We are all aware of the ongoing claims which say the former bus of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps, belonged to and was used by Elvis Presley on his last tour
and one or two others? Elvis Express Radio has received new information about this continuing story and also take a look back at how this first came about.

Former owner, Bruce Buseman traded in his huge collection of sporting memorabilia to become the owner of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps former tour bus
and also a few other vehicles including a black & pink Cadillac (claimed to have belonged to Elvis), and one of the ‘Bluesmobiles’ that were used in the cult
classic movie, ‘The Blues Brothers’. In an article featured in the Register-Guard newspaper from May 2000, Buseman tells this tall tale;
“The bus was the
rolling home of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the last 20 months before he died in 1977. It carried Elvis and his entourage throughout the country for 2 shows
a night, in towns large & small. Presley hated flying and would unwind after concerts by spending hours behind the wheel of the plush 1976 MCI bus,
custom built to his specifications for $160,000. Elvis loved this bus, he really did.”
This is of course major Bull. The truth is nothing more than Elvis helped
out J.D Sumner by paying the down payment and then Sumner went on to pay the rest. The bus was the tour bus for the Stamps Quartet and NEVER used
by Elvis.
The tales continue with things like “It still had the red carpet with the initials EP and it
still bore the big TCB (Taking Care of Business) and lightning bolt – the Presley logo
– on the side. It also still has the 9 sleeping berths – including the upper right berth
used by Presley when the bus was in motion.”
Buseman goes on to say "Elvis only
every slept in the back bedroom when the bus was parked."

There are also claims that featured on in the bus are:
Monogrammed pillows from another bus Elvis owned?
A gold disc for ‘Blue Suede Shoes’?
Wine glasses from his limo?
One of Elvis’ concert  jumpsuits?
And a nightgown that belonged to Priscilla Presley?
Note: The last we heard, current owner, Bill Kinard continues to state that some of these items
belonged to Elvis? We have previously asked for photographs of these items and have yet to
receive any for us to examine.

Buseman then states, "after Elvis' death the bus passed to J.D. Sumner (More
and then to Glen Tadlock." (It's said that Tadlock was the driver for the
Stamps and also for Elvis? More about that later). He then rented the bus to Country
Former owner, Bruce Buseman on board the bus
Enter Bill Kinard who approached Elvis Express Radio and Joe Krein
asking for help to promote, what he called, “Elvis Presley's TCB tour bus”
(which I may add, he now denies ever approaching us). Actually, the
request was for Joe Krein, through Elvis Express Radio to assist in
helping Mr Kinard to raise money in order to restore and preserve what
he called “Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus”?

Kinard sent in a photo, and right away it was clear that this was
“Elvis Presley's tour bus”. This was the bus that belonged to J.D. Sumner
and the Stamps.  As previously pointed out, Elvis only paid the down
payment for the bus, and it was
NEVER used by Elvis Presley for any of
his tours. Kinard insisted that it was indeed Elvis' personal tour bus, used
by Elvis and when Elvis heard J.D. needed a tour bus, he gave him this
one? (You will notice the tale has changed from J.D getting the bus
AFTER Elvis’ death!).
A sign (above) on the bus claims this was the
favourite seat of Elvis' and NOBODY was ever
allowed to sit here? Then (right) is the rear of
the bus which we are supposed to believe
proves it was Elvis' bus? Elvis would NEVER
have 'The King of Rock N Roll' emblazoned on
anything he owned.
So, once again we inform Mr. Kinard that this bus with the TCB logo on the side is NOT Elvis Presley's tour bus! It was NEVER used by Elvis Presley on any
of his tours! It was bought by J.D. Sumner for use with and The Stamps Quartet while on tour. Elvis, helped out by securing the bus by paying the down
payment. Elvis did have a 'test drive' with the bus when it first arrived.

Elvis Express Radio's Joe Krein spoke with Stamps Quartet singer,
Ed Hill, who confirmed that this bus was indeed J.D. Sumner’s and that it was NOT
bought by Elvis.
"He told J.D to write a check for what you wanted and I'll sign it. J.D said, I can't do that. So Elvis said how much is a down payment and J.D
said $25,000 and Elvis said O.K write out a check for $25,000 and I'll sign it, and he did."
When asked about how much the bus cost, Ed Hill said; "Probably
in the $70-80,000 back then in '76."
What about the inside, what was that like? Ed went on; "We did the inside, we had like a little lounge area & everyone
had chairs in it. And then the sleeping area & J.D had the back room."
Next up was the outside of the bus & Ed recalled "The bus was silver of course, up
where the paint was it was white with gold stripes and the TCB was in black."
We also wanted to know about the TCB which adorned the side of the bus. Did
Elvis have anything to do with this? Ed Hill explains,
"After he [Elvis] paid the down payment and we got it, we designed it." he only paid the down payment
but it was never actually used by Elvis personally for any of his tours. The bus was NEVER Elvis Presley’s. (
Hear Ed Hill talk about the bus)

Marty Lacker (Elvis’ friend and Co-Best Man) wrote regarding the subject and informed us of the following; “Elvis' tour bus was a FLEX not an MCI like this
one is that Bill Kinard has. After 1968 Elvis never used that bus again [FLEX]. We used the FLEX to go back and forth to Hollywood to make movies.”
adds even more weight to the fact that the bus was never used by Elvis for his tours etc.
The Stamps bus when Bill Kinard took delivery, from Buseman. And
AFTER he had been informed by E.E.R that the bus was not Elvis' but
that of J.D. Sumner & 'The Stamps'. You will see on the back the
same King of Rock N Roll tour of 1976 - 1977 message and the the
2 licence plates....one being a TCB novelty plate available from any
Elvis souvenir shop and the other, ELVIS-3 we do not believe to be
the original plate for this bus!
Below is another novelty licence plate available again from any Elvis souvenir shop
but claimed in the 'Northeast Mississippi Journal' with the headline 'Elvis tour bus
comes to Tupelo', as the "Original tag that was purchased by Elvis as a tour bus".

