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After a few more weeks, the Boswell’s decided to end their secrecy and made it known to Bill Kinard that they had been sending me the information after
seeing that we had exposed the truth regarding the bus and other items.

Keith Boswell is an Elvis IMP who once used the TCB bus to tour across the United States in the late 90’s. Joe asked him if he had also advertised the bus
and it's contents as being the once property of Elvis Presley? Keith assured Joe that he had "NEVER" done that.

In fact both Joe and myself have been told by the Boswells they had known the first owner, Bruce Buseman and current owner, Bill Kinard and that they have
always stressed to both these men that the bus was never Elvis’ and that the contents were not Elvis’ either.

Elvis Express Radio, allows everyone the right to reply, and that also goes for Bill Kinard who has been the main focus of this investigation.

Here, Bill Kinard tells us his side of the story and according to him, the only reason he was convinced it was Elvis’ bus was because he was told it was by
both Bruce Buseman and Keith Boswell. Kinard also claims Keith Boswell not only toured in the bus but contrary to what he has told Joe and myself, he also
advertised it as belonging to Elvis Presley and spent more than a year charging fans across the country to walk onto Elvis Presley’s TCB Tour Bus...

The following are the words and opinion of Bill Kinard and are not necessarily the opinions of Elvis Express Radio and or anyone associated with it.

The Bruce Buseman and Keith Boswell story as told to me, Bill Kinard.
By Bill Kinard

“First of all Linda and I were in Nashville at RCA Studios B where Elvis had recorded before.  We were meeting with the owner and discussing our Elvis
projects, the ‘Elvis Presley Heights Memorial Gardens Cemetery’ and ‘Fans Forever Memorial Wall’, being constructed in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The secretary over heard us and said, her new brother-in-law, a Mr. Bruce Buseman owned "Elvis' Tour Bus"...This is the "first time" we had ever even heard
of the bus...I gave the secretary our phone number and soon after we receive a phone call from Bruce Buseman.  

The first phone call I believe was more about getting acquainted, I don't recall discussing the bus that much? However, the second phone call from Bruce
Buseman asked if I would be his agent and try and get "Elvis' Tour Bus and Elvis' Cadillac", sold to the "Antique Car Museum" in Tupelo?  

I agreed, and Bruce then prepared some information and e-mailed it to me along with an inventory list of other sports memorabilia. I really don't know why he
sent me that list? Thinking all the way back to the very first and last phone call Linda and I had with Bruce Buseman and even Judy Buseman (now called
Judy Collins), neither he nor she never once mentioned much about the bus and/or the name Keith Boswell to us.

There were several discussions about helping Bruce get "Elvis' Tour Bus" to Tupelo and sold to the "Tupelo Antique Car Museum", but that soon came to
nothing. After a meeting we were told they were not interested because they would have to cut a bigger door to get the bus inside and they felt they had
enough Elvis in Tupelo already.

Bruce Buseman then talked to me about getting a bank loan for $45,000 to cover expenses for a new motor for the bus and other things and that his friends,
Del Matthews and Jim Schmitt had co-signed the loan at the bank. Bruce borrowed this money personally and when he couldn't pay it back Del and Jim had
to repay the money to the bank.

Bruce Buseman and I discussed the possibility of having the "Elvis Tour Bus" displayed near the "Fans Forever Memorial Wall". And even when Bruce
Buseman asked my wife (Linda) and I to be appointed to the board of directors to his company "Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.", neither he nor I ever
talked about the bus and/or his previous travels with the bus.

Note:  You may notice I don't once call it the "Elvis’ TCB Tour Bus"...That title was put on the web page by our web designer (who happened to be Chrisy
Boswell)...I do not make web sites, however I have since learned how to edit some of the material on http://www.elvispresleyheights.com. More about the
websites later.

Sometime after the web site was created I was contacted by "Mr. Joe Krein", who I had never heard of up until that point and another surprise phone call from
"Shirley Enoch", J.D. Sumner's daughter. I don't recall who called first, however I do know that after Shirley's phone call I changed the title to read something
like the following;  
“Elvis/J.D. Sumner's TCB Tour Bus”?

Then, I think it was one Sunday afternoon the phone rang and it was Keith Boswell...Keith is an Elvis Impersonator and told us the reason he phoned us was
because he knew "Bruce Buseman" and he had traveled with Bruce and Lily and had also leased the bus from Bruce Buseman for almost 2 years and toured
America promoting himself as being the only Elvis Impersonator who was touring in the "Elvis Presley TCB Tour Bus that Elvis had used in for his 1976 and
1977 tours" and doing shows from city to city.
To the left are two photos of Keith Boswell, the top one from 1998 proudly posing for a photo
dressed as Elvis at the back of the FAKE Elvis bus with a banner clearly stating:
"THIS IS...Elvis Presley's ORIGINAL TOUR BUS USED ON his 1976 7 1977 tour" and the one
I recall Keith Boswell telling me that he made a "lot of money" charging fans to tour the bus
over the time he leased it. He had a flier / poster that was mounted on the inside of the bus on
the door as people climbed aboard that advertised it cost $3.00 per person.

Also, no cameras and no pictures were allowed.

You’ll notice that Keith Boswell says on this site the bus means so much to him that he just has
to tell the truth? You will also notice he doesn't tell the reader that he toured on it, took money
from Elvis fans and advertised it as Elvis' original tour bus, "long before we had ever even
heard of the bus'?
below shows another picture of Boswell again dressed as Elvis, this time talking with fans. You will notice three posters on the door of the bus, two of these
are pictured above and the third (not shown) reads: Only 4 Persons Allowed On The Bus At One Time Thank You For Your Patience
This Tour Is a Audio Presentation, Please Follow The tape To Help Give, Everyone The Same Opportunity To View, All of the Bus.
Please note that Keith Boswell must have the "tape" as we don't.

