Owen Hayes Asks Marty: [29.02.12]
First - thank you for being a loyal and truthful friend to Elvis and to us his fans.  
I listen to Sirius - Elvis Radio and couple of times George Klein has stated that Felton Jarvis's wife sent him tapes after Felton passed away. On these tapes it
has Elvis singing Blue Suede Shoes with Carl Perkins, Help Me with Larry Gatlin and Guitar Man with Jerry Reed. I figured you would know the truth
concerning this - if indeed something like this exists. He also says he has offered them to Sony for a price, but they do not want to make a deal with him.

I do not believe these exist and if they do - it is a sad game Klein is playing to hold such tapes from the public. They are not even rightfully his, nor would they
have been Felton's.
Thank you for your insight and I wish you all the best - God Bless!

Marty Says:
Hi Owen,
To begin with Klein has been known to make things up ever since I know him which is since 1953. He says things because he has a need to make people think
he was important and that's sad  Why Mary Jarvis would single George out to give those tapes to is beyond me because he and Felton were not special
friends and I would think she would have given them to the Estate or RCA who Felton worked for over many years.

Having said that, if in fact he does have the tapes then he can't legally use them commercially. His only hope is for Sony/RCA to buy them but why should
they, legally they belong to them since they paid for the sessions.

Some of us guys have not talked with Klein for years because he turned out to be a backstabber and a fair weather so-called friend.
Steve Asks Marty: [29.02.12]
Its been said (and I agree to an extent) that Elvis’ albums lacked a cohesive feel to them or a sameness quality after Elvis Country in 1971.  There were
basically just songs randomly recorded and sometimes RCA even used leftovers to put an album like Elvis Now which lacked a ‘Now’ feeling.  Since you were
close to the music aspect, my question did Elvis ever talk to you about doing a theme album (other than gospel), like a blues album or maybe an album of all
Chuck Berry or Ray Charles songs like Bobby Darin did?  I think these albums would have bolstered his 70’s catalog greatly and would have been better than
the albums that were put out by RCA.  

Marty Says:
Hi Steve,
Unfortunately as the 70's went by he wanted to record less and less and I think that has a lot to do with the songs he was getting from Parker and Hill &
Range.  With a few exceptions he went back to cutting the crappy songs they sent him to do and they were not interested in anything but the money from
publishing. Plus they always kept nagging him to record.  The one session that he really enjoyed doing was the '69 session in Memphis at American Studios
and I think that had a lot to do with the fact that Parker had nothing to do with it.  That pissed Parker off so he went on a campaign against Chips Moman and
told him a lie about Chips that had been told to him which turned Elvis against Chips and so he never went back there.  Unfortunately Elvis was the one to
suffer about that not Chips.

After Elvis died I suggested to Jack Soden one day when we happened to see each other at the supermarket that they should get all the Blues and R&B songs
Elvis did and put out a Blues album but they never did.  I don't know if he suggested it to RCA but if he did they didn't agree.
Dave from USA Asks Marty: [29.02.12]
I have just read Alan Fortas book "Elvis from Memphis to Hollywood. He seems to have the same opinion of the guys in the Memphis Mafia as you do, with one
major exception.
He really did like Priscilla and had nothing but good to say about her. Can you explain why this is? He says it is because he spent much more time around her
and got to know her better than the rest of you. What is your take on this?

Marty Says:
Hello Dave,,
Alan was a good guy but she had him fooled.  It might also have something to do with the fact that she called him when he found out he had cancer which is
the time Alan wrote the book.  Her calling him was really unlike the way she really is except for the few who still kiss her ass.
Chad from USA Asks Marty: [23.02.12]
Hi Marty,
Thanks for your time in answering all of our questions.  I watched the Grammy's the other evening, and thought of Elvis, and was wondering if he ever
attended the Grammy's?  If not, why not.

Marty Says:
Hi Chad,
No, Elvis never attended the Grammys. Other than for two Gospel records Elvis was never nominated or won a Grammy even for all of his big rock N roll
records.  That was Parker's fault because he kept Elvis separately from all the other artists. The record labels play a big part in who wins because its basically
all political. They get all of the people who work for their label to vote only for their artists.  The only award Parker was interested in was money.

I wrote this in Revelations Of The Memphis Mafia....

One day in the 70's Parker told us that he got a call from Pierre Cosette the guy who produced the Grammy show for NARAS. he said Pierre told him they
wanted to give Elvis a Lifetime Achievement Award. Parker said that was nice. Pierre then said they would like Elvis to do one song on the show.
Parker asked him what they were paying. Pierre told him that they don't pay the performers for that show.

Parker then told him that Elvis does not sing for nothing and then if they're not paying he wouldn't be singing and Parker threw in that Elvis might not even
attend the show.  He said Pierre coughed a couple of times and told Parker he'd get back to him in a few days.  three days later Parker got a call from one of
Pierre's assistants who informed Parker that they changed their minds and would not be giving Elvis the award.  How shabby is that?

When I heard that I was highly pissed off.  By that time I was one of the leaders of the Memphis Music Industry during the time we cut all those big hits.  I had a
good reputation in the National Music Industry and I was a co-Founder of the Memphis NARAS Chapter(The Grammys).  I later served on the National Board
Of Governors for NARAS.  I made it known that it was a shabby thing to do to withdraw the award just because he wasn't performing on the show.  The award
was supposed to be what an artist achieved in his career, and nobody effected the record business as positively as Elvis did starting in the 50's.  I also
enlisted the help of some of the executives of the major record labels other than RCA who were good friends of mine. They too were pissed at the shabby
treatment given to Elvis by Cosette.

About two weeks later,on a Monday, in my office, I opened the latest issue of Cashbox magazine, one of the leading trade papers for the music industry and lo
and behold there was a picture of Bobby Vinton and national record promotion man Pete Bennett, presenting Elvis the award in his Vegas dressing room.
Seems like the pressure got to Cossette that we created but it was still a shabby way of giving it to him they should have done it on the televised show so the
the public could see.

At the one and only NARAS Governor's meeting held in Memphis the following year I confronted Cossette and the other Governors from other Chapters in the
country and told them what I thought about what they did. Pierre had no answers but I think he really didn't care.
Matthew Asks Marty: [23.02.12]
I was just reading "Revelations of the MM" and was just reading the bit about your sister taking the Molly Goldberg cookbook to Graceland and Vernon's
reaction to it, him saying he didn't want a "Jew cook book in this house!"
My question is, what was Vernon's reaction when  Elvis put the Star of David on Gladys' grave?
Thank you

Marty Says:
Hello Mathew,
He said, "I don't want any of this Jew shit in this house!"

I'm sure Vernon hated and despised it but to my knowledge he said nothing to Elvis. I was kind of surprised when Elvis told me to get it done but the day it was
finished and placed at the foot of her grave he and I went to the cemetery and he had a pleased look on his face. He felt so good about it he had me call Harry
Levitch, his jeweler who was Jewish and the head of the Memphis and Tennessee B'Nai Brith organization and ask him to come out to the cemetery to show
him. Mr. Levitch was surprised also but pleased at Elvis' gesture. You may know that since Elvis died a rumor had it that one of his great grandmothers was
Jewish but I never heard him speak of that so I don't know whether it's true nor whether that's why he had the Star placed there.
Al Boulianne (Mountie from Canada) Asks Marty: [23.02.12]
I saw a picture of Elvis on stage in Ottawa Canada in 1957. On the picture you can see Col. Parker infront the stage while Elvis was on stage. My question is
how did the Col cross the border if he did not have a passport? Also if he did in 1957, why he did not bring Elvis in Canada in the 70's?

Also for your information I am a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer in Alberta Canada and was wondering what Elvis thought about Canadian Mountie's
as he was into Police stuff?

Thanks you Marty

Marty Says:
Hi Al,
I might be wrong but I think back then you didn't have to show a passport. However, Elvis had a big effect on people back then and Parker probably came to t
he border in the same car as Elvis. You'd be surprised how Elvis effected people when they first met him and that went for law officers also.  The border guard
probably didn't check papers when he saw it was Elvis. That was a different world back then.

Elvis respected all law officers and that went for the Mounties as well. He liked the picture of you guys that was always portrayed in the media and films in your
sharp uniforms and sitting on a horse which was also his favorite thing to do.

(E.E.R Addition - I'd like to confirm that Marty is right with his initial thought. When Elvis performed in Canada in 1957, passports were not required to cross the
Marilyn Asks Marty: [23.02.12]
Thanks so much for responding to my previous message re: the Shirley Dieu interview.  Your response confirmed all I guessed. A short follow-up:  the content
in Shirley's interview has been disputed by the Royal Alden Family as well.  Lady Rosemary Alden strongly denies Shirley's assertion that she was a confidant
of Ginger's.  Further, It seems the Royal Aldens (yes, the whole family)  are writing their own book & certainly don't want any competition.   So, it seems
Shirley's chances for publication may be in deep Dieu Dieu (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

Marty, I want to share the following with you:  I was shopping for coffee online on Amazon and came across a tin of cocoa for sale bearing an image of a very
young, handsome Elvis along with his signature, so I take it this is "Estate Approved" merchandise.    How low can these Estate people go?  Reducing the
memory of a brilliant artist to a mere grocery item?   To add insult to injury, I was in a large retailer yesterday and came across the dreaded Elvis Wedding
Photo Calendar -- it is sold every year and every year I want to hurl when I see it!  Who puts out a calendar of their wedding photos (after adultery and
divorce) to the general public?  Tacky, much?  
Memo to Priscilla: Knock if off already; stick a fork in it  -  it's done.  Nobody is believing this fairy tale anymore.  By the way  -- your wedding dress was
hideous, you should of accepted the wedding dress Marty designed -- anything would have been an improvement over that dress!           