Pictured below is the Cadillac that Kinard claims was Elvis Presley's, however, we
are told by on insider that there is no provenance or title history with the car.
Kinards apparent "proof" is that on a old bit of film of Elvis on a tractor there is a car
in the background? We have examined that footage and can only see 2 cars in that
in the background? We have examined that footage and can only see 2 cars in that footage and the only one like it is not actually Elvis' car, as
pictured below.
Left is the 2 cars as seen in the "Tractor" footage from 1957 and right is the Cadillac which is claimed to have belonged to Elvis?
THEN........Bill Kinard, who had PREVIOUSLY stated that he owned the TCB bus,
sent out a begging letter asking fans to dig deep and send him ONE MILLION
dollars to pay for:

1. Court Cost of $25,000
Attorney Fees of $65,000
Transportation Cost of bringing the bus to Tupelo, $40,000.
The Restoration Cost of the TCB Tour Bus of $82,000.
5. $250K
Cost to Purchase the Existing Building That was For Sale for $375,000.
6. $48,000 Cost for Renovating the Existing Building
7. $500,000 To Purchase Additional Memorabilia.

Apart from the
$40 thousand dollars to bring the bus to Tupelo and the $82
to renovate it, we are amazed at they want fans to cough up Half A
Million Dollars
so that they can purchase additional memorabilia to put in their
museum for fans to pay to see?
John Wilkinson (Elvis' rhythm guitarist from 1969 to 1977) also confirmed to us, "No, Elvis NEVER used this or any other bus during the tours. In the last
couple of years of his life he always used the 'Lisa Marie' jet. From the pictures I have seen, this bus was J.D's."

The next step was then announcement that Bill Kinard, owner of the tour bus had now opened a museum in Tupelo. “The Elvis Presley Heights
would cost $10.00 for adults & $5.00 for kids aged 6 to 12 years and it's visitor's can expect to see exhibits on Tupelo history, Mississippi history
&  World history. There is also exhibits on Science, Geography and art from the North East Mississippi Art Society. Oh, and there is some Elvis bits too...
Elvis Memorabilia, a Karate medallion that is said to have belonged to Elvis? (Asking Master Rhee how many of these he had given out over the years? His
answer was
"No idea, there were many". And other bits. The museum will also have items of other "celebrities" as well as "Civil War" relics and "Indian"
relics. Also to be on display will be, a pink & black Cadillac that allegedly Elvis owned? “The Blues Brothers” car, an AMC Pacer from the movie, ‘Wayne’s
World’, and a car and motorcycle from a movie called “Megaforce”.

The site also stated that visitors can pay
$ 5.00 to enter the tour bus and pay a further $3.00 to have their picture taken sitting in the driver’s seat.
Pictured left is the FLEX which Elvis Presley owned in the 1960's which he would drive from Memphis to Hollywood and back again. He sold the bus in the late 60's and this was the
last bus Elvis Aaron Presley ever owned. Then right we have the
MCI bus that was owned by J.D. Sumner which was purchased in 1976.

AND NOW.....On Thursday 19th an email was sent out by Mr Kinard which announced "Soon on display will be the return of the (Yes, he is STILL calling this
thing the...)
"Elvis Presley and J.D. Sumner Tour Bus" compliments of our friend/s. Note: We will not call our friend him and/ or her Mr. and/or Mrs. X but
rather "friend/s"
(nice change from the last email).

The email goes on to say;
"Any and all misunderstandings are being worked out, so that you the "fan" can soon view the famous "Elvis Presley and J.D.
Sumner T.C.B. Tour Bus" can enjoy."
What's with the "fan"?

So, the bus is still being banded around as being Elvis Presley's tour bus and that he used it on either his last 2 concerts or his last 2 tours, depends where
you read the information we guess?

As always, we will be keeping our ears to the ground and bring you all the information as we get it. We will also be contacting Ed Hill and also Patsy
Anderson to check out those claims about them. We will be looking to set up that promise of an interview and also to seeing the promised pictures of inside
the bus along with all the Elvis belongings and mementos.

So until next time.....

UPDATE (2) 19.11.09
In a copy of the 'Northeast Mississippi Journal', from this year (2009) an article with the headline 'Elvis tour bus comes to Tupelo',featured a picture of a
licence plate that Mr Kinard claims is the
"Original tag that was purchased by Elvis as a tour bus".
the last 2 of his scheduled 3 concerts, unfortunately he passed away before the 3rd concert."

Again, false information being spread around and very sad to see Elvis fans not spotting the obvious flaws...This
claim is that Elvis used was to use this bus for his last 3 concerts. He did for 2 but died before the 3rd.........WHAT?

Elvis' last 3 concerts were:
June 24th Dade County Coliseum, Madison, WI
June 25th Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH
June 26th Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN.

Elvis was alive for the 3rd of his last 3 concerts and the reason we know this is because we have film and audio of
Elvis performing his last ever show.

Or are the claims supposed to be he used the bus for his last 3 tours but died before the 3rd tour?
If this is true how is it we have film footage of the Lisa Marie landing and Elvis getting off of it during his last tour/s.
Also, if he was to use the bus for the next tour, why was he still at Graceland in Memphis on August 16th? The next
show was in Portland which is 1,445 miles from Graceland. Was Elvis really going to drive 1,445 miles in 24 hours
then perform a concert?

In the image left you will see the licence plate that was featured in the news article. Also the
larger coloured version which is from the collection of Joe Krein which is exactly the same as the
one Mr Kinard claims is real.

And you too can own one of these if you wish as we found someone on ebay who has 10 for
sale (as of today 19.11.09). So, once again we can see yet more questionable things
associated with this bus.

