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UPDATE 20.01.10
As the new year gets well under way we find Mr Kinard, owner of the 'Presley Heights Museum'
has made a statement that insinuates that our expose on the fabricated stories behind the bus
that belonged to J.D. Sumner is full of lies and slanderous claims?  

Posted on the
Elvis Presley Heights site, Bill Kinard writes:
I/we, felt like you the fans, needed to know the "true story". The person that has the bus has even
teamed up with "Joe Krein and Elvis-Express-Radio" and put out a "11 Page Document on the
Internet", called, "When is Elvis' TCB Bus, not Elvis' TCB Tour Bus. All I can say is we feel "sorry"
for those who try to "discredit us" as the "article is slanderous and full of lies", just to get "you the
fan" to "read" "Elvis-Express-Radio's Article".
Mr Kinard can try and make out he is being picked on and we are these nasty people telling lies and slander, but we are actually trying to set the record
straight and put out the
FACTS and the TRUTH and to try and not use " " too much and to advise our fellow fans.

BUT WE PUBLICLY STATE AGAIN, our invitation is still open & valid, the door is always open for Mr Bill Kinard to come onto the show as we are more than  
happy to give him the opportunity to set the record straight and to answer our questions.

We are also
STILL waiting for Mr Kinard to send us the "proof" that he promised to send to Joe Krein which he said would prove that Elvis Presley owned
the pink Cadillac that Kinard has on display which would naturally answer some of our concerns.

But now, another concern that has popped up. Mr Kinard claims he has an original car from the cult movie, 'The Blues Brothers'. On his website Elvis
Presley Heights.com Bill Kinard states,
"Other vehicles that are on display in front of the museum  includes "The Blues Brothers Car that survived the movie,
Blues Brothers"
...As a fan of the film I noticed a few things did not look right with this car and naturally, I could not just sit there with eyes wide shut, so I set
out to uncover the TRUTH behind Bill Kinard's 'Bluesmobile'.

We already have the Elvis bus that was NOT Elvis' bus...Surely we are not going to get from the same place the Bluesmobile that is NOT a Bluesmobile?

I have the 'Blues Brothers' albums and the movies but I am no expert and so wanted to get the opinion of an independent source, I looked around and
found the,
Blues Brothers Central website and asked for their opinion on the car which Bill Kinard has on display at his museum in Tupelo which he
states is the actual car that
"Survived the movie"?

In our initial contact, Chris Rossi, Senior Administrator at Blues Brothers Central told us,
"We're all 99.99% sure that no original Bluesmobile survived filming
(although there were rumors that Dan Aykroyd or his brother Peter kept one). So far every "original" has turned out to be a replica, usually built for the
House of Blues...If I can't recognize the car myself, I'll pass it along to one of the Bluesmobile experts on the forum. If it's a fake, they'll know about it (there's
even a chance one of them built it in the first place!)"
. I sent the photo I have to Chris and he sent the following reply to me.

Chris wrote;
"I'm certain it's a fake. I don't even think it's a 1974 Dodge Monaco! The front turn signals look completely wrong, I have no idea why there's a
hood ornament on the front (at least thats what it looks like). I'll send the photo to some of my experts and let you know the results"

We then received an email from Leo Bustos who is an expert on cars from the 'Blues Brothers' and even owns an original 'Bluesmobile' from the sequel,
'Blues Brothers 2000', he concluded;
"Looking at your pictures, the car in question appears to be a 1983 Plymouth Grand Fury. The original Bluesmobile is
a 1974 Dodge Monaco. The ’74 has round headlights and a full width grill. Your picture shows rectangular headlights."
Our independent source had no
question that the car Bill Kinard has on display is a FAKE! Let's take a look at what Leo points out to us...
And there it is, I want to thank Chris and Leo from Blues Brothers Central for their kind assistance in exposing this fake exhibit. I know that Bill Kinard has
stated on his website that our expose is "slanderous and full of lies", but that is only to be expected.

The FACTS are, we have been able to PROVE once again that another item being tauted as "Original" is in fact a very bad FAKE...Wrong Colours - Wrong
Markings - Wrong Year - Wrong Make of Car...And yet Bill Kinard states that it is our article that is
"Slanderous and full of lies"...?
That's the "The Blues Brothers Car that survived the movie" dealt with. What
ever is next?  

Ah, the microphone that stands in the museum which Bill Kinard tells us is the
actual microphone that was used at the fairground in Tupelo, where Elvis
performed...although if the sign at the museum is to be believed, its not known if
it was in 1956 / 57 or both (See Image Right)?

So, we looked into this and after examination of the only photograph we have
from the 'Presley Heights Museum' we conclude the one on display is a 'Shure
55 fatboy' or something similar.

But, Elvis, when he was at Tupelo in 1956 & 1957 used a different style, it was
just a 'Shure 55' which had a more squared off flat front compared to the
rounded front of the fatboy.