The good news is that both items mentioned above were selling very poorly, so I guess fans who purchase memorabilia (I'm not one) are definitely rejecting
this junk.  I'm just a fan of his breathtaking musical ability and natural talent.  I appreciate so much that he sang the same song just a little different during each
live performance.    I hope that after all the joy he brought to the world, he now is truly happy and at peace to be finally reunited with his beloved mother and
bonding with his dear twin brother.  I especially love hearing his laugh, as I too, love to laugh and as you may surmise,  I find great humor and entertainment in
always comes out and people are exposed for who and what they really are.    Knowing Elvis as well as you did, what do you think his reaction is when he
looks down at this circus?

Thanks in advance for reading my email and thanks for writing this column.  Your combination of candor and humor is fantastic, all these phony Gypsies,
Tramps & Thieves (and I DO mean Tramps & Thieves) and their increasingly pathetic attempts at monetary gain through his memory, because in the end the

Marty Says:
Hello Marilyn,
Forget Shirley, she's not worth wasting your time on.  She's a delusional money grubber who can't make it on her own. She was a perfect girlfriend for Joe, two

As for the Aldens, that book will probably be filled with a bunch of made up crap. They were around Elvis for about one year, how much do they have to tell
that's real?

As for the merchandise being approved by the estate like the Cocoa, Priscilla and Lisa are only interested in the money and to hell with Elvis' memory and
legacy.  Priscilla makes it all about her and that's why that calendar is being made and sold.  I have known that she was a cold hearted, two faced bitch from
the time I met her when she first came to Graceland. She puts on that little sweet demure face the public but that not the way she is when they're not around.

Keep listening and enjoy his music.
Steve Wright Asks Marty: [19.02.12]
Having just had the sad news about Whitney Houston I was wondering if you knew whether Whitney ever met Elvis . We know she would of been just a young
girl but the fact that her mother, Cissy, sang backing for Elvis I wondered if you were aware of any meeting or did you ever meet her?
Love reading your answers and comments to the questions us fans ask.
Keep up the great work.
Best Wishes and Kind Regards

Marty Says:
Hello Steve,
Thanks for the nice comments.
Yes, Whitney met Elvis when she was about 6 or 7 in Vegas when Kissy brought her out there during the first year that Cissy was with the Sweets backing

I seem to remember meeting her then too but I did meet Cissy. I am also a close long time friend of their cousin Dionne Warwick.  Dionne recorded at
American Studios with Chips Moman back in the late 60's. She also appeared for me at the first Memphis Music Awards I produced and directed and I also ran
her personal record company for awhile in the 70's.
Nick Serio Asks Marty: [19.02.12]
Did you know that Elvis did the same live version of Hound Dog in Little Rock Arkansas as he did one month later on the Milton Berle Show? Was this a part of
his act? If so, then where ever he went on tour in the 50s he did the same stage act of You Ain't Nothin But A Hound Dog on most of his shows.

In January of 1968 while Elvis was doing the soundtrack for Stay Away, he rehearsed a tune called Goin Home and on there he was in a party mood, cussing,
laughing it up and saying all sorts of stuff. One year later when he was at The American Sound studios he was always using X-rated language. Did he have a
reason to behave like that, or does he like to party in the studio? I hear as proof in the sessions

Marty Says:
Hi Elvis,
Sometimes did the same thing with a song because he was comfortable doing it that way. He hardly ever changed the shows he did including in the 70's.

As for his language Elvis sometimes got in a playful mood and sometimes he also did it for shock value.
It was all innocent and no big thing.
Yvonne from Leeds England. Asks Marty: [19.02.12]
Hi Marty,
In the movie "Elvis On Tour" Elvis is seen using an inhaler. I've have never heard any reference to Elvis having asthma can you shed any light on this and why
he would use one

Marty Says:
Hello Yvonne,
He used it to clear his nose and throat passages so he could breath better when he sang. As far as I know he did not have asthma.
Dave Asks Marty: [19.02.12]
On the last page of Gene Smiths book ' Elvis's Man Friday' he writes the following:
Therefore this account of Elvis's life or aspects of Elvis's life to which I was an eyewitness, can have no conclusion. Because the only person who can
conclusively tell us how it should all be concluded is Sivle Yelserp. In time to come....
Sivle Yelserp is Elvis Presley spelt backwards. Did Gene Smith think Elvis was still alive.

Marty Says:
Hello Dave,
No, Gene thought he was a comedian.
Martin Lopez Asks Marty: [19.02.12]
Firstly may I thank you for taking the time to answer these 2 questions for me and listeners of EER.
I appreciate the honesty that you always give to the answers.

1. What were the feelings of yourself and other members of the Memphis Mafia when Dr. Nick was put through 2 trials for allegedly being involved in the death
of Elvis.

2. How do you think Elvis would have felt about the trials?

Thanks again and Best wishes.

Marty Says:
Hi Martin,
I like your name.

My opinion of Nick was that he got caught up in the lifestyle and he shouldn't have. He gave into Elvis' demands too much even though he tried to control the
situation. Nick should have just concentrated on his practice and not travel with Elvis but for some people that lifestyle makes some people to think they loved
show business and all it's perks being with Elvis. It's a shame because Nick was basically a good guy.

He also got influenced by Esposito too much and they each used each other to a degree to get things from Elvis.  Nick was not responsible for Elvis' death,
Elvis was. I think Elvis would be angry that Nick was prosecuted and lost his license.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [19.02.12]
I would like to ask (please?):
Prior to a tour (or a Las Vegas engagement),did ELVIS and/or The Colonel have to send payment to BMI and/or ASCAP for the "right"(for ELVIS) to sing BMI
or ASCAP songs onstage?
Thanks for your time, Sir.
Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
I doubt it but to be honest with you I don't know how that was handled because it was never brought up.  I know Elvis didn't so, maybe Parker or Hill & Range
took care of it.
Marilyn Asks Marty: [11.02.12]
Hi Marty:
Just read an interview of Shirley Dieu, ex-girlfriend of Joe Esposito.  She apparently has written a book called "Memphis Mafia Princess" ? and is looking for a
publisher. I remember this girl from some previous books in which she bragged about all the jewelry she got from Elvis, how Elvis wanted Ginger to love him
the way she loved Joe,  and who also stated that Elvis came on to her a couple of times, but she of course rebuffed him as she was in LOVE with Joe.  I know
you won't believe it, but it looks like they broke up after Elvis died.  Wow, I'm soo shocked :-)

The majority of the interview is all about how much Elvis loved being around her, how she was the only girlfriend of the group to be allowed to go on tour and
how Elvis showered her with gifts.  She proclaims that she was very close to Elvis during his last years and got to know Ginger more than anyone except for
maybe Elvis and has all these insights into the true nature of their relationship. It was my understanding that during the Ginger period, Shirley was living in
Beverly Hills with Joe and he and Elvis only saw each other during tours and when Elvis graciously took them on vacation with him.    So how could she know
more about their relationship than Billy and Jo who lived ON Graceland and saw Ginger and Elvis EVERY DAY vs. her living on the other side of the country?

I'd LOVE your comment on:the following passage from the interview::

Question: Many say that the Memphis Mafia circle of friends was one of the causes of his growing detachment with the real world and erratic behavior near the
end. Do you agree? Was the “Memphis Mafia” bad or good for Elvis?

Answer: "Well, there is always a couple of black sheep in every group. But I would hate to think of what Elvis’ life would have been if he were alone at
Graceland.  Elvis may have been 40, but he played like a young boy. He liked movies, amusement parks, Hawaii, snowmobiling, motorcycles, horseback riding
and anything that he could do to have fun. I would not think that he would have wanted it any other way. Ultimately it was his choice on who he wanted around,
and he made that choice. If he didn’t want someone around, he didn’t have them around. He actually paid Marty Lacker $10,000 dollars to stay away. Yes, Joe
Esposito, Priscilla, and David Stanley all personally told me that, as well as others.  He also didn’t want Red or Sonny or Dave Hebler around in the end so he
fired them. I find it ironic when those four guys refer to themselves as “The Memphis Mafia” when in reality they are “The Ex-Memphis Mafia” Again; it was
Elvis’ choice of who he wanted there. If he didn’t want you there, you weren’t included. That doesn’t sound like erratic behavior. That sounds very normal to

In addition to her outrageous statements,.  I find it interesting that she now quotes Priscilla as some paragon of truth and virtue after TOTALLY slamming her
in the "Child Bride" book.  Larry Geller slammed her also in "Child Bride" and I think I read somewhere that he and Priscilla are now friends.  I never cease to
be amazed how shallow and self serving thIs "Estate" group is.  These people all deserve each other.  The funny part is NONE of them seem happy and
always appear so miserable.    

