Bill Rauhuff Asks Marty: [30.03.11]
I have read that Hal Wallis and John Wayne always wanted Elvis in a movie with the Duke including Rio Bravo which went to Ricky Nelson because Elvis was
getting drafted and True Grit which went to Glen Campbell because Elvis was leaving movies for concerts. Any truth to any of this in your opinion? Also much
has been made of his acting in King Creole which was very good, but I watched Flaming Star and Follow that Dream again a week or so ago and I had forgot
how good he was in those movies.

Flaming Star had a great message about bigotry and his comic timing in Follow that Dream and the court house scene were very good. I also thought he was
good and believable in Kid Galahad and Wild in the Country even though the movie is boring at times.

He made some real turkeys like Frankie and Johnny and Paradise- Hawaiian-Style as well. I thought Charro would have been good if the stage set had not
have looked cheap and some of the supporting cast were better. What is your opinion. As always thanks for taking the time for us fans Marty

Marty Says:
Hello Bill,
I have never heard that about Wallis and John Wayne. Maybe Wayne wanted him but Wallis was in cahoots with Parker in wanting Elvis to do movies like he
did.  Fact is Wallis said after Elvis died, "Regardless of what critics said about the kinds of movies we did with Elvis, we didn't hire him to be another James
Dean, we hired him to be Elvis Presley and sing in the movies."

Elvis would have been a good dramatic actor had they let him progress with good scripts but Parker and Wallis put him in those crappy movies because they
were greedy.

In case you didn't know, Parker and Wallis lived next door to each other in Palm Springs so they had plenty of time to scheme.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [30.03.11]
Would you tell me what you know or think about a person out here calling herself Linda Hood Sigmon? She claims Elvis didn't die and she knows him. Any
suggestions on how to stop some of the things she's doing to his name? I've seen a little of it and it's getting worse and worse.
Do you know anything about why this keeps going on? I went to her site once a long time ago but it's now filtrated to other sites. It's very shameful in most of
our opinions. Can EPE do anything about it? Thanks

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
She's a nutcase in my opinion. There are still a few out there who are delusional thinking Elvis did not die.  He died on August 16,1977 and no lunatic like her
is gonna' change that.  
The best thing you can do to combat people like her is either ignore her or tell people what I just said above.
The only way Elvis lives on is through his music,tell her and everyone else to enjoy it and leave the other nonsense alone.
Jim in Toronto Asks Marty: [24.03.11]
As much of a fan of Elvis that I am, I am also a big fan of vintage car racing. I love watching the movie Viva Las Vegas for the race scene at the end of the
movie. Can you tell me if those race scenes are real, ie: filmed on location for the purpose of the movie? Perhaps there was a big race held in Las Vegas at
the time of filming or were these scenes taken from file footage and simply spliced into the film where and when needed? Were you with Elvis during the filming
of this movie?
I think Red or Sonny are seen somewhere in the film.
Did you ever appear in any of Elvis’ movies? Did you ever want to?

Marty Says:
Hi Jim,
I was not on Viva Las Vegas, that's when I took a short 8 month break from working with Elvis to go back into radio.  Knowing how movies are made and by the
way to answer your question, I was in 13 of them, they use stock footage of races  as part of those scenes with other shots of close-ups of Elvis interspersed
into the film.  

When you see anyone driving or riding in a car and the scenery through the windows makes it seem they are driving that is usually done on what is known as
a Processing stage. The people are and the car is sitting still but they are running movie screens behind the car of street scenes making it seem like they are
actually moving.  There are some scenes where they either mount a camera in the car or a camera truck is in front or behind but most time it is processing.  
When they have a race car that has numbers on the side as most do, they will number the car according to what is shown on the stock footage they are
using.  If it is actual shots on locations they usually use stunt drivers to do the fast and dangerous stuff and then they do close-ups of the stars.  That's the
long explanation but remember it's Hollywood, the land of make believe.  They are so good they make it all seem real.

It's a fascinating art and if you ever  become involved in it, you will be amazed at what some of those production people can do. Once you spend  a lot of time
in that atmosphere it all seems normal to you.
Dominic K  from Sarasota, Florida Asks Marty: [23.03.11]
Hi Marty,  
Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I have always admired you and the rest of the true group! Thanks for staying real and loyal to Elvis.

I have 3 short questions:
1) Did Elvis ever do scales or vocal warm-ups before going on stage?

2) Since the 70's were coming to a close in 1977, did Elvis ever express switching up his wardrobe from jumpsuits?

3) Larry Geller stated in his book "If I Can Dream" that Elvis did not think Jesus was the Son of God, I know he was reading up on many faiths "thanks" to Larry
but can you confirm for all of us fans that Elvis was indeed a Christian and believed Jesus was indeed the Son of God?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer all of our questions. You are a good friend!

Marty Says:
Hello Dominic,
Thank you for the nice comments.

I never heard Elvis do scales or vocal warm ups but what he did do was sometimes a throat wash.

Elvis had a habit, a bad one in my opinion, that once he did something he liked he didn't change  from doing it and ran it into the ground. Like eating meatloaf
for dinner almost every night for two years. I wish he had but I never heard him talk about stopping the jumpsuits.

I also never heard him deny Jesus was the son of G-d.  I feel he might have said that to me since I'm Jewish and I don't believe he was THE son of G-d. I
believe we are all G-d's children and Jesus was just like the rest of all mankind. if you know anything about the history of Theology, there were a number of
people who said they were the son Of G-d, Jesus just had more believers than the rest of them. However, I won't go into that discussion with you because it
would probably piss some believers off.
Al Boulianne Asks Marty: [22.03.11]
I am a very good friend of Jerry Scheff. What kind of guy was he when you guys were on tour?
Also for me the best Elvis work that I enjoyed the most was at Stax studio in 1973. Thank you for being a guidance for these sessions. For the 'Good Times'
album is my best Elvis studio album. Songs like 'Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues', 'Talk About The Good Times' and 'I've Got A Thing About You Baby' are
the best. Can you tell me about how the sessions went and how was Elvis during those sessions? Also I heard that there were Elvis fans outside in the cold
and Elvis had hot chocolate delivered to them during that sessions, Is that true?