Below we now have added pictures of a few pictures from inside the bus which is decked out in
the TCB transfers which can be purchased pretty much anywhere.

We were appalled to see a TCB logo on the toilet of the bus, which is in our opinion in
absolutely bad taste. Mr Kinard will claim these were all put on at the request of Elvis, but this is
in my opinion nothing but yet more fabrication added to an already fairytale bus.  
request of Elvis, but again this is in our opinion nothing but yet more fabrication added to an already fairy tale bus. Also pictured is one display inside the
museum and as we see it includes one of those FAKE concert posters most likely from the last show in Indianapolis.
So until next time.....

UPDATE 20.11.09
In response to our expose of the '1-ELVIS' license plate Mr. Kinard is claiming to be the original plate Elvis purchased to put on his supposed bus, Elvis'
friend Marty Lacker contacted us and said;
"To my knowledge, this Elvis license plate was not issued while Elvis was alive in Tennessee." And on the matter
of the 'ELVIS 3' plate on the back of the bus now, Marty said;
"These are special plates that people have to apply to the state for and were certainly not
made until years after Elvis died."
And so the saga of that bus and the stories that surround it continue......
UPDATE 23.11.09
In an email from Elvis Express Radio listeners, Carol & Brenda, they inform us that they have been to visit
the owner hyped 'Elvis Presley Heights Museum' and THAT BUS!

Well, on Thursday 19.11.09 we reported that Mr Bill Kinard sent out an email that stated
Elvis Presley's 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac is NOW on display and also that the bus will soon on
display.....Well, our lovely ladies arrived at the venue to find that there was no bus to be seen and neither
was there a car.  

They asked about the bus and were told,
"It's in the shop, because we are afraid the windows will get
A rather crap excuse for something that is supposed to be the main attraction...

It cost $20.00 to enter the museum but no photo's were allowed inside the building. Even Graceland allows
you to take photo's. Makes you wonder, why they won't allow any camera's. Not that there is much to take
any photo's of.

According to Carol & Brenda,
"There is hardly anything Elvis in this museum, just a few photographs that we
all have or have seen before."
They do say however, "except for this tacky Elvis statue at the entrance."
(See Left).
"Mike Freeman did warn us that it was not really an Elvis museum."

They also noticed that the word 'Elvis' has been removed from the front sign of the museum. it is now called
'Presley Heights Museum' (although you can still see where Elvis name was, so it looks rather tatty)

And so, with announcements that the museum has Elvis' Cadillac now on display, but doesn't, and that they
have the bus but it stays locked away for fear of windows getting broken and with fans reporting that the
Elvis museum with hardly any Elvis items at all, I do wonder how much longer people in the Elvis World will
keep on supporting this highly dubious venture with it's false claims of...
Concert Poster
Gold Disc
TCB toilet and oh so much more....I know this, I am looking forward to getting into the whys, wheres & Hows,
when Mr Bill Kinard sits down for that long awaited interview with us here at E.E.R!
Above is a mock up of the missing 'Elvis' on the front sign to the museum in Tupelo, this new name change from 'Elvis Presley Heights Museum' to 'Presley
Heights Museum' comes after we learnt that EPE were seeking legal action against Bill Kinard for using Elvis' name to promote his business. In response to
this news, Mr Kinards made a statement on an IMP sight saying
“Our land and deed reads, property known as Elvis Presley Heights, so we can "legally" use
the name "Elvis Presley Heights"
. However, Kinard goes on to say, “we are in the process of renaming our museum to something more “fun”, that people will
say, "what is this?"
We guess that new "FUN" renaming is now as above, "Presley Heights Museum"?

And again the saga goes on..........

UPDATE 24.11.09
We have further information regarding the claims of displays at the now known 'Presley Heights Museum'. In a press release dated Wednesday 18th
November 2009, Bill Kinard claimed:
"This is good "NEWS" to all the fans around the world.
Presley Heights Museum:
Now has on display the following vehicles and extremely rare memorabilia from several celebrities:
The Blues Brothers Car from the movie Blues Brothers
The Wayne's World Blue AMC Pacer Car from the movie Wayne's World
The Mega Force Movie Car from the movie Mega Force
Elvis Presley's 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac, Note:  However it needs "restoring".

Our lovely ladies, Carol & Brenda confirmed that when they went to this museum 3 days AFTER this announcement There were NO cars at all on display. -  
And, one question we have been asking since seeing the photos of the museum, is what that microphone is standing by the photo-shopped cardboard cut-
out? Our ladies inform us that it is claimed to be the original microphone that Elvis used at Tupelo Fairground in September 1956. A claim we certainly would
like to look into in more detail

More information coming later today....

UPDATE 24.11.09 (2)
Researching this bus and the museum pieces around the internet, we came across a couple of posts on public forums made by Mr Bill Kinard insinuating
that our very own Joe Krein is onside with the whole story and can "correct the record"?
But more interesting is Mr Kinard is actually stating in one breath - No, this was not Elvis' bus - but in the next breath he is saying - Yes, Elvis used this bus
for some tours?

In March 2009, on the forum, 'Elvis Presley Fan Club Blog' someone posted the article about the 'Elvis bus coming to Tupelo' and in reply to this, one fan
posted the first article written by us revealing this bus was NOT what it was being claimed. In reply to this, an individual known simply as Anonymous (yet
obviously Bill Kinard) wrote:

"It is clear by the comment above that the who ever wrote the comment was not and is not aware of the "real story about how the tour bus came about". This
is told in a document by "Gen Tadlock" bus driver for Elvis and J.D. Sumner. Yes, its true that the bus was advertised as it was displayed in a museum in
Oregon, as Elvis' TCB Tour Bus. Thanks to Shirley, J.D. Sumner's daughter and Joe Krien, we changed the article on our web site.