Marty,  Your comments are always priceless.  God blessed you with a great sense of humor.  I hope you might have the time to share your wit on all the above!

Marty Says:
Hi Marilyn,
Interesting and best thing I can say is  Shirley's crap is as true as I am The King Of Siam.

Fact is, she was there for the blink of an eye.  I have been hearing about her book for a couple of years now and still no publisher. In fact I don't even
remember Shirley all that much.

What Shirley knows comes from Joe and his agenda.  First let me say that there was nobody closer to Elvis than Billy Smith. Some of us were very close for a
long time and I'm just happy that I was one of them.  

As for Elvis paying me $10,000 to stay away that's hilarious especially since she says it came from those paragons of truth Priscilla, Joe and David Stanley.  
Joe doesn't even like to tell people that I was Foreman for a number of years no less mention my name.  He wants people to think he was the special one to
Elvis, the problem is neither Elvis or us agreed with him.. He also tells people he was there for a straight seventeen years when in fact he was gone for a year
when he and Elvis had a falling out in 1964 and left which is when Elvis made me Foreman. He didn't come back until the following year and I remained
Foreman for three and a half years.

It's all petty crap.  Elvis didn't have to pay to get rid of me or to make me stay nor did he ever do that. In fact the only arguments Elvis and I had, albeit little
ones, was when he wanted to give me money or something else. That's not what I or a few of the other guys were there for. In honesty he did give me $10,000
in '75 when my wife and I were having a problem and I was a bit depressed. To make me feel better and to make things better between my wife Patsy and I he
also gave us a trip to Hawaii with our kids and with Richard Davis and his girlfriend and a new Cadillac.  I also tend to think that was his way of also saying
thank you to me for all the good things I did for him after I quit in late '67 to start a record company and get involved in the Memphis and Nation Music Industry.
Which I might add I was very successful in doing becoming one of the leaders of the industry.  I was with him and the guys almost every night when they were
in Memphis from '67 until the fall of '76. Went on some tours to Vegas and Aloha Special all at his request. I did a lot of things for Elvis that made his life more
enjoyable, some at his request and some on my own and I did it all without being paid or on the payroll.

Whereas Shirley's "True Love" (cough, cough), couldn't hold a job since Elvis died.  Nor could he get one that year he was gone which is why he called
whining asking for Elvis to hire him back. Before Elvis hired him back Elvis asked me if we needed him and I readily said yes even though we didn't.  You see
some of us were not always trying to get rid of guys so they could get more from Elvis.   In closing about the subject of me being paid to stay away, in early
70's Lamar and I got into a continuous debate about which was better,Memphis Music or Nashville Music and he would wait until Elvis got in the room before
he started that nonsense. I got to the point where I was annoyed with it and I also didn't want Elvis to have to be subjected to that crap.  He did that because
he and Felton Jarvis always wanted Elvis to record in Nashville and not Memphis.  I was annoyed enough with it that I stayed away for two weeks. On the
second week Sunday George Klein called me and said, "I was up at the house last night,(George usually only came up to Graceland on a Saturday night or
every other Saturday night or when he heard Elvis was in a generous mood), and Elvis asked me where you've been."  I replied, "You know why I have been
staying away."  He then said "yeah I do and I told him and then guess what he said to me"  I asked what. He then told me Elvis said, "Well he needs to get his
ass up here because I don't feel like I'm back home if Marty's not here."  Naturally that made me feel good and I went up that night and Elvis and I had a good
conversation about it.  I don't say these things to make me look good or special, I say it because that's what happened and in answer to that bullcrap about
him paying me to stay away.

In the fall of '76 Billy told me Elvis wanted more privacy and he said it would be best if I didn't come up, something he said was told to others including Klein.  
That was shortly after he fired Red, Sonny and Hebler which I think he did because he was influenced by those who were always trying to get rid of some of
the guys. I never saw Elvis after that although I heard from him in July,77 a month before he died. As for being EX Memphis Mafia as Shirley stupidly claims,
the original guys will be Memphis Mafia for life.  The fact is Red was the first to travel with Elvis in '55,I started hanging around with him in '57 right after I came
home from the Army in Germany and Sonny in '58 that was years before Elvis or us knew Joe Esposito existed.

When Billy told me that the first thing I said to him was, "Good he should have done that years ago instead of insisting we be there every day,  it would have
made some of our marriages a bit better too."

I will end this long answer now to Shirley's bullcrap because I probably bored everyone setting the record straight.  What guys like Joe and a few others along
with Shirley need to do is realize that Elvis was the star not them. It's not all about them, its about him.
Debbie Asks Marty: [01.02.12]
Hello Marty
Right after Elvis passed, there is footage of an interview with Charlie Hodge & Joe Esposito.  Charlie is saying how Elvis was in great spirits the day before and
going over new songs for the tour.  Since Elvis hardly changed his concerts much, I was wondering if you knew anything about what new songs Elvis might
have done on that tour and if he was planning any changes in general in regards to his recording career.  Thanks,

Marty Says:
Hello Debbie, I was not there those last few months as I had moved to California and Elvis had pushed some of us original guys away so I can't tell you what
new songs, if any, he would have done on tour. However if he stuck to his usual I doubt he would have changed anything and that goes for recordings as well
as he had continued recording the crummy songs he got from Parker and Hill & range instead of seeking out songs from good, current hit songwriters. Charlie
was the wrong person for Elvis to discuss songs with because Charlie wouldn't know a hit song if it slapped him in the face. he was too steeped in his old
fashioned Gospel type songs that were certainly not commercial. The shame of it is that Elvis knew that and often commented about Charlie that way.
Jason Czeskleba Asks Marty: [25.01.12]
Felton Jarvis did a lot of post-session overdubbing on Elvis' records in the 70s... strings, horns, backup singers.  I imagine he was trying to duplicate the Billy
Sherrill sound that was popular on country radio at the time.  I was wondering, did Elvis have any role in this overdubbing, or did he leave it entirely to Jarvis?  
Did Elvis listen to and approve of the overdubs before the records came out?  Did he ever reject anything Jarvis added and tell him to remove it?

Marty Says:
Hi Jason,
Felton should have left well enough alone. When Elvis did sessions he approved the take he wanted released and Felton should have left it that way.

The biggest goof he made is when he put that fake ending on
Suspicious Minds in a Vegas studio after Chips Moman had done the final mix of the song.  
He saw Elvis do that ending on stage and thought it would be good for the record so he took the tapes into a Vegas studio and almost killed that song as far
as airplay. I am not aware if Elvis knew what Felton was doing before hand and if he heard it right after Felton did that then he made a mistake it letting it stay
on the record.

In late 1969 at the Bill Gavin radio and record convention in Atlanta Chips was awarded the Producer Of The Year. Not just for his work with Elvis but all the
other big hits he cut. Gavin for many years was very important in the record and radio industries and he was looked up to by many in those fields. He told
Chips and I that many radio program directors,music directors and DJ's complained to him when Suspicious was released that they didn't like that ending and
said they weren't going to play that record because it threw the timing of their show off.  Fortunately many compensated by cutting that ending off to make it
like Chips had cut and mixed it when they transferred the record to the cartridges they used to play it on the air and that saved the record and Elvis and it
became his first #1 record in 4 years.

Felton was a good guy but he was no Chips Moman when it came to producing records or playing the guitar.
Steve from Boston Asks Marty: [25.01.12]
I hope this question is not out of line? I was wondering if Marty ever heard of Jon Cotner and if so what does he think of him?
How do you feel about Jon Cotner misleading Elvis fans by making them think he is Elvis Presley?

He is selling CD's of himself preaching the gospel and singing Elvis' songs. The poor misguided people who actually believe him to be Elvis are buying this
I also would like to know if you knows who Jon Cotner is?

He does sound very much like Elvis and some people think he may be kin. Personally I just think he is a scam artist out take people's money.
Thank you

Marty Says:
Hello Steve,
I never heard of Jon Cotner and from what you say he doesn't want to meet me or most of the guys.

I never have been a fan of Elvis impersonators, some of us call them ass-clowns.  If this guy is really telling people he's Elvis then he's a lowlife because that is
nothing but a scam artist. If a guy can really sing on his own he needs to try to make it as himself, he'll never be Elvis or like him.  The ones who try to excuse
what they do by calling themselves Tribute Artist are a bunch of crap, they just want their 15 minutes in the spotlight.  Most of them look grotesque in their
overweight jumpsuits, fake hair and sunglasses. Sunglasses and fake hair and sideburns do not make them Elvis.  

To me the one person who comes near to singing like Elvis is Terry Mike Jeffrey but he does not claim to be an Elvis impersonator and he doesn't wear
Steve Asks Marty: [17.01.12]
I have enjoyed your books solo and with the MM very much and met you & the guys when you did a tape signing in the 90’s in NYC for the MM tapes. Great
I am writing because so much has been written about the meeting between Elvis and The Beatles in 1965.  What I want to know is how Elvis really felt about
The Beatles and did he play their music at home?  Was he into the current pop sounds from the UK?  Also is it true that George and Ringo once again met
him backstage in the 70’s and that John Lennon tried calling Elvis from time to time but Elvis wanted nothing to do with him?