Finally is there any picture or film about this session? If yes, where could we get them?
Thank you Marty for being there for our curiosity about Elvis and I hope to be able to meet you sometime soon.
God bless.

Marty Says:
Hi Al,
I really didn't interact with the band, they were separate from us. I was friends with Ronnie Tutt because we knew each other when he lived and did sessions in
Memphis. He played on some of the sessions I did for Pepper Records. The same for Larry Muhoberach, who was the original pianist. I really didn't know
Scheff, I don't recall ever speaking to him.

Elvis' attitude about the Stax sessions were that he really didn't care, the only reason he did them is because Parker and RCA was nagging him. He told me
that when he asked me to find him a Memphis studio to do the sessions.  In my opinion the best record that came out of them was 'Lovin' Arms'.

There were no cameras allowed at those sessions. I don't recall the hot chocolate at those sessions. Stax Studios was very secure so if there were any fans
out there they would not have been on the property but outside the gates and fence.
Mark Johnson Asks Marty: [19.03.11]
Regarding the recent question by Candy, what were the items, or at least the general nature or type of the items that were lifted from upstairs?

Marty Says:
Hello Mark,
Mainly jewellery and clothing and also some army stuff that was up in the attic.
Daniel Richard from Montreal, Canada Asks Marty: [19.03.11]
First of all, thank you for your involvement in Memphis music. Your award was well deserved.

I am a big Elvis fan and I must admit that I also really love the soul music of the 60's and 70's, especially the type that came from Stax Studio and Hi in

1. Did he show special interest to the R&  B music scene and artists of his hometown?

2. Did Elvis ever met Otis Redding???

Marty Says:
Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the nice comments.
Elvis had a strong affinity for Black music, it was a great influence in his singing style.  He knew all about the old blues singers and the songs they sang.
He listened to that music as well as country on his radio growing up in Tupelo and then Memphis. To my knowledge he never met Otis.
Candy Asks Marty: [17.03.11]
I have read/heard that people like Dee Stanley, and others had lots of things that belonged to Elvis!
How did people outside the loop get their hands on this memorabilia?

I read that some family members stole things from Graceland, sadly, at the time of his death. Were they ever reprimanded or told to return these items...and if
not...why not?  IF they tried to sell these things...surely that act alone would prove theft.

It is amazing that Elvis and his family held on to everything...great for the fans!
As always,,,thanks.

Marty Says:
Hello Candy,
It was a couple of people who had access to upstairs. One was a family member and two of them were members of the Memphis Mafia.  None of them were
prosecuted or approached because I think Mr. Presley didn't know about it.  Both of the MM waited until Mr. Presley died before they sold anything and they
claimed Elvis gave the items to them which some of us don't believe.
Al Boulianne Asks Marty: [12.03.11]  
I was watching my DVD series of 'Roots' and was wondering if Elvis watched it when it aired in January 1977 and if he did what did he thing about it?
For you other than the Aloha and Madison Square Garden, what was the best 70’s concert Elvis did?
Also do you know if it is true that Elvis did not like the flame jumpsuit that he used only a few times.
Finally what happened with Lamar funeral final wishes?

Marty Says:
Hello Al,
I am not aware whether he watched Roots or not?

The concert I enjoyed the most was the first one in Vegas in '69, all the others, save the two you mentioned, were all the same to me.

That wasn't his favorite suit that's why he didn't wear it much.

Lamar's son and daughter-in-law finally relented and took his ashes to Mart, Texas as he wished, and they had a nice family and friends service in a church
and the grave site and Lamar was buried with his parents.
William Rauhuff Asks Marty: [09.03.11]
I was wondering what Elvis thought about the music in the late 60s and early 70s?
Did he have any favourite bands or male vocalist. I always hear he liked Tom Jones, Glen Campbell and Vicki Carr to name a few. I would imagine he liked Neil
Diamond and BJ Thomas as well. I read somewhere on facebook that one of the Stanley brothers said he liked Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sweet Home Alabama.
God I hope not. They are my generation but the whole southern rock thing of the 70s was so redneck and dated to listen to now.

I would imagine he was more into his career and did not have time to follow a lot of the music. I just wish he would have toured for a year then took a year off
from touring to make a decent movie and record a great album and then in two or three years do the tours again and so forth. I read somewhere he was
contracted to make 3 albums a year. You cannot possible make that many albums a year and expect them all to be great or even good.  They also should not
have released those damn budget albums like Camden which included a recent picture in a jumpsuit from the 70s with the soundtracks from the 60s movies.
Looking back he was the greatest but with any good management how many more records would he had sold. God only knows

Marty Says:
Hi William,
He [Elvis] enjoyed some singers but they were mainly black R&B singers and some Gospel singers. He enjoyed Tom Jones and Vicki Carr and he was friends
with Glen Campbell but he didn't go crazy over them. As for Lynyrd, he just liked that song ['Sweet Home Alabama'] otherwise he wouldn't know who you were
talking about.

As for the touring and all those albums you can thank Colonel Parker for all that crap, he was only interested in the money and milked Elvis dry. Unfortunately
Elvis never called him on it.
Catherine Hingston Asks Marty: [07.03.11]
Dear Marty,
I see that you have a book that you've owned and selling it on e-bay called ''From Paradise To Paradise Regained'' and would be interested in knowing more
about the contents of the book and could you tell me about Elvis giving you the book as I'm interested in Elvis' spiritual life. I would like to thank you for the
time that you give in answering fans their questions about Elvis.