We were going by what the museum/s had on display for many years in both Oregon, and Washington. Now it has been corrected, however, on the bus
itself is "documents" saying Elvis logged more than 350 miles driving the bus.

It is also documented Elvis did "2 tours" with J.D. Sumner and was planning a 3rd tour using this same bus. They were "close friends" as we all know. On the
bus itself are "backstage passes" to the tours by Elvis, mounted on the inside of the tour bus.

Hey, if you doubt it, come see it for yourself when it goes on display. Right now it is in the shop, being restored at the "Kinard's" expense.
Yes, they asked if any fans would like to help in their cause as this vehicle will go in a museum that is a "charitable organization".

I personally think before people talk about things they know "little about" they should get the straight of the story. The "straight of the story" will be soon
released by "Mr. Joe Krien", on his radio program.

Now as far as the Cadillac is concerned, there again, the Kinard's have never said it belonged to Elvis Presley. They say this is what we inherited and it was
on display in a museum, "Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.", as once belonging to Elvis Presley.

Watch for the up coming "poster" that was on "display" in the museum, in "Oregon". Please don't jump to conclusions, say things you will regret saying later
when you know the "true story", not all this "speculation and gossip".

By the way, "Kinard" is spell K i n a r d, not Kindard, nor Cinard, nor Kinnard. It is pronounced "Kin ar d'"

Let's deal with some points raised in this comment:
The whole Elvis drove this bus for more than 350 miles thing is pointless. It really cannot be proved either way, but the evidence leans heavily towards no
way did this happen as Elvis never used this bus for his tours.

Elvis did "2 tours" with J.D Sumner? Elvis did far more than "2 tours" with J.D. Sumner & The Stamps. As for doing ANY of them using this bus....IT DID NOT
HAPPEN! - Back stage passes prove nothing....Joe and I have backstage passes but it does not prove we toured with Elvis does it!!!

The bus is "being restored at the Kinards expense"? As we know, another person who Kinard called "Mr X" paid all the expenses to restore this bus and is
awaiting payment. Which is being asked for from the Elvis fans around the world.

"People should get the story straight" - Something which Mr Kinard should take heed of when continuing to promote things as being something that they are

As for the "straight of the story" will be soon released by "Mr. Joe Krien", on his radio program"? - Indeed, Joe and I have certainly been giving the REAL
and STRAIGHT story on Elvis Express Radio ever since these claims have been banded around.

The Cadillac, Here Kinard says he has "NEVER SAID IT BELONGED TO ELVIS PRESLEY".....I'm sorry, see update earlier today from a press release were
Kinard states: "Elvis Presley's 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac, Note:  However it needs "restoring". You can see the site where the original post on the
forum/blog was along with the one it is in response to

THEN on another forum, 'TOPIX' in May 2009, Bill Kinard once again replies to someone posting the original story that E.E.R broke about the bus, and
again insinuates that Joe Krein is "on side"? This time round Mr. Kinard wrote:
"Hi there: I see this old news is still out there, however if people contact Mr. Joe Krien, I think he will "correct the record". We thank Shirley Sumner and Joe
Krien for bringing to our attention that the bus we inherited from a museum in Oregon was the one Elvis gave J.D. Sumner a blank check and told to
purchase. Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

We would like to let those who are interested that we found TCB on the side of the bus and that is what it's being called, the TCB Tour Bus for now. Second
there were "documents" on the bus by "Glen Tadlock", the bus driver for both Elvis Presley and J.D. Sumner that Elvis in fact did use this bus in 2 tours just
before Elvis passed away.

There are back stage passes still mounted on the bus. This is also documented in a book, written about "Ghost Stories", which include stories about the bus
being haunted for those who are in search of the "truth", not gossip. You see when you inherit bus, cars, and memorabilia, you don't know what you have
until it's in your possesion and you have time to verify what is real and what is not".

Again, Kinard points that he has had his attention brought to the FACT that this was NEVER Elvis Presley's tour bus, and yet STILL to this day he continues
to mislead fans by calling this 'Elvis Presley & J.D. Sumners TCB Tour Bus'.

We are wondering what on earth Kinard is saying with the comment,
"we FOUND TCB on the side of the bus" it's not exactly something you can miss is it?
So not too sure how he "found" it?

Then we once again get the 'Glen Tadlock' claims and again Kinard states Tadlock was the driver for both Elvis & J.D Sumner. However, one of Elvis'
closest friends, Marty Lacker, after checking with Lamar Fike, confirmed to us that Glen Tadlock was for  the longest time the  driver for J.D. Sumner, but he
was NEVER the driver for Elvis.

Again we get the whole last 2 tours and back stage passes rubbish. Hey, at least it's documented in a book about Ghost Stories huh?

You can see the site where the original post on the forum/blog was along with the one it is in response to

And so the struggle for truth goes on.....
UPDATE 26.11.09
Tupelo Resident & Historian, Roy Turner:
In another press release on the 12th November, Bill Kinard announced an event was taking place the NEXT DAY?; “At Tupelo Elvis Fan Club meeting this
past Tuesday night we learned that Elvis' 1st girlfriend "Mary Magdalene Morgan", has fallen upon "hard times". Our personal thanks to "Roy Turner" for
bringing this to our attention. We, Presley Heights Museum plans to give "Mary Madeline Morgan" 25% of the ticket sales: Don't be a "Hound Dog" and let
"Elvis" down.  Come to the show and "donate"! Double Elvis Show: Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of November............Tickets are $20.00 US per person"

We were contacted by Roy Turner who asked us to stress that he is in no way associated with Bill Kinard or any of his ventures, in fact, he said;
“I have
never been to his museum. We only know one another as members of the Tupelo Elvis Fan Club”
. In fact Roy himself personally donated $500 to help Mary
out at this difficult time! So what about the Kinard fundraiser?