Marty Says:
Hello Steve,
Elvis liked the Beatles music and for the most part them themselves. However he didn't like John's comment about Jesus or about them publicly talking about
Marijuana.  He really only listened to music when he was in the car.  He knew of some of the UK music but not much.  Yes, George and Ringo met him
backstage but as far as John calling him I don't recall that he did.
Lee From NYC Asks Marty: [16.01.12]
Hello Marty,
Much has been written about the American sessions - how the sessions came about, the music, how the sessions were run, the publishing rifts - but nothing
on how Elvis felt about the experience.  Did Elvis ever reveal his feelings or thoughts to any of you on what it was like for him to work with Chips?  Did anyone
ever question Elvis directly on why he never went back there, or did everyone just assume it was over the publishing rights battle?  Thanks Marty, NYC Lee

Marty Says:
Hello Lee,
I have written before in Revelations as to how Elvis felt about the sessions while doing them,he loved them and loved working with Chips and his fabulous
studio musicians. He voiced that on the way home in the car after the first night's session.

I have also written about why he didn't go back.  Because Parker lost control for the first time of an Elvis session and because of Chip's refusal to give them
publishing on Suspicious Minds he did not want Elvis to go back there.  So he gave Elvis a false story with the help of Felton Jarvis who wanted to see Elvis
back in Nashville to record, that Chips tried to steal In The Ghetto to use on someone else.  I personally watched Chips deny the use of the song to Fred
Foster who owned Monument Records in Nashville. Chips was protective of Elvis' rights and he told Foster that the song belonged to Elvis and he couldn't
have it.

I tried to explain that to Elvis in Vegas and he got mad at me because he was blinded by Parker and Jarvis' lie. They knew he hated someone who would steal
from him and he was blinded by it.

Much to my chagrin, it hurt Elvis more than it did Chips and the musicians not going back there to record as evidenced by the results of those '69 sessions.
Chips and the band continued producing big hits by other big artists while Elvis went back to cutting Parker & Bienstock's crummy songs and using the same
old tired Nashville musicians.  I was sad to see him do that to himself because I wanted him to have a hit top ten, if not number one record, every time he
recorded which we all know he was capable of doing.
Andrew Asks Marty: [16.01.12]
You were recently asked about Billy Smith and touched briefly on his non involvement with Graceland. I was just wondered why Priscilla and EPE have never
wanted to involve him in any capacity. We all know Billy was like a brother to Elvis and has always been respectful to his name and memory, so what happened
that made him fall out of favour? Also regarding the guys who are still friends with Priscilla, is there an unwritten rule of what you can and can't say in public?

Marty Says:
Hi Andrew,
Billy left because of the way he was treated by Priscilla and Jack Soden. They picked his brain when they were opening Graceland because he knew where
everything was even where Elvis had hidden things because Elvis trusted Billy implicitly.

Then after he did everything there for them they started treating him like a peon and when they made him a tour guide he had enough and quit.  Priscilla
orchestrated it all because she didn't want anyone there who knew more about Elvis and was closer to him. That way she could tell people anything she
wanted and there would be nobody there to contradict her.  She basically weeded out any of his family.

As for the guys still friendly with Priscilla which I and a few other original guys are not among them,if they say anything negative about her or anything else she
no longer throws them a bone and includes them in anything she or EPE does for which she gets them to do for basically a few dollars or free.

She's more about her than the memory and legacy of Elvis.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [13.01.12]
Dear Mr.Lacker,
I would like to ask(please?):
From time to time, over the years, I've read/heard interviews with successful entertainers who, in commenting on ELVIS, say they'd never WANT to be as
famous as ELVIS was, because of the amount of protection and security required.
I just wonder: Mr. Lacker, do you think ANY of the people making such statements are sincere?
Thanks for your time, sir.

Marty Says:
Oh Randy, Good, an unusual question.

I think there's a little of both.  Most of them would love to be as big and successful as Elvis but I think maybe a few are insincere.  I understand the meaning
behind the statement but the fact is Elvis or I should say Parker, created that over protected and guarded appearance of Elvis.  He was secure in himself
enough and liked people that he could have gone out with just one person or even by himself and would have handled it just as well. Fact is he did at times
but not often.

However the nature of celebrities and their egos tells me they all would like to be that big.
Steve Marvin, Birmingham, UK Asks Marty: [13.01.12]
On behalf of all EP Fans, Thank you for dedicating your time to allow us to gain a better insight into Elvis, truly appreciated

My question is around the time of Elvis’ 28th Birthday, January ‘62....Its reported that Elvis spent Christmas and the New Year in Las Vegas at this time, due to
Vernon and Dee living a Graceland, prior to them moving to their new home?

Can you recall how Elvis felt around this time, so soon after his Mother’s passing and as he loved Graceland so much, what really made him stay away at this
time, how did it affect his relationship with Vernon, I expect it was a really difficult time for Elvis?
I have a personal reason for asking this question as I was born on 7th January 1962 and this year marks my 50th Birthday, so I’d be interested into knowing
how Elvis’s life was at this time

Marty Says:
We had spent Thanksgiving,'61 at the Bellagio Rd. house in Bel Air and had a wonderful big dinner and the plan was to go back to Graceland for Christmas
upon wrapping up Kid Galahad.

At the spur of the moment Elvis announced to us that he wanted to go to Vegas for what was supposed to be a week or so before heading home for
Christmas.  However because he didn't say exactly how long he planned on staying, Billy Smith and I decided to come home to be with our families. At the end
of each week he called back to Graceland to say he was staying another week and what started out as a one week trip ended up to be six weeks in Vegas. As
an excuse he would call and say that it was snowing out there and they got snowed in and couldn't leave.  What he really meant is he didn't really want to
spend Christmas with Dee there because he despised her.  He didn't come home until the beginning of February as I recall. During January and until he came
home I worked in the office everyday at Graceland to justify my paycheck to Vernon more than Elvis.
Fran Ventry Asks Marty: [25.11.11]
Hi Marty,
My last question that you answered you said I  was probably referring to your first book and I was. I do have the Revelations book but I haven't read it yet. I
have about 80 books on elvis and I just haven't read all of them yet because I also read other kinds of novels. But Revelations is the next one I'm going to
read and I can't wait to get to it.

My question this time is about the auctions that come up from time to time. I have bought some small things having to do with elvis from the Gotta Have It Rock
and roll Auction.
I am wondering if you know if the clothes they put on there are authentic? I'm trying to save up (it might take me a while) for a piece of his clothing. Possibly a
shirt or something where the bid starts at $1000 so hopefully it won't go too high. It is my dream to own at least one piece of his clothing. I would love to have a
shirt but sometimes the wording says its an elvis worn shirt or one like it, so it makes me wonder. Do you know anything about the auctions? I don't have the
money to throw away.  
Have a good Thanksgiving.

Marty Says:
Hello Fran,
I don't really get involved in auctions as I don't buy Elvis stuff.

I'm sure it's difficult for you fans to know what is authentic and what is not.

As for whether I know whether all the stuff is real, I don't because you have to judge each piece on its own and who it came from.  There are phony pieces
offered along with real ones.  Best thing I can do is if you have a piece you want to buy, send me a picture of it and who its supposedly from and I'll give you
an opinion to the best of my memory. However, you cannot hold me responsible if you buy something I say may be real.  I have a good memory but I don't
remember every single thing that Elvis owned.

Good luck.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [23.09.11]
Dear Mr. Lacker,
I would like to ask(please?):

Did you celebrate a lot of Thanksgivings with ELVIS at Graceland? And, if so, what stands out in your mind about those holidays?

Also: did ELVIS' Grandmother ever travel to Las Vegas to see ELVIS perform?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Hello Randy,
Thanksgiving dinner was with our prospective families in our own homes.  The guys who were not married usually spent it at Graceland.  The one big one I did
attend was in 1961 when we were still in Hollywood doing Kid Galahad and we had a big dinner at the house on Bellagio Rd. in Bel Air.

As far as I know Grandma did not go to Vegas.  That was not her kind of place.
Asli Jat Asks Marty: [23.11.11]
I hope you won't find my question weird in any way, it's about the funeral of Elvis.

Something that always stood out for me was the fact that the cortege of cars that took part in his funeral were all white & not the usual black. Now white is the
traditional colour of mourning in India (where I am originally from), so was there some kind of Eastern vibe to this (I know Elvis had an interest in Eastern stuff
in the '60's courtesy of Larry Geller) or was it because he wanted to go out in style ?

Thanks for your time & I love the way you manage to expose all the crap stories out there since you were one of the few 'close to the action' :-)

Marty Says:
Hi Asli,
The answer is simple,like many other things Elvis wanted to be different and use white, his father knew that and that's why it was not black.  It had nothing to
do with Eastern spiritualism or Geller.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [23.11.11]
Hi Marty,
I Just wondered, when you moved to California [I think it was], Was it 1976 or 1977?
And I wondered what caused you to move?

Did you get along well with Linda Thompson and her brother ?

How was Ginger Alden with Elvis? Since she came in kinda late I wasn't sure if you even knew her .

Something I saw the other day. Did you know the cousin of Elvis that was a sheriff ? Forgot his name , but he was killed I think.
Have a nice Thanksgiving..  