Keith Boswell told us that Bruce and Lily Buseman had a contract with Walmart and traveled from location to location whenever a new Walmart opened and
they would charge people a fee to "climb aboard" the "Elvis TCB Tour Bus". Keith Boswell told me he used to buy Bruce and Lily Buseman's groceries for
them and had provided them with a place to live and even paid their rent for them. Keith said he did this because it always seemed like Bruce was always

Not once during the time Keith Boswell toured using this bus that I'm aware of did he ever admit to the crowds of people that it was in fact, Not Elvis' TCB
Tour Bus, nor did he claim the memorabilia aboard the bus to be "FAKE"!  Keith Boswell loved the bus so much, as you recall he personally leased it from
Bruce Buseman and travel across the US in it himself, promoting the bus as "Elvis last Tour Bus".
In the first picture Keith Boswell is wearing the "Red Concert Jacket" that I was told was Elvis' personal jacket and posing with the bear which has a "sign"
saying "Elvis Teddy Bear" and a hound dog from Elvis' concerts. Remember that all these images and claims are from "BEFORE" I, Bill Kinard ever had any
involvement or even knew of this bus and or it's contents.

In the second photo were Keith Boswell is posing, wearing the Karate Jacket and if you look real close you will see him posing wearing yes, Elvis' Karate
Medallion Necklace. The very same necklace that he now says is nothing more than a "FAKE". The third is just Keith Boswell posing inside the bus again
dressed as Elvis.

Keith Boswell NEVER once told Linda or I that this was not Elvis bus neither did he ever tell us Elvis Never toured in the bus, neither was there anything ever
said about "J.D. Sumner" until much later on.

I told Keith that Linda and I, knew a man called Larry who had lots of tour buses that celebrities lease from him. Keith said he would like to speak to him as
he was looking for "another job". Keith Boswell even told us he had a "Video" that was made by "Bruce Buseman" for marketing and advertising and even
had a copy made on a "DVD" and mailed it to us.

When the "DVD" arrived, one of the first things I did was call Larry and ask if he would like to see it. Larry told Linda and I to come to his home and for us all
to watch it together for the "first time".

Larry asked me where I got it from and I told him because at that time Larry and I would meet and ride around together and Larry would show me where he
got started in business and etc and we even went to his home and fed fish. I knew Keith wanted to talk with Larry about a "job" so I saw nothing wrong with
giving Larry, Keith's phone number.  I see that was a mistake now.

Chrisy Boswell (Keith’s wife), even designed our web site for us:
http://www.elvis-fans-forever.org. Please remember, I did not design the web site.
Chrisy Boswell and Keith Boswell took information and photos from our website:
http://www.elvispresleyheights.com, then Chrisy and Keith took our
information and photos and added "Keith's" photos to our new web site.

At the time we were told that Keith and Chrisy wanted to "help us" and she offered to jazz up our web site sort of like Keith's web site.  I agreed to let her do
that, however we paid her $300.00, and then $100 per page.....Note:  Now we can't go to the web site and make any changes and they sent us an e-mail
saying, "Never contact them again", and so to this day, only she has the codes and we cannot update the site and make the proper corrections regarding
the bus.

When Keith and now Chrisy Boswell came to Tupelo in August 2009, either the next day or so after their wedding at Graceland which Linda and I were
invited to I may add, in addition to spending time with us, Keith was dying to see the bus again and meet with Larry – Remember, Keith and Chrisy Boswell
were still saying the bus was Elvis Presley’.

Larry came over and met us at the bus shop and got acquainted with Keith. Then he and Keith rode together and toured some of Larry's business while
Chrisy followed Linda and I to the "Ice House"...The "Ice House" is a beautiful Elvis themed private club.

Later, Keith and Larry show up and Keith then puts on a jumpsuit and performs for Larry (owner of the Ice House), another couple, a lady on her own plus
Linda, Chrisy, and myself. This was done so Larry could see how good a Elvis Tribute Artist, Keith Boswell is? From then on Keith communicated with Larry
direct and you know what has happened from there...

The Boswells have now become friends with Larry and Joe Krein and have used EER to tell their stories of how they had always tried telling Bruce Buseman
and myself that the bus and its contents were never the property of Elvis and painted themselves as victims on all this but the reality Keith Boswell had been
telling fans and making money out of saying the bus and the memorabilia inside belonged to Elvis long before I knew of it and in the beginning it was Keith
Boswell who had helped convince me I was right to be promoting it as Elvis’.

I have more pictures of Keith Boswell inside the bus with "Bruce Buseman" with Keith's arm around Bruce as though they were the "best of buddies".
However, now that Bruce Buseman is dead, Keith Boswell talks about Bruce as being nothing more than a "liar and a fraud". My question is why the change
in attitude toward Bruce and I?

That is another question I have for Keith Boswell and his newly wed wife Chrisy?  

We (Linda and I), were considered good enough to come to the Boswell’s home in Kansas, eat supper in their home. For Chrisy spend the entire day
showing us around and also to be invited to be at their wedding this past August of 2009 at Graceland.

This is only a guess and speculation at best on my part but I believe Keith Boswell wants Larry to sponsor him and the bus on the road once again. If Keith
can help Larry "ruin us" then that will help Larry in his plan to "have ownership" of the bus.

You see Larry says he has almost $39,434 invested in getting the bus and the Cadillac from Yakima, Washington to Tupelo, Mississippi.

Larry says he bought our promissory note from Del Matthews and Jim Schmit, which was $75,000, however, Del and Jim said so far Larry only paid them
$45,000 (Note: Del Matthews and Jim Schmidt", of "Yesterday Village Fantastic Museum", in Yakima, Washington had the bus prior to Bruce Buseman).

Then Larry says he has about another $73,624.71 invested in painting and restoring the tour bus.....Add all this up and it comes to $188,058.71.