Marty Says:
Hi Catherine,
The book is about many things and stories in the Bible and the pages are full of beautiful drawings on many of the pages. The cover has a scene embossed
on it.  We were talking one night about religion and he was talking about the book and one by Khalil Gibran that he liked and he got the book from the table
next to him and gave it to me. I was surprised because I know he liked it. I took it home and read it a few times and put it on my bookshelf.
Mike Zlotnicki Asks Marty: [07.03.11]
Was Elvis a fan of The Box Tops ?  Thanks !

Marty Says:
Hello Mike,
He liked The Letter but other than that I don't remember him ever mentioning them or playing their records.
Stephen Griffiths Asks Marty: [27.02.11]
I read your quotes about the fact that you heard a demo of 'I Honestly Love You' with Alan Ryder in LA and thought maybe Elvis could use it, but that you were
prevented from presenting the song to Elvis before his recording sessions.   

If you'd had the opportunity to play it for him, do you think that Elvis would have liked the song and want to record it?  Helen Reddy wrote in her autobiography
that she heard a demo of 'I Honestly Love You', but turned it down because of the theme of infidelity and because she had a jealous husband at the time.
Anne Murray wrote in her own autobiography that she turned down the song because she didn't think it was a good fit for her (thought she quipped in one of
her 1980s TV specials that she was "really stupid" to have rejected it). Olivia Newton-John heard it, loved it and was eager to record it, although apparently it
took some convincing for her record label to release the album track as a single.

So I am curious what would've happened if Elvis heard the demo, and how that may have turned out if he liked it (although I realize it's impossible to know with
complete certainty).

Marty Says:
Hi Stephen,
I think Elvis would have loved it because he would see the dramatic story of it.  I think that kind of song was right for his voice.  However, we will never know
because he never got a chance to hear the demo. However, he did hear Olivia's version on the radio in the car one night and he liked it.

Olivia finally got it after she was convinced by the writers John Farrar and Peter Allen, two fellow Australians.
Candy Asks Marty: [27.02.11]  
Linda Thompson has stated that Elvis' drug habit was getting worse as time went on....Priscilla knew it, seems everyone around him knew it, yet I don't recall
there being much press about it. Maybe I was just out of the loop as far as rag mags back then, but everyone seems to have turned a blind eye.

Given the fact that some of you guys were no longer around, do you think that situation would have changed and you guys were re-hired...or do you think
Elvis was finally growing up and realizing he needed to make changes?

Also, I know he had given all you guys, cars, bonuses, houses, different things at different times...but did you ever think he would have left you all anything (in
his will)?

The other thing that has always puzzled me is....IF, which I do NOT believe,  he was going to marry ginger...why wasn't she in the will?  According to what I
have researched, she witnessed a will at some point in time....I also read she was well beyond her years in life experience...that she actually "used" Elvis if you
will....that she refused to stay with him at Graceland...that she was just there for the money.

The MM, in my opinion, got shafted in a lot of ways. It is my hope that I am not too judgmental...I realize that Elvis put Priscilla through a lot as a Woman, BUT....
I also know that she milked that cow for everything she can....Elvis left her nothing....and yet she comes up with these NEW displays at Graceland, which are
only displays that are renamed and used in a different context to draw yet more unsuspecting Elvis admirers to view them.

One was just released to be soon seen....a replica of the old house in tupelo..which has already been seen at graceland on display, along with some other
things from his early life...(which has also been displayed)....and presented as this new thing about his youth....yawn, yawn..Oh well.......

I see you were highly instrumental, or I feel you were, in getting Lamar laid to rest where he WANTED to be.
I congratulate you....thanks for staying LOYAL to a friend's wishes....most people would have given up...but you kept what was important to HIM..important to

Marty Says:
Hello Candy
Elvis was taking pills from the time he was 18, yes we all knew but nobody except his father and Parker turned a blind eye.  A few of us said something to him
about it but if you wanted to help him you didn't say much because you wouldn't be around and then could not help him.  When he pushed me away in late '76
I wrote him a letter before I moved to California for awhile telling him how great I felt after I stopped taking them and he ranted and raged about me all night at
The Memphian saying I was trying to tell him how to live his life and needed to mind my own business.

He did the same to Red when Red spoke with him about it. Regardless about what some say about Red and Sonny's book, that was a big reason they wrote it
to try to make him see what he was doing to himself.  I also know Billy spoke with him about it that last year.  We kept it from the press all those years because
it was none of their business.

I know I and a few others were not there for money or what we could get and as far as Elvis' Will was concerned, the thought never entered my mind.  He told
my wife and I one night on the way back from the Memphian with him and Linda that I was in his will and I told him that I did not want to hear that and that he
was going to outlive all of us.  

We were friends, brothers and if you love and care about someone that thought doesn't enter your mind. According to Billy who saw the Will when Elvis signed
it in March '77 some of us were in the will on a separate page but when the will was probated the page was missing. His father got rid of it after Elvis died.

Elvis WAS NOT going to marry Ginger Alden.  Tennessee law does not allow a witness to its signing to be a beneficiary which proves he had no intention of
marrying her or leaving her anything.  From what I hear the other things you said are true.

Elvis did not want Priscilla to have anything to do with his estate but you can thank Lisa Marie for her being there and running it for her.

Lamar was my brother just as a few others are and I believe a man's wishes should be honored. he wanted his ashes to be buried with his parents in Texas
and his son and his son's wife acted as if they weren't going to do that and took him to Atlanta.  I just called attention to it, whether I was instrumental or not,
the important thing is his wishes are now being carried out.
Gerard McCluskey from Airdrie Asks Marty: [11.02.11]
Hi Marty, A few questions popped into my head:
People always comment on how close he was to his mother, after she passed, did Elvis talk about her openly to all the guys about her or would he only talk
about her in private one to ones with some of the guys?

I can understand everyone is different. Having lost my father last year, I was wondering how Elvis handled this throughout his life.