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
In late '76 Elvis pushed some of us original guys away because he said he wanted to have more privacy in his life and in a way I was glad because he was the
one that always wanted us to be around which meant we were away from our families a bit.  In October '76 I stopped taking the pills I had been taking for the
past 15 years,pills that he had introduced me to in '61.  I took 6 months to clean my system out and I felt much different.  

In April,'77 I decided that what my family and I needed was a change of scenery and my wife had a childhood friend who lived in Costa Mesa, California just
south of L.A. and her husband said he had a job for me in the auto leasing business.  I just wanted a complete change for awhile, away from the life in the
music business and show business, so we went and lived in Irvine,Ca. just next to Costa Mesa.

That's what it was. I did stay in touch with the guys via telephone and I spoke to Elvis for the last time on the phone in July,'77.  We stayed there for two years
and then we moved back to Memphis.

Yes, Linda, Sam and I always got along.  I played a part in Sam getting on the Sheriff's Dept. in Memphis before he later worked for Elvis. Elvis asked me to
talk to the Sheriff.  Linda was good for Elvis and from the things I heard about Ginger from the guys, Ginger was a huge come down from Linda who truly
cared about and for Elvis.  I never met Ginger,she came after I left but from what I heard Elvis should have never been with her but she was like a trophy for
him.  I also know he would not marry her regardless of what she and her mother have said.

I have no idea who the cousin was that was Sheriff, unless you're talking about the one in Tupelo after Elvis died.  That was the first time any of us ever heard
of him.  I met a female cousin in Tupelo after Elvis died too.  We really never met any of them when Elvis was alive.  The few times we went down there he
didn't visit relatives. Most of them were distant cousins.
Giuseppe. Asks Marty: [17.09.11]
Hi Marty,
First of all, thank you for giving your time to answer all the questions.
I have always admired your honesty and always loved your stories of life with Elvis from the days of "Elvis the Record" magazine.

My question is about Elvis and his use/abuse of drugs.
I remember reading that he was high also during the 1972 New York Press Conference while for years I thought he was pretty straight. That made me think
that maybe he was "under the influence" on other occasions that I didn't realize?

The question is:
Can you give us an example of when Elvis was truly "clean" or was he always taking one thing or another during most of his lifetime after the army?
Can you give us examples of movies, press conference etc where there are video/audio we can check and see/hear what a  "clean" Elvis looked/sounded like?

May I also comment on the Jose Feliciano/George Klein story.
I am a musician and I have worked with a guy in Italy that couldn't switch on a light let alone producing a record; nevertheless, he obtained some money from
an Italian recording company and approached Feliciano's people who all they want to know was how much he was offering and Jose` is now working on an
album with him. No questions asked on musical values or else, just money.

The first time I saw this attitude was from the management team of a quite famous rock star when it was approached by myself and a friend for a record. I was
quite shocked that they were not worried about how good we were, but only how much we could pay.
If GK has found some backer, then I'm not surprised of the project.

Marty Says:
Hi Giuseppe,
Thank you for the nice comments. I have no reason to lie about anything as my ego doesn't require it nor do I embellish my relationship with Elvis and the
guys all those years.  I'm a firm believer in the saying Elvis and us used to quote, "The Truth Shall Set You Free!"  I learned a long time ago that when you lie
it usually comes back to bite you in the ass.

Elvis had pills in him almost daily from the mid 50's to the day he died.  The only time I can remember that he didn't was the two weeks we were in Hawaii for
the Aloha Show.  He stayed clean because he knew how important that show would be.  However, he had a metabolism that could handle pills without it really
effecting his normal behaviour and that's why most people could not tell when he had pills in him. Plus the fact that while he was alive we hid that fact.  Some
of us guys had the same kind of metabolism because some of us had pills in us every day too.  I certainly did and I functioned very well when I was with him
and the years I was in the Memphis and National Music Industry.

As for Klein, if he was just the money guy or brought the money guy to Jose than he should not be called a producer, as you know the producer of an album
or record is one who puts the record together musically in the studio.  Some producers run the Board themselves and some have engineers and call the shots
as far as arrangements are concerned and knowing if what's happening from the musicians and artist and background singers is good and especially in tune.
Klein is not qualified to do that.

Hope that answers your questions.
Stephen Griffiths Asks Marty: [17.11.11]
Hi Marty,
I hope all is good with you.   A year or so after Elvis passed away, a deejay spliced together Linda Ronstadt's version of Love Me Tender with Elvis's original.   
Do you know if Elvis had been aware of her music or if he liked her voice?  And did they know each other or meet?

Marty Says:
Hi Stephen,
Yes, Elvis was aware of Linda and enjoyed her music. I don't recall them ever meeting but they may have briefly?
Fran Ventry Asks Marty: [17.11.11]
Hi Marty, It's fran again. I love this 'Ask Marty' question and answer site. I'm addicted to reading it. I have a couple more questions.

One of them is; what is Billy Smith doing now and where does he live? I always thought he should be the spokes person for EPE if Lisa didn't want to be

My other question is about the song 'If I Can Dream'. It was so beautiful. Why didn't Elvis sing it when he was on tour? I think I have all the cd's with the live
concerts and 'If I Can Dream' is not on any of them. If you know of another time he did sing it can you tell me when and where it was?

My last question is when I read your book you seemed to think differently of some of the MM and Pricilla than you do now. What changed after Elvis died to
make you see them for what they are. Maybe that's the way they always were but you didn't see it then.  When Pricilla left Elvis do you think it could have been
ego because she left first because Ann Margaret said that he wanted to come back to her after he married Pricilla. Do you think that they would have divorced
eventually anyway?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Marty Says:
Hello Fran,
Glad you are enjoying this feature. I enjoy doing it because I want everyone to know the truth about what went on all those years especially since there have
been so many false stories and rumors told since Elvis died.

Billy is well and is retired and he and his wife Jo and two sons all live close to Memphis in Mississippi. We are still best friends as well as our families remaining
close as our kids grew up together and Jo and my wife Patsy have always been close friends.  Yes, I agree, Billy should have been in charge at Graceland
instead of Priscilla who Elvis did not want to have anything to do with his estate.

As for I Can Dream I have to confess that I really never liked the song as I think it's too contrived and as a message song it doesn't compare to In The Ghetto.  
I don't think he was that crazy about it either which is why he really didn't do it.  However, there might have been another reason but I do not recall him saying
anything about it.

Evidently you must be talking about Portrait Of A Friend and I wrote what I wrote back then because it was only two years after Elvis died and it was too soon
to be negative about anyone.  If you read Revelations From The Memphis Mafia then you know I was more frank and realistic about everything which is why
Billy and I waited 18 years after Elvis died to write it.  My true feelings and opinions of those folks was disclosed in Revelations and was how I felt for the most
part all those years .  However a couple of the guys changed their spots after Elvis died and revealed their true self which was not so good in my opinion and
they revealed that they really weren't sincere about our relationships while Elvis was alive. They turned out to be two faced backstabbers who had their self
serving agendas.  Whereas a few of the other original guys including me, stayed the same from the beginning.

Priscilla was basically a phony all along plus the fact that Elvis did not want to get married when they did. Quite frankly he shouldn't have married her or
anyone else back then until he was ready to stop playing around with other girls.  Priscilla was no match for Ann Margret as a woman and the reason Elvis
married Priscilla was because he was forced to by threats from her father which Elvis told me about on the day he told me he was going to marry her and
asked me to be the Best Man.  I advised him against it but he was afraid it would hurt his career if her father made good his threats to the media and sue him
in court.  Parker advised him to marry her because Parker didn't want his (Parker's) money train (Elvis)to stop being able to make money.
Dirk Panozzo (from outside of chicago) Asks Marty: [17.11.11]
Hi Marty, I appreciate reading your blunt honesty on subjects.
I am very angered at what has happened with the Billboard mag. "new rules" that "coincidentally" destroyed Elvis'  charted legacy. I have written every
connection I can think of...(including hate mail to Billboard execs) and haven't received even 1 response on what pressure can be applied to reverse this
INSANE move  from Billboard!!!

I read what you feel about the situation so I was hoping you might be able to help. There are millions of Elvis fans that would love to organize or petition or
SOMETHING to fix this!!

What are your feelings on fighting this bull #*&$ and do you have any ideas or suggestions to start the ball rolling!!!??
Thanks for your time Marty,

Marty Says:
Hi Dirk,
I appreciate how you feel about Elvis and want to help keep his memory alive and I thank you for that.
To be honest with you I doubt the powers to be or those at Billboard who made that decision really cares what fans think because that's their mentality and
much in the music business is political favouritism, that's why many of the pioneers of Rock N Roll who were responsible for many hits records are not in the
Rock Hall of Fame or honored by the Grammy organization (NARAS) with special lifetime achievement or Trustee awards. Chips Moman is a good example of
that, he should have been honored by both, years ago.  However that's another story.

The best and quickest way I know of gathering those signatures on a petition is via the internet. Establish a site that features the petition and a way for fans or
those in general can sign it. Then I would print the petition out when you have lots of names and mail it via the US mail or wherever you're from to the CEO of
Billboard. If you want results always go to the head man of a company.