Larry says he now has a "mechanic's lien" on the bus, however he has never filed one, because if he did, he would have to go to court and prove these
charges. Since we don't have that kind of money, if Larry was able to get the bus under a mechanic's lien, he would auction the bus off, and he said, "He'd
buy it himself" for what is owed on it?

Then I guess he'd put it on the road with Keith Boswell driving it across the US and once again performing his ETA Shows? Now this is only speculation on
my part.

I was not having any problems with Larry until, after I introduced Keith to Larry. Larry said, he thought it might be best for security reasons to keep the bus in
his impound until we needed it? Larry brought the bus to our property himself three times.

Larry even drove the bus to the museum for it's "grand opening" and left it there for 3 days. It was when he came back himself to pick up the bus that I told
him there was really no need to move the bus as we couldn't make money daily with it sitting on his property doing nothing. This is when Larry said, "he
couldn't and would not do that" and drove the bus away.

Joyce Logan, one of our museum curator's was there and it upset her, she started crying, saying, "Why did he do that? It's your bus and we need it here at
the museum". Then enter Charlene Presley, and Linda (my wife) from shopping for picture frames. Joyce immediately told them what Larry had done and all
3 ladies were not only upset, but mad as "hell". Joyce even suggested contacting her son who is an attorney in Tupelo.

Larry had done this to us without any prior notice. The madder the ladies got, I too became both hurt and angry as I thought Larry and I had become good
friends over the last year?  

I forgot to mention, before Larry drove the bus away, Joyce Logan had given him a payment for what was owed on the bus and made Larry sign a receipt.
Also, I think this is what made Larry some what madder as you see Larry doesn't like women telling him what to do.

Joyce also told us what happened when Larry came to the museum and I was not there she asked Larry to come have a seat as she wanted to show him
something. Larry reluctantly did this, Joyce said she wasn't going to give him the keys to the bus until he had rested as he looked like he was about to have
a stroke, and her being a nurse she couldn't allow him to do that.

Larry took a seat and Joyce laid out some photos of the bus and our Cadillac, asking him why he had taken "our beautiful bus and painted it an ugly
orange?" and why had he "taken all the history off the sides of the bus etc?" and...
"Why had he taken the lettering, "King of Rock-n-Roll Tour of 1976/77 off the back window?"
"Where were the original license tags that were on the bus?"
"Why did he take "E P" out of the carpet on the inside of the bus and put TCB with lighting bolt in orange"
"Why did you strip out of the chrome of the Cadillac and why did you tear the interior of the Cadillac apart?"

(E.E.R addition - In December 2009 The Boswells told me that Bill Kinard had sent the chrome to a company called the ‘Southern Bumper Exchange’ and
had not paid the $800+ bill that he allegedly owes the company for re-chroming? - Who is telling the truth?)

I arrived just as Larry was going to the bus and Larry asked me what that was all about?  I didn't know what he was talking about and said, Joyce is just
trying to help because she is concerned about the success of the museum. Larry seemed to be upset about Joyce talking to him, but not knowing what went
on, I lightened the subject up a little and said, 'you know how your wife is, imagine if you had three of them'. Hannon, who is Larry's right hand man and
employee laughed at this.

It was then that I suggested Larry moving the bus to the side of the building so it could be seen by all the tour buses and tourist visiting the birth place and
just leave the bus with me so that we could start making money with it? That of course is when Larry said, he "couldn't and wouldn't do that" and then drove
off with the bus.  

I want to thank you for your time and the great job you are doing to protect the "innocent fans".
We only wish there were more people like you out there.
Sincerely, Bill Kinard

There we go, Bill Kinard has had his story heard and so the question remains, who is telling the truth and who is packing lies and twisting tales left right and

I personally feel that lies and misleading information has been told by just about everyone ever involved in this bus and the stuff inside it...the whole "Our
insurance policy prohibits any photos" sign which greeted fans when Keith Boswell was IMPING it up with the bus is somewhat suspect? I have never heard
of any insurance policy prohibiting photo's. Flash photography yes, but a simple photo...I really doubt that? After all, even Graceland allows photos of the

I think the whole "No Photo" policy which Buseman & Boswell demanded was probably the same reason Bill Kinard has it in his museum, and that is to limit
the chance of the "Artifacts" being posted on Elvis message-boards and fans SCREAMING OUT - FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! thus reducing the chance of those
fans who have parted with their cash coming after them for refunds.

In an update regarding the bus, Bill Kinard sent me this email:
Good Evening Mr. Dawson:
Our law suit is being filed Monday and/or Tuesday against "Larry and Becky Michael" of Transport Trailers.

However, our attorney phoned Friday a few minutes before 5 PM and said Larry Michael's attorney had phoned and asked, if Larry could just buy the bus
from Bill? Our lawyer asked, why did Larry want to buy the bus? Larry's attorney, Mr. Cadle said, Larry is a big Elvis fan.

I find this ironic, funny, and too late.  
Mr. Dawson, I am dying to provide you with a copy of the "law suit" and then a copy of the "criminal charges" as soon as we can.

Better than any of that I have a "video" I'd like to share with you so you can let the "world" see it.
You, Joe, and all, will be totally "surprised"?
Bill Kinard

What is this "video" that Kinard mentions above? Well, If it contains what I am told it does, then it shows the bus to not be in the state that we have been told
it was? Previously, the Boswell's told us that Kinard told the investor (Larry Michaels) to throw out the bad stuff, which consisted of mouldy mattress's,
carpets soaked in dog urine and other crappy items which were so contaminated with germs that face masks had to be worn in order to clean out the bus.
This is again a case of who is telling the truth? I hope to get to see this video some time soon so that at least some questions can be answered.

Back in November 2009, we reported that Bill Kinard told Joe on the phone that he was "Furious" that the investor (Larry Michaels) had removed the carpet
and many other items from the bus and also the original TCB logos on the side of the bus. The funny thing is that there is now nothing original on that bus,
even the TCB logo on the sides of the bus are modern and facing the wrong way.

