UPDATED - 20.09.10
Elvis fans from all corners of the Elvis world have contacted me saying that they have been receiving a rather strange email from Bill Kinard, the man who
claimed to own Elvis’ original jumpsuit as worn on his Aloha From Hawaii concert, Elvis’ very own TCB tour jacket, tried to pass off J.D. Sumners bus as Elvis’
personal tour bus in 1976 & 1977 and owned other questionable items.

As this letter is now the subject of a criminal investigation the contents have been removed from this page.
UPDATED - 13.12.11
With nothing new to add in more than a year, we can update you with news of an out of court settlement between Bill Kinard and Larry Michaels. In an
undisclosed settlement it looks that Bill Kinard gets to retain the TCB Tour bus? Below is what we reported.....

OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENT OVER TCB BUS - It's been more than a year since there were any updates regarding the TCB Tour Bus and it's ownership
battle between Tupelo residents Bill Kinard and luxury coach owner Larry Michaels.

Today I received news from Bill Kinard that as of  December 12th, 2011 an undisclosed out of court  
"settlement" had been reached. "I can't disclose the
settlement, but I'm very, very, very happy with thw deal and Larry is happy that both the civil and criminal charges are over."
Said Bill Kinard, and he went on
to say
"This is all I can say. Now it's time to prepare for the future and get the famous "TCB Tour Bus and Elvis is Alive" show on the road."

HUH? What on Earth is the "TCB Tour Bus and Elvis Is Alive show"? Time will tell but I have already informed Mr Kinard that if the bus or any other items are
used to try and indicate they were used or belonged to Elvis Presley, E.E.R will be there to challenge the claims. Let's hope there is no need.

We at Elvis Express Radio are also trying to contact Larry Michaels in order to get his side of the story regarding this hopeful end to the TCB Tour Bus
UPDATED - 15.12.11
I (Lee Dawson) can announce that Mr Bill Kinard has told me DIRECT that he wished to work with me as I advise him as to what he has is real or not?
The first thing I have asked for is photographs of all the items that are claimed to have belonged to Elvis Presley.

For Example:
Aloha Eagle Jumpsuit * Red TCB Tour Jacket * Concert Scarfs (all) * Gold Disc For $1 Million Dollars of Sales * And other items.
I am looking forward to receiving these and other items to examine.
UPDATED - 16.12.11
I received this letter from Larry Michaels in reply to the statement made to E.E.R by Bill Kinard (see above).

December 15.2011

To: Elvis Express Radio

Today I received a copy of E.E.R news of December 13, 2011. Regarding the TCB Tour Bus out of court settlement, I agree with the fact that there can be
no discussion. Happy may not be correct word, but being settled is a good thing.

I feel I have to correct the statement pertaining to criminal charges. There is not now, nor have there ever been any criminal charges against me. Bill Kinard
has made numerous trips to the Tupelo Police to try and bring charges against me.

Also I have an email update on the TCB Tour Bus, dated December 4, 2011. This contains information on the background of the bus and presumed
authentication of items belonging to Elvis.

Dr. Nick, Elvis personal physician and his son Dean are mentioned many times in this part of the email. I believe Dr. Nick or his son Dean should be asked
to authenticate these items, not Bill Kinard.

In response to the items listed under lawsuit in this email, the statements are not only fictitious, but slanderous toward me, my wife and all others listed. Bill
Kinard states that he has just discovered the circumstances surrounding the trip made to pickup the TCB Tour Bus.

We made the trip to Yakama, WA in one our buses driven by Harmon Ray, an employee of mine. 78 Wrecker Service made the trip separate from all of us.
Bill Kinard claims we towed the wrecker with our bus. Can you imagine anyone would ever consider towing a wrecker with a tour bus? This is just one of the
many ridiculous, slanderous lies Bill Kinard has told..

As of this date the TCB Tour Bus is still in my possession, due to lack of payment by Bill Kinard. Please contact Bill Kinard directly about information for
purchasing the bus.

