You just knew that the story was going to continue and now the latest twist in this seemingly never ending tale is that Bill Kinard has announced to the world
the TCB tour bus....the one previously owned by J.D. SUMNER (NOT Elvis) is MISSING!!!!

YES, the weird and wacky events surrounding what is in all probability the worlds most over rated tour bus continue as Kinard offers anyone a REWARD who
is first to report this "crime" in progress!

Bill Kinard writes:
Where is the bus? Where all has the bus been since August of 2009? If you've seen this bus any where please contact us?

The Tupelo Police Department found the bus, according to Detective Jerry Davis.  Detective Jerry Davis said, "He personally climbed aboard the bus and
inspected both the inside and outside of the bus"?
However, Detective Davis to this date, has not told the "Kinard's" where the bus is"? Why not?
REWARD! If you have proof?
Contact:  Bill Kinard
WELL, I would like to claim the reward from Bill Kinard as I am reliably informed that the bus is where it has been for months now and it has not moved, which
is in the "Celebrity Coaches", parking lot.

There is no great mystery and no conspiracy, which is the impression you get when you read 2 varying accounts from Kinard regarding the POLICE and their
involvement. In his email sent out to Elvis fan clubs, Kinard states...
"The City of Tupelo Police have supposedly been looking for the bus since we reported it
missing last Friday from its' last known location and the Police have not found the bus either?"  

Yet, in the above statement which is on his website, Kinard states..."The Tupelo Police Department found the bus, according to Detective Jerry Davis.  
Detective Jerry Davis said, "He personally climbed aboard the bus and inspected both the inside and outside of the bus"? However, Detective Davis to this
date, has not told the "Kinard's" where the bus is? Why not?"

In one account the Police are unable to locate the bus (Guess the Police have not thought about asking Larry Michaels [owner of Celebrity Coaches] where
he has parked the bus?) and then in the next case Kinard gives the impression that the Tupelo Police Department are in cahoots with Larry Michaels in
keeping the bus hidden from him.

I am not too sure how much longer this joke of a saga is going to continue? But as soon as all the legal court wranglings are over, I look forward to bringing
all the news to you to put this to bed once and for all.

Below is an email that was sent out to Elvis fans and  fan clubs from Bill Kinard which informed them that he has now closed down his 'Presley Heights
Museum' which was located in Tupelo.

Dear Elvis Fans and Friends:
Presley Heights Museum, in East Tupelo, is officially closed as of August 31st, 2010. It was located near the birthplace park of Elvis Presley at 100 Briar
Ridge Road, East Tupelo, Mississippi. Our decision to close the museum was of course heart breaking to say the least.

The memorabilia dating back to the first record Elvis Presley ever recorded, "That's Alright Mama", and the 50's and 60's extremely rare promotional items,
and the never before released "photos of Elvis", for now will remain sealed from public display. We've removed all the movie cars, and Elvis' 1957 Pink &
Black Cadillac from public display as well.

For now we will concentrate all our efforts on our law suit to try and recover the famous "TCB Tour Bus".

The pleasure on owning the bus we were told was "Elvis' TCB Tour Bus", that he bought and gave to JD Sumner was even ruined by the "know it all", that
"know nothing"! We have documentation in JD Sumner's own words that Elvis bought the TCB Bus and JD Sumner customized it for Elvis.  

However, we will not be "blackmailed" into providing documents so that they can be put on someone's Internet site and shown to the "World", that they forced
us to do so. Our documents will be available to the "public" only after our law suit is over with the man that continues to hold our bus "illegally".

However, he is very rich and powerful and the law will not help us.

This has been proven by the detective who said that the City of Tupelo Police found our bus, toured on the bus, and to this date has not told us where our
bus is at?

In closing, we, Bill and Linda Kinard say thank you for being patient and don't count us out.  We are simply taking a much needed vacation to regain our
Bill & Linda Kinard

Even when closing there is still the claims that Elvis Presley actually used that tour bus during the last year or so of his career. Even while doing what Kinard
calls the "Aloha Tour".....of course Elvis NEVER did something called the "Aloha Tour", but then again what does facts matter??? Joe and I look forward to
seeing J.D. Sumner speak in his own words that he customised the bus FOR ELVIS and that Elvis USED it during his tours in 1976 and 1977?

Is this at last the end regarding this well over hyped basic tour bus used by backing singers for Elvis.............Let's hope so!

During the time E.E.R was offline there were a few developments in the continuing saga of That TCB Bus and other odds and sods surrounding Bill Kinard
and the 'Presley Heights Museum'. In May 2010 I spoke with Kinard via telephone and during this call I was informed by Kinard that he had a letter from Larry
Michaels attorney which stated Michaels was getting information from Joe Krein who was accessing my home computer?

In reply to this wild announcement, I asked for a copy of this "letter" and was told he would send a scan of the original letter to my wife's email as he did not
want to send it to mine due to the alleged "hacking". Kinard agreed to send this to me as soon as I sent him my wife' email address which I did within an hour
of speaking with him. After a couple of days of getting nothing from Kinard, I contacted him reminding that I needed to see the evidence that he claimed to
have from Larry Michaels attorney.