Also I remember reading somewhere, on one year's earnings Elvis may have taken around $4 million dollars (from touring in 1974) but from this he paid from
his bodyguards, the band and through to the sound systems. I understand why he had you guys on payroll,(even though now it not uncommon for
management to have security paid for their stars) but for him to have to pay for the band and sound systems. Surely this was a job that Parker along with his
team should have dealt with or did Elvis want to deal with the this stuff himself after seeing how Parker dealt with the movie contracts?

Marty Says:
Hello Gerard,
Elvis didn't openly talk about his mother very often and yes, he did have one on one mentions of her to some of us but he never really went in depth about
her. I'm sure he talked with Billy during the last year he was alive.  I know too that Lamar was close to her also.

Elvis needed guys around him more for companionship then security. Those of us who were there from the early years were guys who, for the most part, grew
up with him, he knew us and trusted us.  When you get to that point as a superstar you have to have people around you who you know and trust if you want to
retain some sanity and realism in your life.  He wasn't shallow Hollywood nor was he interested in keeping up with the Joneses like most of them do out there.

As for Parker, I have made my feelings known about him for a long time. He was a con man and he took advantage of Elvis' lack of business knowledge.  He
always tried to make it look like he was looking out for Elvis' benefit but in fact he was looking out for his own. The band should have been paid out of the
gross money before Parker got his commission since he kept saying that he and Elvis had a partnership especially after 1967 when he took advantage of
Elvis being ill and demanded 50% of whatever Elvis earned. I emphasize "Elvis Earned" not Parker.
Jim Z Asks Marty: [01.02.11]
I’ve got a bit of a bet going on with a local DJ here in Toronto who says Elvis recorded the song “Don’t Pull Your Love Out (on Me Baby)” made famous by
Hamilton, Joe, Frank and Reynolds) in the 1970’s. I’m pretty sure Elvis never recorded that song in a studio. However, is it possible Elvis sung the song live in
concert? Can you please comment as to whether you ever heard Elvis sing this song in concert and if he did could it be out there perhaps even in a fan
recording from the audience?
Sorry to hear about Lamar. I’m sure he’ll be missed by all those who loved him.

Marty Says:
Hi Jim,
To my recollection Elvis never sang that song. if the DJ persists tell him to play the record

From Lee at E.E.R Says:
Hello Jim,
I would like help with your question and to agree with Marty that Elvis did not ever record the song, "Don't Pull You Love Out (On Me Baby)".
Here at E.E.R, I have a collection that contains one performance of every song Elvis performed live on stage, which includes both professional and audience
recordings from 1954 to 1977. Also, as a show, I have every studio recording and home recording that has ever been released. So please go and collect your
bet from the Toronto DJ and point him in the direction of Elvis Express Radio if he really wants to persist with the claim or as Marty says, "tell him to play the
Candy Asks Marty: [01.02.11]  
I re and re-read the MM revelations book quite often....and lately I read where Elvis had you in a motel for four days while he 'entertained' some girl he had
flown in.....Now...let me say this, I always loved Elvis...and I know the image is NOT the person...but part of me gets angry with him...(yes, unwarranted),
because I feel duped in a way. I just do not understand these people who have so much talent and gifts and just throw them away.

I also DO understand the southern upbringing, as I am from Mississippi too, it is quite a psychological burden...because well meaning parents put demands on
us that weren't attainable. I think that is part of what happened to Elvis.

Now....I still do NO understand why some of these women....and I understand there were hundreds...didn't come forward with books or interviews or something
!!  Why do you think that is? Where they paid off?  

It makes no sense to me that some or one of them , along the trail somewhere didn't let this out.

I also think Vernon and Priscilla, as stated in the book, were after the same end result....$$$$$ and she has lived a damned good life off Elvis' memory...but
those two could have forced him to do something about his problem....Did he not care?

I didn't have access to a lot of articles back then...but from what I read NOW , his behaviour was highly discussed in Vegas, Louisiana, Houston...and a lot of
other places....Was he is such a fog he didn't know what was being said?

Well.......I will always be a fan, but a perplexed one at times.

Marty Says:
Hello Candy,
I have no idea why any of those girls didn't write a book?
As for Vernon and Priscilla, I have stated my opinion of both in my book and interviews.
Whether his behaviour was discussed in all those places is history and too late to do anything now.
Just enjoy his music and forget about all the rest of it.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [31.01.11]
What did you think about Sam Thompson and Dick Grob? Were they a big help to you guys or not?

I read that Ginger Aldens brother helped out at the last tour. It must have been interesting, to say the least.

When was it that you moved to California?

Do you think Elvis would have married Ginger?
I hear she has a book coming out and that she doesn't like Mr Grob in the least.

It's very sad about Lamar and Myrna .Too much sadness right now. I'm so sorry.
Several of my friends have lost family members this past several months.

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
Sam [Thompson] is a good guy, I wouldn't give you two cents for Grob.
I didn't know Ginger has a brother nor that he helped out on the last tour.
I moved to California in March,'77.
No, I do not think Elvis would have married Ginger. I have been hearing about her so-called book for a few years but it has not been published.
Yes, it is sad they have left us, thanks for the comment.
Shanon Kozak Marty: [28.01.11]
Hi, Marty.  
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.  May your dear friend, Lamar, rest in peace.

In my opinion, one of the most egregious things to have occurred since Elvis' death, is the way Billy Smith was treated by Priscilla, and to some extent,
Vernon.  Everyone knew how close Elvis was to Billy, and that they had been together since they were kids and were truly like brothers. How could this not
have resonated with Vernon, or even Priscilla?  

Wouldn't Elvis have wanted Billy taken care of?  Or, was there some bad blood between them that the fans don't know about?  

Also, how was the breakup with Ann-Margret handled?  We know Elvis had to make a choice, and who he ended up choosing, but what did he tell Ann and
how did she handle it?