Larry Michaels
UPDATED - 16.12.11
Below is taken direct from the website owned by Bill Kinard.


The Story Behind The Famous TCB Tour Bus


ELVIS bought a 1976/77 MCI Shell of a bus and gave this shell of a bus to J. D.  SUMNER for J. D. Sumner to convert the shell and customize the shell of a
bus into a "touring bus for Elvis", not J. D. Sumner.

- FALSE, Elvis Presley LOANED J.D. Sumner $25,000 as down payment. Mr Kinard told me in the book 'Life and Times of JD Sumner' the bass singer tells
how Elvis used the bus and then gave it to him? We tracked down that book and on Chapter 26 the bus is mentioned for the ONLY TIME.
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Glen Tadlock leased the bus out to over 100 plus groups;  George Jones, Loretta Lynn Band, Garth Brooks, the Oak Ridge Boys, and etc.
Glen Tadlock then sold the famous TCB Tour Bus, to the "Manager" of the group called, "Kentucky Headhunters"..

The Manager, sold the bus to Jim Schmidt and Del Matthews, owners of "Yesterday's Village, Fantastic Museum, in Yakima, Washington.
Jim Schmidt and Del Matthews sold the bus to (Bruce Buseman), owner of "Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.".

Bruce Buseman "died" and left the TCB Tour Bus to "Bill & Linda Kinard", owners of "Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc.", doing business as, Elvis Presley Heights,

Before I begin our story and request for help let us give thanks to all that have helped in clearing up some un answered questions along the way.

We have the (documents) to include the (original blue prints) showing that
Elvis was very much involved in the overall layout and design of the
1976/77 shell of a bus.

- Not sure how a "Blue Print" can show how much Elvis was involved in the
layout and design?

J. D. Sumner's 1978 interview, J. D., says, that Elvis gave him another
"blank check" to purchase this "1976/77 MCI Shell of a Bus".  J. D. said, he
could have written the bus amount out for a "million dollars" and Elvis would
not have even cared.  Elvis gave J. D. Sumner over $100,000 in jewelry.

- FALSE, I have an interview with Sumner on an old TV special from the
early 80's. He does tell that story about Elvis giving him a blank cheque and
how he could fill it out etc. But he adds at the end that he just filled it out for
the amount he needed. $25,000 for the down payment.

Elvis later gave the bus to J. D. Sumner.  (This part is unclear whether it
was meant for J. D. Sumner initially and/or not, as the bus is totally
customized, "outside fixtures and inside fixtures" just what Elvis, requested

- WRONG! The bus was already JD Sumners...it was never Elvis' to begin
with. There is absolutely no evidence that this claim ever took place!
In Sumners own words
"I had two buses, one of which Elvis gave me
$25,000 as a down payment and one the Stamps Quartet already had. I
leased both buses to other groups."

J. D. Sumner sold the bus to Glen Tadlock, the bus driver for both Elvis and
J. D. Sumner.

- WRONG! Glen Tadlock was never Elvis' bus driver. He only drove the bus
for JD Sumner and the Stamps.
1.  A.  Dr. Nick:

A.  Dr. Nick, "Authenticated" White Aloha Jump Suit, that Bill & Linda Kinard, owns is "AUTHENTIC", and the jump suit Elvis used in the concert in "Aloha
to Hawaii"!  (stain plus DNA)!

- FALSE! The White Aloha jumpsuit is NOT real and IF Dr Nick has authenticated this, then sure never authenticate anything ever again.

B.  Dr. Nick, "Authenticated" the Red Concert Jacket that Bill & Linda Kinard own belonged to Elvis A. Presley personally.

- FALSE! Elvis did not have his own red TCB tour jacket, he did not need one! Speaking to band members and the person behind ordering the jackets for
the tour personnel, all confirm there was never a tour jacket that was for Elvis!