Well, as it happens, the cry statement;
“Don't be a "Hound Dog" and let "Elvis" down” fell at the feet on Bill Kinard himself as he announced in the press
release dated 18th November that the event on the 13th & 14th was cancelled;
“We had to cancel our "Double Elvis Show" due to circumstances beyond
our control.  Linda, Joyce, and I, Bill Kinard, had to fly to Yakima, Washington to pick up some "movie cars" and more "rare memorabilia" for "Presley
Heights Museum"

We must ask, was this ever going to happen? This event was announced just 24 hours before it was due to take place. We have organised many Elvis
events ranging from small gatherings in bars to huge events at the Hilton Hotel and all take months of planning in order to advertise to make fans aware
that there is an event on, but then that maybe just us?

Telephone conversation:
In the recent telephone conversation with E.E.R’s Joe Krein (17th November), Bill Kinard told him that he was furious with Mr X because he had removed
many items from the bus including the “original” Aloha Jumpsuit, the gold disc for ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and other items including having “cut out” the TCB
logo that was inter-woven in the carpet of the bus.

We have been in contact with one of our sources who told us the following;
"Bill, told the investor to throw them away!" Our source goes into more detail;
The bus had been stripped before and after the court case awarded possession”
. It is alleged that Kinard was told this by the previous owner, and that the
bus had been out in the open with it’s air conditioners ripped off, dogs had lived in it for several years.

The bus was NASTY! People had been going in and out of this thing taking what they wanted for years. Our source added,
“He [Kinard] is lucky that the
bus was not totally stripped, leaving it as just a shell”

We received new information that alleges when the bus was first retrieved, the investor gave Kinard a choice if he wanted to keep the dog urine soaked
carpet? Kinard apparently said
"NO", and chose to replace it and so it was thrown away, along with other items that Kinard was given the opportunity to look
over and decide if he wanted to keep it or not?
So, what about the press release from the 18th November, where Kinard states that the Bus "will soon be on display"? Well, according to our source, the
investor is adamant that the bus will not leaving his lot until it is paid for in full by Mr Kinard.

Let’s go back to the contents of this bus, those contents that were supposed to belong to Elvis? We have been informed that there was nothing real (Elvis
wise) on that bus. And while Bill Kinard told Joe over the phone (17th) that he was furious with the investor who he said had taken all the stuff off the bus?
We are told that it was Kinard himself, who is said to have taken possession of all the things he wanted when the bus first arrived, he was allegedly picking
and choosing what he wanted in his possession at that time, all the other stuff taken from the bus went into storage which he (Kinard) has access to.

Allegedly, when the bus was being restored, Kinard told the investor to throw out the bad stuff, which consisted of mouldy mattress's, carpet soaked in dog
urine and other crappy items which were so contaminated with germs that face masks had to be worn in order to clean out the bus.

As featured at the beginning of this article, most of these tall tales seem to originate from a man called Bruce Buseman. According to the story, Kinard
obtained the bus after Buseman died and despite many of the stories being the same, Kinard states he never met Buseman? However, according to
another source, the bus was listed as a non-profit organisation of which Bruce Buseman,  Lilly (his wife) & Bill Kinard were board members.

After the death of Buseman, we are told the bus stood alone for a couple of years while Bill Kinard allegedly launched a law suit in order to obtain the
property. At this point it had been pretty much stripped of anything of value. In the end, the bus was awarded to Kinard as the board member of a non-
profitable organisation, however, our source does not know if the organisation still exists?
NOTE: We have now learned that the carpet which had the TCB logo and the initials EP woven
into it was more than likely installed by Bruce Buseman or an Elvis IMP?

One this for sure is that it was installed on to the bus post J.D. Sumner and the Country Music
group, The Kentucky Headhunters which are pictured here (left) on board the bus and also a tape
deck which is or was on the bus installed by the group during their time with the bus.

My source tells me the investor simply wants his money back that he put into this bus which Kinard
had convinced him that this was indeed Elvis Presley’s tour bus.

The investor, even though he was warned early on went ahead and funded
the bus but only after it was retrieved did he finally confirm to himself that
this bus was nothing more than the former tour bus of J.D. Sumner & The
Stamps Quartet.

So, what about the press release from the 18th November, where Kinard
states that the bus
"will soon be on display"? We, according to our source,
the investor is adamant that the bus will NOT be leaving his lot until it is
paid for in full by Kinard.
Inside The Museum:
So what exactly do you get for your $10.00 fee? What wonders are waiting for you inside the newly renamed
‘Presley Heights Museum’?

Our lovely ladies, Carol & Brenda reveal that to us;
“The first thing you notice after the non existence of the bus or
car is the tacky mark on the signage where Elvis’ name has been removed. As you enter the museum, the first
thing that greets you is the cash desk and Charlene Presley
(Her father was Sheriff Harold Ray Presley, who was a
2nd Cousin to Elvis)  
takes your $10 each for the “Grand” tour"?

The ladies were the only people in the museum, “Except for our tour guide, Mike Freeman, who had already
warned us that this would not be the usual type of Elvis memorabilia we were used to seeing on display. The only
way to describe the interior of the museum is there are two rows of curtained off cubicle style spaces, and Charlene
dramatically opens each curtain to reveal......not a lot LMAO!!!