On May 12th 2010 I received this email from Bill Kinard:
"Our attorney and now the FBI has the information where our e-mails to you were "redirected to Larry
Michael" and that is why I'm sending this one to your wife's e-mail address instead of to your e-mail address”

In reply to the news that the FBI now have information about MY PRIVATE COMPUTER, I wrote: "URGENT – Thank you for telling me “our attorney and now
the FBI has the information where our e-mails to you were "redirected to Larry Michael" and that is why I'm sending this one to your wife's e-mail address
instead of to your e-mail address”
.…This is obviously of great interest and seeing that you now state the FBI have the information of how your emails were
redirected from me to Larry Michaels I will be needing the name of the FBI agent handling the case because that is against the data protection act which is
very serious and I will be needing the agents name and his office contact number etc as I am now forced to hand over this information from you over to the
Police here in the UK. I await the contact details."

In response to this email Kinard came out with...
"For now let's let things rest per our attorney's advise. Unfortunately I can't provide you with the "evidence"
that has been turned over to the "authorities" for their investigation.  The information I told you our attorney received from Mr. Cadle, Larry Michael's Attorney
reference the e-mail "interception and/or direct forwarding".  I personally did not see it because it went from my attorney to the "authorities".

I don't believe my attorney and/or Larry's attorney would have suggested this if it was not clear violation of the law.  Larry's attorney didn't want to be part of
this either.

Also my attorney doesn't want me to continue to inform you on what has happened, what is going to happen, and/or provide any of our documentation for
evidence that we will be using in court either against Larry and/or others that we may have to take to court? I sincerely hope that you can appreciate the
position that we are in and now it is time for us just to remain silent."

Hmmm? It seems some what suspicious to me that as soon as I involve the Police and inform him of this and officially request the contact details of the FBI
agent assigned to the case and who has details of the alleged illegal hacking into my computer, the whole tone changes and all of a sudden not only has he
been told not to talk to me about the case (which is BULL when it involves me and my private data), he also now claims he
"personally did not see" the
document that was signed by Larry Michaels attorney that claims to state Joe Krein has been hacking into my computer!!!

I simply replied..."Regarding the whole issue of the FBI having information of my computer being hacked in to. I have spoken to the Police here in the UK and
I have been advised to seek the contact details of the FBI agent and office who has this information!

Also in this email I made Kinard aware of some new information that has come to light.."Also, I saw that you had put up the FAKE Blues Brothers car for
auction and I also handed this information over to the Blues Brothers experts who inform me that they have contacted the Auction and made them aware of
the misleading information and that item has been removed. I have tried my best to help you out Bill by informing you of the FACT the car (and other items)
are not what you have been lead to believe they are but you have shown that you have no interest in this. I await the contact information for the FBI."

With this email sent on May 19th 2010, I have not heard anything from Kinard since which is rather strange considering the alleged serious accusations which
supposedly involved computer hacking and details passed onto the FBI and yet to this date I have NEVER been given the contact details neither have I been
contacted by any member of the United States law enforcement community seeking details of my computer etc. Which of course they would do if what Kinard
claimed was true!

I may well not have heard anything from KInard after these claims, but Joe did the very next day on May 20th 2010 when KInard sent a long email in which he
told Joe,
"You are not "God" and "do not know everything", about Elvis like you seem to think." This was in relation to the TCB tour bus and other issues that
surround the bus. Things like what Kinard told me about; i.e.
"Elvis traveled on tour with J.D. Sumner and the Stamps on the TCB Bus.  This was part of a
special tour they called the Aloha Tour.  They all traveled on the TCB Bus together from performance to performance until the they got to deportation and the
bus could not go to Hawaii.  This was the final stop for the TCB Bus on this tour."
Of course, this tour NEVER HAPPENED and just shows the kind of false
tales that are building up around that darn bus.

Anyway, to cut a long email short, Kinard told Joe (and it must be to me also seeing as he names E.E.R);
"Please be advised that this e-mail is to serve you
with notice that I, Bill Kinard am seeking legal action, a civil law suit, and criminal charges against you and Elvis-express-radio.

I've also contacted the authorities about your continued
"Internet Crimes" as it is against the "Federal Law" for you to put "lies and slander" about anyone
on the Internet and any "deformation of character" is a "felony offense" subject to both "jail time and monetary compensation to the victim/s".

Let this notice be provided to "all your associates" that have been involved in these attempts to "destroy" our "creditability", to include Mr. Lee Dawson, Keith
and Chrisy Boswell, and Mr. Larry Michael, to name a few"

A copy of this e-mail is being forwarded to my Attorneys, the local law enforcement, the FBI and all other law enforcement agencies that deal with "Internet
Crimes". Sincerely, William E. Kinard."

And so the threats, claims and stories continued while E.E.R was off-line and then a new turn of events took place when this happened.....
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