After more than 4 years Elvis Express Radio's Battle of the TCB Bus is at an end........Maybe?
THE BUS BATTLE ENDS...AT LAST - At long last the on going legal battle between Bill Kinard and Larry Michaels
over ownership of the TCB Bus.

Bill Kinard who obtained the bus through Bruce Busman was informed by Busman and a local Elvis IMPersonator
that the bus was Elvis Presley's personal tour bus? Infact, Kinard was also handed ownership of a fake 'Blues
Mobile' from the classic Blues Brothers movie.

Elvis Express Radio was the first to bring to the attention of the Elvis World that this bus was NOT what it was
being advertised as. EER then entered a 4 year battle with new owned Bill Kinard as he believed the bus was what
he was told it was.....But now it's all over.

The state Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling that Tupelo businessman Bill Kinard was competent when he
agreed in 2011 to sell a tour bus at auction.

For the past three years, Kinard and Larry Michael of Nashville have disputed debts associated with retrieval of
the bus from Washington State in early 2009 and some $134,000 in costs connected with that trip and the
vehicle's partial "restoration."

Ultimately, Lee County Chancellor Talmadge Littlejohn ordered the bus put up for sale and Michael won the bid.

Throughout, Kinard — who sued as Legacy Hall of Fame Inc., a celebrity memorabilia facility — argued he never
intended to sell the bus and that he was under medication when he agreed to do so. Kinard said he wanted to
keep the bus and take it on tour to make a living away from his Legacy Hall of Fame museum in Tupelo.

On Dec. 12, 2011 all sides apparently agreed to a court-filed compromise to put the bus up for sale. The auction
was held in March 2012 and Michael was the only bidder.

Four months later, Legacy Hall sued to set-aside the agreement. Legacy Hall argued in court documents that
Kinard under a doctor's care and should not have signed anything.

ChanLittlejohn in November 2012 ruled against Legacy Hall.

The Appeals Court, in its unanimous decisions Tuesday, ruled Legacy Hall failed to prove Kinard was incompetent
when he signed the agreement.

The 40-foot long, eight-foot wide 1976 vehicle had Elvis Presley's trademark "TCB" logo. The initials TCB stand
for Taking Care of Business, which is what Presley called his band. He incorporated the letters into an emblem
flanked by lightning bolts. This emblem was used in several pieces of Elvis' custom jewelry.

Kinard eventually backed off from his demands that Elvis actually "owned" the bus, saying instead that Elvis gave
the money to purchase it to music colleague J.D. Sumner to tour with his Stamps Quartet.
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Bill Kinard writes in with "his side of the story" only here at Elvis Express Radio
As previously published on December 16, 2011 (page 5) was a statement by Keith and Chrisy Boswell, titled "Concerning: Bill Kinard's false
. As a result of this, Bill Kinard has the right to respond and informs us that he is ready to accept that he should have listened to us here at
Elvis Express Radio and accepted our offer of help before going ahead with everything he did.

Hi Lee:
I'm reflecting back on how our lives got so tied up with a bus that we knew absolutely nothing about.
For what it’s worth here is our side of the story.

We were visiting with the owner of Sun Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and telling him about us attempting to construct an In Loving of You Memory Wall for
Elvis Presley.  Fans could pay to have their names engraved in granite and would not be washed off like they do at Graceland.
The secretary heard us mention Elvis and said her new brother-in-law, Bruce Buseman owned Elvis' bus.  This is where we heard it first, "Elvis' TCB Bus".
We exchanged phone numbers and left it at that.

Later I believe we received a phone call from Bruce asking us about our project and telling us he owned some of Elvis' memorabilia to include a bus.
Bruce and his wife Judy phone us I believe off and on and then he asked me to be his agent to see if the Tupelo Antique Car Museum would like to
purchase the bus and one of Elvis' cars, a 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac. I didn't see any harm in this so I agreed to.