John Wilkinson, Elvis' loyal Rhythm Guitarist from 1969 - 1977 said: "No, Elvis did not ever have one of those red tour jackets. That just was not his
thing, they were for his employees & bodyguards.

C.  Dr. Nick, "Authenticated" the Burgandy Wine Glasses belonged to Elvis and came out of Elvis' private limo.

- DOUBTFUL? Along with the previous items I await detailed photographs to examine  

D.  Dr. Nick,  "Authenticated", the Gold Album Awards, were presented to Elvis Presley by none other than RCA when he sold his first one million dollars
worth of RCA Records.

- Hmmmm! Again, I will be awaiting detailed photos to see if these are actual Gold Album Awards presented to Elvis?

E.  Dr. Nick, "Authenticated", that the 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac, was in fact a Cadillac that belonged to Elvis.

- ??????? Awaiting the V.I.N Number from Mr Kinard

F.  Dr. Nick, "Verified" that "Elvis" used the "1976/77 MCI / T. C. B. Tour Bus" the last "2 concerts" before Elvis died.  
Elvis became afraid of flying. Elvis didn't get to ride to the concert, because he had to stay behind and see the "dentist", just before Elvis died.

- NO WAY!!! Elvis Presley did NOT uses the STAMPS bus for his last 2 concerts, which were:
June 25th -  Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH
June 26th - Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN.

- ALSO, are we suppose to believe the story that Elvis was supposed to travel on the Sumner bus to his next concert in Portland on August 17th 1977, but
he cancelled the bus because he had to go to see his dentist!.........Come off it, Elvis went to his dentist late on August 15th 1977 and would eventually
return home to Graceland just before midnight. We know the rest! His little Lisa Marie was at Graceland so he would not have left to go on a bus to drive the
1,445 miles from Memphis to Portland.

- Oh and as for using the bus to travel to his last 2 concerts.....we know for a fact that Elvis arrived in Indianapolis on the Lisa Marie Aircraft.

John Wilkinson, Rhythm Guitarist 1969 - 1977 said: "No way did Elvis use that bus during any of his tours, not the last 2 or the first 2. Elvis never used
tour buses. We did, the band members etc, but Elvis always travelled by car or by aircraft. Elvis sure was not going to travel on the bus for the August 77
tour, remember when we heard the news he was dead we were all flying over Colorado on route to Portland. Elvis would meet us there and fly in on the Lisa
Marie as he always did in the late 70's"

A.  Dean, Dr. Nick's son,"Verified and Authenticated" the above "items" as being "Genuine".

- I'm assuming this is supposed to state Dean Nichopoulos has authenticated the items below as "Genuine"?
Above is still taken from Kinards site of the claims below (click on to enlarge)
Above is the welcome page. Shame Jonathan Rhys Myers is used & not Elvis top left
B.  Dean, Dr. Nick's son did no t work for Elvis in 1957, however, Dean, worked for Elvis the last "3 years" of Elvis' life, and he and Elvis rode on the
"1976/77 MCI T. C. B. Tour Bus", along with J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet.  (Elvis) would send his limo out with a (look alike on it) and then he could
get on the bus and travel with the "boys", and "Elvis" would even "drive" as this relaxed Elvis before the "concerts".

- STOP! STOP! STOP! "Elvis would send his limo out with a look alike on it"......It's getting more and more of a joke. The longer all this goes on the more
preposterous the tales become. I have tried and tried to offer Bill Kinard all the help I can with what are fakes and he takes up my offer one minute and
seems to find yet another story teller who he believes the unbelievable stories that pop up around his items.

John Wilkinson, Rhythm Guitarist 1969 - 1977 said: "OMG, this is sad, no Elvis never used a look a like in the limo so that Elvis would then take off in

C.  Dean, Dr. Nick's son, pulled a red scarf from the coat pocket of the red concert jacket and said this was a scarf he was not able to hand out to Elvis
because Elvis had used the scarf to stop a "bleeding nick" on "Elvis' face".  (DNA).  Proof that this was just not one of the red concert jackets Elvis gave to
his staff, but "Elvis' Red Concert Jacket"!  Priceless!