Of course, we have only been able to conclude this from the only picture we
have taken in the museum and we will be more than happy to re-evaluate our
findings if Mr Kinard would like to send us further images for us to use in our
research and if we are wrong, we would happily say so...But at this time we
stand by our findings regarding this microphone.
The REAL BBmobile had one painted door and the rear door has “P1”
The Kinard BBmobile doesn't!

The REAL BBmobile has no quarter window on the rear door!
The Kinard BBmobiile does!

The REAL BBmobile has round headlights and a full width grill.
The Kinard BBmobile has rectangle headlights and a smaller grill

The REAL BBmobile has a faded star on its front white doors
The Kinard BBmobile has a brighter star and the number 27

The REAL BBmobile is a 1974 Dodge Monaco!
The Kinard BBmobile is a 1983 Plymouth Grand Fury

As you can see, the car Bill Kinard advertises as being the original
car from the Blues Brothers movie is in fact a Plymouth Grand Fury.
You can compare it to the NYPD car we have added below his one.
Left we have a sad sight, a once beautiful Cadillac
that sits outside the 'Presley Heights Museum' which
once looked beautiful (See right), but as you can see
it now sits without any of it's chrome and the inside is
looking tatty and wreck like.

As we know, Bill Kinard claims that this pink & black
Cadillac was once owned by Elvis Presley. We still
have seen no proof. Kinards offered to show us the
proof months ago and still we are waiting.

As we reported earlier in this expose, Kinard says that
the financier of the bus, "ripped off all the "chrome" off of "Elvis' Cadillac" and he shipped part of it to
Southern Bumpers in Atlanta, Georgia, again without our permission and/or knowledge.  I had to go
retrieve the chrome in Atlanta, and we are still missing "valuable" parts of the chrome and Cadillac"

But we were told the chrome was sent to a company called the ‘Southern Bumper Exchange’ by Mr
Kinard to be re-chromed, and by all accounts, Mr Kinard can have his chrome back as soon a he says
the $800+ bill that he allegedly owes the company?

What is the truth? Well, we just don't know at this point but we hope to be speaking with the man who
put up the money for the J.D Sumners bus to get the full story from his side.

Again we are offering Bill Kinard of the 'Presley Heights Museum' the opportunity to come on over to
Elvis Express Radio in order to answer our questions and if as he claims we are full of lies then please
take our offer and come along to the show.
As you will have read on page 1 of our investigation, E.E.R
listeners Carol & Brenda took a tour around the museum
and informed us
"There is hardly anything Elvis in this
museum, just a few photographs that we all have or have
seen before."
But we now have a few more things to take a
look at which are on display inside the museum thanks to a couple more listeners of the show.

In the museum is a glass display case that houses a few books like 'Elvis & You', a book by Sid Shaw of the UK
store, Elvisly Yours, a book by Bill E Burke and a few others. There is also a picture of Elvis sitting in a plane
from the movie 'It Happened At The Worlds Fair', a magazine and 2 red glasses which Kinard claims to have
been used by Elvis & Priscilla?

However, one thing that is 100% real is a 1956 Emenee 6 string toy Elvis Presley guitar complete with original
display box, a nice collectible piece amidst so much, shall we say usual things.

Another part of the glass display (shown right) features those extremely NOT rare albums 'Harum Scarum', Pure
Gold' & 'The Sun Years'. We can also see a copy of the Memphis Press-Scimitar from Aug 16th 1977 and a
couple of photo copies of mementos from Elvis' school days.

BUT...The "Wait-A-Minute" is that sign on top of the display case..."THIS JUMPSUIT WORN BY Elvis
FOR HIS 'ALOHA TOUR"...Huh? 1st we ask, "Tour"? Bill mate, a quiet word, there was no Aloha Tour...And by
the way Bill, there were 2 suits made for Elvis and his Aloha From Hawaii Concerts and they are BOTH in
Graceland and owned by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

But, in a recent news article in the NEMS Daily Journal from January 4th 2010, Bill Kinard tells the reporter & readers
"Among notable artifacts are a
microphone from Elvis' performance at the Tupelo Fairgrounds, a lock of his hair authenticated by his barber, the gold record of "Heartbreak Hotel" and
several garments that he wore on stage."
We have already dealt with the microphone from Elvis' Tupelo shows. The hair is something that can be taken with a pinch of salt really
and then there's the gold record of 'Heartbreak Hotel'. We are not sure about this because again we do know that EPE has the original
gold disc for 'Heartbreak Hotel' on display at Graceland. In previous announcements Bill Kinard made statements that he had the gold disc
for 'Blue Suede Shoes' but from a photo taken of this when it was on the TCB bus we can clearly see that it is nothing more than a
commemorative one that is onsale in the gift shops across from Graceland.