Marty Says:
Hello Shanon,
The way Billy was and still is treated by Priscilla and Lisa is 100% proof that dispels all the crazies notion that Elvis is still alive. Because if he were he'd surely
appear at Graceland or Priscilla's L.A. home and slap the shit out of her. One thing's for sure, she'd have nothing to do with his estate because his wishes
were that she not be as he stated to some of us more than once. There was no bad blood between Billy and Elvis, fact is the last year they were even more
closer than ever.

As for Vernon, he didn't want anyone there that he might have to continue paying, family or no family.

As for Ann, he [Elvis] did it the only way he knew how, to abruptly cut off all communication with her once he decided to marry Priscilla because he was forced
to. However, as years went by he opened up that communication and at one time wanted her back but by then she was married to Roger Smith and typically
for her, the good person she was and is, she was loyal and faithful to Roger. She has to be admired for the way she has handled her speaking of Elvis since
he died. They really cared about each other.
John Garner Asks Marty: [28.01.11]  
Dear Marty,
I just read about Lamar, and I'm very sorry. May he rest in peace.

I have been looking for a documentary that I saw on cable a few years ago, called "Surviving The King". It had interviews and stories with you, Lamar, Sonny,
Joe, Larry and Jerry. I believe in was made for the BBC in 2002. I've been trying to find out where I might get a copy, but no one seems to know this even
exists. Can you give me any information about this? Thanks so much!

Marty Says:
Hello John,
Thank you for your comments about Lamar.  
Short of contacting BBC, I have no idea how to get that video.  
You might try eBay or
Al The Canadian Mountie Marty: [26.01.11]
Dear Marty,
First our sincere sympathy regarding your close friend Lamar.
Even if sometime Elvis was hard on him, we all know how much he loved him and how much Lamar loved Elvis. When I thing about Lamar I thing about the
closing night in Las Vegas in 1973  when Elvis came on stage on Lamar ‘s back with a stuff monkey on his back.  Can you tell us little bit about that .  The idea
behind it and how it came up etc... Marty, I wish that Elvis would have a live TV feed to funeral of his close friends for those amount us who can’t be there.  We
all know that this will never happen but if you are going it will be nice to hear about how it went. Even pictures of video of the ceremony would be very nice.

Marty Says:
Hello Al,
Thank you for the nice comments and condolences.

That will never happen by Priscilla and EPE, especially regarding five of us. Red, Sonny, Lamar, Billy or me.

Unfortunately because of medical reasons I won't be travelling to Texas whenever the family ceremony is held.
Arun Jassi Marty: [19.01.11]
Hello Marty,
Do you know if Elvis chose all the songs for the gospel medley (Motherless Child, Where Could I Go But To The Lord, Up Above My Head,and Saved) himself
in the 1968-TV Special or were they chosen for him in the gospel segment of the Special?

Was the song, Up Above My head, in any way a tribute to the legendary Sister Rosetta Tharpe who wrote and did the original and who I believe was another
of Elvis' musical inspirations?

Marty Says:
Hello Arun,
Elvis was very familiar with most Gospel songs and he chose the music.
Whether he meant that as a tribute to Rosetta Tharp, I have no idea.
Jeannie Taylor Marty: [12.01.11]
Hi Marty, Someone's said Jimmy Ellis met Elvis. Were you around then ?
Or is that just another story?
Hope you're staying warm, it's snowing here.

Marty Says:
Hello Jeannie,
Elvis met thousands of people but he never saw them again.  
I am not aware that he met Ellis, but if he did it meant nothing significant.
Arun Jassi Marty: [08.01.11]
Hello Marty,
Why didn't Elvis use The Sweet Inspirations as backing singers for his studio sessions as well as on stage? For quite a while I used to think that it was The
Sweet Inspirations that were backing Elvis on record as well until I found out that it wasn't them but somebody else.
Thank you and A Happy and healthy New Year, Marty!

Marty Says:
Hi Arun,
When Elvis recorded in Nashville he continued to use the same backup singers he had used almost from the beginning.
When he recorded in Memphis in '69 he used the backup singers picked by Chips Moman.
When he recorded at Stax in Memphis, Felton took the tapes back to Nashville and used those same singers.
As for the Sweets, the subject was never brought up that I know of.

Maureen Richardo Marty: [03.01.11]
I read in Priscilla's book "Me And Elvis" she said that while she was pregnant Elvis would not allow her to see a doctor.
I find that hard to believe since they were married. There is not too much of what Priscilla says that I believe.
Thank you Marty for everything you do.

Marty Says:
Hello Maureen,
Elvis would have wanted her to see a doctor. If for nothing else than to be sure his child was healthy.
Happy New Year,
Candy Asks Marty: [03.01.11]  
I know a relative of Elvis' on Gladys' side....don't want to name them on here....Met them through a chat room about Elvis...
It is some of the families' opinion that Priscilla had told Elvis she was pregnant, and that luckily she got pregnant early after the wedding....also it is thought
that when her due date came and went that Elvis tried saving face, just pretended all was well.....?

That is SO wrong Marty....If there is one thing I cannot stand is a woman who will use their body or a child to manoeuvre a man.  

Goldman, as I have read, started the book with great admiration for Elvis yet that turned into hatred as he probed into Elvis' private life.....

Marty, I think Elvis just gave up. He had such a poor beginning and then when all the success came he had NO idea how to handle it, or himself.  
He should have consulted a professional...but he didn't, so we at least have our good memories, and bad..but HE was the KING.

I am so sad for Myrna and I am glad Elvis stood up for them at the astrodome.
You led a life with one of the worlds' biggest legends...someday...I want to at least shake your hand.

Marty Says:
Hello Candy,
Priscilla gave birth  9 months from the day they got married, so she was either pregnant before they married or conceived on their wedding night.  Nobody will
ever know the truth including Mrs. Presley's relative, whoever that is.  The only one who was close enough to Elvis to know was Billy, the other relatives were
really not privy to information like that.  They are just saying things to make them look like they have inside information.

I stand by what I said in regards to what Elvis told me why he was marrying her.