As for if the things on the bus belonged to Elvis, neither myself or Joe have yet to see any proof that anything that was originally on this bus were Elvis' and
so apart from seeing who is telling the truth about the condition of the bus, I want to get a look at each item removed so that we can start to see what is
being claimed as Elvis'?

Another email then arrives from Bill Kinard where in part he writes:
Elvis gave J. D. Sumner a blank check to purchase a bus. However, thanks to you and the fact I know have a copy of the check that was signed by Elvis
Presley it makes perfect sense to say:

Elvis gave J.D. Sumner the money to make the down payment on the TCB Bus.
The bus was J.D. Sumner's bus.
Elvis drove the bus and almost wrecked the bus.
J.D. Sumner and the Stamp's Quartet are the ones that used the bus and traveled on the TCB Bus.
Glen Tadlock purchased the bus from J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet.
Glen Tadlock leased the bus to numerous celebrities.
Glen Tadlock sold the bus to the Kentucky Headhunters.
The Kentucky Headhunters sold the bus to Jim Schmit and Del Matthews, owners of Fantastic Museum.
The owners of Fantastic Museum sold it to Bruce Buseman owner of Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Museum.
Mr. Buseman died and it was left to Bill and Linda Kinard, owners of Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc.
I have the title and registration from "day one to present of ownership", no

So where are we now?
Kinard clearly states
"Elvis gave J.D. Sumner the money to make the down payment on the TCB Bus" and that the bus was J.D. Sumner'...Below is a copy of
the original cheque dated July 6, 1976 for $25,000 which Elvis gave to Sumner for the down payment.
In the following page we bring you an in-depth letter from Bill Kinard, the man
who owns the items which have been the focus of this entire investigation.

The information gathered throughout this investigation over the last couple
of years has come from various sources, and in November 2009 I was
contacted out of the blue by an unidentified source who wanted to share
inside information on TCB Tour Bus but remain anonymous, the only identity
I had was K&C.

Over the next few weeks K&C continued to provide information which myself
and Joe worked on and I ultimately set out the information in this article for
you to read to add to the growing expose on the bus and other items that
were being claimed to have belonging to Elvis Presley.

As K&C were in the United States I decided to give them Joe’s email address
to set up an interview so they could reveal all the inside information in one
swoop instead of over however many emails.

I also suggested that it might be possible to set up an interview with "Mr X",
the man involved in funding the bus and who we knew was holding the bus.
Regarding Elvis' involvement with the bus....
YES, he did by all accounts drive the bus one time and almost wrecked it, this is pretty much confirmed by several sources.
BUT that is that! Elvis NEVER used it to tour with and he NEVER slept on the bus.

And so it looked like things had been accepted and at last it was agreed by all that the TCB bus was NEVER anything to do with Elvis Presley.
But then as I was getting ready to end this article I got this email...
Mr. Dawson,
here is something I thought you already knew about the bus in question?  
Bruce Buseman had an ongoing working relationship with "EPE".
EPE had Bruce bring the bus to Graceland on Elvis' 60th birthday.

Since you have a better working relationship with them than I do, you may or may not be able to get them to provide you the "archives" about this "bus and
their working relationship with Bruce Buseman".At this time I can't provide you with these documents. I'm saving them for court.

Also should EPE deny they even knew and/or had a working relationship with Bruce Buseman then our attorneys will need them at that time.

I cannot help but feel like we are on a round-a-bout as I thought we covered this issue on page 1? But to make it clear AGAIN, the J.D. Sumner TCB bus was
NOT on display at Graceland at anytime, the bus that was on display was actually Elvis' bus, it was the Flex that he used in the 1960's to travel to and from
Hollywood. It was NOT the MCI that Kinard is referring to [See Below].
Then, Bill Kinard sent me an article from 1993 in which Glen Tadlock, the former driver for J.D Sumner & The Stamps spins the odd tall tale about being
Elvis' personal driver and how Elvis used the bus for this, that and everything and gives another example of why Kinard is so hard to convince that the bus
really had nothing to do with Elvis. Below is excerpts from the article:

According to Glen (Tadlock), Elvis gave “J.D.” a blank check to purchase this coach, but “J.D.” only wrote the check for half the cost and paid the balance
himself. On November 24, 1975, Glen placed the order for this custom coach at a cost of more than $80,000.  Glen also designed Elvis’ “T.C.B.” (TAKING
CARE OF BUSINESS IN A FLASH) logo on the sides of this coach and mounted them himself.

Here I want to remind readers that Tadlock did not design Elvis' TCB logo on the side of the bus. This was designed by the Stamps themselves, as told by
Bill Baize, member of the Stamps Quartet (
Hear Bill Baize talk about bus). Also, the payment and date is again proved wrong as you can see for yourself
from the dated cheque above. The article continues...

On occasion, when Elvis was in the mood, Glen would fire-up the bus around 3:00 a.m. so Elvis could drive, because Elvis really loved this bus.  Elvis drove
it 3 or 4 times logging more than 350 miles behind the wheel.  Elvis would drive from Graceland down local streets and as for as Mississippi.  Elvis did two
tours with this coach.

After the new stage passes were printed and everything was ready for his third tour, the “King” passed away.  Some of those unused passes are displayed
in this bus along with his gold record of “Blue Suede Shoes”, wine glasses and red tour jacket from his limo, his scarf and white Eagle jumpsuit made for his
Aloha Tour in Hawaii and one of his many teddy bears.

Glen later purchased this coach from J.D. and continued to tour it until he sold it to “The Kentucky Headhunters” who toured in it for two years before selling
it to the Fantastic Museum in October 1992.

As I said before, with so much misleading information coming from so many people telling him it was Elvis' bus, Buseman, Matthews, Schmitt, Boswell and
Tadlock, it is kind of understandable to me as to why Bill Kinard is so hard to convince that all these people were wrong and it was all about money.