So what about the claim "Several garments that he wore on stage"? We have already PROVED that Kinards claim of owning the Aloha suit
is pure fabrication and yet in the same article he goes on to tell the reporter,
"We just watched the concert, 'He Touched Me,' and this
looks like one of the jumpsuits he was wearing," Kinard said, unfolding a bejeweled jumpsuit that normally stays locked away. Again, we have on previous
occasions informed Kinard that the suit he is trying to pass off as real is a total 100% pure fake and yet he continues to use it telling the media that it is the
real thing. It's good to see that Kinard knows his stuff, especially when watching the
"concert, 'He Touched Me' - Sorry, what? Bill, thats a documentary made
in the 1990's about Elvis' gospel music.

So, what of the "Garments" that he owns? Well, we already know about that famous 'Aloha' stage suit, but what else? One Impersonator loaned Bill Kinard
one of his own jumpsuits which he has been asking to be returned to him, maybe that is one of the other Elvis worn garments Bill is talking about?

In the same article Bill Kinard continues to spread the story that
"The bus had been owned by Elvis and then his friend J.D. Sumner" and again we have to

You can read the article from January 4th 2010
HERE and you can be sure that we will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for more on this story as
we look to bring you up to the minute news and information from others involved in the tale of that darn bus....

UPDATE 02.02.10
I have had an email from one of our listeners who informs me that Bill Kinard as finally admitted the TCB bus was NOT and was NEVER the bus that was
owned by or used by Elvis Presley. Here is what is posted on Kinards site which has replaced the attack on my expose dated 20.01.10 (top of this page).

"I, Bill Kinard, not claiming to be an Elvis "expert and/or historian" took him and the documents at their words and advertised the bus as being Elvis' Tour
Bus. ***  If I had not done this then we would not have heard from nice people like "Shirley Enoch, Joe Krien, of Elvis-Express-Radio, Keith and Christy
Boswell, just to name a few who help us set the record straight."

I was knocked back as the huge apology Bill Kinard publicly states for calling the findings we have made ONLY on Elvis Express Radio lies and for
acknowledging that from the outset of his entire venture Joe Krein and myself through E.E.R have continued to tell him that the bus was NOT what he was
advertising it as!

And so is it all over? Maybe not? Bill Kinard continues with this on his website;
"However this does not make the bus any less "valuable".
If it had not been for Elvis writing the blank check then J.D. Sumner would not have purchase the now famous "T.C.B Tour Bus".
The reason I say I'm glad I advertised the bus as Elvis' Tour Bus is because I received a "surprise" phone call from none other than "Shirley Enoch", J.D.
Sumner's daughter. Shirley was very nice and understanding and told me the story about Elvis giving her father a blank check to purchase a "bus"..

We then get a repeat of the story that Elvis gave J.D. Sumner a blank cheque and he then bought the bus. Again we say the TRUTH of this story is that Elvis
loaned Sumner the $25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Dollars) for the DOWN PAYMENT ONLY.............Sumner continued to pay the monthly instalments, Elvis
DID NOT BUY THIS BUS! FACT! Simple as that.....How more silly is this advertising gumpf gonna get? NOW the claim is the bus is still as valuable because
Elvis bought it?

Umm Nah! STILL a fabricated tale is being woven around this bus. But even more unreal is this posting;
"Well fans the bus is here in Tupelo as of March 2nd, 2009". The bus remain is the hands of the man who paid for the bus when he was told it was Elvis' and
still has not received a single payment from Kinard....The Bus is NOT at the museum!

Then to end the page we get another kind of, I was all innocent and knew nothing statement...
"In closing we want to "thank all" that contributed to setting the "record straight" and may "God Bless" each and everyone". We have been advising Kinard of
all the FACTS for over a year and in fact REMOVED our original article about this bus after some issues and Bill Kinard accepted the truth and actually
agreed to change the story to the truth but after a short time Kinard went right back with the "This was Elvis bus" story and then it all started again with him
calling Joe Krein at home.

We cannot help wonder how long this change of heart will continue and Bill Kinard starts to use "ELVIS PRESLEY & J.D. Sumners TCB Tour Bus" again?

Blues Brothers Car?
Now then, has this sudden reality check that the bus was NOT Elvis' given Kinard an acceptance across the board?

Well, before I revealed the Blues Brothers car Kinard has is a FAKE he had this on his site:
"The Blues Brothers Car that survived the movie, Blues Brothers"

But now he has reworded the claim to read:
"Other vehicles that are on display in front of the museum  includes "The Blues Brothers Car that survived one of the two movies"...This time it's ONE of the
TWO movies, giving him more scope ever since E.E.R PROVED that his car was NOT from the original movie. And so it's possible that he owns a car from
the sequel, 'Blues Brothers 2000' right?........WRONG! Again, the car Kinard has on display painted black & white is a '1983 Plymouth Grand Fury' and the
car that was used for the Blues Brother sequel was a '1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria'.

See Kinards writings

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