Goldman was Goldman and who knows why he took such a negative tone in writing the book. However that was 34 years ago and it's time to let go of all that
and just enjoy the music and the memory of someone who touched you.....Elvis!
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [02.01.11]
Since my questions to you about that Tennessee Karate School -- the question has come up; Wasn't Red West a big part of that?
Since some of those guys were said to have been fired by Vernon in 1976, how did that affect that business?

Who took care of it after that, Bobbi's husband? Did Red get paid or did he have anything invested ?
Just something new I hadn't been aware of before.
Thanks much & Happy New Year!

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
I think I mention in my previous answer that Red was a part of it.
I'm assuming that Patrick Wren, Bobbi's husband, took it over and as far as Red receiving anything when Vernon fired him, I do not know.
Happy New Year.
Jenny Asks Marty: [01.01.11]
Hello Marty,
You will have heard by now that Myrna Smith died on New Years eve.
What are your memories of Myrna?
We know that the Houston Astrodome told Colonel Parker they did not want the black singers on stage with Elvis and the Elvis told the Astrodome if they want
Elvis they get the Sweets as well. But do you recall how Elvis actually reacted to this news? And was there a lot of problems because of Elvis working with
black backing singers?

Also. Myrna used to tell a story of how Sylvia Shemwell was diagnosed with Cancer and Elvis gathered Myrna and Sylvia together and while praying, Elvis
placed his hand on Sylvia, where the Cancer was located and the very next day when she went to the Hospital, they scanned her and found the Cancer had
totally gone. This really is an amazing story, how much do you know of this and was there any incidents that occurred that left you thinking, what happened

Marty Says:
Hi Jenny,
Myrna was a sweet person and got along with everyone.  I never saw her mad or angry and she was a very talented lady.  May she Rest In Peace.

Elvis was very upset when he was told what the Astrodome had said and he cussed them badly to the guys and he meant what he said, if they were not
allowed, he would not appear.

Elvis did the touching of hands a few times, he thought he had a special power and that stemmed from the nonsense that Larry Geller got him started on, what
I call California Cult Crap.  Elvis was special and where he touched people as far as most of us was concerned was through his music.  He brought much
enjoyment and peace to millions through his music.
Happy New Year,
Candy Asks Marty: [01.01.11]  
HI Marty,
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't remember Esposito and Priscilla suing one another,,,that was a good memory 'jog'.

Marty, as you know, I think only the best of you and the REAL MM...I have always just felt that was deceit in Joe's eyes and Schilling , quite frankly is SO fake...
anyone could see that...I realize some of these questions become redundant.....but why didn't Elvis rid himself of those guys? Did he not understand his own

I have been re-reading the Revelations of the MM....and each time I am more fascinated, upset , lifted up, let down, and yet each time I come across things I
have forgotten...but the thing that always stands out is how  the world did some of Elvis' antics not get out to the papers? Is there a reason that the host of
women , he supposedly slept with over the years, not come forward?  

It is also my opinion that Elvis realized shortly before or after his wedding that he had been had.

Priscilla did that special a few years ago, Elvis by the Presleys'..which she ISN't...and she was telling her parents that..."can you believe there is a rumor out
there that you all forced Elvis to marry me"? I wanted to yell into the screen...'well..Elvis sure isn't here to defend himself'.

One more thing, and this is certainly not demeaning...but Elvis did slip into some weirdness...I loved him, but he just got lost didn't he?
WHY didn't Priscilla sue (Albert) Goldman, as she is so high and mighty and wants to protect Elvis' memory?

Marty Says:
Hi Candy,
Thank you for the nice comments and Happy New Year to you too.

Elvis, most times was loyal to the guys and he kept various people for different reasons but he cared for all of the original guys. The guys who came later were
not looked on by Elvis the same way. He got rid of Red and Sonny during a low point in his life and was badly influenced by a few who had their own agendas.
Parker influenced him to keep Joe because it benefited Parker although in early '64 he got rid of Joe for almost a year.

They should have called that special, "Elvis By The Beaulies" and as far as being forced to marry her being a rumor, that came directly from Elvis to me the
day he asked me to be his Best Man.  I have no reason to lie about that and she knows it.  She's saying its a rumor to save face.

The fact is most of what Goldman wrote was the truth but it was the nasty way he wrote it that made the fans mad and he was wrong in doing that.  His tone
was definitely negative.  Much of his information came via interviews by many who were close to Elvis.  Both Billy and I refused to give him an interview.
Al Boulianne Asks Marty: [01.01.11]  
Are you on Facebook? I know that Billy Smith is and I am his friend on Facebook.
Also after Elvis new year eve Concert in 1976-1977 in Pittsburgh, his father told him that his cousin Bobbi Mann died at 38 of a pills overdose. Do you know
what was Elvis relationship with this cousin, how did he took the death and if Elvis attended the funeral?
Thank you and have a wonderful new years.

Marty Says:
Hi Al,
No, I'm not on Facebook.
Elvis was close to his cousin Bobbi, although he didn't see her much. It did hurt him when she died. And as far as I know, he did not go to the funeral, but I
might be wrong.
Happy New Year to you,
Chad from the USA Asks Marty: [30.12.10]  
I'm curious as to what happened in the immediate few years after Elvis passed, as most of if all books end with Elvis' death.  Did any of you guys stay in touch
or visit with Vernon or Minnie Mae?  Any of you attend Vernon's funeral?

For people who you may of not of gotten along with (for example, Diamond Joe Esposito), did Elvis's death provide the opportunity to sever ties?  

Lastly, knowing that you live in Memphis, do you visit Graceland?

Thanks for answering all of us fans questions.  You have a remarkable memory.  I can't recall things from 10 years back, let along 33+!  
Happy Hanukkah (belated).

Marty Says:
Hello Chad,
I don't know if any of the guys did. I was living in California until '79 so I couldn't stay in touch with Vernon or Grandma.  I did see Vernon once when I moved
back. I did not go to his funeral, I think Billy was the only one who did as family.

