Elvis Express Radio Supports - 'Stand Up For Gary'
Family Spokesperson Becky Bishop is all fired up as Elvis fans are joining her in standing up for Gary
Pepper who was a good friend of Elvis Presley and like many disabled people, taken advantage of by a
person in a position of trust, his nurse and caretaker. Website is currently under
construction and Bishop hopes it will be a source of information about Gary, his last years which many
wonder about and also a resource for those with cerebral palsy or physical challenges who need help.
Bishop states that Gary had a dream that he could make a difference for kids like him, and perhaps this is
just how it will happen. As unfortunate as lawsuits are, if ever there was a reason to fight, this is it.

The most recent status of the lawsuit is the attorney for the nurse, Nancy Pease Whitehead and Gary’s
family are negotiating.  According to Bishop, Ms. Whitehead has changed her story of how she acquired the
property several times now. Bishop also states that the Leslie Hindman Auction house put a “spin” on how
the property was acquired and believes the bidders need to know the truth about the property they
purchased. The auction house presented the “Gary Pepper Collection” as if Gary had “left” it with his nurse,
as if when he died he left it. This word “left” is much like when President Clinton said “depends on what ‘is’
is” Pretty vague according to Gary’s Family. Pepper’s family believes that the only one who knew the
property was left behind was nurse Nancy Pease and they were completely unaware there was more
property belonging to Gary. After Elvis passed Gary’s nurse Nancy Pease convinced Gary that he should
move to Iowa where she had family and would continue to care for him and his mother.

Upon his arrival she placed Gary in an institution for the mentally retarded, not her home as promised.  His
mother, the only one who could understand Gary’s speech, was placed in a nursing home for the aged.
Anyone that did not know Gary could easily think he was mentally challenged but he had a perfectly sound
mind and was unfortunately locked in a body of cerebral palsy. If not for the frantic phone call to come save
them from his mother to Bishop’s grandmother, Rebecca Tate, they very well could have died in these
According to John Tate, when he saw the condition of the place where the nurse stuck Gary he was appalled and didn’t even know places like that
existed. According to Tate, Gary was in sad shape, depressed and just a physical and mental wreck. His smile and laughter all but gone. His physical
being and spirit was at an all time low. Gary was very happy to see his cousin John Tate and wanted to go home.  The reality is, the only time Gary
Pepper was in what Nurse Nancy refers to as a “home” was really an institution for mental patients and she was the one to put him there. The family
of Gary Pepper need help getting the truth out there and we want to know if there is more of his property up for bids at other auctions.

After rescuing Gary from the institution in Iowa Gary went to live with his family in California. His cousins John and Norma were like siblings to Gary
who was an only child. He died surrounded by family and those who loved him. John Tate, Gary’s cousin and the claimant in the law suit states “All I
wanted was to do right by Gary and we did, I had no idea that there was more of Gary’s property until my niece Becky Bishop called me to tell me it
was on TV and I was disgusted and immediately knew that it was Nancy Pease, his nurse who took the property. Now we feel that we have to
continue to right this wrong. ” Nurse Nancy Pease Whitehead who wished to remain anonymous according to the auction house has not commented
on the suit.. Bishop has retained attorney Jason Williams of Chicago for the family and they intend to right this wrong and hope that they can prevent
Nancy Pease from getting her hands on any of the money from Gary’s property. So far all money from the Gary Pepper Collection remain locked up
in an escrow account and no one, not even the auction house has been paid.  The attorney states that had he, an attorney taken property from a
client he would have been disbarred. Bishop states “A nurse, entrusted with the care of a disabled person has no right to take property from their
patients, it’s unethical, immoral and it’s wrong”

Submitted by Becky Bishop / Elvis Express Radio
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