- HOG WASH! Give me a break would you p-lease! SHOW me photos as I've been calling for over the last couple of years. Elvis NEVER had a red tour
jacket (as already stated) and we are supposed to believe that Dean Nichopoulos just happened to pull out a scarf and Kinard had never noticed it
previously to this? Oh yeah, I Believe.....NOT!

D.  Dean, Dr. Nick's son also "Authenticated" another "Yellow Scarf" that was handed out by "Elvis Presley" at concert, "June of 1977", just 2 months before
Elvis died.  Photo of Elvis wearing the scarf and photo of lady receiving the scarf.  accompanies the yellow scarf.

- Man alive, Dean has great memories of these scarves Elvis "touched". This is about a realistic as his other even more crazy claims. And just when you
thought things could not get any worse........Cricket (Da Da Daaaaa)

3.  Cricket Coulter, now Cricket Harris:

A very special and warm thanks to "Cricket",  now "Cricket Harris", personal friend of Elvis.  Elvis gave Cricket the "original keys" to the T. C. B. Tour Bus,
the very 1st day the bus was brought to Graceland and given to "Elvis", by none other than "J. D. Sumner.

A.  By the way Cricket was in 7 movies with Elvis.  Cricket was "extra in 6 movies and had speaking part in the 7th and final movie Elvis ever made".

- Whoa there and hold your horses.... Cricket Coulter got WHAT? It's claimed Elvis Presley gave Cricket Coulter the keys to the bus the day it arrived?
Why would that even be done? And it's also now claimed that J.D. Sumner gave the TCB bus to Elvis? So, lets get the events straight..... Claims are:
1. Elvis gives Sumner a cheque for $25,000 for down payment on the bus (now called the TCB Tour Bus) on July 06th 1976.
2. Elvis gives Cricket Coulter the "original keys" to the bus on the very first day of arrival????
3. J.D. Sumner then gives the bus to Elvis??????

These claims are so preposterous that they have to be laughed at....So, Elvis lends Sumner $25,000 and then Sumner gives the bus to Elvis, I guess he
said, "Here Elvis, I want to give you this bus that YOU paid the down-payment for".  

Oh, lets not forget that she was in 7 movies with Elvis? She claims to have been a extra in 6 of these? And we are also told Cricket had a speaking
part....actuallly she was filmed being rather strange for the documentary, "Thats The Way It Is"....It was certainly NOT the final movie Elvis ever made and
thankfully she has been totally removed from the Special Edition.

See & Hear Cricket And Her Ridiculous Tales In This 2011 Video

B.  Cricket was not only a friend of Elvis, but an employee and took over "10,000" photos of "Elvis", for "Elvis".

- HA! HA! HA! HA! OK, Cricket is now only just revealing this information, in fact it's during "Elvis Week 2011", that she reveals this crap story. And as for
taking over 10,000 photos of Elvis for Elvis?? I would not mind betting their all snaps taken as Elvis either drove in and out of his L.A. homes or a few posing
snaps but IF these 10,000 photos were of Elvis for Elvis then does than not then makes them property of EPE if she was in Elvis' employ?

C.  Cricket was at Graceland T. C. B. Bus, was delivered to "Elvis", not to "J. D. Sumner"!

- NO! NO! NO! Sorry don't really believe this either.

D.  Cricket witness Elvis drive the bus and almost wrecked the bus the very first day.

- ?????

E.  Cricket witness Elvis ride on the bus with J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet several times.

- ?????

F.  Cricket has (cancel payroll check/s) from where Elvis paid Cricket.  Buy Cricket's new book, with "proof"!

- Is this the same book that claims she had sexual relationships with Elvis and John Wilkinson? A claim that John vigorously denies on his and Elvis' behalf!