Joe, Jerry, Klein and a couple of others basically badmouthed the rest of us after Elvis died as they had their own agendas, although I did talk to Joe on the
phone for a couple of years and did him a favor or two. When he and Priscilla sued each other over his home movies which she falsely claimed were hers, I
offered to testify for him.

Then when they made up he began his badmouthing us to stay on her good side so she'd throw him a deal every once in awhile so he could make money.  
We haven't spoken with them in years.

I did go to Graceland for a few years after I moved back but haven't been there in well over ten years.  It has lost all its warmth since Elvis is gone for us.

I have had a photographic memory just about all my life although there are some things I don't remember.

Happy New Year,
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [30.12.10]
Were any of the Stanley's at Elvis' funeral? Specifically, David & Ricky. I think I read someplace Dee was?
Wasn't Dee living in her own place then? Where did her sons stay ?

How did Vernon and all you guys feel about the Stanleys?
I've never cared much for any of them.

I hope this finds you feeling better ,Marty. Happy New Year !! Jeannie

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
Yes, the Stanley's were at the funeral, I don't know if Dee was.  The only reason she'd be there was to be seen because the way Elvis felt about her, I doubt
he'd want her there since he didn't like being around her when he was alive.

Vernon thought they were a burden for him.  As for the rest of us, they weren't really considered Memphis Mafia and I for one didn't care for any of the

Thank you for asking, I am feeling better.
Happy New Year,
Randy Erdman Asks Marty: [15.12.10]  
Mr. Lacker, on the internet I saw a picture of Larry Domasin (who played "Raoul" in  "Fun In Acapulco") celebrating his birthday during the filming of the movie.
I know it's been a long, long time ago. But do you remember what birthday present Larry Domasin received from THE GREATEST STAR IN HISTORY?
Thanks very much, for your time, sir.
Always ELVIS,

Marty Says:
Hello Randy,
I'm sorry but I can't help you. I have no idea?
Happy Holidays.
Elaine Ellinwood Asks Marty: [13.12.10]  
I was listening to E.E.R Archives, (The Inspiration show), the request was Elvis asking JD Sumner to sing "Why Me Lord?". Elvis let JD and the Stamps sing for
a while before he joined them. One could hear the audience cheer when Elvis began singing. I've heard this so many other times as well. Fans have heard
many times how much Elvis loved and appreciated them. We are the reason he was so famous and wealthy. Was he truly aware of how much we loved and
appreciated him? He is the one performer who continues to give love, pleasure and happiness to so many.

Marty, I am Jewish. I've often wondered why Vernon and the Presley/Smith family were anti-Semetic? My husband, who isn't Jewish, says it's probably because
of Jewish bankers and shopkeepers who refused them credit. Did Vernon know that one of Gladys' ancestors was Jewish? Do you think he would have
married her if he knew?

We all know of Elvis' love for Gladys. What about Vernon? Did Elvis like his dad?

In videos, Vernon looked like an outsider as he had nothing to do other than smoke and walk around. Vernon seemed to appreciate the good life Elvis
provided for him and his second family. It must have weighed heavy on Elvis to be the sole support of so many people. I wish he took better care of himself!
Thank you for answering all of the fans many questions. Belated Happy Chanukah!

Marty Says:
Hello Elaine,
Elvis knew very well how much you all loved him and he was always appreciative and thankful for the life you all provided for him materialistically especially
because his beginning and that of his mother were so meagre, however he always had love from her as a mother to a son and he returned it as a son to a

He loved singing and performing and he was happy that it made your life and of all his fans more enjoyable. I'm not just saying that to make him sound good,
he truly was that way and spoke of it often.  That's why he always wanted his fans to be treated nicely. Yes, he cared for his father too but his mother was the
dominant one in his life.

And now to a question I don't get asked very often if at all. I have always chalked up Elvis' father's and most of his family's anti Semitism to ignorance. I say
that because of the time, the place and the circumstances they were brought up in.  In other words, the early 1900's in the south in Mississippi was not the
place in this world where people would really know the truth about Jews.  I hate to break it to most people who still think that but most bankers are not Jewish.  

Growing up in NY as I did, I was surrounded by all kinds of people, religions, races and financial levels and trust me when I tell you there are just as many poor
Jews as there are Christians, percentage wise. My neighborhood in the South Bronx was full of them, including my family.

Back in Mississippi in the time they grew up in, not many of the Presley's and Smith's were able to get an education because they had to work as young kids to
help the family sharecrop.  Their basic exposure to a Jewish person back then was someone who ran a small dry goods or clothing store, or maybe a small
grocery and they were considered much better off than a sharecropper and therefore there was just some resentment even though those store owners eked
out a living.  Human beings are funny people and some of them just begin to sometime times hate people who they think has more than them. They don't think
it's fair.

At least that's how I see it.  However I must tell you that not all his Uncles and Aunts were that way.  The one who stands out to be a good person to me on that
and other scores is his Uncle Travis Smith, Billy's father and I'm not the only one who feels that way.  Travis and I always showed a great deal of respect for
each other and we got along great, his son is the same way, that's why he's my best friend to this day and our families and children have been that way ever
since I've known Billy & Jo.  

And of course, there's Elvis, who I never had a problem with in that regard. As for Mrs. Presley having Jewish ancestors, I have heard that but I do not know if
that is fact. It was never spoken about by Elvis or anyone else back then.

Happy belated Holidays to you too.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [10.12.10]  
Hi Marty.
It seems the more info I run onto, the more questions I have.
Do you or anyone know why Elvis' cousin, Bobbi committed suicide?
{At least that's what's being said out here.}
A woman that claims to have known some of you guys, sent me a picture of her and I thought she was beautiful.