So, what thrills are waiting behind those curtains? "There is artwork, old coins, old guns, a few Elvis movie posters
and photos that we all have seen before! A lot of the things on display have been donated by local Tupelo
residents, but some of the things on display Charlene wasn’t sure where they'd come from? The last cubicle,
however ......big gasp!!! had mainly framed Elvis photographs, an Elvis bust complete with an embroidered fan
made scarf, two red glass goblets taken from the 1976 tour bus
(so NOTHING to do with Elvis then), and an old
tape deck also from the bus
(E.E.R wonders if this tape deck is the same tape deck that was installed by the
Country group, ‘The Kentucky Head Hunters’).
Plus a microphone allegedly used by Elvis at the Tupelo fairgrounds
in 1956”

What about that famous bus?
“We asked where the tour bus was and were told ''Its in the shop as we are afraid of
the windows getting broken'' LMAO!! No disrespect to Charlene, but she seemed very unsure of what she was
saying and hesitated before responding to our questions. Mike Freeman, on a few occasions, had to correct her
about some of the photographs not being what she said they were”

Our ladies tried to take photos of the Elvis exhibits to send to us for examination but were told NO;
“We did ask if we
could take some pictures, but were not allowed, except for the statue at the door. Charlene did give us a free ‘Elvis
Presley Heights Museum Fans forever’ t-shirt, and said that she thought they were for sale but Bill had told her to
give them away - it still didn’t compensate the $10 we paid to look at nothing!!!”.

The ladies do have a concern that we personally think is 100% justified.They say; “As the museum is really only a
few yards from Elvis’ Birthplace, we fear fans will go and be disappointed like we were....but to be honest, doubt it
will be there for too long! Unless the bus and the car turn up...LMAO!!!”
Changes In Story:
It's funny what you can find on little hidden away sites at times, and while Bill Kinard is currently calling the bus ‘Elvis Presley & J.D. Sumners TCB Tour Bus’
and continues to claim that Elvis used it for at least 2 tours and logged something like 350 miles driving it, we found on an IMP site (
here) a letter which he
has on the site dated (June 15th 2009) in which Kinard clearly states it was Sumners bus and Elvis only drove it ONCE. See below:
Letter to Elvis Fan Club Presidents: Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc. Bill & Linda Kinard
Dear Fan Club Presidents and Fan Club Members:
It is an honor and a privilege to introduce to you and your fan club members to Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc., Linda Kinard, my wife, myself, Bill Kinard, and our
project for your review and consideration. Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc. is a 501 (3) (c) nonprofit foundation.
The Project: Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. proposes to build a museum for the specific purpose of building a lasting tribute, to the legacy of numerous famous
individuals, (legends) in the state of Mississippi. However, Elvis Presley will be one the museums most prominent features. The museum will be constructed
to display art, memorabilia, vehicles, etc. and the "TCB Tour Bus", that "Elvis Presley" helped "J.D. Sumner" purchase.  "J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Quartet"
actually used the TCB tour bus; however Elvis did drive it at one time, according to the article in the book J.D. Sumner wrote. "Elvis His Love for Gospel
Music and J.D. Sumner".
We ask the fan club president to get behind this worthwhile project and inform your fan club members, family members, friends, and other fan clubs to
support Legacy Hall of Fame and help it raise the funds to construct the museum and restore the TCB Tour Bus?

As always, our ears are to the ground and we want to thank YOU out there who have been sending us information on the continueing saga of the wild and
wacky claims surrounding that darn bus.

The Struggle Goes On.....
UPDATE 01.12.09
Chrome Tales:
When Bill Kinard spoke with Joe over the phone on the 17th November, he told him that
the 'Presley Heights Museum' investor (aka Mr X) had
"for some unknown reason"
removed all the chrome from the 1957 pink & black Cadillac which he claims was
previously owned by Elvis Presley.

However, that too may well be a tall tale?

Our source informs us that the truth of the matter is that the chrome was sent to a
company called the ‘Southern Bumper Exchange’ by Mr Kinard in order to be re-
chromed, and by all accounts, Mr Kinard can have his chrome back as soon as he pays
the $800+ bill that he allegedly owes the company?

At this time we are STILL awaiting the promised interview to set the record straight and
the DVD, Photo’s and copies of Paperwork...The Truth Will Set You Free!
UPDATE 02.12.09
So what about other cars that we were told by Bill Kinard in a press release on November 18th
that the 'Presley Heights Museum' NOW has on display?

Well, not a lot actually.....
We do know that from our lovely ladies, Carol and Brenda, that there were absolutely NO cars on
display at the museum.

As a matter of fact, we now hear from one of our sources that the cars are nothing more than

The pictures left are NOT the actual vehicles in question and are here just for reference

One of the cars that Kinard claims to own is the original 'Bluesmobile' from the cult 1980 movie,
'The Blues Brothers'. Now, the problem here is that there were 13 different 'Bluesmobile'. Some
were formatted for speed, others in jumps or high-performance manoeuvres, depending on the

One was designed to simply fall apart upon its arrival at the Daley Center. A mechanic took
several months to rig the car for that scene.

Fans of the movie have been trying to locate any originals for years. Most if not all were
destroyed during filming of the movie, so the chances of Kinard owning the original is highly

What about the AMC Pacer from the 1992 movie, 'Wayne's World'? We know that the original
was sold back in 2004 for around $15,000 and was in near perfect condition. According to our
information, the current owner is a lady from New York. So, the chances of Kinards being the
original one from the movie seems also rather unlikely!

And then there's the car from the terrible movie 'Megaforce' and all I can say there
is...............Who cares?
www.elvis-express.com - Copyright L Dawson 2009-2010
UPDATE 17.12.09
It appears that our mission to expose the misleading claims made by Mr Kinard and his 'Presley
Heights Museum' in Tupelo has upset one lady who happens to be the curator of the museum.
Joyce Logan sent out an email to Elvis fan clubs pointing out how ashamed Elvis would be? Here
is her letter

Dear Elvis Fans:
To the people that are so interested in our humble and very new Presley Heights Museum in
Tupelo, Mississippi, which is located on East Main Street near the birth place of Elvis:

I have stood back and watched this saga unfold from day one.  I see some of them are "cutting up
sideways"! Shame on you.  

Elvis would be ashamed of all of you.