I replied again to Kinard explaining all the fake claims from Tadlock in the article, including the Aloha jumpsuit, those wine glasses and the stupid claim that a
TCB tour jacket was "FOUND" in Elvis' limo years after his death.....give me a break, please....and of course the bull crap about that damn bus and then in a
pleasing reply from Kinard, I had this come in...

Mr. Dawson:
Thank you a million times over. Believe me, I believe you.
I just sent you a copy of the articles that were from news papers from over 12 years ago and that is what they were saying then.
Me, I trust your expert opinion.

We, Linda and I think you again as we to this day do not claim to be an authority.
We respect the people that are and that are willing to help us and provide us with guidance?
Bill Kinard

And so it looked like at last, Joe and I's hair pulling has come to an end and all that is left now is the legal wrangling over who owns the bus?
Who stole what from who and who from what? Where did the original TCB logos go from the side of the bus and why were they ever changed in the first

So I thought....?

There are a lot of legal stuff going on between Kinard, Michaels and the Boswells and I have been getting some emails from Kinard regarding various things
but everything keeps on coming back to the authenticity of the usual suspects.
On the left is the FLEX, the ONLY bus ever owned & used by Elvis Presley. This is the bus that was on display at Graceland for a time and
NOT the bus on the right which is the MCI, the bus owned by J.D. Sumner and used by the Stamps Quartet
Go On To Page 4
Below is the two faces of J.D. Sumner's bus.
On the left is the original grey colouring (the King of Rock n Roll sign on the rear window was NOT on the bus when the Stamps had it) and after the
refurbishment the bus has new colours and a new - facing the wrong way - TCB long on the sides.
While neither of these interviews ever happened for Elvis Express Radio, I did eventually learn through Joe that the names of K&C were Keith & Chrisy
Boswell and Mr X was called Larry, a wealthy luxury tour bus operator.
I then informed Bill Kinard of this FACT and sadly, in a reply, Kinard wrote; “I must apologize about the name of the "Red Tour Jacket".  It was my mistake
and it’s not a "Howe".  I couldn't read the label and asked an acquaintance, not "Dean" and they told me they believed it was a "Howe", or something like
that. The tag is so old I don't know who could really read it?  I apologize for that”.
What I find strange here is that out of ALL the names to come out with, the
name HOWE was chosen, but upon my revelation of the manufacturer it appears that now the label is so old it’s “unreadable”? I really do hope it’s not a
case of change the story upon hearing the truth? But it does sound rather suspicious. And if there really was an “acquaintance”, that indicates that there are
people supplying Kinard with wrong information…..still!  

Then, Bill Kinard then got out the Aloha jumpsuit that he owns and showed it to Dean but he said he could not confirm it was actually Elvis’. But when it was
shown to Dr Nick, the trusty old Doc said,
"Yes, this was in fact, Elvis' white eagle jump suit and he had seen Elvis wear this suit.” Bill Kinard pointed out that
people had told him this was impossible and that the white eagle jump suit was a FAKE?

Dr. Nick, then held the jump suit, examined it and said,
“Yes this was Elvis' white eagle jump suit. Notice the material and the weight of this suit, nobody can
duplicate this except the person that made it.”
Dr. Nick went on to say, “if people don't want to take my word, that I will at Bill Kinard's permission have DNA
done, proving this is was Elvis' authentic White Eagle Jump Suit worn by Elvis during his "Aloha to Hawaii Tour".

If Doctor Nick did indeed say this then all it shows is that we really do have to take anything the old Doc says with a massive bucket of salt. Elvis Presley had
TWO aloha suits made and both of these are currently on display at Graceland. If Doctor Nick wants to throw money for a DNA test on a replica suit made by
someone like B&K then he is free to do so. But I really do love the
“Aloha To Hawaii Tour” comment, another example of accurate memories and knowing
what they are talking about. This of course can be backed up by historic documentation and testimonies from those who help make the suits originally and
other testimonies from many leading Elvis historians etc.

Another moment of comedy came when Dean Nichopoulos saw a yellow scarf that Bill Kinard tells us was worn by Elvis in a 1976 concert, as soon as Dean
saw this he said,
"I folded that scarf for Elvis, as that too was one of my many jobs.” Are we really supposed to believe that Dean Nichopoulos immediately
recognized ONE scarf out of the HUNDREDS that Elvis used from 1969 to 1977 as being the VERY ONE that he folded for Elvis?????

THEN, Kinard also told me, every item that both Dr. Nick and his son Dean saw in ‘Presley Heights Museum’ were
"authentic, and don't you let anyone tell
you any different.”
So, George & Dean Nichopoulos both say that EVERYTHING they have seen inside the Presley Heights Museum are authentic? Bold
claims when several things can be easily disproved, especially that the jumpsuit was never even looked at by Elvis Presley, let alone worn by him on stage
or anywhere else for that matter.

Also told to me was that when Dean, Dr. Nick's son went outside and Linda and Bill Kinard uncovered the Cadillac. Dean said,
"Who would do such a crazy
thing like stripping, Elvis' Cadillac?  This was and is Elvis' 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac.”
– My question is, how on earth could have Dean Nichopoulos know
that this was Elvis’ Cadillac, without seeing any documents, Vin Number, etc? But then I suppose if he can recognize one scarf out of hundreds then
anything is possible I guess????????????

Then of course that bus comes up again and Bill Kinard tells me, Dr. Nick said,
"From the original pictures of the TCB Bus that Bill Kinard had, that this
looked like the bus that he rode on with Elvis, however this bus was mostly used by Elvis' band members, but Elvis would get on there and unwind with the
. Again, I spoke with Marty Lacker who told me, “it is the bus that Elvis gave JD the down payment to buy. Now Elvis might have stepped foot in it to look
at it but he did not tour in it.”