Coming Soon, "DVD Video, Documentary" of how Elvis would sneak and ride on the T. C. B. Tour Bus for the last 2 of his concerts, and documents
saying Elvis, was going to use the bus on his 3rd tour


LAW SUIT 12 M I L L I O N     D O L L A R S

A.  Mr. Larry Michael
B.  Mrs. Becky Michael
C.  Mr. Hannon Ray
D.  Master Snow Ray
E.  Dave of 78 Towing
F.  78 Towing
G. Mr. Keith Boswell
H. Mrs. Chrisy Boswell
I.   Mr. Joe Krein, Elvis Express Radiio
G. Transport Trailers, Services, Inc., Celebrity Coaches, Inc., Jeff, Michael, co-owner Celebrity Coaches, and XZY (others), are being "Sued for 12 Million
Dollars, plus Punitive Damages, and etc." totaling, more than "25 M i l l i o n  D o l l a r s"
Above is still taken from Kinards site of the claims below (click on to enlarge)

To: Elvis Express Radio
From: Keith & Chrisy Boswell

Concerning: Bill Kinard's false information

Dear Joe and Lee:
We would like to set the record straight on claims and false information published by Bill Kinard on his web site at:

The document that has been made up to look like a legal document is totally a fabrication of some sort of messed up imagination he placed on this web

We, Keith and I would like to state for a fact that there are no or have never been any criminal charges brought against anyone named in this document.
Kinard has filed false police reports on many people over the past trying to harass and frighten people into doing what he wants them to. This tactic does
not work for all us listed on the fake document.

We also would like the author Bill Kinard to know that this type of document published on the web is defamation of character to all those listed and he can
be prosecuted at any time with a simple court filed document. His copyright infringement history upon our photos and his illegal publishing of our personal
photos status: We are obtaining legal representation to have these removed and upon the previous cease and desist letter we sent him, it looks like each
photo will be a $150,000.00 fine awarded to us. This makes us very happy as we have been over the past three years infringed upon with numerous sites
he has posted our photos to. We keep great records, it will be simple to prove .

In the past we have and always will state: Bruce Buseman was a thief, liar, scam artist and a con artist. He simply was out to make any and all money he
could with the TCB bus telling everyone lies and that it belonged to Elvis when in fact it was JD's.

To this day no one has actually heard the REAL story as to how Mr. Bill Kinard obtained the bus. All we know is that there was a connection and in our
opinion those of the above status tend to hang out together and make up stories to fit their pockets.

With this we continue to state that 99% of all the items on that bus were fake. The only real treasure is that JD owned and used it. People are loosing site of
this one huge fact, JD was somebody by god we will keep his memory alive through the truth.

Sincerely: Keith & Chrisy Boswell

Prior to this public announcement, Bill Kinard had
threatened me with EPE (I contacted them and found that
was BS), then the F.B.I and other threats of legal dealings
if I was not to remove this in-depth look at these items
that were NOT the belongings of Elvis Presley.

This list of people being named on a public site and
Kinards claim of to be seeking
"criminal charges"
charges and a law suit for
$12,0000.0000 [12 Million
was a very silly thing to do because there was
actually NO criminal charges filed against any of these
named individuals and so, was itself deformation of
character by Kinard and each named person could seek
their own liable actions.

On the right is a screen shot of the web page Kinard had
made public, naming the 12 people listed.

I was sent in a letter from Keith & Chrissy Boswell (named
on the list [H]) after they saw their names included on the
list (see below). Subsequently soon after the letter, Mr
Kinard removed all traces of these claims from his
website. However, I took screen shots of this prior to its
removal which you can see to the right.
(click image to enlarge)
AT LAST! The epic story of the infamous TCB Bus is coming to a close at last.......we hope? For years E.E.R has  battled to stop what was once J.D.
Sumner & The Stamps tour bus from being wrongfully promoted as being used by Elvis as his own tour bus!

For months now Bill Kinard and Tupelo luxury tour bus owner, Larry Michaels have been in a legal battle regarding monies owed to Michaels by Kinard for
the original transferring of the bus from Yakama, Washington to East Tupelo and also for a complete restoration of the bus both inside and out.