I wish you luck and let me know if you do that and I will sign it too.  Until then, enjoy his music.
Jim from Toronto Asks Marty: [15.09.11]
I just read the story in the EER mail about the report on a potential find of a lost Elvis recording called "Living to Love You". Have you heard this report (or the
snipits of the song played in the background of the report?). Could this be possible? Are you familar with the names involved? I'm not so sure its Elvis from
'76. What do you think?

Marty Says:
Hi Jim,
I have just heard the record and it sounds more like Hamburger James Caughley trying to deepen his voice and lamely sound what he thinks Elvis sounded
like singing with a mouthful of hamburgers.  

In addition I do know that Elvis NEVER recorded with the two guys mentioned in the story. Fact is in the last few years of Elvis' life he hated recording at all
because he was tired of the bullshit songs sent to him by parker and Freddy Bienstock of Hill & Range.

I'm also wondering if that so-called lawyer, Ms. Hinton, that is supposedly vouching for this record is related to that Dr. Hinton who falsely claimed he has been
treating Elvis since he died.  As for the voice expert who claims he has certified that it is Elvis, he needs to quit claiming that expert title and find another line of
William Rauhuff Asks Marty: [15.11.11]
I went to see Chuck Berry in concert last week in Easton Pennsylvania and at 85 it was very sad as he needs to retire. I was wondering if Elvis and Chuck were
friends and did they meet many times. I always felt Elvis was the King and Chuck was the father of rock and roll. People that look at the 50s rockers do not
realize that Elvis and maybe Rick Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis were the only early rockers that ever tried to be current and move past that era. It seems a lot of
the late 60s and 70s rock acts want to give Chuck Berry and Little Richard more credit sometimes than Elvis. What is your take on this?

By the way are you as disgusted as me about the junk that EPE and Graceland enterprises sell in the catalog and stores. I do not mind the CDs and music
outtakes as much as the lamps and costumes and some of the other junk a true fan of his legacy would never buy. Who has final say is selling some of this
high price tacky items?
Hope you are well Marty.

Marty Says:
Hey William,
No, they were not good friends! We went to see Chuck at the Flamingo Lounge in Vegas one time and he was bad then on stage and this was in the 60's. He
didn't bother to come over to the table to speak to Elvis and he knew he was there because the Lounge was not that big.

The fact is that Elvis' first record came out a year before Chuck's did. Elvis in '54 and Chuck in '55......So who was the Father of Rock N Roll?  
They don't credit Elvis so much because of his career making those terrible movies in the 60's that really took him away of recording the songs he should

As for the tacky EPE merchandise, I have been saying that for years. The only thing they don't sell but I'm waiting for it to appear is toilet paper with his face
on it.  
Fran Ventry Asks Marty: [15.11.11]
I am so happy I could email you because you seem to be the most honest of everyone who was involved with Elvis. I read your book and I loved it. I agree with
everything you say especially where Pricilla is concerned.

Why does EPE keep Pricilla so involved when the majority of the fans would prefer she wasn't? I hate that she pretends she was still his wife after he died. And
what is wrong with Lisa Marie. Why doesn't she get more involved with what EPE is doing?

I hate to fly but I forced myself to do it and go see Viva Elvis (I'll do anything if it means seeing Elvis). I thought it was great, except I didn't like that Priscilla
made sure she was a part of it. They could have left out the whole wedding part and put in the 73 aloha instead. I read they are tweaking it so I hope that's
what they are taking out.

I was wondering if you are going to be around for the Elvis week 2012. I would love to meet you and say hello.

I've been an Elvis fan since I was a young girl and I always will be. I love him and I don't care what anyone had to say about him. It doesn't matter. He was a
human being and he had flaws but so do all of us. I think he still looked great in June of 77 and I don't know why the media mentions his weight all the time. He
doesn't get enough credit for what he accomplished in his lifetime and for the beautiful voice he had. Thank you Marty for taking the time to read this.

Marty Says:
Hello Fran,
Thank you for the nice comments.

Priscilla is there because Lisa put her there because Lisa doesn't want to be bothered with it, all she wants is the money.
Neither one of them are rocket scientists when it comes to business, neither one is the reason that EPE has been a success, that role belongs to Elvis, and
Jack Soden has some business sense.  In the beginning it was the Memphis Bank's Advisory Board that was the co-executor with Priscilla who came up with all
the good business ideas.

As for Viva Elvis, that to me is a joke because Elvis was not Broadway or a circus and that's what that show is. Priscilla was the consultant of Elvis on there and
whatever she has done she always makes it more about her, including what era is shown at Graceland in the decor and pictures.

The fact is Elvis did not want her to have anything to do with his estate.

The best thing you should do is what I tell everyone else, forget all that mess and just keep enjoying his music.

I have not participated in Elvis Week for years, however enjoy yourself here in Memphis.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [11.11.11]
Mr Lacker :
There is a discussion about how Elvis felt after Pres. Kennedy's assassination. Were you around then? If so, just wondered if that made him more afraid of
being in  public or if he didn't pay much attention to it? Or what was his feelings about all that?  Thank you .

Marty Says:
We were at the Perugia Way house and had been up all night. Elvis went to bed and I went to my room and when I turned on the TV the story of his being
killed came on.  I immediately went to Elvis' back door in his room and knocked and at first he said go away he wanted to sleep. I then told him about Kennedy
and he immediately said,"I'll meet you in the den, tell the maid to brings us some coffee."  

I woke a few of the other guys and we all went to the den and watched intently what was happening.  After about an hour Elvis looked at us and said,
"If some
no good sonafabitch ever does that to me I want you guys to get to him first and take care of him. Before you kill him, take his eyes out of his head.!!!"
He was angered, both about what had happened to Kennedy and the fact that there was someone out there who would do something like that.  

Later that night Ann Margret came up and we all watched what was going on the TV
Arun Jassi Asks Marty: [26.10.11]
Hello Marty.
I would like to ask a hypothetical question. If Elvis had been presented with a movie script in the Sixties (or later in the Seventies) in which his love-interest in
the movie was to be an African-American, would Elvis have accepted the part without any problems? Would his boss, Col. Parker allowed Elvis to make such a
I read in Sammy Davis Jr.'s book that he wanted to make "The Defiant Ones" with Elvis but Col .Parker was not happy with Elvis's role which Tony Curtis got in
the end. Is this true?
Do you know what would have been Elvis's thoughts on making a serious movies of this nature?

Marty Says:
Hi Arun,
I doubt it would have made a difference to Elvis but as you said Parker probably would have killed the idea without Elvis knowing it.  Parker was the one who
dealt with the studios.  However, if it was a black male actor, not a love interest, I doubt there would have been a problem with it. Don't forget that one of Elvis'
co-stars was Barbara McNair, the black singer/actress.
Bobby Wysner Asks Marty: [08.10.11]
Hi Marty,   
I have a few questions regarding Elvis' singles in the 70's. Although the material seemed to get worse, he did release a few excellent singles. But "Burning
Love" was really his only huge hit in the 70's.
my questions:
1. With songs like:
"I've Got a Thing about You Baby," "Hurt/For the Heart," "If You Talk In Your Sleep", I'm Leavin'," "It's Midnight," & " Way Down", those were good songs that
Elvis sang brilliantly.
But they really were not big hits. Why do you think they didn't do better on the charts?  And why do you think they didn't get much play on the radio?

2.  Did Elvis really dislike the song Burning Love as has been reported and written about?

3.  Did Elvis listen to the radio very much during his last few years, and what kind of music did he listen to mostly?

Marty Says:
Hi Bobby,
They weren't big hits because RCA and Parker didn't promote them that much plus the fact they weren't really good commercial songs. they might have
sounded nice to some but they were not very commercial.
Yes, he disliked the song so much he could really never remember the lyrics because of it. Quite frankly I personally thought it was a cheap imitation of his
very early hits.
He only listened to the radio when he was in the car.
Steve Hardin in Atlanta GA Asks Marty: [06.10.11]
Hi Marty,
I have a few questions regarding the Aloha From Hawaii Show for you.

First, Since Elvis added a few songs to this program that he'd never performed on stage at that time (to my knowledge), do you recall him ever holding any off-
stage rehearsals prior to his performing the January 12, 1973 "Rehearsal Show" or the January 14th live satellite broadcast?

Second, We all know the backup singers and a comedian usually performed prior to Elvis coming on stage. Was this the same for the Aloha Show?
Did The Sweet Inspirations, Stamps, and Jackie Kahane perform their usual bit before Elvis came on stage for the Aloha Show?

Finally, I always liked how the stage was set up for the Aloha Show, with the flashing "ELVIS" lights behind the orchestra and the runway extending out in to the
audience. Did you ever recall Elvis ever expressing any thoughts on this? Did he like how the stage was designed for the show and any reasons why he never
used the stage background light effects or runway in any of his tour shows?

Marty Says:
Hi Steve,
We were there for almost a week before the dress rehearsal and he rehearsed almost every night.
He had to because of camera shots and other things that were not the same from his regular tour shows.

You know, in spite of my usual good memory, I don't recall that they performed as usual if they did. I think because this was a special Satellite show which
means you only have the satellite for a certain length of time, this show was all about Elvis. However my memory could fail me and they might have performed
but I say no right now.