I made an appointment and met with the manager Mr. Leadbedder of WTVA as the owner of the museum was his boss.
Mr. Leadbedder said, they were not interested in either Elvis’ TCB  Bus and/or the Cadillac as they would have to spend money to enlarge the door to get
the bus in and there were enough Elvis cars in the Tupelo area.

I phoned Bruce and Judy and told them.  

Later one evening Bruce called and asked if Linda and I would accept an appointment to Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc. Museum's charitable
foundation. We thought about it and agreed to accept the appointment.

September of 2003, we were appointed to the board of directors by Bruce and Judy Buseman signed as a witness.
Judy called us one evening in 2004, and said, Bruce had passed away due to a heart attack and she was all alone, broke, and didn't know what to do.  Judy
didn't even have money to pay for Bruce's funeral.

Judy also informed us that we were the only two people that remain on the board of directors as the other board members had resign before Bruce's death.
Linda and I went right to Wall Mart and wired Judy money to at least buy groceries.  We told her to contact an estate attorney and authorize Judy to sell a
sports jersey to cover the cost of the funeral and attorney fees.

November 4/5, 2004, Mr. Kenneth Dresser the estate attorney phoned us and ask to speak with Bill and Linda Kinard.  I told him I was Bill and my wife was
Linda Kinard, how could we help him.

Mr. Dresser informed us that he represented the estate of Bruce Buseman and that he needed to know what we wanted to do with the assets of the
foundation Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc., because we, Bill and Linda Kinard were the new owners.

I asked Mr. Dresser what he recommended and he said we would have to hire our own attorney to represent the foundation as he only represented the

We immediately hired a local attorney with the law firm Phelps & Dunbar and he in turn hired us an attorney in Oregon, where Professional Sports Hall of
Fame, Inc.'s foundation and assets were located.

A strange turn of events happen then as attorney Kenneth Dresser realized the value of the assets of the foundation and got Judy Buseman to sign a sworn
affidavit that Linda and I were never officially appointed as board of directors.

Attorney Kenneth Dresser even took some of the sports memorabilia and sent it to California to be sold through Danny Thomas Auction House and others
without waiting on a court's ruling.

OJ Simpson's sports memorabilia was part of Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.'s inventory and we have been told that this is the items OJ got arrested
over.  Strange isn't it?

Fortunately I remembered that Bruce had to meet with the Oregon IRS for Foundations and I contacted them.

I was able to speak with the clerk that handled our appointment to the board of directors.  As he said, how could anyone forget Bruce Buseman.  

The clerk pulled the file and faxed us a copy of the document where not only Bruce Buseman had signed but Judy Buseman had signed as a witness.
We provided this document to the court in Oregon and they found Judy guilty of lying under oath and awarded us the assets of Professional Sports Hall of
Fame, Inc.

During the long four years of this court battle the court of Oregon had appointed a receiver to recover the memorabilia and determine a dollar value.

Linda and I went through four years of court to prove we "did not lie" and were appointed to the board of directors by Bruce Buceman.

The strangest part of this story is we "never met Bruce Buceman".  We only spoke with him on the phone and via Internet.

Also we didn't even really know what Bruce had in his museum as we were never given an inventory.

August of 2008, we were informed we won our court case.

Now we had another issue, how to transfer the bus, Cadillac, and memorabilia to Tupelo as we never even thought about moving to Oregon.

My mistake was having a web site put up and in the excitement telling the world that I was having Elvis' TCB Tour Bus brought to Tupelo, along with
Elvis' 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac.

It was an honest mistake as I truly believed from the communications and documents I had the bus belonged to Elvis.

I admit after all this time I was wrong for not listening to Lee Dawson and Joe Krien from Elvis Express Radio that the bus didn't belong to Elvis
but to JD Sumner.

However, when Joe called me out the clear blue, I didn’t know who Joe Krien was nor anything about Lee Dawson and Elvis Express Radio!
I now accept that I was too ready to listen to the false history of the bus and other items claiming to have been the personal property of
Elvis Presley

However, the documents we had, the conversations we had with others and especially conversations with Keith Boswell and the photos he gave us showing
it was Elvis' original tour bus from 1976/77,
I just wouldn't listen to anyone else.  *****

Other than the initial phone call from Bruce Buseman asking me to be his agent to try and get the Tupelo Antique Car Museum to purchase, “Elvis’ TCB Bus
and Elvis’ 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac”, to be honest I’d never even heard of a “TCB Bus” at all.