After being given plenty of time by a judge, to come up with the total monies owed on the bus, Bill Kinard was not able to achieve by the shut off date which
was yesterday, the 28th January. As of yesterday, the judge gave orders for the bus to be auctioned off.

The bus will not have a reserve price along with not having a fixed starting price. All those wishing to make a bid will be looked at in 60 days from yesterday
and then sold to the highest bidder.

Let's hope that whoever buys this bus, they will NOT try to make false claims that it was ever owned and or used by Elvis Presley as part of his tours during
1976 and 1977.

The Bus is being held by
www.busforsale.com, owner John Spellings will be taking all bids you can call him at: (615) 859-1998 or email for questions at:

UPDATE: February 3rd 2012
The bus auction site which is handling the U.S. Court ordered sale of the former bus of J.D. Sumner.  On their site they have posted the following
information prior to the auction set for March 31st 2012.

Own a piece of the Elvis legacy. This coach is believed to have been purchased by Elvis for J.D.Sumner. For more details on this piece of rock and roll
history go to

The coach will be sold on a sealed bid basis on March 31, 2012. It may be inspected on our lot during business hours. Bids must be sent registered mail
and will only be accepted with a bank letter of credit. Qualified buyers may inspect the coach on our lot during business hours, by appointment only.

For bidding details please email us at

We have contacted the site and advised them that this bus was NEVER owned or used by Elvis, so advertising it as ELVIS bus gives totally the wrong idea
as to what this bus is all about....We await their reply!!!

Here are some photos which are featured on the Buses for sale website......
And so the saga of the J.D Sumner TCB tour bus is coming to a close............I oh so hope it is?
Let's all hope that once this bus sells, that will close this story once and for all......But, if the next owner wants to spread fabricated tales about Elvis using this
bus for his own tours etc then we will be there kicking up a fuss and shouting from the roof tops.

February 8th 2012
When all this battle of the Bus erupted back in 2009, we only had the one photo of the "TCB" bus that J.D. Sumner and The Stamps used on Elvis' tours from
mid 1976 up until June 1977, and that showed the bus to be grey and silver in colour. Then we obtained images of the bus that was towed ti Tupelo which was
the same in colour as before. The bus was also used with these colours when Elvis IMP, Keith Boswell toured the U.S. as fans paid $3.00 to enter the bus and
an extra $3.00 to have a photo taken on the bus with an IMP. We can also see a picture of the said Elvis IMP dressed as Elvis at the back of the FAKE Elvis
bus with a banner clearly stating:
"THIS IS...Elvis Presley's ORIGINAL TOUR BUS USED ON his 1976-1977 tour"....Huh-hum, Not True!
February 7th 2012
So many changes have been made to this bus since it's short time as part Elvis' touring convoy.

The inside and outside of the bus is nothing like it was during less than 12 months that it was used by J.D. Sumner & The Stamps as part of the Elvis Presley
Tour to transport the group from July 1976 to June 1977.

The original colours outside of the bus were silver and grey (See image below right). The bus was not covered in TCB logo's originally (there's even one on
the toilet....tasteless & vile) and the TCB design on the sides are NOT the original ones (original was not pointed at the end, more blunt and its now facing the
wrong way).
Then the bus went under an all out refit and soon revealed it's self with a brand new paint job. The chrome, orange, white and black looked great but we had
to ask, WHY? Why change the colours from it's original design if it was to be used as a tourist attraction for J.D. Sumner fans?

As you can see from the images below, 2 sides the same but with the old grey & chrome or the new chrome, orange, white and black look! Also questioned
was the TCB logo on the side. On Bus 1 the TCB has its lightening bolt shooting towards the rear, while on Bus 2 it's towards the front. For around two years
we have asked why the people behind this had made these changes but never had an answer?
While going through his files, Joe came across what looked like an old
photo of the J.D. Sumner Bus taken in 1976/77 and it's clearly shows
that the original colours were as they are today.