I hate bringing this up-- but, she also said it was Bobbi's son, Ricky Ayers  that took that picture of Elvis in the coffin. Of course, she said before it was Billy
Mann. It's very hard to seperate all these stories . She claimed that Mann is still a barber in Memphis. What do you say? And how is "just a fan" able to get the

I have to wonder--who do the authors of all these books talk to? Maybe someday you guys can set the records straight.
Thanks so much for all you do..May your Holidays be blessed & filled with all good things.

Marty Says:
I do not know why Bobbi committed suicide.

It was Billy Mann not Ricky Ayers who took the picture however the son of The Enquirer's owner, Generoso Pope has just recently written that it really was
David Stanley.  Whether that's the truth or not I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if it was either one of them. Billy Mann died in a one vehicle accident in
Memphis shortly after Elvis died.

Happy Holidays to you too.
Matthew Kirk Asks Marty: [08.12.10]  
Hello Marty
I just wondered what an average Christmas Day was like in the Presley household. Did Elvis still awake late afternoon or did he getup earlier than usual? Did
he have a traditional Christmas meal? Was he difficult to buy a present for?

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Marty Says:
Hi Mathew,
Usually he woke up late in the afternoon like every other day but at least one day he would get up earlier and do whatever shopping he wanted to do.  

He would have a meeting with me when I was Forman and Joe when he was to go over a list of people he wanted to give gifts to.  For some he'd make
suggestions and for others he'd leave that up to our discretion.  At least that's what he did with me.  He usually would personally buy something for Priscilla or
Linda or whatever girl he was with at the time.

On Christmas eve we would all gather in the dining room where the tree was and we would exchange gifts.  Usually the guys would all chip in and give him one
big gift from all of us. It for a number of years was left up to me to come up with an unusual idea for a gift. One year we gave him a big white Bible with the
Tree of Life I designed inside the front cover that had all our names as branches and he as the trunk.  Another year we had a statue of Jesus sculptured
which now stands in the meditation Garden.  We also on one year gave him a big trophy with a beautiful writing about Friendship engraved on it.

Then on Christmas day he would have a traditional turkey dinner with his father and family at Graceland and we spent that day with our families at our own

I wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and New Year also.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [08.12.10]
Hi Marty,
Do you know if Memphis School of Karate was the same as that Racquetball Court thing Elvis was involved in?
I found this quote on a Elvis site and I'd never heard of it, "..Tennessee Karate Institute, founded by Patrick Wrenn, Bill Wallace, and Elvis Presley."
Did you know either of these men and how Elvis got to know them?
Thanks and Merry Christmas .

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
It should have read Patrick Wren, Bill Wallace and Red West. Elvis might have loaned Red some money to start the school or he was really the investor and
used Red's name to cover it up.  Or they used his name after he died without his permission.  However Red was the one we were told was the investor.

Patrick was married to Elvis' cousin Bobbi. Bill Wallace was a Martial Arts Champion known for his skill with his feet. He was called Super Foot. Red of course
was Elvis' close friend and Co-Security Director with his cousin Sonny as well as interested in the arts.

For a time Elvis and us would go up there at night and watch and participate in the training.  The karate movie that Elvis was involved in was filmed up there, it
was a pet project of Elvis.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Jeannie Taylor Asks Marty: [04.12.10]  
Hi Marty.
I'm finding a name, Ricky Ayres? Someone says he was Elvis' cousin's Bobbi's son.
Is that true and did you know him? Wondered if you knew what happened to him?
Did she have any more children?

Has most of Elvis' family passed away now? Both sides. Presley's and Smiths.
I was wondering if any were still around and where they might live ?{not specially}

Has any of his relatives gone into the Entertainment business?
Thank you and Merry Christmas. Jeannie

Marty Says:
Hi Jeannie,
Ricky was a distant cousin who really was not around. He was a relative that got in trouble, he really was not around Elvis or Graceland.

Very few relatives are still alive. All the uncles and aunts are gone.  Billy Smith and Patsy Presley Gambill, (She has another last name now since marrying
again) are the main cousins who were the closest to Elvis are still alive.  His aunt Nash's daughters, especially Donna Pitchett Early, were hardly ever around
contrary to what she has told and conned people. Nash is also gone.

No relatives that I know of have gone into the entertainment business.
Candy Asks Marty: [04.12.10]
When Elvis received death threats in Vegas....did anyone ever know where they came from?
I cannot imagine WHY someone would want to harm him,,,doesn't make any sense....could have been a publicity ploy or a control game by the colonel....

I personally think someone should dig up that old carney and kick his butt. He used Elvis till the day Elvis drew his last breath.

I have read that Graceland's profits were down.  I am beginning to think that after almost 34 years it is beginning to wane. I suppose January's birthday event
will reveal something,,,and next august. I think Priscilla has about milked it for all it's worth...what a gal huh?

If she thought her book was supposed to make Elvis look good and tell the 'truth'...she obviously was delusional....her book made Elvis look like a pervert and
a rapist...Yet....she wants nobody to write a book about her....I would LOVE to learn the thoughts of marco garibaldi and also Lisa's ex....Danny Keough...
seems both of them are bought and paid for.
Have a great holiday.

Marty Says:
Hello Candy,
The reason for the death threat is because the guy was looking for money. He wanted a lot of money or he would do it. He just messed with the wrong person,
he wouldn't and didn't get a dime.  It was a bluff.  No Parker was not behind it, just some sick criminal but he was never caught.

As for Graceland being down you have to remember we're living in a bad economy all over the world.  It's a wonder that they have had as many visitors as
they've had these past few years because of it. Nothing lasts forever but I doubt Elvis will ever be forgotten.

As for Priscilla and Lisa they are more interested in the money than Elvis' legacy or memory.

Happy Holidays.
Way back in 2008 one of Elvis Presley's dearest friends and who was asked to be Elvis' best man at his wedding with Priscilla,
first answered a question / questions for E.E.R listeners. Now after 5 years, our ASK MARTY shuts it's email but we shall be
keeping his past Q&As online for you to take a look over if you so wish.
So many thanks Marty for answering the questions over the last few years.