Mafia.
Some of us would always go into her room and talk with her for awhile.

When my wife and kids and I lived at Graceland she became close to them, especially my son who was very little at the time.  
Every morning she would call into our apartment and get my wife to bring my son to the kitchen so he could have breakfast with her.
She introduced him to the country breakfast treat of biscuits and molasses.

The other original guys had a relationship with her too.

She was a one of a kind lady and a good one.
Yves (from Paris, France) Asks Marty: [05.06.08]
Since the passing of Bo Diddley a few newspapers say that Elvis stole his act from Bo. He himself pretended the same about Elvis. Is this claim true to you?
What do Elvis think about Bo? Did they ever met? Bo always thought the same about Elvis or did he change his view later on?
Would you say Bo was the real "originator" for Rock n'roll?

One last question: did Elvis go to see Bo in the Apollo Theater in 1956?
Many thanks in advance for your answers. By the way it so great corresponding with you!

Marty Says:
Hi Yves,
Bo was a bitter man.  He was a very talented innovator of a guitar and music style but he was not the originator of Rock N Roll as he claimed.  

The fact is both he and Chuck Berry started one year after Elvis who started in 1954 when his first record, "That's Alright Mama," came out in July, '54.

Bo complained his whole career about not making any money and he was bitter that others like Elvis made much more.  That was Bo's fault not Elvis' or
anyone else.  Evidently he trusted the wrong people to do his deals or he did them himself because he also thought he was smarter than everyone else.

Unfortunately many of the black artists back in the 50's, many poorly educated, were screwed over by the record companies in their royalties. Most of their
money was playing on what was called, "The Chitlin' Circuit" (Black clubs) throughout tthe country but they didn't pay much either.

He constantly bitched about Elvis, even getting mad because Ed Sullivan paid Elvis more for an appearance on his TV show than he did Bo.

He claimed everyone, including Elvis, stole his style, his movements and music.

As far as I know they never met, at least they never did in the 20 years I was close to him.

It's a shame, if Bo had celebrated his own talents and embraced his fellow musicians and did not have so much hatred for everyone, he probably would have
had a better life and been happy.
James Freed Asks Marty: [05.06.08]
I was reading the answer you gave to the aloha concert and this is just my view on the subject nobody has to agree with me and why i think elvis turned to the
meds. maybe he thought since he had done his job for the fans that evening what happend after the show was on his time. i have been around and lost some
people to addiction problems before and they use to tell me if its not hurting anybody else then they were going to keep doing it.i have read that addiction
problems are usually caused by boredom or depression.what do you think? thanks.

Marty Says:
James, My answer to you is very simple.  


It hurts the people around you who love and care for you to see you do that to yourself.  When those people notice that you are not what you used to be like.  
To the addict it is an escape mechanism and that's what he was doing.  Escaping from a number of things.  Boredom, depression but most of all the pressure
of being Elvis Presley because many people on the outside of the group looked at him as something special, they put him on a pedestal and it's not easy
having to live up to that all the time.
Mark Ritchie Asks Marty: [02.06.08]
I have read that Joe was the colonels spy in the camp. Did you know at the time or is this a thing you found out after Elvis’s death
Also, after Elvis died did you or any of the mafia keep in touch with Vernon and did you go to his funeral

Marty Says:
Hi Mark,
Elvis thought Joe was a pipeline to Parker and so did most of us.
The Colonel also favored Joe and he never did that with anybody unless they were useful to him.

I had moved back to Memphis from California in '79, where I had lived since '77 and I saw Vernon once after that.  
Most of us didn't go to his funeral. Billy did because he was family.
Elizabeth from NY Asks Marty: [30.05.08]
I was reading "Child Bride" by Suzanne Finstad which might be close to the truth about Priscilla?
I heard you mention that Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling are friends with her but according to this book copyrighted in 1996 she ousted Jerry from the music
end of EPE and sued Joe for his home movies of Elvis.
Do you think or know if after that they are still working with EPE or are still friends with Priscilla?
Thanks for taking time to answer everyone's questions.