It certainly looks like its an oldie, you may notice the wheels are painted
orange, while on the recent photos they are chrome.

So, we wanted to look into this just to be sure about what the colour was
when 'Sumner and the Stamps' had it when Elvis was alive? Joe was
able to get confirmation from Ed Hill that the original colours were indeed
the chrome, orange, white and black paint job.

Soon after Elvis died, Sumner sold the bus and bough another bus
which had the TCB logo on the back but they soon removed this after
having their bus followed by adoring fans.

And there we have it, at long last and after almost 3 years we could well
be at the end of this bus journey and again, lets hope the next owner
does not try and pass it off as Elvis Presleys tour bus.
Oh and in a recent communication from a source inside Graceland, we're told that recently, people involved with the bus, contacted Elvis Presley Enterprises
asking if they would want to have the bus on display at Graceland? They politely declined the offer!

As you will have know from this weeks show, we left the bus in the hands of the auction company after we started the month of February with an email to them
and Joe making a telephone call to the company letting them know all about the history of this bus. As a result, bus for sale.com included within their sales
pitch a direct link to this very detailed look at all the various claims and false money making schemes people have employed over the years trying to turn this
bus into something it's not.
So, anyone considering buying this "TCB" bus would at least get a head start and
will be able to read the FACTS for themselves and not have a string of LIES fed to
them, right?  Wrong!  

Did we really expect this pain in a butt bus to just roll away and never bother us
again??? The bus site continued to promote the bus as having an "Elvis
Connection", which in all fairness is does. Remember, Elvis gave JD Sumner a
cheque for $25,000 to use as the down payment that was needed for the bus.

THAT was the "Elvis Connection", add to this the link to us here at E.E.R and anyone
with just an ounce of savvy would be able to take this information along with all the other details in this in-depth look and agree that this bus is just a very small
blip in the Elvis Presley story.........But things couldn't stay that easy for long could they!

It appears from speaking with an inside source that things became complicated as fans wrote in to the auction company with details of previous owner Bill
Kinard who as you can guess takes the facts on E.E.R and spins them with cries of "it's not true" and then bringing in other "Experts" who live in their own
fantasy worlds but looks impressive to the outsider looking in. As a result it's bye bye FACTS and hello made up stories with links on the auction page to
Kinards sites. Once again we here at E.E.R went in to try and get the details changed back again only to find the auction site wishing to stay neutral and now
having removed all links simply announce
"Own a piece of the Elvis legacy and rock and roll history. Busforsale.com recommends conducting internet
research regarding the history of this bus

Could this all start again? With overblown claims like the "Own a piece of Elvis legacy and rock and roll history" bullcrap, the chance is high.

Now we need YOU to help by sending a short message to John Spellings - President of busesforsale.com and let him know some FACTS.
Bidding for the bus ends on
March 21st and you

Copy and paste the below message and send it along to the following address

Dear Mr Spellings,
I am writing to you in relation to the
"Elvis”: 1976 MCI 8  which you have for sale through your site which ends on Monday 31st March.
Please reconsider how you are advertising this bus? "Own a piece of the Elvis legacy and rock and roll history" is a misleading description
because Elvis Presley only ever owned one bus and that was back in the 1960's and it was a FLEX.

In July 1976, J.D. Sumner asked Elvis for a loan to put a down payment on a bus, which he gave via a cheque for 25 thousand dollars the
day after Elvis' 5th tour of the year. While the TCB logo did feature on the side of the bus, it didn't appear all over the bus (like the toilet)
or even the carpet.

The bus has nothing to do with Elvis other than being owned by J.D Sumner who used it to move the "Stamps Quartet" around the USA as
part of Elvis Presleys concert tours and also for their own tours as one of the nations top Gospel groups. The bus is NOT a piece of the Elvis
Legacy and neither does it have a part in rock and roll history.