That backdrop and staging was done by Marty Pasetta for RCA and NBC and Elvis had nothing to do with it.  Knowing how cheap Parker was I doubt he would
go through the expense of having on tours and in Vegas.  It would cost to transport it from place to place as well as to reconstruct it.  Parker squeezed every
penny so he could have more in his pockets.
Simon Wells Asks Marty: [06.10.11]
Hi Marty
Thanks for taking these questions and answering them in such a candid way.
It has been suggested that Charles Manson used to hang around Elvis' L.A mansion during 1967-8- usually as a guest of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson.
Do you recall seeing him around.?

The story I heard is that he got out of control one night and had to be thrown out. Be interested to know if there's any truth in this or is it just yet another myth.

Marty Says:
Hello Simon,
That is an absolute total lie. And Dennis Wilson also never came there.
That's a new one on me, when will the bullshit stories ever end?
Bobby Wysner in Lexington, SC Asks Marty: [03.10.11]
Hi Marty,  I wanted to know what you thought about the two sessions that Elvis did at Stax studios.  And I'm very interested in what your thoughts are regarding
the Stax sound vs. the American Sound Studios sound. I'm a big fan of both Stax and American. But it seems that the sound that Chips got at American was so
much more crisp and clean than the Stax sound. Much more bass.  
I wanted to know if Chips was ever able to achieve that same sound in other buildings after American ended?

I also wanted to know if you knew Joe Tex, and what your feelings about him were? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of these questions.
You are one of the few people around who has so much knowledge of the history of Memphis Music. And even more  importantly - you were a part of it!

Marty Says:
To begin with both Stax and American were good studios but the difference lies in the people that were in them.

Chips hit making was more consistent and the reason it was crisper is because the same six man rhythm section at American played on every record cut there
whereas at Stax there was different musicians on most of the sessions as well as different producers and engineers.

Elvis' Stax sessions were both the same, he really didn't want to do either one of them but he did them because he was being nagged by Parker and RCA to
record. When he asked me to get him a studio when I got him Stax he immediately told me what I Just said about the session and Parker and RCA.

Chips cut hits in whatever studio he was in and he always had those same six man rhythm section.  They were all creative and inventive and that's why they
did so good regardless of who the artist was.

I me Joe Tex once briefly at American and he seemed ok to me.
Philip (Bootle, Merseyside, England) Asks Marty: [29.09.11]
Hi Marty,
I hope you are well and Thank you for giving up your time in answering my question.
Could you please tell me (if you know that is) how many songs Elvis had especially written for him?

What I mean by that is, songs that He was the first to sing and release. I know Elvis had 'If I Can Dream' written especially for the '68 comeback special and
'Don't' written by Leiber and stoller (Sorry to hear about Jerry Leiber, my best wishes go to his family), which parker was really annoyed about.

I also know that Elvis co-wrote a song which Piscilla did not like, which I think was 'You'll Be Gone'  I'm not sure on that one Though.Red West also wrote a few
songs for Elvis one of which was 'If you Talk In Your Sleep', I'm not sure on the rest.

I know you probably can't give me an exact figure, but just a ball park figure will do.(only if you know off the top of your head, I don't want to put you too much
Thanks again

Marty Says:
Hi Philip,
Most of his movie songs were written for him and the movie with the exception of course of that big chart hit Old McDonald, (tongue in cheek).

Red wrote Separate Ways especially for Elvis and there were a number of early songs by various writers who wrote them for Elvis.  In the later years there
were very few if any that were written especially for him.

That's the best I can do as I cannot put a number on them all.
Bobby Wysner Asks Marty: [28.09.11]
I wanted to see if you could provide some insight about Elvis's studio recording material during the 1970's. I know about the reasons you have given regarding
the mostly dreadful material he was presented with. But he seemed so thrilled with the 1969 American sessions, which provided him with the opportunity to
sing Blues, some Country, and most importantly - R & B. His "Elvis Country" sessions were also excellent, although they couldn't compare with the 69 sessions.

So my questions are:
1. When he made such brilliant recordings at American at in 1969, why did not stand up for himself like he did in 1968 and 69 and demand better material?
The few times he did stand up to the Colonel it seemed that he got what he wanted.

2. As the 1970's wore on and Elvis's studio album sales kept going down, wasn't Parker aware at all the the reason Elvis albums weren't selling is because of
horrible material?

3. Do you think Elvis in the 1970's became disinterested in R&B and Rock and Roll for the most part?

Marty Says:
Hello Bobby,
He [Elvis] did some material in the 70's that Parker and Hill & Range didn't give him and that mainly came from three sources. Red West, me and if you'll notice
he covered other people's hits some that were cut at American Studios on other artists.  He did that because deep down he liked the songs that came from
Chips but because, as I've previously stated, Parker told him lies about Chips after the '69 sessions that was started by Felton to Parker and he wouldn't go
back there because of it. He was wrong by not going back and for listening to Parker who had ulterior motives to badmouth Chips.  

However, unfortunately most of the songs he did came from Parker and Hill & Range and were crap as noted by the poor showings on the charts.

Parker knew about the declining sales but he was happy to rake in his percentage from the song publishing which he enjoyed more than Elvis. Plus all of his
side deals pertaining to Elvis' work that was not found out until Elvis died which Elvis never shared in.

He didn't do much R&B and RNR in the 70's because of the crap from Parker which didn't include any good ones. fact is many of them came from Freddy
Bienstock's European publishing company and at that time they were a few years behind the US and terrible.

Parker and Bienstock did a lot of damage to Elvis both career wise and his personal life but Elvis is partly to blame for not confronting them and changing it all
including getting rid of Parker.
June Robertson Asks Marty: [05.09.11]
I am reading a recent biography of Barbara Stanwyck by..Jane Ellen Wayne.
I have always understood that the pairing of Ms. Stanwyck with Elvis was a very positive one and that both were happy to work together.  I cannot imagine Elvis
ever being disrespectful to a co-star and definately not someone of Ms. Stanwyck's stature. I remember seeing photos of them holding hands on the set.

In previous interviews, Ms. Stanwyck was quoted as saying...'when I met Elvis Presley, he was such a total gentleman and his physical beauty reminded me so
much of my ex-husband, Robert Taylor'.   Understandable, since the only two movie stars of the golden era to even touch Elvis' handsomeness were...Tyrone
Power and Robert Taylor.

Quote on....page 157...of 'The Life and Loves of Barbara Stanwyck'....'Barbara did not like Elvis and the feeling was mutual. He wanted Mae West but, Tom
Parker thought Stanwyck was the better choice.  Elvis and Barbara spoke only their lines to each other.  She told reporters...'he was a fine person, his
manners are impeccable, he is on time and knows his lines. He was wonderful to work with'.  Elvis had nothing to say about her and in private referred to her
as..'the biggest closeted dyke in Hollywood'.  

I just can't imagine Elvis saying something like this. Marty....do you know the truth on this one?

Marty Says:
Hello June,
Another writer making things about a subject she knows nothing about. Elvis respected her very much and they always were friendly on the set.  She told us to
call her "Missy" which was her Hollywood nickname amongst the crews she worked with.  She and Elvis were not only friendly she liked hanging around with us
guys and I had some great conversations with her.  As for Elvis and his supposed "Dyke" reference I never heard him say that. As an aside, Robert Taylor
visited the set one day.

In addition, Elvis did not request Mae West, fact is he never got involved with the casting. If that crap came from Parker, Elvis had nothing to do with it.  Parker
dealt with the studios not Elvis.
Angie Asks Marty: [05.09.11]
Hi Marty,
What are your thoughts about Red West's movie career?  Did Elvis encourage him to pursue acting?  Was there competition between them at all?  Isn't it
ironic that Red became the dramatic actor that Elvis craved to be but was unable to really pursue thanks to the Colonel?

You have said that Elvis did not want to marry.  Some of the MM guys as well as one of Elvis' housekeepers spoke candidly about Elvis being under pressure
to marry and fulfilling his obligation to do so because he had no other choice.  Bel Air was a real eye opener for those fans in the USA who were fortunate
enough to meet and see Elvis over a period of several years.  The public image is one thing, the real story behind the scenes quite another.  In your opinion,
was there no one special person with whom he wanted to share his life, or did he just not want to be married, period.

I agree with you that "I'll remember you" is one of Elvis' best recordings and to that I would add 'Don't".  The King of early Rock was the finest ballad artist ever.

Thank you for providing a public forum for the fans, we finally have a chance to be heard.

Marty Says:
Hi Angie,
There was no rivalry in acting between Red and Elvis, it was Elvis who got him started in the movie business and yes, Red has become a very good character
actor.  If Elvis would have confronted and been more assertive with Parker he could have done dramatic movies because he had the talent but un fortunately
he didn't confront Parker until it was too late.

Elvis told me when he asked me to be his Best Man at his wedding that he was forced into it by Priscilla's father's threats and that he didn't want to marry her
or anyone else.  She and her father have denied that in Elvis By The Presleys, which should have been called By The Beaulieus, however Elvis told me that
and I believe him because I know he was not ready to get married.  I don't think he ever was. Most of us would have preferred he marry Ann Margret but that
was not to be either even though he cared a great deal for her, possibly love..
William Rauhuff Asks Marty: [05.09.11]
Kudos  to you for telling it like it is with the 45th Elvis Wedding Calendar.  
I did not realize on my last question I failed to mention Billy Smith and you are 100% correct he is another classy guy that from what I have read was treated
pretty shabby by Priscilla especially after spending the most time with Elvis in the later years.