After Bruce Busman’s death we received communication from the court in Oregon that they had appointed a receiver, Mr. Greg Lugsby to investigate and
determine the assets of Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.’s Museum is also when I believe we were told it was Elvis’ TCB Bus and Elvis’ 1957 Pink &
Black  Cadillac, along with other personally owned items by Elvis Presley as Bruce Busman had traded the sports memorabilia to Del Matthews and Jim
Schmidt owners of “Yesterday’s Village, Fantastic Museum” for the Elvis owned items.

Once we were told about Elvis’ TCB Bus and Elvis” 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac, in the excitement a gentleman created a web site for us informing the world.
This was a huge mistake!

The first phone call we got was from a Mr. Keith Boswell, as our phone number was on the web site.

Now entering our lives from a phone call to present January 25, 2014, is Keith and Chrisy Boswell.

Keith phoned us, not the other way around and told us he not only knew Bruce Buseman but was close personal friends with Bruce for years.
Keith said that he too had lease Elvis' TCB Tour Bus from Bruce for two years, touring the country, charging people to climb aboard Elvis' Original TCB Tour
Bus, and performing in the local areas a Keith Boswell’s Legendary Elvis Show.

Proof of this I already sent you with the photos of the bus, the banner, and Keith collecting money from fans.

Keith Boswell didn't let it drop from there.  Keith mailed us a “promotional”, “Video DVD” that Bruce Buseman had made displaying the TCB Bus as Elvis’
TCB Bus. Keith would call us often.

Prior to receiving this video in the mail I had met a Mr. Larry Michael owner of Transport Trailer Services, Inc. discussing helping us get the vehicles to
At our lawyers office, Mr. Michael agreed to have the bus, Cadillac, and other 3 movie cars, a motorcycle, and memorabilia shipped on a one way haul for a
cost between “12 to 15 thousand dollars”.  

However, as you will later see later he actually billed us $38,000 plus dollars for going and having the bus towed and he towed the Cadillac and left the 3
movie cars and motorcycle there and some of the memorabilia in Oregon.

Before our fallout with Mr. Michael we took the video over to his house and watched it together.  Mr. Michael was excited too about helping get the bus and
Cadillac brought to Tupelo.

Once the court awarded us the assets to Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.’s Museum, we had a lot of details to work out.

Finally in February of 2009, Mr. Michael phoned and said he was going to pick up the bus instead of having it shipped to us.

Linda and I could go along if we wish, however Linda had just gotten out of the hospital and was not well. I could not leave her as she had almost died
during the 26 days in the hospital on 4 separate times.

Mr. Michael goes to Yakima, Washington and unknown to us hires a gentleman to film the trip and make a documentary at our expense.
While in Yakima, Washington Larry and Becky Michael “remove” the memorabilia that was mounted on the interior walls and births of the bus.  Mrs. Becky
Michael re wraps the memorabilia in plastic wrap and they store most of the memorabilia on Mr. and Mrs. Michael’s luxury tour bus in the underneath
carriage.  All of this is caught on film.  Note:  I want to send you a copy of this DVD.

March 1, 2009, the bus and Cadillac is brought to Tupelo but not to us.  It is brought to Celebrity Coaches, which Mr. Larry Michael owns.  Note:  To this
date January 25, 2014, he has not delivered the bus or Cadillac to us.  

Note:  I had to physically go have the Cadillac towed to us with a police escort.  The Cadillac’s chrome, bumpers, windshield wipers, and etc. had been
removed by and employee Stacey of Mr. Michael’s by Mr. Michael’s orders.

All of this was shipped to Sothern Bumpers in Atlanta, Georgia to be re chromed again “without our permission and/or knowledge”, by Mr. Michael.  By the
way none of this has ever came out in court.