Marty Says:
Hello Elizabeth,
When Elvis was alive both Joe and Jerry catered to Priscilla, each for different reasons. Joe and his former wife, Joanie did to curry favors from Elvis through
Priscilla. Elvis thought so as did some of us.  

Priscilla and Jerry had a physical attraction to each other and that's something that Elvis also thought and mentioned to a couple of us.

When Elvis died and Priscilla was made co-executor of the Estate after his father died, she turned to Jerry and made him Creative Director. A few years later
she replaced Jerry with her car salesman brother in law, Gary Hovey, who had no experience. She has her family as opposed to any of Elvis' working for EPE.

Joe never worked for EPE but he continued to curry to Priscilla because every once in awhile she would have him represent the estate on things like QVC to
sell Elvis related items.....Things he would be paid for.

She remained friends with Joe and Jerry, at least her brand of friendship.  Then she sued Joe for mainly what was his films and claimed they were hers.  She
did so when Joe started selling them on video cassettes as a documentary.  She claimed he was using her camera.  We all knew they were Joe's but that
shows how cold Priscilla is and what kind of so-called friend she is.  They ended up settling and they paid Joe for his films but now Priscilla owns them.

Jerry is back working for Priscilla in one fashion or another.  Joe works in Vegas and the last I heard he was no longer a host at Wynn Hotel & Casino.  I heard
today that he is now a Limousine Driver for the Hotel Valet.  I don't know whether that's true or not.

As far as I know he's friendly with Priscilla, I know he is invited to some Estate events during Elvis Week here in Memphis.

The rest of us, by our choice, have nothing to do with Priscilla, Lisa or the Estate.  

Our loyalty was/is to Elvis, not her.
James Freed Asks Marty: [30.05.08]
I have been reading comments made about how elvis handle his career with the movies in the early 1950s and 1960s tv shows. I've also read where fans have
said  if they were in that situation they would have done it differently. First a person wouldnt know what they would do unless they were in that situation and
also if a man at elvis age then choose to use prescription drugs even the people i think closest to him wouldnt be able to change his you think even
elvis couldnt  have changed his mind about the prescription drugs with the abuse they had done? and decide that he didnt need them for his career.? thanks

Marty Says:
Some people say things because they think it makes them sound good or look intelligent or moralistic.

There's a reason Joe South wrote the song,"Walk A Mile In My Shoes."

You are right, they really don't know how they'd have handled that life if it was them because they don't have any idea what it's all about.  That's not putting
them down that's just the way life is and the way different human beings react to the same thing.

As for Elvis stopping his pill taking, people do it all the time.  I am not a clinical doctor so all I can relate is my own experience.  After taking pills for 15 years I
stopped cold turkey one day in October, '76 with no help, just self determination. After a few months of my system cleaning out from all that junk, I have never
picked up another of those pills since.  Elvis was as strong willed and I know if he set his mind to it he could have quit.  

The real question is, would he want to?

Back then there were no rehab centers as there are today.  Now it's almost fashionable in the entertainment world to go to rehab especially with the young
Tony Stuchbury Asks Marty: [29.05.08]
I remember hearing someplace that the day after the 'Aloha' Show Elvis and you guys were scheduled to visit the USS ARIZONA memorial but straight after the
show (and after getting into shape for it) Elvis had gone straight back to the meds and was 'out of it' and for this reason alone the visit to the memorial didn't
take place.

Is this true?

Marty Says:
Hello Tony,
Yes, it is true.  He was sitting on the balcony of his suite in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel when we knocked on his door with a towel around his neck and
nodding off.

It was disappointing and hard to see him that way because he stayed straight for a few weeks before the show to get ready for it and then the show itself was

Because the Admiral was waiting for us at the docks with his launch to take us to the Memorial, the rest of us went with the exception of a couple of the young
guys and visited the Memorial with the Admiral.  To cover up we told him Elvis sent his apologies but he was very tired and exhausted from doing the show and
was asleep.................He understood!
Bhumbli Ka Jat Asks Marty: [26.05.08]
Hi Marty,
Thanks for taking the time to answer the many questions you have. Your answers make for a very refreshing read.