No sooner do I think the final words have been added to this on going battle of the "SUMNER BUS" when someone changes the goal posts once more.
Yesterday, I left this issue with a call for fans to send emails to John Spelling (president of the Bus company) regarding changing how he was advertising the
bus as if it was the personal property of Elvis himself.

That was yesterday and today it's time to turn it all on it's head and now we get to see them with the help of an IMP, use the memory of Elvis as a joke in order
to tell false information surrounding the bus with the help of Elvis IMP
Kenny Presley (The Son of a King) - Yes, this IMP actually states in his bio "Kenny
remembers as a small child growing up, hearing the man he thought was his father telling his mother, Barbara Rushing, during their occasional arguments,
“Kenny is not mine, he belongs to Elvis”
..... Yes dear, of course.

We are "treated" to Kenny Presley performing a re-working of 'I Cant Stop
Loving You'  
written as a commercial to sell the bus and to re-enforce the
fabricated story that Elvis bought this bus for J.D. Sumner with some other

The Elvis image gets a good old laugh as we see old IMPY tucking away on a
over flowing bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken - Fried Peanut Butter and
Banana Sandwiches and other foods spread around.

Once again we see how an Elvis IMP will happily sell Elvis' image as the butt
of the joke for a pay day and some exposure. Sorry, but if someone asked
me to have a joke at the expense of Elvis' image I would tell them where the
hell to go!

The song declares "I though of J.D. Sumner, when I bought this bus" and with
the title
"ELVIS TCB BUS" it's helping continue the made up lies that were
created about this bus years ago. It's the "FORMER BUS OF J.D. SUMNER",
that simple....
that simple....It was NOT Elvis' bus - Elvis did NOT buy the bus for Sumner, he paid the DOWN PAYMENT - Elvis did NOT uses the bus on ANY tours! When
will people stop using Elvis regarding something like this bus? Are there no trading standards in America? Is it not illegal to advertise something that it's not?

"ELVIS TCB BUS" tells me it was the property and used by Elvis yes? Well it was neither, so how is it legal to pitch it as such?


The auction closes on March 31st.......Can we get Buses For Sale to sell it for what it REALLY is? Email them, tell them they're wrong!

A two-year-old feud over who owns the so-called Elvis Bus continues in a Mississippi court. It may be a while longer before the issue is settled.

The North Mississippi Daily Journal reports that Lee County Chancellor Talmadge Littlejohn postponed a hearing this week into a challenge to the bus' title,
presently held by Bill Kinard of Tupelo.s

Kinard said he never wanted to sell the bus and that Tupelo bus rehabber Larry Michael stole it when he moved it to Nashville.

Michael claims Kinard owes him $134,000 for paying the bus' promissory note and for its retrieval from Washington State in early 2009. He also wants to be
paid for certain "restoration" of the vehicle.

On Wednesday, Michael's attorneys agreed to delay the hearing after meeting with the judge and Kinard's lawyers.

John Spelling at busforsale.com in Nashville said when the March 31 sale deadline passed, Larry Michael's bid was the only offer for the 40-foot long,
eight-foot wide 1976 vehicle with the Elvis trademark "TCB" logo.

Before court Wednesday, Kinard backed off a bit from his certainty that the King of Rock 'n' Roll actually owned the bus, saying instead that Elvis gave its
purchase money to music colleague J.D. Sumner to tour with his Stamps Quartet.

Kinard and Michael's have been feuding over the vehicle at least two years. Kinard said he wants to keep the bus and take it on tour to make a living away
from his Legacy Hall of Fame museum in Tupelo.

In court documents, Michael denies Kinard's allegations and countersued for the money he claims he's owed.

On Dec. 12, all sides apparently agreed to a court-filed compromise to put the bus up for sale.

But Kinard said he was under a doctor's care and should not have signed anything, which was told to Littlejohn on Wednesday.

Spelling says he expects Michael to take possession of the bus "as soon as that other fellow relinquishes the title."
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