Elvis Express Radio's Lee Dawson takes a look at "That Bus".
After more than 4 years Elvis Express Radio's Battle of the TCB Bus is at an end.
THE BUS BATTLE ENDS...AT LAST - At long last the on going legal battle between Bill Kinard and Larry Michaels
over ownership of the TCB Bus.

Bill Kinard who obtained the bus through Bruce Busman was informed by Busman and a local Elvis IMPersonator
that the bus was Elvis Presley's personal tour bus? Infact, Kinard was also handed ownership of a fake 'Blues
Mobile' from the classic Blues Brothers movie.

Elvis Express Radio was the first to bring to the attention of the Elvis World that this bus was NOT what it was
being advertised as. EER then entered a 4 year battle with new owned Bill Kinard as he believed the bus was what
he was told it was.....But now it's all over.

The state Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling that Tupelo businessman Bill Kinard was competent when he
agreed in 2011 to sell a tour bus at auction.

For the past three years, Kinard and Larry Michael of Nashville have disputed debts associated with retrieval of
the bus from Washington State in early 2009 and some $134,000 in costs connected with that trip and the
vehicle's partial "restoration."

Ultimately, Lee County Chancellor Talmadge Littlejohn ordered the bus put up for sale and Michael won the bid.

Throughout, Kinard — who sued as Legacy Hall of Fame Inc., a celebrity memorabilia facility — argued he never
intended to sell the bus and that he was under medication when he agreed to do so. Kinard said he wanted to
keep the bus and take it on tour to make a living away from his Legacy Hall of Fame museum in Tupelo.

On Dec. 12, 2011 all sides apparently agreed to a court-filed compromise to put the bus up for sale. The auction
was held in March 2012 and Michael was the only bidder.

Four months later, Legacy Hall sued to set-aside the agreement. Legacy Hall argued in court documents that
Kinard under a doctor's care and should not have signed anything.

Littlejohn in November 2012 ruled against Legacy Hall.

The Appeals Court, in its unanimous decisions Tuesday, ruled Legacy Hall failed to prove Kinard was incompetent
when he signed the agreement.

The 40-foot long, eight-foot wide 1976 vehicle had Elvis Presley's trademark "TCB" logo. The initials TCB stand
for Taking Care of Business, which is what Presley called his band. He incorporated the letters into an emblem
flanked by lightning bolts. This emblem was used in several pieces of Elvis' custom jewelry.

Kinard eventually backed off a bit from his certainty that the King of Rock 'n' Roll actually owned the bus, saying
instead that Elvis gave its purchase money to music colleague J.D. Sumner to tour with his Stamps Quartet.
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To: Elvis Express Radio
From: Keith & Chrisy Boswell

Concerning: Bill Kinard's false information

Dear Joe and Lee:
We would like to set the record straight on claims and false information published by Bill Kinard on his web site at:

The document that has been made up to look like a legal document is totally a fabrication of some sort of messed up imagination he placed on this web page.

We, Keith and I would like to state for a fact that there are no or have never been any criminal charges brought against anyone named in this document.
Kinard has filed false police reports on many people over the past trying to harass and frighten people into doing what he wants them to. This tactic does not
work for all us listed on the fake document.

We also would like the author Bill Kinard to know that this type of document published on the web is defamation of character to all those listed and he can be
prosecuted at any time with a simple court filed document. His copyright infringement history upon our photos and his illegal publishing of our personal photos
status: We are obtaining legal representation to have these removed and upon the previous cease and desist letter we sent him, it looks like each photo will
be a $150,000.00 fine awarded to us. This makes us very happy as we have been over the past three years infringed upon with numerous sites he has posted
our photos to. We keep great records, it will be simple to prove .

In the past we have and always will state: Bruce Buseman was a thief, liar, scam artist and a con artist. He simply was out to make any and all money he could
with the TCB bus telling everyone lies and that it belonged to Elvis when in fact it was JD's.

To this day no one has actually heard the REAL story as to how Mr. Bill Kinard obtained the bus. All we know is that there was a connection and in our opinion
those of the above status tend to hang out together and make up stories to fit their pockets.

With this we continue to state that 99% of all the items on that bus were fake. The only real treasure is that JD owned and used it. People are loosing site of
this one huge fact, JD was somebody by god we will keep his memory alive through the truth.

Sincerely: Keith & Chrisy Boswell