Some of the Elvis fans understands what we are trying to do and have really been a big help.
Thanks to these precious people for we have had a great struggle. To make a long story short,
just wait until you hear my own story about all this.

If we all love Elvis, we should work together.
Joyce Logan
Curator - Presley Heights Museum

would personally like to think Elvis would actually be ashamed that someone is using his name in order to mislead his fans regarding this bus, the Cadillac,
other exhibits and lord knows what else? Still, I am sure that the saga of the bogus bus will continue...But I wonder if Kinard and Joyce Logen will be gracious
enough to publicly apologise when they finally have to admit the bus was NEVER Elvis Presley's?

The story continues on Page 2 - Here
Stars, Loretta Lynn, The Oakridge Boys and Charlie Daniels. It was then sold to Country group, The Kentucky Headhunters, who eventually sold it to Shmit,
who then traded it to Buseman.
Either way and whatever the claims, Elvis NEVER USED this bus for any of his tours! He NEVER slept on this bus! He NEVER had a favourite seat and
NEVER spent hours behind the wheel!

To our knowledge, Elvis did drive the bus on maybe two occasions. The first time was when it first arrived and Elvis asked J.D. if he could have a go?
J.D. got a little nervous and Elvis said; 'If I break it I'll buy you a new one'. After we proved all the facts to Mr Kinard, he then went on and changed the story
of the bus!

So imagine our surprise when one day we awoke to see news on many Elvis sites with the headlines
'Elvis bus is coming to tupelo'. And what do you
know, it's the SAME bus being promoted by the SAME person ...

Not once in the following promotion does Bill Kinard mention J.D. Sumner, let alone the fact that it was the Stamps bus! The promotion was set out in order
to mislead Elvis fans into thinking this was Elvis Presley's bus. On Mr. Kinards website (now altered), he claimed;
'Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. plans to bring
Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus" and a "1957 Pink Cadillac" that Elvis purchased, to East, Tupelo, Mississippi, restore it, and put it on display for fans to
come and see from around the world. In order to do this we must raise funds to pay for the cost to save the TCB Tour Bus, restore it, and construct a fans
museum to protect the bus and display the above. Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. is asking for donations of $5.00, $10.00 and etc., (US Dollars) from individuals,
a fan club can donate what ever they like'.
Again, you will notice this plea for donations fails to mention J.D. Sumner and the Stamps in any way.
Mr. Kinard states that IF fan clubs & their fans don't raise the ONE MILLION needed then they may have to be sell their 16.5 acres of land that they own, or
sell the Stamps tour bus which they say is valued at,
ONE MILLION DOLLARS (Sorry but, yeah right)?

In the plee, Kinard writes;
"The Financial Backer, Mr. X, has changed his mind on our agreement to pay him back over time and 50/50 on any monies
made from showings of the '
TCB Tour Bus'. We can give some advice here, if the backer has "changed his mind" then we assume that Mr Kinard can sue
the backer for breach of contract.....assuming they had a contract?

So what will fans get to see if the million is raised and the Stamps tour bus is then owned by Mr. Kinard? According to the plan, the admission price to
aboard and take your picture in the driver's seat or in Elvis' favorite seat is only
$10.00 US per person". Whoe...What's that, Elvis' favourite seat? - Are we
now to believe that Elvis had a
"favorite" seat on the Stamps bus? After all, apart from the original article from 2000 with Buseman, this is the first time
(2009) Kinard has EVER mentioned a "Favorite" seat.

Anyway, then there will be the chance to "ride" on the bus from the "museum", to the Tupelo Hardware Store, birthplace, and other local sites for
per person"
. There has to be a minimum of 10 people "per trip", so $500 minimum per trip is not bad for a short bus ride. Of course if the maximum of 20
fans pay, then $1000 is a great money maker for them

Mr. Kinard is also considering taking "groups" from
"Tupelo to Memphis and back to Tupelo" for "$150.00 per person", with a minimum groups of 15 people,
totalling a nice $2,250 for the trip, or $3000 on a full load...We do wonder if one person has to pay extra as they would be sitting in Elvis' "favorite" seat?

I personally think it is wrong to ask the fans of Elvis to stump up
ONE MILLION DOLLARS so that someone can launch a business that makes even more
money from the fans and to plug a bus that is NOT what they claim it is.

I was then informed that the bus was picked up from an undisclosed person, whom was just going to pick up this bus for a small fee....But, because he was
told that the bus was the Elvis Presley TCB Tour bus, he was lead to believe that this bus was actually used by Elvis himself, which we all know is not
actually true.

When the driver arrived to retrieve the bus, the then owner would not release it without $70,000 being paid to him for a note that the man had actually paid
to acquire the bus. The man that picked up this bus really had no option but to pay the note, due to the fact that Bill Kinard was allegedly penniless.

The man had driven over 600 miles with a truck and trailer in tow to do the job of getting the bus to Tupelo. Of course, Bill Kinard said he would pay the
note.  After the bus was taken to Tupelo it was placed into restoration by the man that picked it up. There was of course a bill due when it was complete.

On his new website
www.presleymuseum.org Kinard states he has “Documentation showing Elvis drove the bus on several occasions” as told by Glen
Tadlock who Kinard says was the driver for both Elvis and J.D Sumner?

I spoke to
Marty Lacker who informed us, “I just spoke to Lamar and he says Glen Tadlock was J.D's driver ever since the early years, before J.D started
touring with Elvis. Tadlock was NEVER Elvis’ driver and that bus was J.D’s and NOT Elvis.”

The bus is still being advertising all over the internet as available for tours (presumably to get people to Mr Kinard’s museum), he is also advertising the bus
for events etc, without even having possession of the bus.

Ive been told the bus will probably
NOT be available for anyone to tour, sit on or ride in for a very long time, until legal matters are settled. The bus is
presently in storage due to money NOT being paid by Kinard for: The restoration, The retrieval of the bus and the note that the investor initially paid.