I really do feel like I am smashing my head against a wall and this is never going to end and with people once associated with Elvis providing false
information about items it will go on and on and on. I asked Kinard for a photograph of the label that is on the inside of the tour jacket and he agreed by
“Yes sir I will. I'm at home right now.  However, I looked at the label and i can't make it out "at all" as it is old. The "Red Concert Jacket" itself looks
great? I'm also going to try and phone Dean and ask him how he could tell, which jacket this is?"

A couple of days went by and I again asked for the photo. I then got a long reply which included this, “The police and FBI in Yakima, Washington are giving
me a fit because they don't want to "arrest" Larry because the US Attorney said she believe this should be a "civil" matter, not criminal matter all thought we
have on "video" of Larry and Becky "stealing" art, artifacts, and memorabilia valued in excess of 1 million dollars”. And much more information, too much to
include here."

BUT towards the end Kinard wrote the following….“Mr. Dawson as you can see by the above I/we have more going on in our lives at the time and this took
priority over taking a photo of a tag of the red concert jacket. I'm so tired of all of this nonsense of what we have is real or not real.  I know and feel in my
heart what we have is real?

People have actually came to our museum and saw for themselves and believe like us everything is real.  We tell people the truth, "This is what came from
another museum and here is the documents we received with the items". Linda and our attorneys say we don't have to prove anything else.”

Again, I have to say that yes, it is probable that upon receipt of all this stuff from another museum that papers could say they are what they claim to be but
that proves nothing. We have several items on our F.B.E.I pages that come with Letters or Certificates of authenticity but that still does not take away the
fact that those items are as real as a two dollar bill. Bill Kinard may well feel that the jumpsuit, tour jacket, Bluesmobile etc are real but common sense and
facts say otherwise.

Is Kinard telling the truth, yes that is of course also probable, because I think he really does believe these are all real, but again that does not make it so. I
remember one fan with an Elvis autograph and upon seeing the fake on the F.B.E.I page he recognised one which was the same as he’s and he actually
wrote on one message board,
“Is my Elvis autograph fake? It probably is but as long as I think it is real that is all that matters”. Talk about living a life in
denial. This I believe is the same kind of thing.

Kinard continues…
“It is people like Keith and Chrisy Boswell who are jealous and are working for Larry Michael who is trying to steal our bus and the tour
driver, Mike Freeman who for know explain reason has from day one even refused to bring fans to the Fans Forever Memorial Wall before we even opened
a museum.

Mike Freeman even put those ladies up to lying about the museum.  Why we will never know.  Mike's and their comments to Charlene Presley the ladies
said, "They thoroughly enjoyed the museum".  Mike said, "I didn't realize how big the museum was inside and that you have more than Elvis in here"?

Mike Freeman is also the one that took pictures of the our sign on the building and ran right to EPE with them.”
I can only assume “those ladies” Kinard
refers to are Carol & Brenda, two long time E.E.R listeners, and I can assure him that neither Mike Freeman or myself would not be able to tell those two
what to say about a particular subject if they did not feel that way about it in reality.

The email continues…
“Then we've been "slamed dunk" all over the Internet with nothing but "slander and lies" by people who for one, don't know us if they
met us on the street, two, probably haven't even left their living room and/or office where there computer is, three, never even been to Tupelo, to the Fans
Forever Memorial Wall, to Elvis Presley Heights Memorial Gardens, to Elvis and/or Presley Heights Museum, nor to Tupelo and/or the birthplace of Elvis, yet
they can sit there on their computer and/or talk to other people and can "Critize, Condem, and Lie", about all of the above.

I don't see them doing this to "EPE and the City of Tupelo" as they have and continue to "lie to the fans" about the "birthplace of Elvis". That house in front
of the museum and gift shop "IS NOT THE REAL BIRTHPLACE OF ELVIS PRESLEY". It is a "REPLICA" of the real house, "NOT THE REAL HOUSE"!

The article is even in the Tupelo Daily Journal about them selecting one of five houses that looked like the real birth place house and put there to make it
part of the "park" that Elvis wanted. Note:  Ask Dr. Nick's son, Dean.  Even Elvis didn't take him there because it was and is not the "real house".

Fans you are being "lied to" by "EPE and the City of Tupelo" about this, this is more important than our bus, which for one you've never seen and I agree
with Mr. Dawson, this was J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet Tour Bus.

Yet, "No one questions this". Just ask any "Any Presley family member and/or any person that was born and raised in East, Tupelo, Mississippi".

I believe this to be more important subject than our "Red Concert Jacket".

Whether or not I have been to see the museum is redundant! I haven’t  been to the collectors fair in New Zealand either, but I saw on TV that it was selling a
copy of ‘Elvis Sings Country Favourites’ signed by Elvis, but I knew that was a fake because that album was released AFTER Elvis’ death. I contacted the TV
channel in New Zealand and spoke with the reporter and explained why it was a fake. The information made the news which got the album removed from sell
and E.E.R saved one unsuspecting fan from parting with money for nothing more than a worthless defaced Elvis record.

Myself and Joe are highlighting the things we have seen in pictures and on information received. Information from Kinard himself about things said by Dr
Nick and Dean or the issue with the jacket and also on the FACTS regarding the bus. Would I like to go to the museum, you bet I would, I would love to
examine the other Elvis items on display and hear the stories behind them.

Anyway, back to the comment Kinard made regarding the Tupelo birthplace….If Kinard had taken the time to listen to the Elvis Request Show on Elvis
Express Radio then he would have heard a long old debate from last year where we examined the birthplace of Elvis Aaron Presley and if it was the original.
I had my doubts about the history of the house. In fact, there is an article written by myself in the articles & review section on this very site (

Yes, we know 100% that the interior is nothing like it was when the Presley’s lived there and the toilet which was attached to the rear of the house is no
longer there and there was not a porch swing but as for the house not being the real one, that is nothing less than debatable…But the whole idea of
comparing this to the tour jacket, jumpsuit or bus is rather ridiculous. The FACTS still remain the jumpsuit is NOT one worn by Elvis Presley, the tour jacket
is in all probability NOT an original tour jacket and the bus was NEVER used by Elvis Presley on any tours!