Mr. Michael takes control of the bus and to make a long story short, starts restoring the bus to his own personal design, not actual restoration and then bills
us $78,000 plus for work we “did not authorize”.

Mr. Michael didn’t ask us and/or get a “written work order” authorizing him to restore the bus.

**  In the mean time, the Boswell keeps calling us an invites us to visit them in Camden Point, Mo.  and we do so.  However, Keith had to work and we spent
the entire day with Chrisy, at that time Keith’s girl friend.

We were at Keith Boswell's home and Chrisy gave us more information and pictures of Elvis' TCB Tour Bus and Keith.
I guess you could say we were beginning to establish a friendship.

August 2009, Keith calls and invites Linda and I to his and Chrisy's wedding at Graceland.

We were the only two people invited so I was the "Best Man" at the Wedding" and Linda played Mother of the bride.

Linda and I brought a few Elvis friends to Graceland so Keith and Chrisy would feel welcome.

The very next day Keith and Chrisy now Chrisy Boswell came to our humble home in Tupelo.

We take Keith and Chrisy to the famous Tupelo Hardware Store.

From there we take them over to see what Larry Michael has done to the bus and introduced them to Larry Michael.  This was a huge mistake!
Keith stayed with Larry and toured his places of business while Chrisy went with us to the ICE House Club, a local hang out for Elvis fans.

Keith showed up and dressed up in a jump suit and sang Elvis songs for you guessed it, Larry Michael.....I guess things went downhill from there?

Keith and Chrisy Boswell came to our museum in November and ask if they could take photos of the inside of the museum.
We let them, not knowing they were going to post them on the Internet and send them to you at Elvis-express-radio claiming all our museum items are
"FAKE", "FAKE", "FAKE", and the "Kinard's are now Conard's".

Chrisy Boswell who we had hired to create our web site also closed our web site.

Keith and Chrisy Boswell are also the alleged suspects in the theft of our Gmail Email Account.  It traces back to them that they were able to receive our
emails but we were not.

Some of our emails were even forwarded to Larry Michael.  Mr. Michael’s secretary sent copies to Mr. Michael’s attorney and he in turn send our mail copies
to our attorney at the time Ben Logan is how we know.

Oh!  It doesn't end there as the Boswell's moved to Tupelo.  Keith was working for Larry Michael and the city of Verona, Mississippi.

Now it is all over the Internet that Keith and Chrisy Boswell are the new owners of the Blue Moon Historical Museum.  However, they do not own it.  Mr. Julian
Riley leases it to them.

Keith Boswell has even advertised that he is the owner of the “world's largest Elvis collection”.

Our troubles with Keith and Chrisy Boswell doesn't end there as Keith Boswell even stalked us when we went  to court.  

Up until this last time we were in court, Keith Boswell was with Mr. Larry Michael when he shows up in court.

Something happen at the Blue Moon Café / Museum in Verona, and the Boswells moved to Memphis, Tennessee and rented the Dolan House.

You know better than we what they are up to there, however we do know that they still “slander and lie” about “Bill and Linda Kinard” to whomever will listen
even as of this date, January 25, 2014.

Yet, you and I both know Keith is in “receipt” of stolen property of ours, the “original” “TCB lettering and Lightning Bolt” from J D Sumner’s bus, as the bus
belonged to us at the time it was taken off by Larry Michael and given to Keith Boswell, making it “stolen property”.

As the world already knows Larry Michael was awarded the TCB Bus, because of an agreement I signed when I was “not competent” to sign the document.
What the world doesn’t know is that I was put on the a medication that caused me to forget who I was and etc. at the time I signed this agreement, nor do
they know that my attorney Ben Logan was contacted by my physician and informed prior to me signing the document for me “not to sign” because I was

My attorney at the time Ben Logan if the truth were to be told, “knew” I was not competent, yet he had me sign a document.  Note:  The document I signed
was only “2 pages”, however several months later we find out that a “third page” had been added to the “2 page document”.  The judge didn’t even take this
into account that it was a “fraudulent” document I signed.