So what of the other promised attractions at the museum? The Cadillac is there, but there is no provenance or title history with the vehicle...we are told it is
in pretty bad condition? When previously confronted about the Cadillac, Mr Kinard informed Joe that he was waiting for the papers to arrive which will prove
that the car was Elvis'? Joe invited Kinard

The Blues Brother's car, along with a bunch of other cars that he is suppose to own & pick up have a huge note on it! The individual that picked up the bus,
after he got stuck with the bus, allegedly refuses to retrieve those cars.

What will the future hold for
“J.D. Sumner’s TCB Tour Bus”?...............Whatever it is, we stand by our original findings that this bus had nothing more than
a passing association with Elvis Presley and it is our opinion that fans are being mislead by these claims.

Who takes the blame on this whole bus issue? Buseman has to be held responsible, after all, he is the one who has spread tall tales about this bus and the
things in it. In the article from May 2000 (
Read Here) he tells so many false stories which can easily be disproved, we are amazed that he was able to get
away with it for so long? OR was he himself suckered into buying a bus that was nothing more that the bus that J.D. Sumner & The Stamps used?

I think that Bill Kinard is also a kind of victim, he was also fed these fabrications and sadly, instead of investigating the real history he bought in to it and
here we are today....We know Kinard accepts things are not really what Buseman claimed, after all, the whole J.D. Sumner got the bus after Elvis' death
story has been dropped. But while Mr Kinard cannot be blamed for causing the whole false claims around this bus, he is now well aware of what the real
history of this bus is and therefore it is our opinion that fans are continually being mislead regarding the true identity of this bus.

In an email (March 10th 2009) Bill Kinard actually wrote that he owns, amongst other things the
"white Eagle jumpsuit made for his Aloha Tour in Hawaii",
again, another FALSE claim as we know for a
FACT that EPE posses this historic stage costume. Here is what Mr Kinard actually wrote regarding this :
"Elvis did two tours with this coach. After the new stage passes were printed and everything was ready for his third tour, the "King" passed away. Some of
those unused passes are displayed in this bus along with his gold record of "Blue Suede Shoes", wine glasses and red tour jacket from his limo, his scarf,
and white Eagle jumpsuit made for his Aloha Tour in Hawaii and one of his many teddy bears."
Again, we have formally asked to see photos of the items
such as the passes, the 'Blue Suede Shoes' gold disc and other items but we have never been shown these items.

(Just in 06.11.09) - I have received unconfirmed reports that Elvis Presley Enterprises / Graceland are issuing legal proceedings against on Bill Kinard for
name infringement of copyright laws? It's alleged that he has been ordered by the Attorneys working for EPE / Graceland, to remove the name 'Elvis' from
all his ventures.

I am also told that Bill Kinard is planning on having an Elvis blow-out for Elvis' 75th Birthday and is offering with free space to any and all Elvis IMPS that
want to stand on the street and sing....That is going to be an ugly site in Tupelo that's for sure!

To close, The J.D Sumner TCB Tour Bus was
NEVER used on any tour by Elvis Presley, least of all his last ever tour. It was NOT bought by Elvis as a gift to
J.D Sumner. And we can only hope that other Elvis websites and organisations will start to make fans aware that this really is not what it is being advertised

The saga of "That Bus" continues.....  

UPDATE (1) 19.11.09:
AND so it does....On Tuesday 17th November, Bill Kinard contacted E.E.R's Joe Krein and the two spoke for several minutes. In the conversation, Kinard
told Joe that Mr X has removed the original Aloha Jumpsuit, the Blue Suede Shoes gold disc and other momentoes off the bus? Joe challenged this by
pointing out that the "Aloha Suit" was a fake and from what we have seen the gold disc is nothing more than a commemorative disc. Apparently, Mr Kinard
refrained from answering.

Joe then went on to tell him how wrong he was, misleading Elvis fans by calling this Elvis' bus, when as we have shown, this was nothing more than the bus
that took J.D. Sumner & The Stamps on tour and that Elvis never owned this bus. Mr Kinard when on to say that former fan relations manager at EPE,
'Patsy Anderson' has confirmed that the TCB tour bus is the same bus that Graceland had leased from a private owner and put it on display at Graceland.
This is of course untrue as the bus that EPE leased was the FLEX (pictured on this page further above) and NOT the bus Mr Kinard is promoting.

In reply to this Mr Kinard told Joe that Ed Hill (Member of the Stamps) told him that he was given a blank cheque to go get the bus for Elvis who then
presented it to J.D. Sumner. Kinard went on to claim Ed Hill told him that after Elvis’ death someone wrote loan on the original cheque and then made JD
Sumner pay back all the money owed? We of course know Ed Hill and this story is a world away from what he has already told us on tape about the origins
of the bus. Obviously we will contact Ed Hill to confirm Mr Kinards claims.

Another thing mentioned was the pink & black Cadillac which is claimed to have been Elvis'? Kinard claims Mr X has removed all of the chrome from the
questionable Cadillac for some unknown reason?

It was also revealed that the outrageous 'KING OF ROCK 'N' ROLL" which was emblazoned on the rear of the bus and was claimed to have been on their
when Elvis "owned" it, is now no longer there. Apparently Mr X Painted over it much to Mr Kinard' alleged annoyance.   

To wrap up on this part, Mr. Kinard has promised E.E.R video and photos of the bus, including the jumpsuit, gold record & other items and he has also
promised to conduct an interview with us, which I look forward to very much.

THEN....On Wednesday 18th we found a website for Elvis IMPersonators which had pictures of the newly decorated tour bus with the site owner declaring
the following information;
"I just received this picture of Elvis and J.D. Sumner's T.C.B. Tour Bus  from Bill Kinard of Legacy Fame. Elvis Presley used this in
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