In one email Kinard told me he was demanding to know why the words on the back of the bus had been removed by Larry Michaels during its refurbishment?
Those words being “The King of Rock And Roll - On Tour 1976-77”………(See Right)
On Saturday March 13th 2010, Elvis’ former Doctor, George Nichopoulos and his son, Dean entered the
Presley Heights Museum in Tupelo for a book signing. While there, owner Bill Kinard showed Dr Nick & Dean
the red TCB tour jacket.

Bill Kinard tells me that Dean Nichopoulos took one look at the jacket and said,
"Yes, this not only is an
original red touring jacket, but it was in fact Elvis' red touring jacket.  Elvis had all of them one’s made "like
Elvis'. But Elvis just did not wear his that often.”

Didn’t wear it that often, how about NEVER! I then asked Bill Kinard to let me know the name of the
manufacturer of the tour jacket and he did, the name is “HOWE”…..Ta Da! Not only was this jacket NOT Elvis
Presley’s, it was not even anyone who was part of the tours as the jackets made by HOWE Of Memphis
Tennessee were produced AFTER Elvis’ death. ALL the real red TCB tour jackets were manufactured by
Apollo by Holloway.
Dr Nick & Son say Aloha suit & TCB jacket
belong to Elvis...We say, how wrong they are!
My question is SO WHAT?......These words were added AFTER Elvis’ death, no doubt to con
people into believing it was Elvis’ tour bus. Elvis HATED being called the King and would never
have had those words on a bus as part of his tours. Plus the fact the bus was used by J.D.
Sumner & The Stamps.

The email ends with
“Mr. Dawson, I apologize but I've had it. I'm going to turn everything over to
our "Attorneys and Law Firms as we have more than one, the City of Tupelo Police Department,
to the Yakima, County Sherriff's Department, and to the FBI", and let all of them do their job to
"Protect us if necessary sue everyone that continues to slander and lie about us" if it takes every
penny I can raise by selling my land if necessary. The last offer in cash was 2 million dollars.  I
think I can hire a lot of attorneys for this amount."

And so there we are...we were beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel and Kinard was
beginning to see that he had indeed been tricked into believing he had all these amazing Elvis
artifacts. It's been shown how everyone involved with this bus over the last few years have spread
the tall tales surrounding it and all the items held within and all at some point or another have
taken money or benefited from the lies at the cost to the fans paying to walk on board.
FACT -  the Bus was NOT hired by Elvis Presley Enterprises and put on display as Elvis’ tour bus.
FACT -  the Bus was NOT bought for or by Elvis Presley, he simply paid the down-payment for Sumner.
FACT -  the Bus was NOT used by Elvis on any of his concert tours of the 1970’s
FACT -  the Bluesmobile is NOT the same one used in either the original or the sequel movies.

On the subject of the Blues Brothers car, Kinard sent me another email saying;
“A gentleman from California came to visit us this past Tuesday and looked at all the cars.  Dan said, "Yes, this car was definitely used in the original Blues
Brothers movie. Dan's company specializes in auctioning off "movie cars and props" from movies.  Dan not only looked at the movie cars but looked at all
the items in the museum”.

Again, I am left shaking my head in disbelief as I learn of another apparent “Expert” spilling bull crap out of their mouths. I am awaiting better pictures of the
car and if I am wrong I will say but from what I, and the Blues Brothers experts saw in the other snaps the car Kinard owns is NOT one of the cars from either
film. You only have to look to see they are no where near the same.

There needs to be a big change made before our opinions alter and I can only hope that Bill Kinard will do the right thing and take a look at what we are
saying, even if it means starting again and even seeking E.E.R’s advice and help of authenticating items and helping to bring fans a more authentic

But the question now is when will this ever end?

Both the Boswells and now Kinard have had their own views aired here on E.E.R and now it looks as though the next step of the story is who is next to own
the bus and what will they do with it?

As long as who ever owns it does not try to pass it off as Elvis Presley's like everyone else has then all will be fine...try to USE ELVIS and dupe Elvis fans
then you can be sure E.E.R will be there ready with that spanner!  

UPDATED - April 9, 2010
Marty Lacker sent in a message regarding the above page...
Read your report and Kinard's explanation.

Let me state unequivocally, if the bus in those pictures is the bus in question then that is not the bus Elvis owned in the 60's and he owned no bus in the
70's.  The bus shown is a different make than Elvis', we did not have TCB written on the side or back. The fact is there was nothing written on the outside of
the bus that would give anyone a clue as to who's bus it was or that Elvis might be on it.  Elvis' bus was also an old Greyhound Double Decker and it was a

Thank you again Marty for the information...

UPDATED - April 27, 2010
I was recently sent another update from Bill Kinard regarding the ongoing battle for Sumners bus and in that very message Mr Kinard told me the following:

"Mr. Dawson, don't faint. I, Bill Kinard believe that bus was J.D. Sumner's and the Stamps Quartet's TCB Tour Bus". I also believe that they got that bus
thanks to "Elvis" helping with the purchase of the bus. I have the "original" title and registration where it "never was registered to Elvis, but to J.D. Sumner".

I also have further evidence, which you already are aware of that Elvis drove the bus and almost wrecked it the very first time Elvis drove the bus.
I also believe that "Elvis, never used the bus personally to tour in, as has been told to us by others and in other articles and written in books".
Mr. Dawson, how is that?"

HOORAY AT LAST!...After more than 2 years of fighting to stop Elvis fans being fooled into thinking a bus was Elvis’ or used by Elvis on his tours in the
1970’s, I get confirmation from the man behind the current ownership battle that he now accepts and realises that those people who have made such claims
about the bus have been wrong, mistaken or outright trying to pull a fast one.