It had to be very hard and painful to watch and I am sure he had his hands full. I was driving home from work yesterday listening to the 1969 Memphis
sessions and I thank you every time I listen to those sessions after knowing the story behind them. I read way back in 1968 that Steve Binder asked Elvis if
MacArthur Park had not been touched would he record it and he said he would. I wish he had because I have heard Glen Campbell version which is damn
good but Elvis would have nailed that song. One more thing in the 1969 sessions when Elvis recorded Gentle On My Mind he took that song to another level
and it was a R&B soul song and man Long Black Limousine is so haunting and real. That song spews hurt and despair and lost love. Anyway those were great
days for Elvis. My favorite period was 1968-1973

Marty Says:
Hi William,
There's not much I can add to what you said because I whole heartedly agree.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [05.09.11]
Do you think ELVIS was comfortable with how much(or how little)the Memphis media reported on his life and career?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Hello Randy,
He made no mention of whether he even thought of it.  He knew how popular and famous he was.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [24.08.11]
Dear Mr.Lacker, I would like to ask(please?):
Did ELVIS or RCA decide which songs would be released as (45rpm)"singles"?
Also: were there any songs that YOU felt SHOULD have been(released as)"singles", but weren't?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
It was RCA with suggestions by Parker.
I can't think of any songs that should have been released as singles.
William Rauhuff Asks Marty: [24.08.11]
I have been meaning to ask do you still live in Memphis or outside of Memphis?
Is Larry Gellar considered a friend or is he kind of a  take him or leave him. He does not seem to fit in either Joe , Jerry or George's world or Sonny, Red and
Billy Smith or your either.
Are the guys I have mentioned the only surviving members of the original group as I never considered Dick Grob or Dave Hebler really part of the group. Any
word on Sonny West health?

Marty Says:
Hi William,
Yes, I still live in Memphis.

I really don't think of Larry except when I read some more bullshit he says that is not true. I'm not and never have been a fan of his Far Eastern crap that he
got Elvis involved in, it's what I call California Cult Crap.  There are many in L.A. who into this phony, shallow bullshit.
he is more in line with Joe,Jerry and George, they all kiss Priscilla's ass.

You left out one very important surviving member of the group, Billy Smith.  I have never considered Grob as part of the MM.
Sonny is recovering at his daughter's house and is coming along fine.
Bobby Wysner From Lexington SC Asks Marty: [24.08.11]
I wanted to know if you could give your thoughts about Elvis and Charles Bronson during the filming of Kid Galahad.  
I have always read that Elvis and Bronson did not get along. But I've never been able to find out why they didn't get along. It always surprised me because
Bronson always seemed like a nice, down to earth guy. And he was great in the movie. He and Elvis seemed to have good chemistry in their scenes.

Marty Says:
Hi Bobby,
Charlie was a bit of a loner during the filming of Galahad and he had a tendency of being a know it all which turned Elvis off a bit.  However, Elvis respected
him as an actor.  the fact that they seem to have that chemistry on film is indicative to what good actors both of them were.
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [15.08.11]
Dear Mr.Lacker,
When a new ELVIS movie would be shown in a Memphis theater, did the theater-owners "play it up", advertising-wise, more so than their "usual" films?
Also: would Memphis record stores do anything "special" to call attention to the latest ELVIS single/album they now had in stock?

Marty Says:
Hi Randy,
At times they would, especially in the early days and the same with the record stores.  As the years went by they kind of stopped doing that. of course the
movies would always be advertised in the newspapers as other movies were.
Tony King Asks Marty: [05.08.11]
Hello Mr Lacker, As you know Lee and Joe do the Elvis Request Show on Fridays. I know you don't request songs, but if you did, Like the old desert Island
Question. What top 5 Elvis songs would you choose to play or be stranded with on a desert island.

Marty Says:
Hello Tony,
The 5 Elvis songs I would always choose to play are: "I'll Remember You", "I Got Stung", "In The Ghetto", "Lovin' Arms", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky"
Gerben from Holland Asks Marty: [04.08.11]
Hello Marty,
My name is Gerben and I live in the Netherlands. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all these questions about Elvis, with your first-hand

My question is about Elvis his way(s) of singing. I am a great admirer of his wonderful voice and entertainment skills.
I reckon you have been in many recording studios with Elvis, saw him on countless live performances and probably have been in a lot of jam sessions with him
on tour or at home.

Being a singer myself, I often wonder what Elvis' approach to singing was? I know he wasn't schooled and was a natural talent, but did he ever mention
something about his favourite ways of singing? Or how he acted to reach his high notes?

His natural voice was wonderful, but he must have had some interpretation on how to sing technically too, didn't he? I often have the feeling he sang really
softly in the studio and only sang louder when he really had to. Maybe in that way he kept his voice as warm as possible?

Anyway, can you perhaps expand on his singing interpretation a bit? Since you were there when the magic was created. Maybe you have your own
interpretation on how he handled the difficult songs and got away with the movie-songs for instance? Thanks very much Marty for your sharing your

Marty Says:
Hello Gerben,
One of Elvis' secrets is he really loved to sing as opposed to feeling he had to because of contracts.

His talent was strictly natural and he thought of what each song said and tried to portray the lyrics according to the message of the song, sort of like acting.  
He also loved big voiced singers from the past and he was greatly influenced by them.  Whatever else he was thinking he kept to himself.
Gerard McCluskey Airdrie , Scotland Asks Marty: [02.08.11]
Too many people in this day and age, are easy in taking a pop at Elvis- even if they never met him, never knew him or were never born till after he died...that
to me says one thing Marty, Elvis is as big now as he ever was...

1) Did Elvis really realise how big he was around the globe? Aloha From Hawaii was great, but a European tour would have been better! Did Elvis approach
this as a show as a stepping stone for Europe? or did he know it was a one off live show and he wasn't touring overseas?

2) A few years back while watching Jerry Lee Lewis in concert (2004) he was saying he was bad, worse than Elvis... "Elvis was nothing to me" he said... yet
after all these years I find it ironic that stars around that time feel the need to compare themselves to Elvis.

3) Sadly, I clearly see two groups with the MM... one, that in my opinion, is guided by EPE... and give a standard EPE answer. Jerry Shilling, Joe Esposito, and
my god the boring George Klein... I have given my time to read Jerry's book, but I won't give my time or my money to Joe and George...

4) What's your opinion on these people asking fans to donate money to help an associate of Elvis? I understand Elvis would want to help everyone, but surly
there is a line? I am sad to understand, Joe Es` wife is ill, and I wish her good health. But I am sure Joe has made enough $$$ out of Elvis name since he
passed. Fans have been asked to donate to, Sherrill Neilson, Myrna Smith (who both worked for Elvis) now someone who never  worked for Elvis nor to my
knowledge knew him either - only connection is Joe?
My father passed away from cancer last year, I know people can be at their wits end re: treatment, but this is one to many times Elvis fans are being asked to
fork out for anothers misfortune... how many Elvis fans in need with receive payment back from those people who ask for help in the first place- sorry if I sound
cold, it is just a view I have on it at this time.

5) Lastly Marty, on a happier note....Come back and visit Scotland! it must be awhile since you were last here my friend, thanks again for answer my questions.

Marty Says:
Hello Gerard,
Elvis knew very well how big he was in the world and he was appreciative that people thought that much of him. He also was human and enjoyed the
popularity. He wanted to tour overseas but because of Parker not wanting to book him there because as an illegal alien, which we didn't know at the time, he
wouldn't do it because he could not accompany Elvis on the tour lest he be found out.  Parker booked the Aloha show to try to appease Elvis' desire to
entertain the folks overseas. It wasn't the same thing.

As for Jerry Lee, he has always been jealous of Elvis especially because Elvis was Memphis' favorite son and was looked upon positively here whereas Jerry
was not because of his rotten attitude, belligerence and his close to criminal actions.  It is called jealousy and envy and Jerry in my opinion has always been
an evil person. It's a shame because he's a talented man but his behavior has killed that for many people.

Yes, George, Joe and Jerry have a little clique and they have their noses up Priscilla and Lisa's ass hoping they will throw them a bone every once in awhile
so they can make a dollar or two.  As for George he's a liar and a backstabber who most of us have no use for.

I am sorry for Joe's wife but not Joe, he has no idea how to be humble, he has a need for people to think he's big time and special. His pleading for money
exposes the truth, that he's not.  It would not be a bad thing for the fans who want to donate but these are probably the same fans Joe has always been rude
and cold to unless they bought something from him. If the shoe was on the other foot he would not reciprocate the kind gesture.

In the very short time I was in Scotland I thought it was beautiful but I don't have the desire to travel anymore, I did too much of that for too many years..
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [02.08.11]
Dear Mr.Lacker, I would like to ask(please?):
Did ELVIS attend any Humes High School re-unions over the years? And, if so, were you with him? And, if you were, was it interesting to again be around
dozens of people who, like you, knew ELVIS before his fame?
Thanks for your time, Sir.

Marty Says:
To my knowledge Elvis never attended a reunion and neither did I.
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