Now that the court has ruled in Mr. Larry Michael’s favor and he has taken over ownership of the TCB Bus, I hope the Boswell's will leave us along and get
on with their own lives.

As far as Mr. Larry Michael he know we did not authorize him to take anything off the TCB Bus when he was in Yakima, Washington, nor did we ask and/or
authorize him to destroy the real value of J D Sumner’s TCB Bus, by removing the original exterior and interior fixtures and replacing them with cheap

As you know he put the TCB logo on the driver’s side wrong and he also “customized” the bus, not “restored” the bus to his “liking”.  Mr. Michael even had
carpet with the “TCB” put in the floor, when the original bus had the “red carpet with white E P” lettering.  I have photos that it had this in it when he first saw
the TCB Bus in Yakima, Washington, and earlier photos as well.

In closing we still feel we are the rightful owners of the bus although the court ruled in Mr. Michael’s favor.  

It’s a matter of opinion but I believe a lot of underhanded things between many individuals took place in order for this ruling to be so far “unjust”.
If Elvis hadn't given JD Sumner the money to purchase the bus, and it wasn't lettered with his famous TCB Logo and Lightning Bolt, it wouldn't give
everybody so much to talk about.

Next is to meet with our current attorney and find out what if anything can be done.  I believe he is automatically filling for a rehearing on the appeal so “it’s
not over”, yet.

If that doesn’t go in our favor then we’ll have to decide whether or not to take it on to the “Supreme Court of the United States of America”, the highest court
there is.

Maybe then and only then we will receive justice?
Bill Kinard

EER ADDS: There we have it, at long last and after years of fighting to get the TRUTH out there about that poxy bus, Kinard finally accepts he should have
listened to us here at EER regarding those highly exaggerated claims about this bus.

In all fairness, everyone who has been involved in the Stamps bus over the years have exaggerated Elvis Presleys connection with the thing and many fans
have paid good money to not only hear and see a lot of B.S. about the bus but also been shown a load of total tat and crap on display on the bus which
have all been claimed to be authentic Elvis belongings. Even down to a whole load of crap which Dr Nick and Son are said to have authenticated??????

But for now, at least, the battle to spread the TRUTH about Sumners Bus, the fake Elvis treasures inside, the fake Blues-mobile, the highly dubious Pink
Cadillac and oh so much more is finally over........ We Hope?
"I admit after all this time I was wrong for not listening to Joe Krien
and then Lee Dawson from Elvis Express Radio that the bus didn't
belong to Elvis" - Bill Kinard
FEBRUARY 19, 2012 - Bill Kinard writes in....

From: Bill Kinard
Sent: 19 February 2012
To: Lee Dawson

Mr. Dawson:

I want to end our dispute over the bus, Elvis/J.D. and/or etc.  

When we were first notified at all about receiving the bus we were told the bus was "Elvis' T.C.B. Tour Bus".  There was never any mentioning of J.D. Sumner.

My mistake was putting it on the web site as "Elvis' T.C.B. Bus" would soon be brought to Tupelo.  However, I changed this to "Elvis and J.D.'s T.C.B. Tour
Bus" after being informed by I believe J.D.'s daughter and Joe Krien .

I've attached one of the many documents that we have that show Elvis gave J.D. Sumner "$120,000" to purchase the bus, not "$25,000" with the word loan in
the for block.

Regardless of whether it was Elvis' bus or the bus Elvis bought for J.D. Sumner, the point is it is "still our bus".  We don't want to have to sell it to pay a debt we
know we don't owe.

The bus ties "Elvis, J.D. Sumner, and the Stamps Quartet", and according to our documents at least well over "100" other celebrities and/or celebrity groups
have toured on the bus over the years.

We need help to save this bus from going to a greedy person like Mr. Larry Michael who knows absolutely nothing about Elvis and/or J.D. Sumner.

The only thing he know about the bus is what Keith Boswell has been feeding him, which is "lies".

Are you willing to help us and do you have any suggestions to stop this tragedy of justice from happening?


Bill Kinard
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