All we need to do now is to convince Mr. Kinard that the Aloha suit and many other items are also fakes and not what some people have made them out to
be. But what of the bus and the on going battle of ownership? Again, Mr Kinard writes to me and says…

“I receive a phone call from our Attorney, Ben Logan, that Larry had agreed to our demands so we did not have to go to court.  Yea, we won. This past
Monday (19th) we were scheduled to go to court for the second time.  Linda, Joyce, Charlene, and I went to our Attorney, Ben Logan's office, only once
again to be told, you don't have to go to court.  Larry's Attorney, had just faxed over a letter, once again agreeing to the terms we demanded.  Yes, we won

However, the document had to be signed by the Judge so we all rode with our attorney to the court house in Amory, Mississippi. Ben went before the Judge
with the document and the Judge signed it, "making it official".  The Judge said, "He was disappointed not to get to hear the case about the Elvis bus as it
was not often that such a case came before his court"….
(Ed, It’s a good job the case did not make it then as the Judge would be disappointed when he
would find out that the bus was NEVER Elvis Presley’s in the first place…..Anyway, Mr Kinard continued.)…….
“The second part of the fax ask that we come
up with "an offer for settlement, with Larry? This was and is very hard because of what Larry has done to the bus, the Cadillac but to us individually with all
the "lies and slander" and with the assistance of Keith and Chrisy Boswell, lies, and slander and the extreme stress that we have been and still are under.
My reply to our attorney was a simple one, for Larry to make us an offer by Friday at Noon (23rd) or the law suit and criminal charges will continue full steam
ahead, against Larry, his wife Becky, and all those involved, to include, Keith and Chrisy Boswell.”

In a further message on the 26th, Mr Kinard said....“You may want to add that Larry did not meet the deadline. However the reason is that his attorney, Mr.
Cradle did not return our attorney Ben Logan's phone calls and/or e-mails. I'm going to talk with our attorney today and tell him we will extend the dead line
until this Thursday at noon (29th)."

Please remember that we are only hearing one side of things regarding this matter and we will be watching with a keen eye to see where this all ends up.

But the bottom line is this….All I/we care about is that NOTHING that was not actually Elvis Presley’s will be put on display for fans to pay money to see. Or
that no tall tales are made up that were NEVER part of Elvis’ history.  

This kind of thing is a disservice to Elvis and his memory and we know that he would be furious beyond reason to know that even one fan had ever paid a
single penny to something like this bus and the contents with things like replica jumpsuits, replica TCB  tour jackets and who knows what else.

The goal of making Bill Kinard see the truth surrounding the bus has been achieved and our battle there was been won, I now look forward to seeing all the
other Elvis artifacts in Kinards collection as Joe and I investigate those to see what is real and what is make believe.

UPDATE - APRIL 28, 2010
As you will have read earlier on in this investigative expose, apart from the dubious claims of the Stamps former bus, Mr Kinard also claims to own one of the
original Bluesmobiles from the original 'Blues Brothers' movies.

Now, first of all, if Kinard does indeed have an original car then it would be worth a fortune due to the fact that up until now, all of the cars were thought to
have been destroyed years ago. The film used 13 different cars to depict the Bluesmobile, all of which were 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan's and all former
police cars purchased from the California Highway Patrol which were mocked up to look like ex-Mount Prospect, Illinois patrol cars. Some were formatted for
speed, and others in jumps or high-performance maneuvers, depending on the scene. One was designed to simply fall apart upon its arrival at the Daley
Center....But the question is, does Bill Kinard own the last of the original Bluesmobiles? In a previous message from March 22nd 2010, Bill Kinard told me,
"I have a document that is signed and said this Blues Brothers Car was used in the 1980 Blues Brothers movie".

Then on March 26th Bill Kinard sent me another email stating,
"I gentleman from California came to visit us this past Tuesday and looked at all the cars.  
Dan said, "Yes, this car was definitely used in the original Blues Brothers movie". Dan's company specializes in auctioning off "movie cars and props" from
movies.  Dan not only looked at the movie cars but looked at all the items in the museum"

Now this “Expert” named Dan has apparently confirmed to Bill Kinard that the car he owns is "definitely used in the original Blues Brothers movie"? I would
very much like the contact details of this Dan guy because this car is NOT from the original Blues Brothers film or the sequel. It is nothing more than a rather
bad replica of the iconic car which any so called "expert" should NEVER be fooled by and if this man deals in movie cars and props for a living this apparent
confirmation casts a serious doubt over this mans other items sold.  

Below are the comparisons between the original car and the car owned by Bill Kinard. On the left is the car used in the movie and on the right is the car
Kinard says is the same car used in the movie. Just take a look for yourselves, could you mistake these 2 cars as being the same?????
So, Dan the movie car "expert" has confirmed this even though.... The markings are not the same! The accessories are not the same! The licence plate is
not the same! The make of car is not the same..........And oh yeah, Kinards car was produced years AFTER the Blues Brothers movie was made.

IF things really are happening the way Kinard is saying then he must be the unluckiest man alive to have acquired so many faked items and then to have so
many bullsh###ers telling him…”Yes, Elvis owned that bus” or “Yes, Elvis used that bus on tours” or “Yes, that is Elvis’ real Aloha jumpsuit” or “Yes, that is
the same microphone Elvis used on stage in Tupelo, September 1956” or “Yes, that is the original car from the Blues Brothers movie”…What else does
Kinard have that people have told him are original and Elvis actually used them?

I hereby send an open invitation to Bill Kinard for him to send Joe and I photo’s of all the Elvis items he has in his museum/possession along with their stories
and we will endeavour to delve into each item and to give him our 100% honest opinion and findings.

So, what does Mr Kinard say about the BB car now? Does he accept that the car he has on display at the 'Presley Heights Museum' is nothing more than a
rather poor replica of the Bluesmobile?

Let's see what happens next surrounding the fake Bluesmobile, the fake Elvis items and the.....
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