One thing I have often thought about is what Elvis's Grand Kids think about him. I have hardly heard anything from them. I wonder if they fully realize what he
meant to so many people around the world, the incredible impact he had on the music industry & the lasting legacy he has left.

Are they proud or embarrassed by him, or has he just become a source of income for them ?
Many Thanks,

Marty Says:
Hi Bhumbli Ka Jat,
None of us except Esposito and Schilling have ever met his grandchildren, their mother and grandmother have never really made an effort to have them meet
Elvis' mother's side of the family including Billy Smith.

I have seen them on the Oprah Winfrey Show and both kids when Oprah asked them how they felt about their grandfather and what they knew of him sat
there in silence and acted like they didn't know anything.

That doesn't surprise me because Priscilla and Lisa are more interested in the money they get from the Estate, even though Elvis didn't want Priscilla to have
anything to do with it.

They have allowed Elvis to be turned into a jumpsuited cartoon by the media and the impersonators. Yet they claim they are protective of Elvis' image and
memory.  Their actions don't prove it.
PEP Asks Marty: [26.05.08]
Hi Marty

Just to be clear.

When you just recently responded to my questions about Elvis at the New York Press Conference where I had asked about Billy Smith's comment which came
from the book "Revelations Of The Memphis Mafia"
on page 537 where he said "He was pretty high there, but he wasn't stoned"

An you responded by saying this:

"Billy made that statement after viewing the news video clip of the news conference. Those of us who were close to Elvis came to the same conclusion. It
seemed that the sleeping pills had not worn off that Elvis took the night before. He took those pills every night. "

There has been a comment made by one of our readers where he says this:

"I disagree with a few of Lacker's comments, when you take sleeping pills, you're not tack sharp when waking up, if anything one is still drowsy and a little bit
out of it, thus the MSG comments don't make sense, I know, I take them every night." plus  Also, I don't know how one can be "high" but not "stoned."

Marty, our reader say's this because from what we the fans can see, Elvis was in a good mood, he was funny, he did appear to have a quick wit and did not
appear to be slurring either at this press conference in New York on June 9th 1972.

Is there a chance that either You or Billy were thinking about the Aloha Press Conference which took place at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sept. 4th 1972' instead?

Could You explain a little further with regard to the reader's comment "how can One be High but not Stoned" and why wouldn't Elvis had been drowsy instead
of appearing alert for the New York Press Conference since Your suggesting the sleeping pills had not worn off from the night before, for Elvis?

Here's the New York Press Conference for viewing by the way, so you could review once again. Hope it loads for you.

It's at the Press Conference on Sept 4th 1972 where Elvis appears to be not responding as well as he could have been, here Elvis doesn't appear to be as
alert as he was for the New York Press Conference and in this Press Conference he does appear to be slurring as well or at least not fully awake.
(personally I always thought he might have had the flu, even tho I am not in denial that he wasn't taking prescription drugs during this period either.)

Can you let us know if you did made a mistake? At the same time can you explain the difference in Elvis' personality between the two Press Conferences? In
New York on June 9th 1972, he actually seems very alert to us like I said and he appears to have his wit's about him not appearing as tho he is just getting
over some sleeping medication, in Las Vegas we would agree he does appear as tho he is just kinda waking up and isn't as alert or having the same wit that
he had back in June of that same year as you can see.

Thanks once again in advance for your time and we look forward to your response.

Marty Says:
I speak from experience having taken sleeping pills almost every day for 15 years along with other pills at times.  I took them in the daytime too and functioned
very well in the music business.

Elvis had a knack for masking his condition. He was able to do the same when on the very few occassions when we went to see a show in Vegas, especially in
the 60's when we went there just for fun, he had a few drinks which was highly unusual for him to do. Because he didn't normally drink they effected him very
quickly but he could still set his mind to getting up and walk a straight line and nobody would know he was a bit high on his drinks.

Maybe your reader has had a different experience but once again having seen Elvis almost daily for 20 years and knowing what he imbibed in and his various
moods and state of mind, we'll stick by what we wrote.

She doesn't have to believe it if she so chooses. I don't mean that in a sarcastic way either.